Editors’ Picks: 2021 Mother’s Day Gifts

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It’s another Mother’s Day! Of course, we are still dealing with the pandemic, so we’re all going to have to get creative. People over 65 are especially vulnerable, but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now saying if everyone involved is vaccinated you can exchange mask-less hugs and have a fun day together. Fashion Reverie has curated a list of great Mother’s Day gifts to bring smiles.  Enjoy the day and stay safe.

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Does your mother tell you she doesn’t want you spending money on junk she’ll never use? Okay fine. There’s a solution. Look no further than BlueQ. They carry a plethora of unique, quirky yet extremely practical items like oven mitts, toothbrushes, socks, and more. Often, they have funny phrases and sometimes the words are a little blue so adjust accordingly for your mother’s tastes. Another great thing? A portion of all sales goes to Doctor without Borders.

Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Birth Month Flower Kit

So many people love to grow flowers. People talk about how gardening is an incredibly relaxing and calming hobby. Does your mother have a green thumb? She will love this item from Uncommon Goods. You’ve heard of birthstones but did you know each month has an associated flower? You can select your mother’s birth flower and give her this kit. It will have everything she’ll need to grow her own colorful flowers that will remind her of your generosity every time she sees them bloom.

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Gobble Meal Kits

If you are a certain age, you remember June Cleaver of “Leave It to Beaver” fame joyfully cooking enormous breakfasts and five-course dinners. Making us believe that all moms love to cook,  except some moms don’t like cooking, some aren’t very good at it, and some moms just plain don’t want to! Once their kids are grown, some moms don’t want to spend an hour making dinner every night. 

So why does Fashion Reverie recommend Gobble Meal Kits? Not only do Gobble meals feature wonderfully flavorful dinners with lots of different optional add ins, with most of the prep taken care of before shipment, meals usually take only 20 minutes to prepare.

Image courtesy of Net A Porter

Claus Porto Soaps Gift Box from Net-a-Porter

One of the best gifts is the one that provides everyday luxury from practical items.  One great extravagance is a really fantastic bar of soap. It’s just a simple daily indulgence that can really lift your spirits. This gift box from Claus Porto features eight  divine smelling soaps in such beautiful packaging your mom won’t be able to throw it away.

The soaps are made in the same Portuguese factory that was built when the company started in 1887, and contain moisturizing pistachio oils for a creamy rich lather. Each of the eight bars in this set is individually wrapped in beautifully illustrated paper pulled from the brand’s archives and sealed with a wax stamp.

Image courtesy of Firstleaf

Firstleaf Wine Club

Does your mother love nothing more than sipping a delicious wine? If so, she’ll love Firstleaf wine club. This subscription service will help your mother discover fantastic new vinos to add to her collection. She will start with a quiz to help her find personal wine preferences. Once your mom receives her bottle, she can rate it to help her find another new favorite (there are thousands of bottles to choose from.) And what if she hates the wine she’s ordered? Customer service will find her a replacement bottle!

Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket

Does your mother lament that no one hand writes letters anymore? Does she get chilly easily?  Bring both of those worlds together with a personalized letter blanket from Diane Scaman from Uncommon Goods. Her loose-leaf-paper-styled, 100% cotton blankets create a cozy customizable medium for your messages of love. Your mother will be reminded of your warming words every time her toes get cold.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Clevery Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

We all had a hearty laugh in the 1980’s when we saw the Life Alert commercial where an elderly woman lays on the floor of her bathroom crying “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Sadly, this is a real situation that can cause serious injury. Many older people won’t take baths because crawling in and out of tubs is just too dangerous. While bath bombs are a traditional Mother’s Day item, why not think outside the tub? Placing the heavenly scented Clevery Aromatherapy Shower Steamers in a corner of a shower creates divine aromas that turn any bathroom into the ultimate spa experience.

Image courtesy of The Giving Keys

Giving Keys Jewelry

Jewelry is many people’s go-to Mother’s Day gift, but would you consider giving your mother a more unique and meaningful jewelry experience? Giving Keys Jewelry are beautiful pieces engraved with a single word (choose from selected words or pick a custom word) that means something important to your mother. After one year Giving Keys encourages owners to pay it forward by passing the jewelry onto another person. Even if your mother decides to keep the piece, she’ll still be contributing. Giving Keys teaches important life and job skills to people transiting out of homelessness.

Image courtesy of Klaus Honal

World Wildlife Federation Animal Adoptions

Did you know you could adopt a tiger as a gift for your mom? Don’t worry you won’t end up in “Tiger King” part 2. World Wildlife Federation sells symbolic adoptions so your mother (who has already told you multiple times she doesn’t need more stuff!) can help an endangered animal preserve their habit and increase their numbers.

