Editors’ Pick: New Cozy-Meets-Cute Rompers for Fall from Smash + Tess

With cooler temperatures drawing near, consumers may be excited to pull out their warm and comfy clothes and put away their summer dresses. And if you are still working from home, as most of us still are, comfort is key. Look no further than Smash + Tess. The new ‘cozy-meets-cute’ rompers guarantee that you are stylish while still being comfortable.

All products from Smash + Tess are designed in Vancouver, Canada and produced within North America. The company was started by a mother and daughter (Teresa and Ashley Freeborn) and the daughter’s best friends. Together they have created a clothing line that contains comfortable and stylish pieces that can be worn during any season and at almost jointure of your day. At Smash + Tess it is important that they make ethically produced clothing for everybody, so that people of all sizes feel celebrated while wearing their clothes. Smash + Tess have also collaborated with many causes that resonate with them including WHO COVID-19 Global Response Fund, NAACP, and Alliance of Moms.

The new fall 2021 pieces from Smash + Tess revolve around a classic fall color palette that involves jewel tones. The Monday romper should be your go-to when battling a case of Mondays. In the color ultramarine, this style is sure to be a go-to when braving your least favorite day of week. The Friday romper, that is now available in bold burgundy, is the perfect foundation when adding on layers to brave the cooler temperatures. It is your decision whether those layers include a cozy cardigan and fluffy socks, or boots and a beautiful coat.

Images courtesy of Nine Point Agency

Now available in midnight black and winter cream, the Aria romper with its V-neck, short sleeves, and cute cuffed legs is a great piece for easing in to fall when the season is temperate. The last piece of the release, the Romperalls, are featured in a French terry fabric in blue tartan plaid. These Romperalls take inspiration from the 90’s which is a trend that is sure to be popular this fall.

Any romper from Smash + Tess is guaranteed to make the transition to autumn easy and comfortable. With a variety to choose from, you are sure to find a style that works for you. The new fall collection is now available to shop on the Smash + Tess website.

—Phoebe Howard

Editors’ Pick: Fall 2021 Back to School and Back to the Office Essentials

Slowly, but surely, the world seems like we’re getting to some semblance of a new normal. Yes, we are still in a pandemic (we’re up to 13 COVID-19 variants across the globe). But schools and businesses are beginning to retract from learning and working from home, and bringing people back to campuses and offices. That means a lot of us have to ditch the everyday shorts, sweats, and tees we’ve worn for the past year, readjust to having a daily commute, and prepare ourselves for the daily grind of in-person interaction. But as we always preach here at Fashion Reverie, whatever you do and where ever you go, do it with style. So with that in mind, we’ve assembled an assortment of essential items to help you reacclimate to the outside world.

Conscious consumerism is a leading sustainability trend and everyone should be helping preserve planet Earth. Whether it’s by reducing waste or by upcycling already made materials, we all have to do our part. One brand that is leading the charge is Nike. Nike’s “Move to Zero” campaign is their “journey toward zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future of sport.” The brand has released a number of their classic silhouettes reimagined with at least 20 percent recycled content by weight, including recycled cork and recycled poly-canvas, and designed with natural plant dye. Now you can walk across campus or the office while being style conscious and eco-friendly.

As we start heading back to the office and college campuses, we have to adjust getting back into the groove of things. No more two-minute treks from the bedroom to the living room to start our day. Now, we must be alert and face a considerable commute early in the morning. Some of us are coffee people. Some of us need an extra pick me up. The hand-operated (no batteries needed) Nanopresso portable espresso maker will provide you that extra jolt on the go. Simply add one serving of ground coffee or a Nespresso capsule into the container, add hot water, pressurize the container by pumping several times, then enjoy your brown nectar of the gods!

It seems almost everyone is now focusing on their facial skincare. Maybe it’s in response to developing “maskne” during the pandemic, but there is certainly an uptick in new facial products and regimens. But what is new to some has been a long-time practice for others. Sure, you can purchase expensive cremes and serums from companies that have just popped up out of the blue. Or you can turn to brands that are tried and true, like Amway. Yes, that right, Amway.

There’s a reason Amway is a multi-billion-dollar company, annually. They provide quality products that people need and want at an affordable price. Their Artistry Skin Nutrition line is a range of beauty and skincare products that rival the latest celebrity-hyped brands. From cleansers and toners to masks and moisturizers, Amway’s Artistry line provides customers with quality products at cost-conscious prices.

