Editors’ Picks: Great New Year’s Eve Fashion to Get All the Attention

In case you haven’t noticed, we are in a post-pandemic era. Just a few years ago everyone was hunkered down in their homes afraid to have contact with others. Well, those days are behind us. Though we still need to take healthy precautions, many of the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic are behind us.

With that in mind, for New Year’s Eve parties this season, it is time to let loose and show off that incredible style that you have had on hold for a few seasons. Fashion Reverie has some great garments that make everyone stand and pay attention to your great style.

Everybody loves a sexy black dress, and New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to show off your sophisticated style in a black dress. Lita Couture is a Swiss-based couture fashion brand designs gorgeous coats, dresses, and chic pieces from their atelier. These three black dresses will meet any ladies’ New Year’s Eve needs.

If you want to standout this New Year Eve, look no further than IMAD EDUSO. This Nigerian-based brand boast the boldest and most glamorous styles to dress up your holiday parties. Everyone will gasp and stand to attention when you come to any party in one of these glamorous cocktail dresses.

If your signature look is glamorous with rich details, look no further than Ivan Young for your New Year’s Eve party. Glam up your New Year’s Eve look with chic show pieces. And if feathers are your go-to look, look no further than Ivan Young.

All images courtesy of CLD Style PR

No New Year’s look is complete without glamorous footwear. Add stars and sparkly heels from Valentina Rangoni. These sparkly pumps will add that extra finishing touch to your New Years’ Eve ensemble.


Men’s Editors’ Pick: SHALAJ’s Wearable Art Streetwear

In case you haven’t noticed luxury streetwear is everywhere. Remember, streetwear as movement started with American urban youth in the late 1970, evolving to a billion-dollar segment of the fashion industry that now includes fashion staples like hoodies, joggers, sneakers, and other accessories.

What was once isolated to low-income urban youth has now exploded to global audience that speaks to a lifestyle, not just an expression of urban culture.  Add to that explosion a huge shift of luxury brands embracing a more youth-oriented audience and you have a fashion movement that is unstoppable.

Still, with luxury fashion houses embracing streetwear or street culture on a wide scale many fashion insiders feel that this embrace is not a nominal nod and not a full embrace. Most luxury houses will emblazon their brand logos on hoodies, joggers, and accessories without injecting real design into their streetwear.

It should also be mentioned that luxury streetwear is not inexpensive with hoodies costing up to over $1500 or more. Hmm, pricey hoodies with logos but no substantive design elements. Is that a rip off?

What is not a fashion rip off is what the Korean streetwear brand, SHALAJ is producing. The luxury streetwear brand launched in 2019 creating wearable art pieces with the vision of creative director, Shalaj Poonyarit. Poonyarit created the brand as a way for his artwork to be experienced through different mediums. His collections are inspired by his experiences in life around him to create pieces that express his perception and emotion.

The brand utilizes premium materials to create clothing that is more than your average piece including details such as twist hardware. And there are more than hoodies, joggers, and caps in this collection. There are great coats, moto jackets, bubble coats, and cardigans, as well.

Images courtesy of Michele Marie PR

Why don streetwear that says nothing, takes you nowhere special and looks exactly other streetwear with no distinction. If you are looking for wearable art that will make you stand out in the crowd and can carry over from season to season, then SHALAJ is for you!!

 Prices range from $200 to $5700. The brand is available to shop at Shalaj.us shipping worldwide and in-store at HLorezno.com in Los Angeles.

William S. Gooch


Editors’ Picks: Fashion Reverie’s 2022 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Favorites

Image courtesy of townandcountry.com

This may be the first time in a while that consumers will experience what might be thought of as back to normalcy since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many workers that had to work from home are now back to work in offices if not completely but in some hybrid form. Sporting events, concerts and theatrical productions now receive consumers without proof of vaccination, even if consumers must wear masks. And for those who love fashion, stores are stocked full of collections which is significant, especially for those we are looking to spend fantastic nights out on the town during the holiday season.

With all that in mind, Fashion Reverie has come up with some great Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals that will satisfy all types of fashion palettes.

Image courtesy of Michele Marie PR


This is the time of the year that consumers consider their footwear to ward off the cold elements. Ladies, if you are in the market for some great boots, DuoBoots is the brand for you this holiday season. DuoBoots doesn’t just concentrate on great styles and colors, but also recognizes that sizing should include foot size and calf size.