—Cameron Grey Rose

Editors’ Picks: Product Every Bride Needs Before and on that Very Special Day

Image courtesy of marrymeweddingplanners.com

The entire world was shocked when we learned the truth. No, Meghan Markle didn’t make Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, cry while prepping for her wedding; it was the other way around! But every bride knows that even the most modest wedding can reach that point. Prepping for the big day is so stressful, fraught with emotions and family drama that, at some point, tears will be spilled. Some brides have reported crying on their wedding day because they are so happy that the planning is over. Fashion Reverie feels your pain and has decided to compile a list of products that can help alleviate your problems. It’s your special day! Let’s try to help things go as smoothly as possible.

Image courtesy of Amazon


Outdoor weddings are such a delight. Fresh air, sunshine, and cool breezes are relaxing and fun. But walking on grass and dirt in heels? It can result in falls, damaged shoes or broken heels. Or worst-case scenario: the faceplant. A broken nose or tooth is the last thing anyone wants. Now you can use a device described by none other than Oprah as “pure genius.” Solemates heel protectors slip onto the tip of your heels and will keep heels from sinking into grass and provide a stable walking for dirt or uneven surfaces.

Image courtesy of myfourandmore.com

Icy Bag

Icy Bag was created by a desperate bride! The inventor was getting married and was about to put her makeup on when she discovered, her makeup bag had been forgotten in her car. It was summer and by the time it was retrieved, the hot sun had liquified most of her items. They were ruined. That led her to invent Icy Bag.

 It is a bag with a removable gel sleeve that can be frozen to keep items cold. Perfect for summer weddings. And later it can be used to keep drinks, lunches, medications, or anything you want cool and fresh!

Image courtesy of Erno Lazslo

Erno Laszlo Multitask Eye Serum Mask

Wedding planning can be stressful. It can result in a lot of late nights. And we all know late nights and lack of sleep can result in huge bags under one’s eyes. What bride wants to look tired in wedding photos? Erno Lazlos multitask eye serum masks make those puffy dark circles go bye-bye! An all-in-one hydrogel eye patch created with a powerhouse of ingredients smooths the appearance of under-eye dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Get a six-pack to share with bridesmaids.

Image courtesy of cultbeauty.com

Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray
Summertime is the time for love, laughter, and humidity. Yup, that dreaded “frizzy hair” weather.  Oribe Impermeable Anti- Humidity Spray promises to save your hair in any weather. This spray has the lightest texture (you can barely feel it), gives easy hold, and isn’t sticky. This spray is not cheap but worth every penny. Word of warning. You may become addicted to this miracle spray.

Image courtesy of Ulta Beauty

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
Protecting your hair from extreme humidity doesn’t protect your face from that same humidity and the heat that drives it.  Every woman has gone out for a summer evening only to have her makeup melt into her shoes before the night has barely begun. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is the original setting spray to keep your makeup from budging for a solid 16 hours. This weightless vegan mist actually lowers the temperature of your makeup—from foundation and concealer to eyeshadow and blush—to lock it in place. No touch-ups needed. Seriously.

Image courtesy of yournextshoe.com

Still Standing Comfort Foot Spray

Okay, high heels may look great, but they don’t feel very good. Of course, you want to look elegant and tall for pictures, but after a few hours, your dogs will be barking. Fashion Reverie has a better idea—try Still Standing Comfort Foot Spray. This eco-friendly spray can fend off pain for up to 6 hours. It won’t numb your feet. Instead, it prevents the swelling, redness, and discomfort that heels of any size can cause.

Image courtesy of The Alchemist Kitchen

Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops

Wedding planning is stressful. Getting ready for the wedding can also be so stressful. A million things are going to go wrong on the day of the wedding—that’s pretty much guaranteed. Want a way to calm a bit of the stress? Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops. CBD products won’t make you high (although if you are over 21 and live in a place where it’s legal, Fashion Reverie does not judge how you calm yourself!) but may help you relax a little. Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops come in a variety of tasty flavors. Calming CBD never tasted so sweet.

Image courtesy of Standard Dose

Rae Wellness Energy Capsules

Having the opposite problem? With a million things needing to get done, you might feel yourself getting run down, but chugging a Red bull might not be the greatest idea. Not only will it make you jittery, but you’ll also need to hit the bathroom with three other people wrangling your dress. Try Rae Wellness Energy Capsules. Their formula features green tea and B12 to give you a bit of energy boost without the crash.

And here are a few things you’ll also want to have on hand for your special day:

Sewing kit

Stain remover pen

Bottled water

Deodorant wipes (Lume brand is good)
Extra pantyhose

Extra underwear

Safety pins

Blotting papers

Extra cell phone chargers (VERY important)

Clear nail polish

Advil or Tylenol.