Sometimes, you want your style to be subtle. Other times, you want to noticeably stand out from the crowd. Enter Sprayground, the apparel and accessories brand that’s been giving us the best of both worlds for over a decade.

Sprayground is globally renowned for its flashy and colorful backpacks and duffle bags. But the company also provides more toned-down but equally eye-catching carryalls that work for a more reserved lifestyle. On top of that, they offer an array of shirts, shorts, jackets, accessories. This fun brand isn’t just for the young, but for the young at heart. With an ever-changing assortment of options, you’ll always be able to find a new purchase to add to your collection.

Too often, our schedules get the best of us. We get so bogged down in our work that we often forget to take a break and refuel, and don’t realize anything is wrong until we’re hungry! Honey Stinger has an array of products that combine honey, carbohydrates, proteins, and electrolytes to help you prepare for, perform, and recover from physical activities. Honey Stinger products are a go-to energy source for athletes, and their waffles are also great as a snack to get through the mid-afternoon slump. Keep a few in your desk, briefcase or gym bag, and you’ll always have fuel on hand to battle the day.

Every stylish person wants to know who the great up and coming designers are. Well Daily Paper is the next big thing! Daily Paper is an Amsterdam-based fashion and lifestyle brand, which began as a blog, is fueled by the rich heritage of African culture wrapped in contemporary designs. Daily Paper is one of the fastest growing fashion brands out of Europe. They create two collections a year, focusing on both men and womenswear, in which they offer timeless designs across accessories, ready to wear and a range of capsules across the season.

As vaccination rates increase, mask wearing is starting to decrease. That means more people are face to face once more, barrier free, able to be assaulted by … bad breath. NO ONE likes bad breath—it’s a crime against humanity. Make sure you don’t assault people in close proximity by using TheraBreath oral rinse. Halitosis (bad breath) may be caused by a number of reasons, and these 24-hour mouthwashes are 100% guaranteed to relieve symptoms of bad breath or you get your money back! TheraBreath even created different formulas to promote healthy gums, whiten teeth, attend to dry mouth, and fight cavities. Safe enough for kids, yet strong enough for adults, TheraBreath oral rinses are the no-nonsense fog mouth fighters that everyone needs.

All images are courtesy of their respective brands

Not everyone is ready to forego their masks just yet. With the onslaught of the COVID-19 Delta variant, even those who are vaccinated don’t want to take any chances. So, if you still plan to wear a mask until we’re given the all clear, you should do it in style, of course. During the Tokyo Olympics, we saw Team USA donning the Nike Venturer performance face mask. Designed for use during athletic activity, it has a built in nose cushion and chin insert to keep it in place, and it is constructed for optimal breathability. Now you can own a small piece of Team USA paraphernalia, show your support for our Olympians and Paralympians, and keep yourself and others safe all at the same time.

—Carl Ayers

Editors’ Pick: Sprayground Bags Keeps You Fresh and Current

You don’t have to be school age to love a backpack. And when it comes to innovative backpacks, no one does it better than Sprayground.

Sprayground in a music partnership with Wyclef Jean recently launched it biggest launch in the brand’s history, a 100-piece collection filled with the most edgy designs the world of accessories has ever seen. And to help launch this incredible launch, Wyclef Jean together with fellow musician and Sprayground VP, Sandflower, has produced a new song ‘Sprayground Summer.’ ‘Sprayground Summer’ culminates in a 1-minute music video, mixed and mastered by world renowned music producers’ Buda and Grandz.

Launched exactly ten years ago, Sprayground has set a standard for signature patterns and crazy combinations. Sprayground founder, David Ben David, had high hopes to create a brand that he felt represented his childhood and upbringing. Exposed to the streetwear and art scene from a young age, David took all this inspiration and turned it into creativity that is now admired by millions. And he has done just that!!


This 100-piece, game-changing collection of backpacks and bags in other shapes and silhouettes will feature several familiar faces from childhood favorites; Star Wars, Richie Rich and Street Fighter, as well as some unique Sprayground in-house designed on-off collector pieces. Perfect for that standout back pack for back to school or to be a head turner for any consumer.

Images courtesy of HJ PR

There is no need to be tardy when it comes to this innovative collection. Remember, Sprayground’s collections sell out very quickly. And with this collection having already dropped on multiple platforms on August 1, this is not a time to procrastinate. Buy, buy, buy!!


