Editors’ Pick: 2024 Paris Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniforms Roundup

The Olympic Games are not only a pinnacle of athletic achievement, but also a global stage for cultural expression and fashion. As nations come together to celebrate sportsmanship and unity, the opening ceremonies provide a unique opportunity for countries to showcase their heritage and contemporary style through their attire.

This year, the 2024 Olympics opening ceremonies promise to be a dazzling display of sartorial splendor, with each country unveiling meticulously designed outfits that reflect their national pride and artistic vision. Fashion Reverie is excited to delve into the details of these ensembles, highlighting the designers and inspirations behind the standout looks of the games.

Join us as we take a closer look at the sartorial highlights of the 2024 Olympics, celebrating the artistry and innovation that go into dressing the world’s best athletes for one of the most watched events on the planet. Each outfit tells a story, and we are here to uncover the narrative woven into the fabric of these remarkable ensembles.

Image courtesy of nbcolympics.com

USA: Classic Meets Modern

Team USA’s outfits for the 2024 Olympics opening ceremonies are a perfect blend of classic American style and modern athleticism. Designed once again by Ralph Lauren, these outfits reflect the timeless elegance and sporty spirit that the brand is known for. The American athletes will don crisp white trousers paired with navy blazers adorned with the iconic Polo logo and the American flag. The ensemble is completed with striped ties and scarves in red, white and blue that pay homage to the nation’s colors in a sophisticated yet approachable manner.

Ralph Lauren’s design philosophy for this year’s Olympic attire focuses on sustainability and innovation. The blazers are crafted from a sustainable wool blend, incorporating recycled materials without compromising on style or quality. This eco-friendly approach is a nod to the increasing importance of sustainability in fashion, reflecting a global shift towards more responsible production practices. Additionally, the uniforms feature innovative cooling technology, ensuring that the athletes remain comfortable despite the summer heat.

What sets this year’s design apart is the subtle yet powerful incorporation of American heritage elements. The ties and scarves feature a vintage-inspired stripe pattern reminiscent of the early 20th century, evoking a sense of nostalgia and pride in American history. The overall look is polished and refined, capturing the essence of American style while looking forward to a more sustainable future.

Image courtesy of lifestyleasia.com

Japan: Futuristic Elegance

Japan’s Olympic team is set to impress with a perfect blend of high-tech innovation and cultural heritage in their outfits for the 2024 opening ceremonies. Designed by ASICS, the uniforms focus on two key areas: performance and sustainability. The Podium Jacket, a standout piece, features ASICS’s proprietary ACTIBREEZE technology to reduce humidity by incorporating mesh materials in strategic areas. This advanced design ensures optimal ventilation and comfort for the athletes, reflecting Japan’s commitment to technological excellence.

In terms of sustainability, both the Podium Jacket and Pants are crafted from recycled materials, with the production process powered by renewable energy sources. This eco-friendly approach has significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with global sustainability trends. The primary color motif for the kit is Sunrise Red, complemented by a matching YAGASURI graphic, symbolizing determination and strength.

This year’s design by ASICS also integrates traditional Japanese motifs in a modern context. The sleek, monochromatic designs in shades of silver and white symbolize purity and innovation. Subtle embroidery inspired by traditional patterns like cherry blossoms and waves is seamlessly woven into the contemporary design. This harmonious blend of old and new encapsulates Japan’s unique approach to fashion and technology, making their presence at the opening ceremonies both visually captivating and culturally significant.

Image courtesy of hellomagazine.com

Italy: Timeless Sophistication

Italy brings its renowned sense of style to the 2024 Olympic opening ceremonies with outfits designed by Giorgio Armani. The Italian team will be dressed in ensembles that exude timeless sophistication, featuring tailored navy blazers and crisp white trousers. The look is completed with elegant silk scarves in the colors of the Italian flag, adding a touch of refinement and national pride to the outfits.

Armani’s design for the Olympic uniforms focuses on elegance and functionality. The blazers are crafted from lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow for ease of movement, ensuring that the athletes are comfortable as they parade through the stadium. The trousers are tailored to perfection, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail that Armani is known for.

Image courtesy of olympics.com

France: Chic and Elegant

France is pulling out all the stops to ensure its athletes shine on home turf at the 2024 Olympics. Reflecting the sophisticated and glamorous backdrop of Paris, French athletes will make a grand entrance at the opening ceremonies dressed by the prestigious luxury menswear label Berluti. This choice highlights France’s dedication to fashion and elegance, ensuring that their contingent is as stylish as the city they represent.

Male athletes will don impeccably tailored single-breasted navy blazers, featuring a distinctive shawl lapel. These blazers are intricately adorned with a gradient of burgundy, white, and cerulean, mirroring the colors of the French flag.

 Complementing the blazers are matching trousers that enhance the ensemble’s refined aesthetic. Female athletes will wear vests with the same elegant shawl lapel detail, which they can pair with either tailored trousers or a sophisticated navy satin skirt that falls just below the knee. This versatile approach allows for both uniformity and individual expression among the athletes.

Footwear for the French team is also provided by Berluti, with male athletes sporting BerlutiShadow trainers, combining style and comfort. Female athletes have the option of wearing the same sleek sneakers or opting for custom-designed loafers, providing a chic alternative. This attention to detail in both design and functionality ensures that the French athletes will be not only stylish but also comfortable as they represent their country on the world stage.