Styles range from booties to knee-high boots to combat boots to flat boots and heeled boots. For Black Friday/Cypher Monday, DuoBoots is offering 20% off full priced selected items. Includes Freya Wine, Harper Grey, Balla Black & Brown, Gwen Black & Tan, Jeane Brown & black, Oakford Brown. Not combinable with any other offer. Sales start on Friday 11/25 and extends until Tuesday 11/28.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com


Fashion Reverie loves bringing it viewers interesting and innovative products.  The accessory market is huge in fashion, bringing billions of dollars to the industry. For this holiday season, instead of looking or in addition to that great designer bag, consider a cell phone accessory bag. Bandolier styles range from the Lana Lipstick Strap to the Simone Utility Vest to the Emma Vanity to the Julian Griege.

Discounts sitewide (all items), Up to 80% off individual items. Free shipping on all orders over $150+. Cyper Monday sale starts on November 27 and runs through November 28.

Image courtesy of Michele Marie PR

Trina Turk

Fashion Reverie has been a fan of Trina Turk for over a decade. When Trina Turk would present in New York City during New York Fashion Week, we would always attend, front and center.

In case you are not familiar with Trina Turk, the brand takes traditional classics and America sportswear and adds their own special twist. Trina Turk clothing is inspired by the multicultural mix, creativity, and sunny spirit of California creating bold and bright designs that exude optimism in signature prints and vivid color.  And the price points won’t break your bank.

Monday, 11/28: 30% off your entire purchase. Full price and sale. + 65% select styles from 6am-noon. Then back to + 50% off select styles in the afternoon. No code needed, purchases automatically tabulate discounts at completion of purchase.

Image courtesy of Michele Marie PR

Chinese Laundry

No holiday shop is complete without a great pair of shoes. Look no further, Fashion Reverie has you covered!!

For over 40 years Chinese Laundry has been providing and manufacturing shoes for every footwear palette. Their in-house brands Chinese Laundry, CL By Laundry, Dirty Laundry, and 42 Gold premium collection provide a wide variety of styles to a wide variety of shoe lovers.

Sale starts on Monday, November 28 with 50% off sitewide.

Image courtesy of Chic Execs

Sarep + Rose

There’s no such thing as too many bags in a woman’s closet.  Especially when talking about the high-quality bags from Sarep + Rose. They’ve not only perfected the art of a stylish handbag, but also mastered the skill of blending that with highly functional designs to last a lifetime.

Focusing on turning “Made in Africa” from a niche label to a mainstream must-have, Sarep + Rose brings the beauty of African designs front and center. The lifestyle brand uses its influence and platform in the fashion world to show consumers that functional, stylish goods that benefit underserved communities are entirely possible.

From Black Friday through December 2, consumers can receive 30% off sitewide, as well as up to 40% off select items on Cyber Monday.

Image courtesy of Ruff Communications

Brandefy Skin

Inflation is hitting almost everyone hard. With prices continuing to escalate, it’s good to know that some beauty brands are looking to create good deals for consumers.

Brandefy Skin, created by Meg Pryde, founder of beauty app Brandefy, has created a line of efficacious skincare products that won’t break the bank. Benchmarked on favorites like Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and Drunk Elephant’s Babyfacial mask, Brandefy Skin’s offerings are budget friendly without compromising on quality.

Just for the holidays, they’re offering several beautiful gift sets, including one that supports female founders, with products from Wander Beauty and BYBI in addition to Brandefy Skin. All bundles are great for skincare lovers and anyone on a budget.

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday, they will be offering 30% off Vitamin C, 30% off Silks and 20% off Superfood Cleanser on Amazon.


Editors’ Pick: Ladies’ Fall 2022 Fragrance Roundup

Fragrances are a subtle and effortless way to change your vibe going into a new season. As the temperatures lower, finding a scent that emulates the feeling of the colder months is important. This gives you an opportunity to try bolder, heavier fragrances that incorporate scents that are more musk and woods forward. Fashion Reverie is here to make your search for a cozier scent easier as we know that finding one can be a lengthy process.