Editor’s Picks: 4th of July Romantic Fashion

Image courtesy of urbanandstylish.com

The 4th of July is commonly celebrated across America with fireworks, barbecues, picnics, and social gatherings. With vaccination numbers rising, gatherings are increasing. Last summer was primarily spent indoors and isolated, so this 4th of July celebration, for many, is a special reintroduction to social life, gatherings, and outings. It’s finally time to ditch the sweatpants and start dressing up again! For those with significant others, this Independence Day can be a romantic day for watching fireworks together, going on a picnic date, or having a bonfire after a day at the beach.  Fashion Reverie has curated our favorite luxurious red, white, and blue trends and products for the fireworks to begin!

Camila Coelho Athena Crochet Dress $198, Lurelly Sailor One Piece $25, Michael Costello Shannon Maxi Dress$188; Images courtesy of revolve.com and lurelly.com


Trend: Crochet Dresses over Swimsuits

The 4th of July almost always has one guarantee: it’s going to be hot! For those who want the option to dip into the water, the best fashion choice is a sexy crochet dress over a swimsuit.  Dress down with sandals and dress up with netted heels!

Tularosa Dreamer Set $88, For Love and Lemons Trellis Rose Dress $159; Images courtesy of @forloveandlemons

Trend: Sheer Dresses over Romantic Lingerie

Replace the crochet with a sheer dress and the swimsuit with lingerie, and there is the perfect look for a non-swim related activity.  Fashion Reverie recommends romantic florals and light, airy hues. For Love and Lemons is a highlighted brand for this trend, with the brand stating “We make enchanting clothing for the vibrant muse unafraid to take risks, forge their own way and embrace a bit of adventure.” Pieces are romantic and dreamy, putting us into a true fashion reverie!

Images courtesy of sororitevintage.com

Trend: Lingerie on Top!

Lingerie is too pretty to hide underneath your clothes, so flip fashion inside out by pairing charming lingerie with every-day fashion items like jeans. Sororite Vintage has become a celebrity favorite brand with their gorgeous reworked vintage pieces. Most notably, a dusty pink corset lingerie set was worn by Billie Eilish on the cover of the June 2021 British Vogue issue. Celebrities like Sabrina Carpenter, Madison Beer, Kylie Jenner, and Duckie Thot have also been spotted pairing their vintage pieces with jeans, dresses, and white sneakers.

Onarin Pleat Cut Out Dress $349, Boohoo Short Sleeve Satin Shirt $15.60; Images courtesy of omarin.com and boohooman.com

Trend: Aqua Satin and Silk

Other than lace, there are no fabrics as romantic as satin and silk. The soft and breathable texture is perfect for a steamy day. Silky pieces can be dressed up or down to move fluidly from day to night for a look that is suited for any 4th of July setting. Worn outside, the sun and fireworks glimmer off the fabric, which will surely cause a spark!

Images courtesy of tommybahama.com and toddsnyder.com

Trend: Chic Stripes

Fashion Reverie’s top men’s trend for this 4th of July is chic stripes that are patriotic without being contrived. The idea is an effortlessly festive look that can be dressed up or down. Top brands are Todd Snyder and Tommy Bahama, with the latter recently debuting an entire 4th of July themed collection. Wear a matching set or pair with a white tee and jeans for a casual but fashionable look!

—Tessa Swantek

Editor’s Picks: Shades for the 2021 Summer Season, the Ideal Statement Piece for Your Face

Image courtesy of Instagram

Sunglasses are the face’s statement piece. Anna Wintour, the fashion industry’s queen of sunglasses, is a perfect example of how an accessory can come to function as much more than a simple utilitarian accessory. In a 2019 interview with Insider magazine, she brazenly stated that her iconic thick shades are “incredibly useful because you avoid people knowing what you’re thinking about.” Her sunglasses quite literally accessorize the mystique surrounding her elite status and camouflage her emotions under thick plastic layers (would Anna Wintour wear plastic?) Sunglasses act as a statement but also often make a statement about a person in their fashioning as a representation of anonymity, status, emotion, and individuality. It is then no surprise that shades have been the muse for countless songs, most notably in Corey Hart’s “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night,” with the title showcasing the accessories’ use for everything but shielding the sun. Below are Fashion Reverie’s editor picks for shades that are much more than functional!