Images courtesy of lifestyleasia.com

South Korea: Innovative and Modern

South Korea’s uniforms, created by North Face showcase the country’s innovative spirit and modern aesthetic. The athletes will wear streamlined, high-tech garments in a palette of white and blue, symbolizing peace and unity. The outfits incorporate advanced fabric technologies to enhance performance, while minimalist design elements reflect Korea’s commitment to simplicity and functionality.

North Face designs for the South Korean team highlight the country’s technological advancements and dedication to progress. The use of cutting-edge materials ensures that the uniforms are lightweight, breathable and durable, providing optimal comfort and performance for the athletes. The clean lines reflect South Korea’s contemporary fashion sensibilities, while the choice of colors symbolizes harmony and national pride.

Image courtesy of nytimes.com

Nigeria: Vibrant and Cultural

Nigeria’s Olympic uniforms, designed by Actively Black, are a vibrant celebration of the country’s rich cultural heritage. The athletes will wear colorful ensembles featuring traditional Nigerian patterns and motifs, brought to life with contemporary tailoring. The use of bold colors and intricate designs reflects the diversity and vibrancy of Nigerian culture, making a striking statement at the opening ceremonies.

Actively Black’s approach to the Nigerian uniforms emphasizes both tradition and modernity. The outfits are crafted from locally sourced fabrics, highlighting Nigeria’s rich textile heritage and supporting local artisans. The incorporation of traditional patterns, such as Ankara prints, into modern silhouettes creates a dynamic and eye-catching look that celebrates the country’s cultural diversity.

Images courtesy of globalnews.com

Canada: Sporty and Classy

Canadian clothing giant Lululemon has unveiled its Team Canada designs for the 2024 Olympics in Paris, giving Canadians a glimpse of what the country’s Olympians and Paralympians will be wearing at the opening and closing ceremonies.

With a nod to sustainability and Canada’s biodiversity, the one-of-a-kind print celebrates the diversity of Canada and interprets the art, architecture and nature found throughout the country, including provincial flowers.

Lululemon, as reported in globalnews.ca, said its designs are “designed to support more bodies and more abilities,” and feature unique features like magnetic-close zippers, pull-on loops, sensory touch guides and braille love notes.

Ryan Salfino


Fashion Reverie’s ‘Summer of Love’ Date Night Looks for Any Occasion

Image courtesy of treetopsresort.com

What’s more romantic than the sizzling heat of New York in July? A lot of things are more romantic, but for diehard New Yorkers who understand the essence of Aperol-Spritz’s on rooftops and carriage rides through Central Park under the stars, it’s time to celebrate love in the summer. And what’s a better way to celebrate summer love than by reviewing the best date night looks from the spring 2024 season?

Sorry gentleman, this one’s for the ladies. With the heat wafting from sidewalks and the hot smell of trash on the street, it becomes even more imperative to create the perfect date night outfit. Below are some of our editor-approved options from this spring/summer 2024.

Tennis Date – Tory Burch Drop Waist Tennis Dress – $149

After Zendaya’s “Challenger’s” movie dropped, it seems that all the internet can talk about is the ‘old money’ look for ‘tennis-core.’ Due to this, many influencers and fashionistas alike have been embracing this look and heading out on tennis dates with their significant others. Sounds like you? Consider this elegant and chic drop-waist tennis dress from Tory Burch.

Brunch Date – Ralph Lauren Ruched Off-The-Shoulder Top in Garden $864

Gentlemen, if you’re reading this, a good brunch date will make any lady swoon. And you’ll be certain to swoon over your as she brings her sexy in this stunning floral top by Ralph Lauren’s purple label. The ruched detailing is so flattering and the colors in this shirt are perfect to transition into any season. Just imagine it with jeans or a mini skirt and some cute kitten heels!

Dinner Date – PH5 Brooklyn Wavy Asymmetrical Dress $495

Every fashion girl loves a good avant-garde dress and what’s better than this swirling, pink, and green dream from PH5? The dress is made from a lightweight knit material that makes it ideal for warm weather and the pastel colors can easily be paired with many other hues even when heading into the fall season.

Picnic Date – Anna Sui Purple Gingham Dress $590

A picnic in any park is a must-have summer date. It’s the perfect midday treat for individuals with busy schedules or an option for a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you’re stuck on what to wear, consider this stunning dress from Anna Sui. The gingham pattern is the original ode to picnics. Mix that in with the purple hue and lace details on this dress and you end up being left with something so feminine and fun.

Beach Date – Farm Rio Rio de Janeiro Dress $198

A beach date is a summer classic for a reason, from the crashing waves to the salty air, it’s romantic, Summer-y, and just so sweet. Those words are an appropriate way to explain this stunning dress from Farm Rio. The feminine silhouette is so romantic, the colors are perfect for summer and the influence of Brazil with postage stamps is sugary-sweet.

Images courtesy of the respective brands

Meeting the Parents – J.Crew Sophia Sleeveless Dress $248

This might not be considered a date, but rather the ultimate reason for extreme anxiety. Either way, if you’re struggling with what to wear when meeting your beau’s parents, consider this stunning tweed dress from J.Crew. It falls under the more affordable category of spring fashion and certainly wasn’t a runway find … but it is runway quality and so chic!