Image courtesy of microperfumes.com

MicroPerfumes Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 5 ML $53.99

MicroPerfumes allows you to samples some of the top high-end fragrances for a fraction of the cost of a standard-sized bottle and is a perfect place to go to when looking for a fragrance that can match the feelings of the season. Baccarat Rouge 540 is a great fragrance to sample using MicroPerfumes as it has a very high retail for a standard-sized bottle. This fragrance with notes of almond, saffron, jasmine, cedar, ambergris, woods, and musk is a beautiful scent that is sure to last through the whole day. Not to mention many people will be asking what scent you are wearing.

Images courtesy of byrosiejane.com

By Rosie Jane Dylan Perfume Oil 7 ML $45

Founded on the idea of creating a collection of clean, safe products that you can live your life in and help find some beauty in the Everyday, By Rosie Jane is a clean beauty brand that is dedicated to doing good. The Dylan Perfume Oil is one of their many fragrances, but this one is a perfect scent for when the weather starts to change, and the leaves start to fall. With notes of cedar, frankincense, and musk these notes combine for a soft earthy and woody fragrance that emulates the feeling of the seasons changing and temperatures dropping.

Image courtesy of maisonmargiela.com

Maison Margiela REPLICA By the Fireplace 100 ML $144

The REPLICA line of fragrances from Maison Margiela is known for transporting the wearer to a certain place or circumstance. By the Fireplace is a perfect example as it perfectly recreates the scents of lounging by a fireplace and transports you to that moment. The deliciously warm scent combines chestnut, clove oil, cashmeran, and vanilla that creates a scent that mimics the coziness of a crackling fire. Sitting by a fireplace after a cold, dreary day is one of the best feelings after being out the cold, which is why this fragrance is so dreamy.

Image courtesy of lancome.com

Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum 100 ML $135

This fragrance from Lancôme is a great scent for those who love floral perfumes but want something that agrees with the colder temperatures. Idole combines notes of citrus, jasmine, and rose with warm musk and vanilla that altogether culminate into a fragrance that you can’t get enough of. With all its layers, Idole is a great perfume for one who wants a long-lasting scent.

Image courtesy of ysl.com

Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Parfum Intense 90 ML $140

Libre Eau de Parfum Intense is the more romantic take on the iconic Eau de Parfum from Yves Saint Laurent. This perfume is a celebration of freedom, as it takes its inspiration from the bold women who walk the couture runways. With notes of Lavender Essence, Orange Blossom, and Orchid Accord, this long-lasting perfume is a great floral with warmer notes appropriate for the change of season.

Phoebe Howard



Editors’ Pick: Let Judy Garland Be Your Fragrance Guide in This Summer of Love

In this summer of love, it is a well-known fact that having that summer romance has so much to do with attracting the special someone, even if that attraction only last during the fleeting summer months. And to attract that heady summer love, it is essential to smell good.

And if you want to with a classic vintage fragrance that now has a modern twist, nothing fits the bill better than the new fragrance—JUDY, a Garland Fragrance—from Cosmetic Chemist Vincenzo Spinnato, President/CEO of TurnKey Beauty Inc and Judy Garland’s scions Lorna Luft, Joey Luft, and Liza Minnelli. And this limited-edition, 100 birthday commemorative unisex fragrance is currently available.

Old Hollywood nostalgia comes alive in this sophisticated, modernized fragrance inspired by what Judy Garland herself wore. This unisex fine fragrance showcases a hint of the official Judy Garland Rose with the addition of Dark Orchid, Coriander, and a medley of sultry Gourmand and spice notes, newly creating an all-inclusive and gender-neutral fine fragrance.

Coriander, Elemi and Californian Grapefruit shimmer over a heart of Honeyed Rose deepening to notes of Dark Orchid and Pink Pepper, evoking the emotion of Ms. Garland’s music and classic Hollywood films. Luring and captivating, the lingering sweetness of Tonka Bean, Bourbon Vanilla, and Caramel balance against notes of Velvety Musk and Patchouli Woods.

Liza Minnelli proclaims that this new fragrance, “smells just like mama.” And anybody who is aware of Judy Garland knows that she was in love with love. Remember her showstopping number “The Man Who Got Away” from “A Star Is Born.”

Images courtesy of She Grown PR

You will not go ‘over the rainbow’ with this fragrance, but JUDY, a Garland Fragrance, is the perfect fragrance for a 2022 summer of love. You will smell purty!!


Fashion Reverie’s Unique 2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Many fashion brands have upped the ante when it comes to convincing shoppers to purchase gifts for their loved ones for Father’s Day. Everything is being hawked from electronics to clothing—you know ties, socks, spring jackets—as well as watches, fragrances, and computers. You know, mostly easy traditional gifts.