The Celebrity Status Shades

Image courtesy of @vogueeyewear on Instagram

“You got designer shades just to hide your face and you wear ’em around like you’re cooler than me, and you never say hey or remember my name, and it’s probably cause you think you’re cooler than me” —”Cooler Than Me,” Mike Posner

Celebrities are known to use sunglasses to conceal their identity while out in public. Their status paired with shades gives a look of mystique, prestige, and attempted anonymity. It is then appropriate that celebrities have been tied to particular shades or styles since they are seen wearing them quite often. Here are Fashion Reverie’s celebrity favorites picks!

Image courtesy of Crap Eyewear


Crap Eyewear x Emma Chamberlain The Prima Donna $89

Image courtesy of Oliver Peoples


Oliver Peoples O’Malley Sun $511

Image courtesy of Farfetch


Vogue Eyewear Gigi Hadid Capsule Low Frame Sunglasses $70


The “Seeing the World through Rose-Colored Glasses” Shades lyrics

Image courtesy of Nicole Nodland

“I put ’em on to keep it positive. Don’t mean to tell you how to feel. But I’m a firm believer in the power of the plastic. Positive plastic in my pink sunglasses” —”Pink Sunglasses,” Miranda Lambert

With the US adjusting back to normalcy, many are enthusiastic about the summer that we seemed to have lost last year. With masks gone and the summer sun moving in, many would like to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Fashion Reverie has curated a list of shades that will help to put this summer in a positive, rosy light!

FENDI $250

Image courtesy of sunglass hut

GUCCI Chain Square Embellished Sunglasses $513

Image courtesy of Moda Operandi

The MVMNT Biz The DRIP Sunglasses $14.99

Image courtesy of Etsy

Celebrity Favorite Highlight: Lana Del Rey

Music artist Lana Del Rey has been known to wear a variety of heart-shaped sunglasses over the years and even included a lyrical nod to her love for them in her 2012 song “Diet Mountain Dew. Heart-shaped sunglasses were most popular around 2015 and are now making a resurgence in more avant-garde shapes. Below is Fashion Reverie’s top 2021 Lana Del Rey-esque pick!

Saint Laurent Loulou Heart Sunglasses $420

Image courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

The “Feeling Brand New” Shades

Image courtesy of @oliviarodrigo on Depop

“I feel like new sunglasses, like a brand new pair of jeans, I feel like taking chances, I feel a lot like seventeen. I feel like windows rolled down, new city, streets, and cabs” —”Brand New,” Ben Rector

Sunglasses often transform a look, and many are wanting to experiment with new (and riskier) shapes and colors this season. These picks are for those who are feeling like they want to switch up their style and try something new and exciting!

Remo Tulliani POWER $165

Image courtesy of Remo Tulliani

Don’t be Shady Theo Circle Sunglasses $30.98

Image courtesy of Don’t be Shady

Celebrity Favorite Highlight: Kaia Gerber

Image courtesy of @lexxola on Instagram

American model and actress Kaia Gerber is coming for Anna Wintour’s title as sunglass queen. Unlike Wintour, she does not necessarily have a signature look, rather she tries a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Gerber, like many other GenZ-ers, is obsessed with Lexxola glasses, which is a unisex brand that became extremely popular on TikTok. Below is Fashion Reverie’s favorite Lexxola pick!

Image courtesy of Lexxola

Lexxola Damien $267.54

—Tessa Swantek



Editors’ Picks: Halston x Netflix Capsule Collection

Image courtesy of Netflix

If you haven’t seen Ryan Murphy’s “Halston” on Netflix, you should. There are so many wonderful moments in this miniseries, that covers the breath, width, and depth of Roy Halston Frowick and his iconic fashion brand.

What probably stands out the most in Netflix’s “Halston” is the clothes. And that should not be a surprise. Halston changed fashion landscape in the US by creating luxury garments for the American woman that were both glamorous and comfortable.

Images courtesy of Halston

To celebrate this phenomenal miniseries the Halston brand has created a capsule collection, Halston x Netflix. Halston x Netflix is a ten-piece eveningwear collection, inspired by signature archival designs and original costumes showcased prominently in the limited series Halston, now streaming on Netflix.