Sydney Yeager

Six 2024 Summer Perfumes Every Woman Should Have

Image courtesy of laromes.com

As warmer temperatures arrive at our doorsteps, it’s time to change the guards of your signature perfumes from winter scents to summer classics. If you’re struggling to find the perfect scent that compliments your style and the essence of this season, you’re in luck. The team at Fashion Reverie has delved deep into our love of perfume and human adoration of a good scent to find both new and classic perfumes to give your look a certain extra oomph.

Curious? Check out our favorite perfumes that we just can’t get enough of. We have every base covered from sun-kissed scents and sensual pairings to light florals and crisp citrus scents.

El Patron by Tito $199

Puerto Rican rapper Tito El Bambino created a captivating new fragrance in collaboration with perfumer Franganzza Artssences. This perfume is a rich and woody scent with notes of sandalwood and exotic spices. The last note of the fragrance, hidden deep under its woody persona is the delicate floral sweetness in the afternotes. This scent wafts to your nose in layers, intriguing passersby and causing your friends to ask questions about what you are wearing.

Glossier You Perfume $78

Formulated to enhance your natural scent, this special fragrance will be slightly different on everyone as it works with your natural pheromones to create a scent that is uniquely YOU. Overall, the base of this fragrance is sweet with hints of sparkling pepper and earthy iris making it seem familiar and calming.

Tom Ford Mini Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil $40

This scent has summer written all over it. A naturally shimmering body oil, Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc scent is as warm and spicy as a summer in France. The light weight of the oil is designed to capture the scent of sun-kissed skin and effervescing sensuality with the illuminating shimmers added to the oil to give your skin an extra glow. The keynotes in this summer perfume are a combination of bergamot, pistachio, and coco de mer, giving a rich and beautiful fragrance for the wearer.

Fresh Sugar Lemon Eau de Parfum $84 

Fresh Sugar Lemon Eau de Parfum $73

As crisp as lemonade on a summer day and clean as laundry straight off the line, this scent harkens back to childhood lemonade stands and your grandmother’s pearl strands. The scent is classic, simple, and timeless. With base notes of caramel and lemon, the lightweight fragrance is great for day-to-day wear all summer.

Miss Dior Roses and Roses $85

Calling all Dior Girls! This floral version of Dior’s classic ‘Miss Dior’ scent is designed to embody the rose fields in Grasse, France. The scent is light, airy, and feminine, with a hint of mystique only heightened by the zest of bergamot, white musk, and patchouli notes. Coming in a beautiful pink hue, a spritz of this rose scent is all you need to romanticize the warm summer days ahead of you.

Images courtesy of the respective brands

Sol De Janeiro Cheirosa ‘62 Eau De Parfum $78

We’ve been talking so much about French summers, but what about the potent heat in South America? Sol De Janerio’s Cheirosa scent strives to capture the Brazilian summer muse, a girl from Ipanema. Using salted caramel, vanilla, and almond with the grounding scent of sandalwood and pistachio, this perfume is both grounding and dreamy.

Sydney Yeager





Girls’ Night Out Spring/Summer Style That Will Make You Shimmer, Sizzle, and Pop

Image courtesy of juridiconline.com

The temperatures are rising, and summer is almost here with warm nights and even warmer days. After the long, dog days of winter everyone is finally ready for a “Girls Night Out.” It is time to celebrate Graduations, Engagements, Weddings, new jobs, or anything that is bringing us joy. Or just a fun time out with friends and family to reconnect and fellowship with one another over coffee or an amazing dinner.

Whatever reason you have for heading on out outside we want to make sure you are fashionable and on trend for that Instagram selfie. You know what they say, when you look good, you feel good!

Now the date is set, and you know exactly where you are going for “Girls Night Out” What are you wearing? The spring/summer 2024 trends have something for the glamorous girl all the way to the girl that wants to be casual chic in denim. Let us put our look together!

Denim images courtesy of Ralph Lauren, slingback flats courtesy of Tory Burch

Heading out for cocktails/mocktails at the neighborhood watering hole? Denim would be perfect for that! Whether it is throwing on your favorite denim jacket on top of your summer dress or a crisp white top tucked into a dark rinse or 90’s straight leg jean.

Metallic shoe image courtesy of Ruthie Davis, Floral necklace image courtesy of Alexis Bittar, metallic dresses courtesy of Michael Kors and Carolina Herrera

Heading out to dance the night away on the dance floor? Metallics are the perfect trend to accompany that high octane, pulsing beat. Gold and silver are the traditional metallics that come to mind, but, how about Liquid Gold Metallic? Or bronze and copper? This metallic trend is sleek, flowing and fluid, nothing stiff and boring about this trend. Just make sure to keep the lines clean and make it your own style aesthetic.

Sheer dresses images courtesy of Frederick Anderson, shoe image courtesy of Ruthie Davis

If you are one that overheats quickly but wants to stay cool during your girl’s night out, Sheer Fabrics have your name on them. Throw on your sleeveless cat suit or crop top set and add your sheer layer on top of that. This trend is easy to elevate with a great purse and killer shoes! Taking you straight from the concert to dinner!

Lavender dress and purse images courtesy of Coach. Lavender shoe image courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell

Finally, look for the spring/summer 2024 trends in Lavender, which is a trend of its own. The baby sister of purple is here and ready for dinner at the best restaurant in town! This playful color is fun and vibrant the perfect shade to wear for a “Girls Night Out.”