Clothing tape

Mouthwash and breath mints


Try to have fun and remember the day after the wedding will be the first day of the rest of your life.

—Cameron Grey Rose

Editors’ Pick: Spring 2021 Sweater for Cool Spring Temperatures

Image courtesy of Steele Maiden

Spring is here! After a cold, dark winter, it’s time to stroll through parks and take long walks on the beach. As the temperature rises, you can put away your winter coats, but it’s not quite warm enough to go completely unprotected. It’s time for sweaters to replace those bulky jackets. Fashion Reverie has curated a list of sweaters perfect for breezy days and cool evenings.

Everlane image courtesy of Everlane

Everlane Alpaca Sweater Tee

The Alpaca Sweater Tee has an easy, soft touch and luxe, airy feel—meaning it’s perfect for spring. The Alpaca fibers are soft and cozy, and  it will replace your favorite tee shirt for days when the cool weather requires more coverage. Everlane is committed to sourcing the most ethical products across its supply chain. For all animal fibers, extra precautions are taken to ensure humane treatment. 

Image courtesy of Eloquii

Eloquii Slit Sleeve Sweater
Eloquii is your one-stop shopping for plus-size clothing that looks amazing and comes at a reasonable price. This fabulous and unique slit sleeve sweater comes in 8 sizes and five pastel colors, perfect for spring! The split sleeve will keep you nice and cool while the soft cotton will keep you warm.  Check out the matching wide-leg sweater pant.

Image courtesy of Reformation

Reformation Relaxed Cashmere Wrap Sweater

Is there any fabric that screams spring more than cashmere? Perfect for almost any season, this sassy top features a unique wrap silhouette in soft cozy cashmere. Reformation is a company committed to eco-friendly fabrics and is invested in sustainable shipping materials. Environmentally minded practices are incorporated into each step of the lifecycle of Reformation clothing.    

Image courtesy of Shopbob

Madewell Jillian Tie Cardigan

Slim and stretchy, this ribbed cardigan sweater has feminine (and adjustable) ties in front. Wear it as a top with jeans or layer it over a dress. It can be a perfect sexy top or something to keep in your bag for when the sun goes down.

Image courtesy of Bloomingdale’s

C by Bloomingdale’s Floral Cardigan

This cardigan from Bloomingdales features supersoft cashmere from well-treated goats in Mongolian goats.  With a soft luxurious feel, the bright floral print will perk up everyone’s day. Created exclusively for Bloomingdales, this is a top-quality item that will hold its shapes for decades to come.

Image courtesy of River Island

River Island Cold Shoulder Cable Knit Sweater

 Looking for something sexy and offbeat for cool spring evenings? Check out this saucy number from River Island. The cable knit is rare for spring sweaters and the cold shoulder will keep you from overheating. Who says you can’t be snug and sensual at the same time?

Image courtesy of Bellemere New York

Bellemere New York

Fashion Reverie is so excited to present a great resource for high-quality cashmere sweaters created using nontoxic dyes and sustainable practices. Bellemere New York carries a beautiful assortment of cashmere sweaters and accessories for both men and women. If you happen to live in New York, you can schedule a time to check out their showroom at 115 W 29th Street, Room 200. Due to COVID restrictions, the company is only allowing two customers in their showroom at a time. Book your time online to check out their great collection. Not in New York? You can order from their website.

Image courtesy of MerSea

Mer Sea Anywhere Poncho

This high-necked poncho is a great seasonal transition piece. It can easily be used to layer over tops or folded into your bag in preparation for evening. The fabric is so comfortable you’ll never want to take it off. The turtle neck and stitch sleeve will give it just enough structure so you don’t look like a blob. It can even double as a small throw.

—Cameron Grey Rose

Comfortable and Stylish Are the Catch Words for Ladies’ Spring 2021 Sneakers

Image courtesy of goop.com

2020 brought on many changes and effected every aspect of our lives, including fashion. The Met Gala was canceled. Red carpets were few and far between. Everyone who was stuck at home wound up living in sweatpants and tee shirts. With no restaurants or nightlife open, every woman’s heels were tossed in the back of her closet.

2021 is bringing back hope, inoculations (go vaccines!), and fashion. One of the trends for 2021 is extremely comfortable footwear! Sneakers for spring are high fashion and Fashion Reverie has curated an amazing list of fun sneakers for you to choose from while creating your spring wardrobe.

New Balance Isaac Mizrahi Mesh Lace-up

Coming in several colors, this breezy, mesh lace-up is perfect for a casual look that’s equal parts comfortable and fashion forward. Designed by Isaac Mizrahi, the sleek design makes these cool kicks so much more than a sports shoe—the mesh will keep feet from getting sweaty on warm days. One word of warning, sizing tends to run small. Fashion Reverie recommends ordering a size up.