All this marketing is good; however, we are living in some very peculiar and interesting times. We are still plagued by a continuing health pandemic. We are battling raging inflation—have you been to the grocery store lately? And a recession is looming.

This may not be the time to empty your pockets for a Father’s Day gift. Still, you only live once, so let your passion be your guide!!

Fashion Reverie has come up with some unique Father’s Day gift that are sure to make your loved ones happy.

Images courtesy of Michelle Marie PR

Help Dad with his grooming routine and give him products from NTRLBySabs and Design Essentials. These products and gift sets are perfect for the guy who loves to put a little extra care into his routine. Prices range $11 to $125.

Image courtesy of Anne Fahey

Just in time for Father’s Day the “Compass” a watch and travel accessory collaboration between George Esquivel and Tutima, the renown Glashütte watch brand will be available at Esquivel House, 

The collection combines Tutima’s mechanical marvel with Esquivel’s art of handcrafting. It includes a limited-edition Tutima Patria Dual Time watch accessorized with two NATO straps and accompanying watch holder designed by Esquivel, a pair of Esquivel’s famed Chelsea boots, and an overnight leather duffle. The straps, Chelsea boots and leather duffle were all produced at Esquivel House in Downtown LA.

Image courtesy of Femme Preneur

Members Only is now a cultural icon with a steady and growing following thanks to you—our loyal fans. Whether you knew us from the ’80s and love us now for our slimmer modern look with all the signature details or are rocking our jackets because it’s just simply … cool, our loyalty lies with you. We see race, creed, and taste not as separation but as inspiration. Dear upright citizen of the world, thank you for including us in your world. We are proud to have you as a member. Prices range from $98 to $108.

Image courtesy of Amouage

If you are in the market for a fragrance or a set of fragrances for that special man, Amouage to the rescue. An elegant presentation box containing six 2ml spray samples of current Amouage fragrances. A curated selection of the most iconic scent creations from Oman, featuring Gold Man, Epic ManReflection ManInterlude ManHonour Man, and Portrayal Man. Price points is $80.

Image courtesy of Tandems Communications

Fathers deserve the best on their day, so why not give them a gift that will show them how much we care about them? Withings ScanWatch Horizon is the latest luxury addition to the Withings ScanWatch range—it gives dapper dads a stylish touch to their daily outfit all while helping them monitor their health. With its stunning diver style form factor and state-of-the-art medical-grade technology, this is a hybrid smartwatch that delivers health and wellness features in an amazing stylish design.

Boasting a stainless-steel rotating bezel with laser engraved markings that incorporate the standard codes of diving practice alongside Luminova hollow watch hands, indicators, and thick indices that allow it to be used in low light, it’s a high end design that packs a whole range of health and wellness features including heart rate monitoring, ECG, breathing disturbances, blood oxygen levels, sleep, and physical activity to a fully functional underwater watch that wouldn’t look out place next to the ROLEX, Submariner or OMEGA, Seamaster.

The ScanWatch Horizon finally hits stores in the US, in Best Buy Stores, Withings.com, and Amazon.com price of $499.95 from May 17.

Image courtesy of Tandem Communications

Help fathers track all their beloved possessions no matter if it’s a bike, boat or even backpacks. This pocket-size cellular GPS tracker enables users to track all valuable possessions when they’re on the move. One can tuck it inside moving boxes and suitcases while traveling or leave it attached to a piece of valuable item at home. When it starts to move, you’ll be alerted via the Invoxia app with regular alerts, meaning you can locate and ultimately retrieve it in a timely manner. The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker uses cellular network, rather than bluetooth, and updates constantly (as frequent as every 30 seconds).

For just $129, the Invoxia tracker acts as an excellent insurance plan for anything you’d like to keep safe. It can be purchased on the official website or on Amazon. You can find more info and pictures in the press kit here.

Image courtesy of Tandem Communications

For busy fathers who want to ensure a good night of sleep and stay focused during the day, Morphee is a stunningly designed, un-connected sleep aid that will help them rewind and relax in the evening before going to bed. Via its three keys, Morphee offers Dad’s more than 200 audio sessions to choose from to either engage in guided meditations or tune in for soothing music/nature sounds. With its long battery life and ultra-portable design, Morphee is also easy to be kept in a suitcase and taken everywhere they go, perfect for Dads who are always on the road.

