Get Your Skin Bright and Vibrant for Spring 2019

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OK, spring is finally here.  However, if you live on the East Coast it doesn’t exactly feel like it.That a side; your skin needs attention. Remember, your skin is the biggest organ on your body and whether it is briskly cold or hot and humid, the first thing that most folks see is your skin. 

As temperatures begin to warm up, you won’t have the luxury of covering up. And as the heat and humidity increases your skin will need some special attention. Fashion Reverie has assembled some great products to keep your skin bright, fresh and shimmering like sunshine!!

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Keeping your skin vibrant and fresh is a must goal for this spring. However, with all the products on the market, it’s hard to know which products work. Bee Waxed Cosmetics has a host of products that are proport to keep skin hydrated, vibrant, fresh and youthful, but they also deliver on their claims.With 32 years in beauty industry, Bee Waxed Cosmetics choses the most luxurious natural, raw ingredients of the highest quality. Bee Waxed Cosmetics offers skincare products that are organic, paraben free, cruelty free, silicone free, toxin free, certified vegan, and derived from all-natural botanical ingredients.  The Bee Waxed laboratory is an inclusive boutique-style manufacturer that produces our cosmetics on an as-needed basis, preserving our high standards for natural, organic skin care.

Fashion Reverie recommends the Bee Sugared Scrub which enhances circulation and restores smooth-looking skin with a natural sugar-based ingredient. This product feels great on the skin, helps remove dead skin and is a bargain at $52.50.

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One of most unusual products that Fashion Reverie introduces this season is Self Kaire’s kairetool. Self Kaire’s kairetool is an ergonomic steel-based massage tool that can used to stimulate cell rejuvenation and blood stimulation based on Eastern medicine massaged techniques.This is the perfect tool to use during your entire day. And perfect while you on that three-day weekend of quick getaway.

The kairetool promotes blood and lymphatic circulation and use acupressure to target your body tissues. The kairetool can be used to detoxify and stimulate the entire body, resulting in more youthful skin, particularly on the neck and face. For best practices go to

Don’ leave the exotic and tropical locales to vacation and getaway spots.  You can make the exotic personal now by applying it to your daily skincare ritual. Gypsy Secrets brings you all the exotic ingredients of the Middle East, and ancient cultures and makes them available to your daily skincare regimen. Ancient cultures around the globe have enjoyed centuries-old health and beauty secrets rooted in the nutrient-rich fruits and herbs unique to their lands. These local secrets have been passed down from generation to generation, recognized for their potent effects on vitality, through culinary, medicinal and aesthetic traditions.The ingredients chosen to have been proven effective by ancient cultures over thousands of years of trial and error and backed with recent research. Their formulas address most skin concerns and offer a variety of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatory properties and more. To further enhance the potency of their products, we use ultraviolet glass containers for optimal protection against the adverse effects of light on natural ingredients. Using glass is also part of our Plastic-Free Promise for both environmental and safety reasons.

Fashion Reveries pick is Gypsy Secrets’ Persian Renew Eye Cream. Gypsy Secret’s ultra-luxurious renewing eye cream boasts exotic & effective anti-aging Persian botanicals that have been shown to help treat dark circles and puffiness, while plumping and firming the delicate skin around the eyes. Highly absorbable hyaluronic acid and marine collagen peptides were added to this 85% organic formula to further address elasticity and the appearance of fine lines.  

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Not all beauty products work for everyone, particularly if you have sensitive skin. MASS EDEN to the rescue. Founded by TL Robinson as a result of her challenges with sensitive skin, MASS EDEN’s green body care line is crafted from natural and organic ingredients, powered by active botanicals and herbs known for their benefits to skin health. We avoid artificial ingredients since they’re known to trigger negative skin reactions, especially for people with sensitive skin.

Their ethos of employing safer body care for everyday use by people from all walks of life birthed the MASS EDEN tag line “Inclusive green body care.™” MASS EDEN’s natural and organic products are effective yet gentle enough for everyday use.

Fashion Reverie’s favorite is MASS EDEN’s Facial Steam. This at home, spa-like treatment allows for a deeper clean. This organic and botanical tea helps prepare skin to accept moisture. The Facial Steam contains rosemary, ginger, lavender, and calendula. It retails at a very affordable $16.

Did you know that having great skin has a lot to do with balancing the healthy bacteria on your skin?  That means balancing the probiotics and prebiotics of your natural skin culture. Probiotics are the good bacteria and prebiotics are the good natural foods that good bacteria need to flourish.

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Skincare brand Gallinée has created some great beauty products that use probiotics and prebiotics to help you get great skincare for spring 2019. With Gallinée, your skin will get all the love and care it needs. Gallinée are the first brand to help you care for your skin and its own bacterial ecosystem. Our skincare line focuses on probiotics and skincare for sensitive skin, giving you gentle yet powerful nourishment. From face creams and foam cleansers to cleansing bars and hand creams, Gallinée is the perfect skincare brand for your skin.Fashion Reverie’s pick from this exciting brand is Gallinée’s Body Set. Discover this revolutionary range of body products, scientifically formulated to soothe, soften and nourish your skin. Suitable for all types of skin, even the driest ones and those atopic-prone ones. Find a glowing skin from head to toe. And this kit is a steal at $40.

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