Nike Air Force One Crater

The brand that originated marrying high fashion to street style debuts a shoe that blends chic with sustainability. The Air Force One Craters are made using at least 20% recycled materials. With a speckled outsole made from 15% Nike Grind rubber, each pair of the Nike Air Force 1 Crater is completely one of a kind.

Chuck Taylor All-Star High-Top Sneaker

Get ready to don the same classic lace up that Vice President Kamala Harris wore on the cover of Vogue. Super trendy and uber chic, these canvas shoes are perfect for guiding America toward a brighter future. Fashion Reverie loves these black and white crocodile- inspired print shoes.  Quick tip: female sizes tend you run large, buy ½ size smaller.

Disney Rhyton Donald Duck Sneakers by Gucci

Looking to put some fun on your feet?  These easy wearing Italian shoes feature Donald Duck being blinded by paparazzi flashbulbs on this chunky leather sneaker from Gucci. The laces contain organic cotton, and the leather lining is made using a ‘Scrap-less’ process, meaning it’s cut to size prior to tanning to reduce waste and resource consumption. 

Ferragamo Borg Cubic Floral Sole Low Top Sneakers

Looking for a luxury sneaker that simple cries out for spring? These Italian leather shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo are perfect for strolling through a blooming garden with it’s floral print. Why just stop to smell the flowers when you can also wear them? With a cushioned insole and a round toe, these sneakers will have you rambling about in luxurious elegance.

Adidas Superstar Metallic Shoe

Check out the iconic brand that helped birth the idea of hip-hop style. The sequined update to the 3-Stripes and heel tab will grab everyone’s eye. Gold accents on the shoes rounds out the glamourous no-nonsense look devoted to comfort. You’ll be cruising through your day with panache and ease.

Sperry Women’s Crest Vibe Sneaker

With spring here, it’s time to get on the water, because we finally have boating weather. This Sperry standard is the perfect shoe for sailing on the ocean and strolling on the docks.  The Crest Vibe sneaker is perfect for spring adventures with premium lightweight breathable canvas for maximum comfort and grip.  Linen uppers with rawhide laces and barrel ties make it easy to pull on and off. Memory Foam cushioned insole ensures all-day comfort at a very reasonable price.

Images courtesy of the respective brands

Balenciaga Women’s Speed Graffiti Knit High Top Sneaker

And now for something completely different!  Head designer and creative director Demna Gvasalia has given women a standout shoe from a brand that has all but reinvented modern street wear aesthetics. This sneaker features a completely unique silhouette—a high-top stretch knit nylon sneakers with a round toe and rib knit collar around the ankle. These Italian made shoes features tonal treaded rubber outsole and created with No Memory technology for comfort and balance.

—Cameron Grey Rose

Editors’ Pick: Spring 2021 Fragrance Round-up

Image courtesy of cosmopolitan.com

After an unusually dark and cold winter, spring is finally on its way! Most companies choose to debut their new fragrances in the spring, and what a spring this will be! After a year of lockdown—how has it only been a year—there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have a vaccine! Some experts are predicting we may get back to some semblance of normal by July of this year.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, close to 10% of Americans have been vaccinated and that number is getting higher every day. Yes, the pandemic has been hard on everyone’s finances, so Fashion Reverie has been sure to include a couple of wallet-friendly choices.

Image courtesy of Macy’s

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh

Another release in the growing family of Marc Jacobs Fragrances, this spring offering features a light but energizing blend of green tea blossom, matcha, and zingy pink pepper. This is a playful scent and conveys easy elegance. Another great feature is that Jacobs has graced us with yet another beautiful bottle. Your vanity will be enhanced with lovely blooming glass flowers.  

Image courtesy of Fragrantica

Chloe Rose Tangerine

Chloe is back with another wonderful feminine yet sophisticated scent in their signature pleated bottle with a hand-tied ribbon. A uniquely fruity rose dances with tangerine to bring a bright radiant fragrance that simply cries out for spring. With top notes of tangerine essence, rose absolute, and blackcurrant absolute, it’s like taking a walk in a spring forest.

Image courtesy of Ulta Beauty

Valentino Donna Yellow Dream Eau de Parfum

Can’t book a trip to Italy right now? Spritz on a little of Valentino’s new fragrance Donna Yellow Dream and you’ll think you’re strolling through Rome. This musky floral twists lemon, Damascan rose, and white musk into a perfume as vivid as its bright neon yellow color. The unique studded glass bottle will grab your eye and look great on your bureau.