Morphee is priced at $99.99 and is available either on its official website or on Amazon.com.

Baby, it is warm outside. And we all know what warm weather represents. Beach time!!

Images courtesy of VERY New York

If you are in the market for some great men’s swimwear for that special guy in your life, look no further than Blu swimwear.  Blu swimsuits are meant to capture the nostalgic summers of your childhood and combine them with modern and adaptable designs to support you in and out of the water. Blu swimwear aim to protect our open waters in comfortable, innovative and versatile swimwear that fits like second skin, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Blu suits were made for you.

—William S. Gooch

Editor’s Picks: Britney Spears’ Bridal Look Is Accessible

Image courtesy of pagesix.com

It is the third time around for pop icon Britney Spears. And hopefully three is the charm. Whether this marriage lasts or becomes a part of a series of nuptials, one cannot deny the beautiful wedding gown that Britney donned on her wedding to third husband Sam Ashgari.

For her third wedding Britney wore a Versace gown designed by Donatella Versace, a great choice. This simple, though very sophisticated bridal gown is the dream bridal gown of many young brides to be. Britney wore a sculptural, very-Versace floor-length wedding dress complete with a sleek portrait neckline, corset bodice, a sky-high skirt slit, pearl buttons dotting the backline, a 10-foot train and a 15-foot veil. It is reported that this gown took about 700 hours to make.

Still, this luxury bridal gown—price point between $15,000 and $20,000—is out of the financial reach of most June brides to be. Fashion Reverie to the rescue. We are always looking for alternatives for our viewers who cannot afford many of the luxury garments donned by celebs and folks who have deep pockets. We also seek to provide consumers with options and expand our viewers choices by presenting designers/brands that are not household names.

Image courtesy of Atelier PR

We start with Ines di Santo. Fashion Reverie attended Ines di Santo’s spring 2023 bridal presentation and we were blown away by her incredible collection with a wide of bridal silhouettes and perspectives.

This very modern bridal gown with sculpted and contoured bodice with high-slit gown is a great alternative to Britney Spears’ Versace bridal gown. Though this bridal gown is very pricey and requires deep pockets, this bridal creation is more accessible. Remember, Spears’ bridal gown was custom made, unlike Ines di Santo’s similar bridal gown.

Image courtesy of Atelier PR

Sachin & Babi is always a fantastic go-to bridal brand for June brides. Sachin & Babi were one of the few bridal brands that produced a live runway show during New York International Bridal Week. And Fashion Reverie was there, front and center.

The Sachin & Babi “Martina” gown comes in a matte faille, each detail is slightly unique yet familiar. The one-shoulder with soft pleating detail feels a bit Grecian goddess-like. This gown is a great find at only $750.

Image courtesy of Atelier PR

If you are not aware of Lihi Hod, you should be. Launched in 2010, Lihi Hod brought all of her experience working for Dior, alongside side John Galliano to her eponymous bridal brand.

Hod’s sculpted and contoured bodice with high-slit gown reflect the same design aesthetic found in Versace’s custom-made gown. Both are beautiful and can make any June bride ecstatic. Still, there is two differences. Lihi Hod’s bridal gown is not custom-made and more accessible, and the price point is significantly lower than Versace’s custom-made gown.

Fashion Reverie always delivers. Get that celebrity look without the hassle of out of reach price points.


Editors’ Picks: Spring/Summer 2022 Handbags

Images courtesy of glowsly.com

As summer is almost upon us, now is the time for the changing of the guard, to switch up your fall/winter handbags and replace them with brighter and more colorful handbags. Because this summer has been deemed “Feral Girls’ Summer,” it is important that your bag of choice can easily be carried from one destination to the next. Fashion Reverie has you covered with a great roundup of choices in hopes that you can find a bag that will live up to your adventures and whatever you have planned for this summer.

Balenciaga Le Cagole XS Shoulder Bag Orange $2300

This bag by Balenciaga is the coveted bag of the summer for girls in their 20’s and 30’s. With silver hardware and made in Arena lambskin this orange bag is sure to be noticed. For girls not knowing where the night will take them, this is a great choice.