Renessta Olds

Editors’ Pick: Summer 2024’s Ultimate Concert & Festival Fashion Finds

Image courtesy of essence.com

Get set to unleash your festival fashion flair with Fashion Reverie exhilarating roundup of concert-ready clothes, accessories and products! We’re diving deep into the heart of festival season, bringing you a handpicked selection of standout pieces and stylish accessories guaranteed to make waves at concerts nationwide this summer.

This roundup features an eclectic mix of show-stopping items designed to elevate your festival look and overall concert experience. Picture yourself strutting through the crowds in bold denim jorts and eye-catching accessories that exude personality and style.

But it’s not just about looking good—it’s about feeling good, too. That’s why we’ve curated products that prioritize comfort and functionality without sacrificing style. From durable sneakers to eco-friendly tote bags, our roundup ensures you can dance all day and party all night, no matter where the music takes you.

Image courtesy of lowheads.com

Mind Liquid Studio Wavy Denim Jorts

 Make a splash at any summer concert or festival with the Mind Liquid Studio Wavy Denim Jorts (short for jeans shorts). Finally unveiled after months of anticipation, these statement denim shorts are crafted from 13 OZ 100% cotton Japanese selvedge denim, ensuring both quality and comfort.

Produced entirely in Los Angeles, each pair features the brand’s signature wavy silhouette, meticulously designed for the perfect fit. Embrace the spirit of creativity and authenticity with these handcrafted jorts, ideal for adding a bold touch to your summer concert styling.

$230 available at lowheads.com


Image courtesy of endclothing.com


Prepare to make a statement at this festival season with the ADIDAS LONDON sneakers in core white and dark marine. These kicks boast a suede upper complemented by understated three-stripe accents, embodying retro vibes with a modern twist.

 Their Gum 3 rubber outsole ensures durability and traction, while the lace closure guarantees a snug fit. Elevate your festival experience and exude confidence with every step in ADIDAS LONDON sneakers, a fusion of style and practicality that’s bound to turn heads.

$99 available at endclothing.com

Image courtesy of endclothing.com


Enhance your festival attire with the TRÈS BIEN EVERYWEAR BELT LAK RED, an eye-catching accessory designed to make a statement at concerts and festivals. Crafted from Portuguese patent leather and featuring a silver-tone metal pin buckle, this belt exudes sophistication with a touch of edginess. Its vibrant red hue adds a pop of color to any outfit, while the gold foil logo print on the inside adds a subtle hint of luxury. Accented with silver-tone metal hardware, this belt is both stylish and durable.

$95 available at endclothing.com

Image courtesy of found.store.com

FOUND Flower Pot Tee

The FOUND Flower Pot Tee is the perfect blend of springtime charm and festival-ready style. Featuring a whimsical flower-pot design, this tee adds a playful touch to any music-goer’s outfit.

Made from 100% lightweight cotton, it ensures comfort and breathability, ideal for all-day wear. Designed to fit true to size, the tee shirt offers a relaxed, slightly boxy cut for ease of movement and a modern, laid-back look. Pair this tee shirt with lacy baggy jeans in vintage blue for a complete, effortlessly stylish ensemble.

$70 available at found.store

Image courtesy of us.33-mm.com

33mm Celeste Ring

The 33mm Celeste Ring is an eye-catching yet minimal accessory, perfect for concerts and festivals. Inspired by a vintage ring, it carries a sense of timeless elegance.

Crafted with 18k gold plating and adorned with a striking sapphire blue cubic zirconia, this ring blends sophistication with everyday wear. Its bold design makes a statement, while its simplicity ensures it complements any outfit.

$49 available at us.33-mm.com

Image courtesy of canrae.shop.com

CANRAE Twinkle Sunglasses

Add a touch of flair to your concert and festival outfits with CANRAE Twinkle Sunglasses. These chic sunglasses feature brown lenses and a sleek black frame, combining style with functionality. Designed with anti-scratch coating and UV-400 lens protection, they ensure your eyes are shielded from harmful rays while maintaining clarity and durability.

The unisex design and comfortable fit make them perfect for anyone looking to elevate their festival look. Crafted from high-quality PC material for both the frame and lenses, these sunglasses are built to last through all your outdoor adventures.

$47.90 available at canrae.shop

Image courtesy of thestoopclub.com

THE STOOP CLUB The Grove Street Hat

For an accessory that captures both style and community, check out THE STOOP CLUB’s The Grove Street Hat. Inspired by the iconic New York stoop, this hat is more than just headwear—it symbolizes the sense of togetherness stoops represent. Created by sisters Alex and Ava Howard, who transitioned from small-town Minnesota to New York City, THE STOOP CLUB aims to foster community spirit in one of the world’s largest cities.

The Grove Street Hat features a dark green and natural color scheme, making it a versatile addition to any concert outfit. With a structured fit and adjustable strap, it ensures comfort. The sporty yet timeless design is perfect for music lovers seeking style with a nod to urban culture.

$45 available at thestoopclub.com

image courtesy of finnishdesignshop.com


The HAY Everyday Tote Bag in red is an ideal accessory for concerts and festivals, combining style with practicality. Made from 100% organic cotton, this large canvas tote is both eco-friendly and durable, perfect for carrying all your essentials. With clever pockets on each end and inside, it keeps smaller items within easy reach, ensuring you stay organized on the go.

The tote features two sets of handles in different lengths, offering versatile carrying options. You can sling it over your shoulder or grab it by hand, making it convenient for any situation. Adorned with HAY’s logo, this colorful bag adds a vibrant touch to your festival ensemble.