Image courtesy of Malin + Goetz

Malin + Goetz Stem Eau de Parfum

Looking for an alternative to floral aromas? Check out Malin + Goetz new offering Stem. Stem Eau de Parfum contains the beautiful and evocative scent of freshly cut stems, the aroma of crushed leaves, and the fragrance of rich soil balanced with soft musky notes. Every day will feel like an afternoon spent tending a garden.

Image courtesy of Harrods

Floral Street Neon Rose

Want to pretend you’re vacationing in Hawaii? Floral Street’s new scent Neon Rose is just what you’re looking for.  Super clean and floral, this perfume evokes freshly chopped jasmine and roses draped around one‘s neck, with notes of pear, galbanum, and Sichuan pepper. And since all of their eau de parfums contain a 20 percent oil concentration, they‘re super long-lasting.

Image courtesy of Jo Malone

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell

If you’re looking for a floral that’s not too sweet or strong, Fashion Reverie has found the perfect one for you. Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone comes off more fresh than floral with its bright, clean scent. The delicate sweetness of dewy bluebells suffused with lily of the valley, eglantine, and a luscious twist of persimmon creates a subtle fragrance. Not only it is unisex but with its light touch, the cologne is suitable for layering. This may be a plus or minus, but it’s Meghan Markle’s favorite.

Image courtesy of pittsburghpostgazette.com

Target Mix Bar Tangerine Squeeze

If you’re looking for something more affordable but still good quality, check out Target’s new Mix Bar line. Coming in at 18.99 for a 1.7-ounce bottle, you’ll be able to try all of the new scents. Fashion Reverie recommends Tangerine Squeeze as the perfect spring scent with sparkling notes of clementine, pink grapefruit, frangipani, honeysuckle, and vetiver. This can be layered with other fragrances or worn alone. The entire Mix Bar line is vegan, cruelty-free and doesn’t contain parabens or phthalates.

Image courtesy of Walmart

Britney Spears’ Prerogative

Looking to support Britney Spears in her fight for freedom? As Britney chips away at her father’s conservatorship, her fragrance company (under Revlon) is introducing its first unisex scent. “Prerogative is all about empowerment and confidence—we all deserve to feel free and fierce,” said Britney Spears, talking about the fragrance. This amber vanilla woody eau de parfum is balanced with notes of red calla lily.  Retailing at $32 an ounce, it won’t hit the pocketbook too hard.

—Cameron Grey Rose


Winter Aint Over Yet, So Bundle Up!!

Image courtesy of elitedaily.com

It’s cold outside! 2021 is proving to be an unusually cold and long winter for North Americans—thoughts and prayers to the people suffering in Texas. Canadians are fine, but what about the rest of us? And on February 2, the groundhog did see it’s shadow, so there is about another month of cold weather ahead.

New Yorkers are being reminded of 2018 when they woke up to two feet of snow on April 1st! But there are ways to cope with and even get some pleasure from colder temperatures. Fashion Reverie has curated a list of items—some practical, some sexy, some just plain fun—to keep you snug and comfortable all winter long!

Image courtesy of Hush Blankets

Cosy House Weighted Blankets

The latest trend in sleep hygiene is weighted blankets. The idea is that the pressure from the blanket can increase serotonin, a chemical in your body that makes you feel happy and calm. Experts refer to it as “deep-pressure therapy.”

 While there’s not much scientific support, many people who suffer from anxiety or other ailments swear by it. The weighted blanket from Cosy House has smooth, evenly weighted glass beads for ideal comfort. This blanket is perfect for couples to snuggle under on freezing nights.

Image Courtesy of I.AM.GIA

I.AM.GIA. Intimates       

Looking for a way to heat up the bedroom? Forget the space heater, Fashion Reverie has a better idea. I.AM.GIA has recently introduced intimates to their line and oh boy are they HOT! The lingerie line includes slip dresses, bralettes, corsets, panties, and miniskirts in black, white, red, pink, and purple. These bold sexy items will inspire some hot nights and a lot of skin-to-skin contact.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Lands End Texting Gloves

Ugh. Is there anything quite as annoying as having to pull your gloves off to use your smartphone? Not only do your fingers get cold; but, shoving gloves in and out of your pockets is an excellent way to lose one. Lands End EZ Touch cashmere-lined leather gloves will keep your fingers snug while letting you use your smart devices. They come in an assortment of beautiful colors and multiple sizes so you can get the perfect fit.

Winter Tayto Slippers Image courtesy of Smokonow

Smoko-Heated Potato Slippers

Everyone knows once the mercury drops it’s critical to have a soft warm pair of slippers to protect your toes from frigid floors. Smoko-Heated Potato Slippers from Urban Outfitters are lined with super soft fleece that provide a much-needed sense of whimsy with their fun design. But much more than that, use the USB port to heat up them up when your feet are turning to popsicles!