PRADA Celeste Raffia Tote Bag $1790

Prada does it again with this Raffia tote bag that is classic and effortless. This blue tote with a new interpretation of the Prada Triangle emblem adorns the front with the embroidered letter logo, which creates instant brand recognition. The tote is a great choice for a girl who loves the ease and accessibility of a tote that can carry whatever they may choose, but still looks chic. This is a Prada bag after all.

STAUD Tommy Beaded Bag Sunset Stripe $295

It’s hard to resist this beaded beauty by STAUD in one of their classic silhouettes, the Tommy bag. The sunset stripe is one of many color options you can choose from. This is a great bag that you can easily keep track of for those long summer nights where you lose track of time and end up being out from sunset to sunrise.

MARNI Tropicalia Micro Bag in Leather and Striped Canvas $650

Who doesn’t love a micro bag!? Marni’s take on the micro bag trend is a great choice if you are thinking of spending majority of your summer by the coast. In a blue, green, and white striped canvas with an embroidered logo leather details and straps, this bag is meant to be seen by the water. With a crossbody strap it is an easy handbag to carry with you from one destination to the next.

Edie Parker Slim Jean DTF $895

This cheeky clutch from Edie Parker easily catches the eye with verbiage that perfectly describes what “feral girl summer” is all about. It’s for those nights where all you need is your phone and favorite lip color to carry you through the night. If you are wanting a fun bag that emits a vibe and may have many people eyeing it, this one is for you.

FENDI Brooch Mini Baguette Fendace Black Leather Bag with Gold FF Motif $5600

The classic Fendi Baguette is now adorned in the Gold FF Motif in Fendi’s newest collaboration with Versace: Fendace. The bag perfectly blends the iconic brand images of two widely known Italian designer brands. The color combination of black and gold screams luxury and opulence. People are sure to spot you in the crowd when carrying around this gorgeous handbag.

All images courtesy of their respective brands

Chloé Medium Kayan Tote Bag $2090

For a chic and effortless carryall tote bag that is different than the basket bag that everyone and their mother owns, look no further than this Chloé tote. The cut-out structure of this vegetable-tanned calfskin leather bag recalls the signature scallops of this well-known brand that is known for its equestrian references. With a removable linen pouch this bag is great for those summer journeys that seem like they may last forever.

—Phoebe Howard

Editors’ Pick: ZCRAVE Can Give Any Wardrobe Sparkle and Flash

Images courtesy of Seventh House PR

Are just itching to get out and frolic, party or just celebrate spring weather? Of course, you are!! But now the question is, what to wear for that night out on the town and party til you drop festivity. Remember, we have been locked down with limited party choices for almost two years. So, the garments in your wardrobe may not be the most trendy or fashionable garments to express your great joy at going out again.

Fashion Reverie to the rescue!! Well, particularly if you are in the New York City tristate area.

At this present time anyone entering the retail market would proced with caution and trepidation. Still, the fashion industry did not become the great industry that it is with cautious intention. Sometimes it is best to throw caution to wind and follow your heart and your passions. And that is what Hila Shtork Zigdon of ZCRAVE has done.

With a background in apparel, working for Puma, Nike, and Umbro, Hila Shtork Zigdon has launched her own brand ZCRAVE and has created her own brick and mortar in the Soho district in Manhattan. This brand launch and brick and mortar store is a risky move, particularly in these precarious times. Still, a life without adventures and risks is not fully realized.

Hila Shtork Zigdon describes her fashion collections as affordable luxury fashion. Similar to the brand name of her collections, ZCRAVE which stands for the first letter of her family name and CRAVE for wanting something that is difficult to obtain, all of the collections are centered around luxury-influenced garments that many fashionistas would like to have but cannot afford. Except that ZCRAVE’s price points don’t demand very deep pockets. Prices range from a couple of hundred bucks to $800.

With that affordable concept in mind, Zigdon felt it was time to open a brick and mortar. “The concept of this store is that anyone of any age can find classic and well as edgy garments that suits their particular taste,” explains Hila Shtork Zigdon.

Images courtesy of Seventh House PR

Zigdon has a wide variety of styles and influences in the ZCRAVE store. “Whenever I get upset about something I create something to offset my mood. Since I am upset about a lot that is going on in the world, you see a wide range of garments in my store.”

Humor aside, the ZCRAVE store in Soho will satiate and satisfy a lot of fashion palettes. Just ask Christina Milian and Adrienne Bailon, two celebrity devotees of ZCRAVE.

William S. Gooch

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