$45 available at finnishdesignshop.com

Image courtesy of independencechicago.com


With the Kapital IVY RAINBOWY HAPPY HEEL Hold Socks, your feet are in for a treat! Crafted with Kapital’s signature 60 yarns, they’re as comfy as they are colorful. Plus, the Happy Heel Hold keeps you dancing all day and night without slipping.

Perfect for festival vibes or rocking out to your favorite tunes, these socks add a splash of fun to any outfit. Say goodbye to boring socks and hello to a pop of personality with Kapital’s vibrant creation!

$42 available at independence-chicago.com

—Ryan Salfino




Editors’ Pick: The Activated Shirt

Just as the fashion market is crowded with brands directed toward female consumers, the same can be said for the menswear market. That said, you may ask yourself, “does the menswear market need another men’s fashion brand”?

Well, that depends. If you are in the market for what is already in the market, the answer is a resounding NO!! However, if you are in the market for something innovative and accessible, there is room in the menswear market for one such menswear brand.

The Activated Shirt is one such new menswear brand that male consumers should be paying attention to. Launched earlier this year, Joseph Curran wanted to create a fashionable shirt that would appeal to that athletic guy who likes to dress up without the stuffiness and stiffness of some of the dressy shirts currently on the market. “When you put on my shirt you feel: Confident, Sexy, Active … in other words, you are activated. You are suddenly ignited, bold, and aroused,” explained Joseph Curran. “The shirt would appeal to men who are 23 years of age and up; men who workout and are fit; men who are concerned about their appearance, and have a sense of flair and style.”

Hmm, so you say, you’ve heard this before. And when these active shirts hit the market, they are the same fare as other similar shirts on the market. Well, that may have been your experience in this past. But, this time around, you are wrong!!

“The Activated Shirt differs in look and style in comparison to the companies who are making a similar concept of ‘dressy stretch fit wear’ that looks more like your conventional dress shirt that is tucked in and with the traditional collar,” explains Curran. 

“At the moment I want to change the perception of the dress shirt and its limitations when it comes to wear and look. I designed The Activated Shirt because I felt that a regular type of dress shirt doesn’t hold up and gets wrinkled easily and shows badly when you start to sweat … I wanted my shirt to look sporty and elegant without looking too dressy. It’s about the ‘flow’ and being different by changing the perception of what a dress shirt should look and feel.”

 My shirt’s collars are comprised of a sporty, athleisure style and the buttons are snaps and worn untucked. The fabric varies from nylon stretch to sustainable, recycled material,” details Curran.

And though this Joseph Curran first foray into the fashion industry, he is no stranger to the specialty retail market. “I dabbled in home decor some years back in New York City and in Argentina. I specialized in rugs and selective furnishings made from animal skins. The skins were dyed in funky colors such as fuchsia, deep purple, lavender mandarin orange,” explained Curran.

“When I started this concept of the Activated Shirt, I had just arrived from living abroad for a decade in West Africa, all over Europe and South America. After my stint with home décor, I felt I wanted to work on a new idea, and I was looking for a sporty dress shirt that I can wear casually that looked good.  I went to department stores, and I did not find what I was looking for.  So, that’s when I came up with the idea or concept to create such a shirt and a brand.

Images courtesy of The Activated Shirt

At an affordable price of $139 to $179, The Activated Shirt comes in neutral colors and is gender neutral. “The Activated Shirt was designed as a unisex shirt that appeals to men and women This is an all-inclusive shirt. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are “people are people.” It’s about sex appeal,” concedes Curran.

For more information about The Activated Shirt, go to www.theactivatedshirt.com

William S. Gooch




Editors’ Pick: Ruthie Davis’ Va Va Voom Shoes

When one hears the name Ruthie Davis one thinks of shoes that are “architectural art.” Or, is it when one sees sky high shoes that are chic, modern, and sporty you automatically think Ruthie Davis?

Whichever one it is, we all agree that Ruthie Davis and her shoe designs are iconic! With a bachelor’s degree in English and Visual Arts, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship, Ruthie Davis launched her namesake shoe line in 2006. Since the launch of her brand, she has become a trailblazer through this industry.

Prior to launching her own collection, she honed her design and marketing skills at   Reebok, UGG Australia, and Tommy Hilfiger. Fashion Reverie also loves her brand collaboration with Disney, evidenced in the Disney x Ruthie Davis collection for their ‘Princess Collection,” based on the princess beauties in ”Aladdin,” “Frozen 2,” “Snow White,” and “Cinderella.”  

With the brand being a fan favorite with 400k followers on Instagram, 150k followers Tik Tok and 100k followers it’s easy to see how she is a recipient of the American Apparel & Footwear Association 2014 “Designer of the Year” award and the 2019 “Collaboration of the Year” and was named Vogue Italia’s top “Vogue Talent” in 2012. Her designs can be seen on Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige, Demi Lovato, and Naomi Campbell, just to name a few.

On the heels of Davis’ success, Fashion Reverie has chosen three shoes from her current collection that should be on the radar of our viewers.

Champagne Glitter Sandal $259

With weather warming up, you may be in the market for that sexy, get-your-attention stiletto that will not only add inches to your height, but will also add that va va voom to your overall look. Ruthie Davis has the shoe for you!!