This capsule collection pays homage to Halston and was created by Halston’s creative director Robert Rodriguez.  Robert Rodriguez reinterpreted and modernized key dresses featured in Netflix’s new limited series Halston costume designed by Jeriana San Juan. Noteworthy styles include the “Elsa,” a sapphire blue batik printed silk chiffon caftan, the “Beverly,” a red and fuchsia printed silk chiffon cascade gown, the“Liza,” a gold lurex silk chiffon sunburst pleated caftan and the “Anjelica,” a ruched viscose jersey one shoulder gown. Each of the ten pieces, named after the infamous Halstonettes, reflect the sexy glamour of the 1970s and 80s, eras defined by Halston.

Images courtesy of Halston

“Roy Halston Frowick single-handedly created luxury American fashion. Halston has always had a tremendous influence on my career, in an industry where his imprint remains decades later. I’m thrilled to now carry forward his legacy through this Netflix capsule collection in collaboration with Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. It was exciting to recreate the iconic Halston archive dresses that appear in the Netflix series and reinterpret them for modern day. I am grateful to be part of this homage to Halston, who has inspired designers throughout the world,” states Rodriguez.

Halston x Netflix is available online at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue for pre-order on June 21, 2021. The capsule collection will be available in stores in August. Each store will have exclusive colorways of selected styles. The collection will retail between $995 to $1595.


Editors’ Picks: CBD Products for Summertime Vim and Vigor

Image courtesy of mensjournal.com

Get ready for the most exciting summer!! By the time you read this, over 300 million people will have been vaccinated, mask mandates are being rolled back,  COVID-19 rates are dropping, restaurants are opening, the nightlife is coming back, and it’s party time!

But it’s awkward getting back into the swing of things. If you read Fashion Reverie regularly, you know we LOVE CBD oil. It has been shown to enhance the function of the endocannabinoid system that plays a big part in regulating our nervous systems, hormone, and immune responses. We have found some amazing products for enhancing your energy, helping you relax, relieving pain, and so much more. Everything you need to have a great summer.

All the CBD products listed here do not contain THC, and won’t get you high, and are legal in all 50 states. But if you are over 21 and cannabis is legal in your state, Fashion Reverie does not judge how you spend your free time!

Image courtesy of Higher Love Wellness

Higher Love Pineapple Express CBD oil

Looking for a good overall CBD oil that tastes fantastic and is farmed responsibility? Higher Love Wellness works to provide an amazing 100% organic CBD oil that comes in a variety of yummy flavors (Fashion Reverie loves pineapple).  Several people say Higher Love’s unique and proprietary formulation enhances CBD overall effects and benefits.

Image courtesy of Monq

Monq CBD Aromatherapy inhalers

One of the biggest ways to enhance your mood is through aromatherapy. Monq Aromatherapy inhalers have scents you inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose. While the vapor never enters your lungs, a small amount is absorbed in your mouth and via your nasal passages. Now Monq is introducing their CBD inhalers designed to enhance the effects of such scents as Zen, Peace, and Focus. Each aroma is formulated with natural oils and herbs to create the perfect mood.

Social Rest image courtesy of Social CBD

Social CBD Rest CBD Gel capsules

Nothing is more important to daytime energy than a good night’s sleep. Social CBD Rest Gel capsules are a fantastic way to get some serious shut eye. Using a combination of CBD, passionflower, and valerian, these soy and sugar-free capsules will allow you to unwind and drift off slowly without giving you a next-day hangover.

Image courtesy of Sky Wellness

Sky Wellness CBD Max Relief Roll on 500 MG + Lidocaine

Everybody knows if you keep breathing, you’ll get older. And with age comes aches and pains that may interfere with your ability to fully enjoy your day! CBD Max Relief Roll-On gives relief from muscle tension and discomfort. Using a combination of herbs, lidocaine and broad-spectrum CBD oil, the roll-on ensures a mess-free application in hard-to-reach places.

CBD Plant People image courtesy of CBD Market

Plant People CBD Stay Sharp herbal blend

Looking for a way to stay alert in the morning but don’t like the effects of caffeine on your nervous system? Look no further than Plant People CBD Stay Sharp herbal blend. Each serving contains 15mg of CBD and 525mg of herbs designed to enhance alertness, stamina, memory, and cognition.  With no jitters!

Image courtesy of Seabedee

Seabedee CBD bath bombs

Want an easy way to rid yourself of aches and pains after a long day of summer hikes and bike rides? Take a relaxing and soothing bath with Seabedee CBD bath bombs.  Fashion Reverie recommends lavender as the essential oils promote relaxation.  The 100mg of CBD combined with the warm water will feel like a full body massage.