Zadro warmer image courtesy of Zadroinc

Zadro Luxury Towel Warmer

One of the major downsides of apartment living in New York City is your landlord often controls your heat.  A friend of Fashion Reverie spoke of his absolute dread of bathing in winter. Being wet and naked in a cold apartment is the worst. One thing to make this less awful is a towel warmer. Not only will you be able to slip into a warm towel (or bathrobe) after stepping out of the shower, but it will keep mildew from forming on towels extending the time between washing.

Cookbook courtesy of thriftbooks.com

Winter (Warm Recipes For Cold Nights) by Louise Franc

Is there anything better than stepping in from the bitter cold and into a warm kitchen full of delicious aromas? This cookbook by Louise Franc is perfect for snowy nights with its comprehensive collection of 140 recipes of slow cooking, rib-sticking comfort foods like rich chowders, hearty stews, and warming curries served with steamed rice. It is just what the doctor ordered for those freezing days and nights. These spectacular dishes will taste amazing and warm you up. Here’s a tip: double recipes and freeze leftovers for future dinners.

Pudus Socks courtesy of walmart.com

Pudus Winter Socks

These socks are so ridiculously soft you’ll feel like you’re floating on clouds. So cozy and warm that you’ll never have cold feet again. The thick faux Sherpa-lined socks provide an exceptional level of softness, heat, and comfort. They come in multiple sizes to ensure a proper fit, as well as kid and toddler sizes. And there are dozens of colorful and trendy styles to choose from. In 2017 Oprah declared this one of her “favorite things.” Is there any higher level of praise?

Duck Windows courtesy of homeair.org

Duck Window Installation Kit

It’s odd that so few people take advantage of plastic window installation kits. Not only are the plastic panels quick and easy to install, but the benefits are tremendous. All you’ll need is measuring tape, scissors, a hairdryer, and a few minutes. Your home will become significantly warmer, and you will see a reduction in energy costs. Block drafts and prevent heat loss for less than $10.

—Cameron Grey Rose

Editors’ Pick: Fashion Reverie’s 2021 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

Image courtesy of sophialee.com

Valentine’s Day is in just a few days and it is time to show some love for our significant others. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to let your secret crush know how you feel about them!

For those still looking for a date or are not in love, give yourself a gift, indulge a little.

Fashion Reverie put together a list of super unique Valentine’s Day gifts. There is something for everyone. We guarantee you will leave a good impression!

Image courtesy of roryworby.com

Rory Worby Slip Dress

This Rory Worby Slip Dress is effortlessly sexy and opulent in hand-painted silk. The artist turned entrepreneur creates these special, one-of-a-kind pieces in her art studio in Pound Ridge, NY. This slip was painted with natural sea salt creating a gorgeous, textured-wash effect. The adjustable straps and raw edge take this slip dress from coffee to cocktails, at home or elsewhere.

Ballsmania Elastic Necklace

This hot pink color necklace is a little different from just ordinary pearls. The Ballsmania elastic necklace is a beautiful addition to any outfit. Even if you go for simplicity, all you need is this beautiful necklace to make your look pop. Exclusively found on POP Style TV shop, made 100% in Italy. Your significant other can stay unique with the effect known as aurora borealis, due to an optical phenomenon that occurs when an object takes on different shades of color depending on exposure to light. To ensure greater resistance, a two-component, transparent coating protects this product.

Image courtesy of POP Style TV Shop


Manuela Gomez Hear Shaped Purse

Love is in the air! Celebrate with this chained, heart-shaped bag. The handmade purse features glitter and is sure to make Cupid envious. If you are not a glitter fan there are some fantastic other options. Made in Italy, your sweetheart will love this gift.

Image courtesy of POP Style TV Shop

Manuela Gomez Matching Sneakers

Want to really impress your lover? Gift them red glitter heart matching sneakers. Perfect for seasons, these comfy sneakers are custom made to perfectly fit your feet! Both matching items (heart shaped purse and sneakers) can be found on POP Style TV Shop.

Image courtesy of EMRG Media

Valentine’s Day Cocktail Kits

Spend this Valentine’s Day sipping on Valentine’s Day Cocktail Kits by EMRG Media. They specialize in events, even if you are stuck at home. The Kit includes all the ingredients you need to make Specialty Cocktails on your own with custom menus! Choose from the Chocolate Lovers Kit, The Floral Bouquet or The Bubbly Surprise!

Image courtesy of moonmotherhemp.com

Moon Mother Hemp Intimacy Oil

Make this Valentine’s Day hot! Ditch the roses and choose something for you. Formulated by women to amplify vaginal health, this CBD intimacy oil is truly a game-changer: This product is ethically sourced, expertly curated and created using the highest-quality organic hemp to support body and mind. It’s guaranteed to transport you into a state of bliss—solo or with a partner.