Davis’ sexy ‘Champagne Glitter Sandal’ fits the bill. This 5.75-inch Slim Stiletto Heel with a 1.75-inch Platform exudes glamour and a modern sensuality, perfect for that night out on the town. You will command attention in the room. And surprise, surprise it is on sale.

Stacked Block Heel and Platform $545

Every woman wants to look taller and slimmer. And you will achieve that effect in Ruthie Davis’ ‘Stacked Block Heel and Platform.

These heels can be paired with jeans, khakis, sexy miniskirts, cocktail dresses, or whatever you like. This 5.75 Ruthie Davis vintage classic boasts a fabulous genuine stacked leather Heel and Platform with a cushioned insole and a hand-stitched sock liner.

Images courtesy of Ruthie Davis


Every woman needs a black shoe to go with that little black dress. This season, why not opt for a sporty black shoe?

Elevate your style with KENNETT – BLACK/WHITE. This luxurious ankle wrap stiletto platform sandal boasts proven comfort and a perfect fit, while the gorgeous quality leather in black and white exudes sophistication. The 5.75-inch slim stiletto heel and 1.75-inch dual colored platform add a touch of drama. 

Renessta Olds




FUTURISM LEADS THE CHARGE – Sunglass Curation 2024: The Future is Now


Image courtesy of Prada

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to pick up a few new pairs of sunglasses to kick off your summer fun. 2024 is the year of artificial intelligence (AI) and it makes sense that futuristic glasses and technology are dominating sunglass fashions.

For the past 2 years, AI has been the center of conversations at almost every aspect of our lives. AI is about futurism and sunglass maker, Ray-Ban is leading the charge with their Meta Smart Glasses. The company’s iconic Wayfarer design was the first one to debut the technology in a collection called Stories Smart Glasses. The company continues to develop their offerings that incorporate some of the other trends listed below.

Image courtesy of TikTok

Other takes on futurism include brightly colored lenses, slate gray lenses in exaggeratedly angular frames, wire rims with geometric lenses, and the modern cat eye in pretty pastels, At the other end of the spectrum is the return of Hollywood vintage glam. Richerette’s capsule collection. Richerette x Jamesyinla, has a pair that boast retro embellishments that the bright red frames. The ultimate style statement however may be Etnia Barcelona’s 24 karat frames, for those who want to make a big statement.

Read on for the top six trending sunglasses styles for summer 2024. Fashion Reverie breaks down for your summer sunglass shopping.


Image courtesy of ray-ban.com

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Ray-Ban’s parent company, Luxottica, took notice of the world’s obsession with AI and created Meta Smart Glasses to satisfy the thirst for all things AI. The gamble paid off, an updated version of the ever-popular black Wayfarer frame with graphite lenses is flying off the shelf, according to a sunglass specialist in a Luxottica Target boutique near Washington, DC.

The Ray Ban Meta smart glasses have a tiny camera, Bluetooth speakers, and an AI assistant built in that is summoned by saying, “Hey Meta,” In fact, these glasses do away with the need for air pods.  The glasses have 32 gigs of storage to take photographs with as well as the capability to record videos up to 60 seconds long.  The technology is surprisingly inexpensive as the Meta glasses ring in at $329, not much more than a pair of traditional Ray-Bans.

Image courtesy of sunglasses.com

Bold, Futuristic Design and Slate Gray Lenses $520

The Prada “Symbole” is a bold twist on the classic wraparound and is at the top of many fashionistas’ shopping lists for summer 2024. The prominent ad campaign in every Sunglass Hut boutique certainly has helped to fuel the craze for these black plastic geometric shades. The Symbole is also available in a more transparent slate gray that gives it an interesting alien-like edge.

Image courtesy of Serengetic

 Serengeti, an American luxury eyewear brand uses proprietary 3-in-1 lens technology for all their glasses. Their answer to this trend is the Nicholson ($380), a shiny crystal taupe grey frame with mineral 555 nm grey base lens. The Nicholson has a sleek rectangular sunglasses shape, chamfered edges, and bevels on the front and is both stylish and comfortable.


The Modern Cat Eye in Pretty Pastels

It’s an undeniable fact that celebrities often lead the trends we want to try out after we’ve seen them on the red carpet. Top marks go to ‘Badass’ actress/model, Fiffany Luu at the 2024 Met Gala for accessorizing her barely-there costume with oversized lavender cat eye frames. While the frames were interesting, perhaps she’ll wear them all on their own next time instead of attached to a matching halter top. 

Image courtesy of rayban.com

Ray-Ban is also tapping into this trend with their latest Meta sunglasses, the RW4010 Ray-Ban | Meta Skyler ($299). The chalky gray cat eye frames feature an unexpected cinnamon color, an unusual combination, but it works!


Wire Aviators with Unexpected Geometric Lenses

The *SOJOS store on www.amazon.com has a hit on their hands with their ($15.99) Retro Oversized Square Polarized Sunglasses. The large metal sunglasses are UV400 and have unisex appeal and a playful futuristic edge, all for a very nice price. These funky shades are a clever spin on the classic tear drop wire rim sunglasses popularized by Korean War fighter pilots.