Pure Kana image courtesy of Way of Leaf

Pure Kana AM CBD capsules with caffeine

Do you have trouble staying alert? Reaching for yet another cup of coffee seems like a good idea but too much caffeine can make you jittery and unable to focus. While most people use CBD to sleep, it can be used to increase alertness when used in proper amounts. Pure Kana AM CBD capsules with caffeine have a combination of vitamins, caffeine, and CBD that will give you the right amount of energy and alertness without the jitters or afternoon crashes.

Herbivore image courtesy of The Cut

Herbivore Emerald CBD +Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow oil

Want to have a bright fresh face to go with your energetic body? Herbivore Emerald CBD +Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow oil will zap dullness with this quick-absorbing oil. People are raving about how quickly this oil sinks into the skin leaving it fully hydrated and glowing. Many customers are saying it’s great for reducing redness.

When using CBD products check with local laws. Always discuss your supplements with your physician or healthcare professional, especially if you are pregnant or nursing. While CBD products are legal in all 50 states, some age restrictions do apply. Some universities are reprimanding students for bringing CBD products on campus (it’s a legal grey area), so Fashion Reverie would advise against using these products in your dorm or classroom.

—Cameron Grey Rose


Editors’ Picks: Floral Prints are in Full-Bloom for Spring/Summer 2021

Raul Penaranda spring 2021 imagescourtesy of Raul Penaranda

As we cautiously creep back towards “normality,” women’s desire to wear a pretty dress is coming back front and center. Says show producer Christina Neault, “I’m ready; I want to put on a pretty dress and go out to lunch with friends again.”

What’s striking a chord with a group of women we casually polled were dresses in floral prints of all kinds, from retro to ultra-modern. Some fashion-lovers regard prints as risk-taking when it comes to adding to their closet; however, this season, floral prints of all shapes colors and sizes are at the top of fashionistas’ shopping lists.

Image courtesy of pinterest.co.uk

But first, a little bit of a timeline of this “new-again” trend. When Tom Ford took over the then-dormant Gucci brand, the first collection that sparked some editorial attention was his retro spring 1995 collection. The romantic floral print made for eye-catching ads, that were brilliantly photographed by Mario Testino, featured 90’s supermodels Chandra North and Chrystèle Saint Louis Augustin. Years later, Gucci reprised the print, and it is now used on the Gucci Bloom fragrance packaging. Other iconic florals back then ranged from the gender fluid thrift shop finds worn on stage by singer Kurt Cobain to delicate Liberty of London prints to oversized Georgia O’Keefe abstracts by Michael Kors.

Image courtesy of Silas Rudd

As in the nineties, the choices this season are nearly endless. If you’re inclined to shop vintage, Silas Redd, the owner of the award-winning Nostalgia Boutique, has armloads of pretty frocks to choose from. For his customers, florals have become a staple, just like the LBD. “Even when Mother Nature is a bit slow on giving us the flowers we desire, floral print garments can help usher in and jumpstart the season.”

Miguelina Images courtesy of Atelier PR

As for ready to wear, there are wonderful dresses at every price point, from daffodil yellow kaftans by Valentino, to hippie boho chic from Miguelina with floral lace detailing, all perfect for a trip to Palm Springs. If you’re in the market for a sexy dress, look to Venezuelan designer, Raul Penaranda, who describes his brand as “a sustainable luxury brand crafted with kindness.” He explains, “Flowers are iconic themes for all spring collections in general. What’s new is our mix of florals and animal prints as well as the use of flowers in very luxurious fabrics such as laser cut-out organza and Italian silks painted by hand.” The result is a collection that seems made for a trip to Miami for some much-needed shopping and dining.

Images courtesy of Target

For the budget conscious, Shein (www.shein.com) has an adorable blue puff sleeve day dress for $19. Target is in the game as well. The masstige retailer has partnered with “three coveted designers for a new limited-edition dress collection inspired by the joy of self-expression.” The limited-edition Christopher John Rogers, ALEXIS, and RIXO for Target collections feature size-inclusive offerings as well as traditional sizes (0-30w) in colorful prints by Rogers and an elegant black and white botanical one-shoulder dress by ALEXIS that are already selling quickly.

—Vivian Kelly

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