Image courtesy of manscaped.com

Manscaped Kit

Perfect Package 3.0 kit is designed to make grooming below the waist easy. Confidently trim below the waist with The Lawn Mower 3.0 waterproof trimmer featuring Advanced Skin Safe Technology. The guy in your life can enjoy soft ceramic blades cutting coarse hair at 7,000 RPM.  

Enjoying fresh scents? Prepare him for an “active” date with the crop Preserver anti-chafing ball deodorant infused with cooling aloe vera. He can also refresh other areas on the go with the Crop Reviver ball toner and refresher spray.

—Tijana Ibrahimovic

Valentine’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

Image courtesy of Getty Images

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” —Dr. Seuss

Remember those Valentine’s Days when you had to scramble to make last-minute reservations at the perfect romantic restaurant? Well, it’s going to be a night in for lovers in 2021 as the restaurants that are open can only offer outdoor seating or if in New York City are only operating at 25% seating capacity inside. Since its February and about 15 degrees out, this is not ideal. Never fear Fashion Reverie has a gift guide including some items that are perfect for a night at home.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cameo Nouveau courtesy of Cameo Nouveau

Cameo Nouveau

Are you looking for something for your darling that’s truly unique? Check out Cameo Nouveau.  You’ll find an assortment of exclusive jewelry, hats, and home goods. In addition to their extremely creative and affordable pieces of jewelry, make sure to check out their amazing vintage clothing. Be careful when buying clothing for your better half. Pro tip? Check sizes, it’s truly upsetting to get a fabulous piece of clothing and it is the wrong size.

Image courtesy of Atelier PR

Serena Williams Jewelry

Celebrate Black History Month by honoring a great athlete and savvy businesswoman Serena Williams by gifting your honey with exceptional, yet reasonably priced jewelry. Serena Williams (SWJ) uses only superior materials with top quality craftsmanship, so these fine pieces will last for generations.  SWJ also takes great care to use only ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds and precious metals mining operations that support local communities.  With its timeless elegance, you can’t go wrong with SWJ.

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Life by Definition Wine Glasses

Is there anything quite as awkward as Valentine’s Day coming far too early in a relationship? Due to COVID-19 restrictions nurturing a developing relationship can be a challenge. Maybe you’re only two months in. Maybe you’ve never met in real life. Maybe you’ve already said “I love you” but a gift that says “I am yours forever” is a bit too much.  Have this set of whimsical wine glasses sent to your paramour, along with a bottle of wine, and have a fun romantic evening toasting each other over Zoom!

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Personalized World Map

Married another world traveler, did you?  But everyone’s passports have been tucked away since March of last year. Create a fabulous gift for both of you letting your loved one know your honeymoon was just the beginning of a lifetime of adventure. Vintage maps mounted and framed using colorful pushpins to designate hometowns, vacations anything you want! Work with artist Wendy Gold to get an exceptional, unique, and completely personal work of art that will beautify your home for decades.

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Magnolia Bakery Date Night Box

Sweets for your sweet? With almost all the restaurants closed, it’s time for a night in with significant other and a lot of sugar.  Don’t go for the standard box of chocolates. Don’t think outside the box, think of a different box!  This once with classic bakery treats from the world-famous Magnolia Bakery. Date Night Box features two large containers of their classic banana pudding, pink banana pudding, and two cupcakes (vanilla with vanilla buttercream and chocolate with chocolate buttercream.) Yummy Yummy, yummy you’ll have love in your tummy.

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Le Creuset Red Heart Dutch Oven

There are so many cheap plastic useless trinkets for sale, but will your better half view them as a waste of time and resources? You want to buy something romantic, but is there such thing as practical romantic? Check out the Le Creuset Red Heart Dutch Oven! This is a boon to anyone who loves to cook. Le Creuset is known for its high-quality colorful cookware first introduced in 1925. Their cast-iron products are still created in the original Le Creuset foundry located in France. A well cared for Le Creuset can be passed down through generations. It’s a gift that’s in it for the long haul.

Sephora Sampler courtesy of Sephora

Sephora Favorites – Treat Yourself Coffret Perfume Sampler

Perfume seems like such a perfect romantic gift, but it can be very problematic. It’s impossible to know if someone is going to like a fragrance and if you’ve chosen a high-quality expensive scent, you’ll end up spending a pretty penny on something your lover won’t ever use. So, instead go for the Sephora’s Treat Yourself Coffret Perfume Sampler. It comes with a fragrant Nest votive candle, an Armani Beauty mini lip Maestro and five samplers of some Sephora best-selling fragrances. That’s not even the best part. Also included in the sampler is a voucher your sweetheart can exchange for a full-size bottle! This is a limited edition. Grab yours now!