Serengeti’s silver Haywood ($380) model is also a welcome alternative to the usual gold aviator frames. The Haywood also incorporates rose colored lenses, another big trend this summer,

Image courtesy of oakley.com

Paint It Pink … or Red for Lenses OR Frames

Pink and red sunglasses are a major trend that makes quite the statement, especially when worn with an all-white summer wardrobe. Surprisingly these popped up at Luxottica’s Oakley brand, typically a go-to for active types and a big favorite with golfers for their high-quality polarized lenses. The Oakley 0009102 model ($379) is a matte black squared off plastic frame available in rose (prizm dark golf) or ruby red (prizm ruby) lenses.

Image courtesy of stoggles.com

Another pair to consider is the ($65) Monochrome Round from Stoggles. Both the frames and lenses are the color of rose wine. All Stoggles are made with their signature LucidLens™. The lens is lightweight, shatter-proof, blue-light blocking, and sealed under the world’s best fog protection. 

Image courtesy of TikTok

Over the Top Embellishments and the Return of Vintage Hollywood

Vintage frames tend to have kitschy detailing or none whatsoever. As to the former, famed club kid fashion designer, Richie Rich and Influencer and model, Jay Murray, Murray recently collaborated with Rich to create a capsule collection, Richerette x Jamesyinla.

Thirteen hand-made custom styles from the capsule collection debuted on TikTok on April 25th.  Special touches include the duo’s signatures on the upper corner of the right lens and inside of the arm. Richie and James said that they drew their inspiration from Malibu parties in the Hollywood Hills and Barbie. Keep close watch on James’s TikTok, @Jaymurrrayofficial for more drops to come.

Image courtesy of nordstrom.com

There’s always the classic vintage Hollywood glam route to take. It’s been fabulous since the sixties when Elizabeth Taylor popularized all-black frames to hide from the press. Most recently, these movie star frames glamorized Meryl Streep’s Michael Kors Collection white pant suit when she walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film festival accessorized by a pair of opaque Prada black 52mm Butterfly sunglasses ($499) to receive her Palme d’Or Award.


While sunglasses are certainly practical, they are also the easiest way to change your look in seconds, by simply slipping on a different pair on, depending on the statement you want to make that day. Have fun considering how each can adapt these diverse styles to different facets of your life, from sporty practical to beach/pool to a pair that is super stylish.

Vivian Kelly


Editors’ Pick: Spring 2024 Frocks and Ensembles


Warmer temperatures are finally here, and while your nose might be running, the beautiful bouquets you’ll find at garden parties are almost worth it. Designers use these bouquets and the myriad of spring flowers in bloom to inspire their collections. So as the sun sets later in the day, and new fashion collections hit stores near you, get ready for the slew of party invites.

As the invites fall into place, don’t worry about RSVPing yes to each one because as far as spring 2024 collections go there’s a little something for every party. That’s what makes fashion go around, after all. And if you happen to be a little stuck here’s Fashion Reverie’s editors-approved list of our favorite spring party dresses.

Simone Rocha’s White Rose Shirt $1,070

This beautiful mid-length shirt calls like a beacon from the runway. One can only imagine that wearing this shirt must feel as though you’re wearing a rare flower. The bodice of the shirt is made by interlinked, molded flowers in what appears to be a cotton fabric. The one-shoulder design gives an elegant and avant-garde take. Consider wearing this shirt with jeans to a wine bar or a flowing white skirt for a more formal event.

Selkie Strawberry Cream Shorts and Corset Set $258

Selkie is that brand for girls who are meant to picnic all day and read Jane Austen novels by a pond covered in willow trees. This outfit is no different in that impression. The detailed print of the strawberries and the soft colors used only add to this thought.

This set might be simple, but it’s the perfect choice when dressing for any semi-casual outdoor event you might be attending in the spring. Consider pairing it with low kitten heels and a straw bag for maximum outfit impact.

Kim Shui Sheer Embroidered Dress $695

If you feel like channeling Emrata at the Met Gala for a downtown chic look, consider this beautiful spring 2024 dress from Kim Shui. The handmade embroidery of the dress, one-shoulder detailing, and thigh-high slit make this one of the most eye-catching garments. Wear this dress with either a slip underneath or go fully sheer and pair with nude panties, this dress promises to be your go-to for parties this spring.

Anthropologie Green Bubble Strapless Dress $458

Anthropologie might not be considered high fashion, but the details in their designs and high-quality materials are reason enough to include them in this list. The Love Shack Fancy from their spring collection is the perfect addition to any parties you might attend. Sitting at cocktail length and with a delicate pink flower set in the center of the bodice, this dress is perfect for bridal showers, wedding parties, and baby showers this spring.

Carolina Herrera Yellow Floral Dress $2,214

Carolina Herrera does spring fling dresses better than anyone. Her combination of stunning colors and flowing silhouettes gives her garments the perfect spring flavor.

In a toile print, this yellow dress flows down to the ankles and covers the hips and stomach in a delicate ruched design. To give a little tease, both the back and stomach remain open. Pair with some raffia wedges and head out on that vacation you’ve been planning.

All images courtesy of their respective brands

Cult Gaia Issey Dress $1, 198

If this dress isn’t in your daydreams, you might need to get your head checked. This Cult Gaia dress is the perfect shade of green for dancing on the grass and waltzing along rose-lined paths at any garden party you might be attending this summer.

As you walk along that path, be ready for the compliments you’re about to receive. This dress is doused in glass droplets of different sizes to give an almost water-nymph appearance to the wearer. Truly you won’t be able to find anything more beautiful.