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Hunt a Killer Subscription Box

Looking for a project for you and honey to do together? Hunt a Killer subscription box is a fun project for any couple that loves true crime. Since you can’t go out to restaurants right now, let date night come to you in the form of evidence, decoding ciphers, and piecing clues together to solve a crime. It’s like your own personal escape room delivered right to your door!

—Cameron Grey Rose

Editors’ Pick: Charlotte Rampling Stars in Saint Laurent Spring 2021 Video

Who says fashion is for and all about youth? Saint Laurent’s new spring 2021 video gives voice to another perspective. This new video which stars iconic British actress Charlotte Rampling as mysterious mistress who after leaving a frustrated, fearful place in her life, an Algerian desert, transitions to a tranquil, peaceful, a stately mansion.

This place of refuge is bathed in a hazy reddish gold glow, and is also inhabited by lean, statuesque models. Rooms and hallways are imbued in hazy velvet light while a remix of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” by Sebastian plays in the background.

For those unfamiliar with Charlotte Rampling, one should look to London’s Swinging Sixties, a time which Rampling epitomized the free-spirited young women who sexually liberated by the pill and no longer stepped in line with the establishment.

Interestingly, Charlotte Rampling began her career as a model and has remained fashion icon throughout her long career. From her first significant role in the 1960’s cult classic “Georgy Girl” to starring roles in “Vanishing Point,” “Stardust Memories,” “The Verdict,” “The Cherry Orchard,” “Under the Sand,” “The Sense of the Ending,” and more recently “Euphoria,”  Rampling has always embraced her free-spirited femininity and sexuality.

In this latest Saint Laurent video, Saint Laurent’s Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello design aesthetic for the spring 2021collection harkened back to the first Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutiques of the ’60s. And in accord with the spring 2021 ready-to-wear collection which relied heavily on a 60s mode aesthetic with a nod to mod silhouettes—miniskirts, form-fitting jumpsuits with thick belts, and cocktail dresses with ostrich-feathered embellishments—Charlotte Rampling is the perfect embodiment and reflect to back to the 60s.

Images courtesy of lesfacons.com

To capture the moodiness and dreaminess of this collection on celluloid, Anthony Vaccarello tapped Argentine filmmaker and previous collaborator Gaspar Noé to give life and weight to the latest ready-to-wear collection.

—William S. Gooch

Editors’ Pick: Necessity Yields NAISSANT NYC

The COVID-19 pandemic is producing more stories than those of horror, desperation and loss. This health pandemic is inspiring some folks to take risks and follow their dreams. Luciana Rozenberg, the CEO and founder of NAISSANT NYC is one such person.

After losing her job, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rozenberg took the risks and had the audacity to launch her handbag line, NAISSANT NYC. But, doing things out of the ordinary are part and parcel for Luciana. After moving to New York from Argentina to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Luciana worked for such high-end brands as THEIA, Marchesa, and Zac Posen.

Her design aesthetic is characterized by having a strong emphasis on architectural structure and forms which relates to her parent’s careers as architects. This design aesthetic is made evident in NAISSANT NYC bags. The bags come in strong geometric shapes with excellent construction and contain interchangeable accessories.

Luciana Rozenberg

Luciana Rozenberg believes that product should always be evolving just like the American consumer. NAISSANT NYC bags are designed around you and your day, as the building blocks to your wardrobe. And NAISSANT NYC bags are adaptable with interchangeable accessories that can be mixed and match as your needs and your daily routine evolves. Fashion Reverie‘s favorites are the crossbody bag and Marie mini phone bag.

The bags are consciously made and only use byproduct leather that is vegetable tanned and certified by the Leather Working Group. The linings are 100% organic cotton, the packaging is all recycled, and bag hardware is nickel-free to limit allergies and brushed with a 12-carat gold coating. Additionally, the brand is committed to giving back. A portion of proceeds from all sales is donated care.org and goes towards funding education for the next generation of powerful women.

Images courtesy of NAISSANT NYC

In addition to making the highest quality bags, NAISSANT NYC is also committed to limiting waste and other environmental impact, both while crafting our products and getting them into consumer’s hands. NAISSANT NYC has designed shipping and packaging around sustainable practices.

Their boxes are made from recycled materials and shipped on their own (no box inside of a box). And NAISSANT NYC even has branded biodegradable packing tape that can be recycled without having to be removed from the box. As part of the Carbon Fund, NAISSANT NYC are committed to being 100% carbon neutral: we want to add good to the world, not CO2.

The line is exclusively sold at https://naissant-nyc.com/. NAISSANT NYC retail price points range from  $95-$485.


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