Love Shack Fancy Floral Jacquard Dress  $495

Love Shack Fancy might be known for over-the-top dresses and tulle galore but when it comes to this jacquard dress they’ve tamed it down … a little. That isn’t to say there isn’t any flavor and spice to this fantastic dress.

Despite the simple silhouette, this dress proves that–like anything—it’s the details that truly matter. From little bows affixed to the straps and metallic thread woven into the jacquard, this dress is an eye-catching staple for anyone of any age.

—Sydney Yeager

Editors’ Pick: 2024 Men’s and Women’s Summer Essentials Roundup

Image courtesy of summerblog.com

As the days grow longer and the warmth of the sun beckons us outdoors, Fashion Reverie is thrilled to unveil our meticulously curated selection of summer essentials for both men and women. This season, we invite you to embrace the spirit of adventure and make the most of every sun-soaked moment with Fashion Reverie‘s carefully chosen collection of must-have items. From lazy days on the beach to invigorating hikes through nature’s splendor, we’ve handpicked a range of accessories designed to elevate your summer style and enhance your outdoor experience.

In our quest to capture the essence of summer, Fashion Reverie has focused on some of the most renowned brands in the industry to bring you a diverse array of products that seamlessly blend fashion, function, and fun. From Prada’s iconic elegance to YETI’s rugged durability, each brand represented in our roundup has been carefully selected for its commitment to quality, style and innovation.

Image courtesy of prada.com

Prada Re-Nylon Bucket Hat

Elevate your summer style with the Prada Re-Nylon Bucket Hat. Crafted from sustainable materials, this gender-neutral hat features the iconic Prada logo and is available in a range of colors to suit any ensemble. Whether you’re strolling along the boardwalk or lounging poolside, this hat adds a touch of luxury to any outfit.

$795 available at Prada

Image of neimanmarcus.com

GUCCI Men’s Water Ripple Textured Rubber Pool Slides in Gray

Step into summer with style in the GUCCI Men’s Water Ripple Textured Rubber Pool Slides. Crafted from durable rubber and featuring a unique water-ripple texture, these slides offer both comfort and luxury. Available in a versatile gray hue, they’re the perfect footwear choice for poolside lounging or beachside strolls.

$450 available at Neiman Marcus

Image courtesy of burberry.com

BURBERRY Men’s Check Swim Shorts

Make a splash in these iconic check swim shorts from BURBERRY. Featuring the brand’s signature check pattern in a classic navy hue, these swim shorts offer both style and functionality for a day at the beach or at the pool. Crafted from high-quality materials, these swim shorts ensure durability and comfort with every wear, making them a standout addition to your summer wardrobe.

$440 available at BURBERRY

Image courtesy of turtleboxaudio.com

TURTLEBOX Gen 2 Portable Speaker

Turn up the tunes and set the mood for summer fun with the TURTLEBOX Gen 2 Portable Speaker. Engineered to deliver powerful, crystal-clear sound in any environment, this speaker is waterproof, dustproof, and built to last.

$428 available at TURTLEBOX

Image courtesy of yeti.com

YETI TUNDRA® 45 Hard Cooler

Keep your drinks cold and your summer vibes chill with the YETI TUNDRA® 45 hard cooler. Built to withstand the elements and designed for maximum ice retention, this solid all-purpose cooler is perfect for picnics, barbecues, and outdoor adventures. Its spacious interior and rugged construction make it the ultimate cooler for every summer outing.

$300 available at YETI

Image courtesy of markandingraham.com

BUSINESS & PLEASURE Folding Beach Cart

Say goodbye to heavy lifting and hello to easy beach days with the BUSINESS & PLEASURE Folding Beach Cart. Featuring durable wheels and ample storage space, this cart makes it a breeze to transport all your beach essentials. Great for loading up towels, chairs, and coolers—it’s the ultimate accessory for a day of sun and sand.

Image courtesy of westelm.com

$299 available at Mark and Graham

WEST ELM SUNFLOW: The Beach Chair Bundle in Seashell White 

Lounge in style with the West Elm SUNFLOW beach chair bundle. This chic bundle includes two beach chairs and an umbrella, all crafted from durable materials and featuring a sleek seashell white finish. Whether you’re soaking up the sun or enjoying a seaside picnic, it’s the perfect set for all your beachside adventures.

$296 available at West Elm

Image courtesy of Remi Tulliiani

REMO TULLIIANI Foxy Women’s Sunglasses

These sunglasses exude sophistication and flair, featuring a sleek cherry-colored frame and chic ash lenses. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or strolling through the city streets, these sunglasses are sure to turn heads and elevate your look.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these sunglasses offer both UV protection and a fashion-forward aesthetic, making them a must-have accessory for the summer season. With their timeless design and high-quality construction, the Remo Tulliiani Foxy Women’s Sunglasses are the perfect blend of fashion and function.

$165 available at Remo Tulliiani

Image courtesy of tommybahama.com

Tommy Bahama Women’s Cotton Clip Embroidered Tier Dress

Crafted from lightweight cotton, this dress is designed to keep you cool and comfortable on even the hottest summer days. The tiered silhouette adds a touch of bohemian flair, while delicate embroidery details lend a romantic charm. Perfect for a day at the beach or a casual summer soirée, this dress transitions seamlessly from day to night with just a change of accessories. Pair it with sandals and a wide-brimmed hat for a laid-back daytime look or dress it up with wedges and statement jewelry for an evening out.

$148 available at Tommy Bahama

—Ryan Salfino




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