Hermes Men’s Spring 2025

In one of fashion’s most prestigious weeks where many brands debut innovations and trends, Hermes stood out with its redefinition of elegance in its new men’s collection.

For this new collection, Hermes embraces a nautical aesthetic accompanied by its signature style. In this new menswear outing you can almost feel the ocean breeze when wearing any pieces from this collection.

This new collection creates a perfect balance between quiet luxury and unique approaches while giving a nautical element to it.  This collection is the type you’d want to have in your wardrobe when you’re on vacation with an oceanic breeze hitting your back.

This collection showcased a myriad of blueish tones such as turquoise, navy, and ocean blue, emulating the aquatic movement of the ocean. The blue color pattern is perfectly paired with the buvard pink, matcha, lychee, biscuit, and chocolate dialogue with ecru, mist, and white accents, giving the collection a breath of fresh air with nautical colors and tones.

This menswear collection also provides a perfect mix of casual and loungewear while staying deeply rooted in what some fashion insiders now call accessible luxury. This design aesthetic is ideal for those menswear consumers who want to remain elegant in style without screaming LUXURY!

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The equestrian heritage is still vibrant in this collection as shown in the tyles of the equestrian drawings on some of the shirts, complimented with the simplistic color scheme of the outfits. With almost two centuries of offering fresh takes and innovation in fashion, it’s an understatement to say that Hermes has done it again. This new collection allows you to flow with a new style in aquatic grace.


Lauren Pierre-Louis

Ese Azenabor Bridal Spring 2025

For the brand’s spring 2025 bridal collection, Ese Azenabor continued to be inspired by her flowers in bloom theme. “This collection is titled ‘In Bloom’ as a continuation of my ‘In Blossom’ in collection. It is inspired by the Magnolia Grandiflora and touches on the phases of a flower as it transforms; highlighting the ability to wear the majority of the garments in numerous ways. ‘In Bloom’ showcases my appreciation for pearls, floral appliques, and signature Swarovksi crystal patterns,” explained Ese Azenabor.

Now, when Azenabor does floral appliques and 3-D floral embellishments, she does it in a grand manner. This collection, for the most part, is not for that retiring bridal customer who shies away from the spotlight.

Azenabor believes that since a bride’s nuptials is one of the most important days in a bride’s life, why not make it as glamorous as possible. And Azenabor’s bridal collections reflect the special-day grandeur.

Azenabor’s design aesthetic focuses on big bold embellishments applied to traditional bridal silhouettes in ways that may not have been seen before. And with affinity for big embellishments, one of the brand’s favorites are pearls, that is pearls that come in all sizes decorated on several gowns in this collection.

As New York International Bridal Week has become more diverse with more designers and models of color, one demographic appeared to be almost absent from many of the bridal collections shown during Bridal Week’s spring 2025 season. That demographic was curvy and plus-size models.

That was not the case with Ese Azenabor.  Azenabor had curvy models front and center in her spring 2025 bridal collections. Designing bridal gowns that showed off those marvelous curves, created specifically for that demographic.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

Standout looks in this outing, included but were limited to, strapless, soft A-line gown featuring a delicate Chantilly lace with floral appliques created with gathered tulle and embellished with glass bead, off-shoulder jumpsuit with crepe pant legs finished with pearl and crystal trim; corseted bodice in beaded geometric patterns, straight silhouette comprised of Swarovski crystal flowers framing off-the-shoulder and plunging neckline, and mini bubble dress encrusted in large, circular Swarovski crystals with a scooped, pointed bodice and finished with hand-made organza flowers at one side of hem.

—William S. Gooch



NARDOS Bridal Spring 2025

For her spring bridal 2025 collection Nardos Imam looked to the Victorian Era for inspiration. The new collection captures the grace of the Victorian Era, creating timeless elegance for the modern bride,” explained Nardos Imam.

Each garment in this collection reimagines the opulence and intricate designs that reflect the Victorian era. This spring collection also reflects the wide color that can be found during the spring. Aptly, Nardos Imam has created a spring collection that resembles a walk through her garden. And as during the Victorian Era, gardens were symbols of wealth, propriety, and culture.

Nardos Imam’s wearable garden art collection where the color hues one would find on an early spring morning, or the kaleidoscope of color found in the rays of an evening sun correspond to modernized lace overlays, corseted bodices, and flowing skirts. These pops of color that are sprinkled throughout this collection help keep this otherwise vintage collection fresh and current.

What Nardos Imam always does so ingeniously is creating a bridal collection that forces a conversation. A conversation that makes the viewer consider how bridal garments reflect that change around us and can be wearable art. Something that is usually associated with ready-to-wear collections at their best.

Standout garments in this collection include, but are not limited to, short-sleeved, low back, wildflower degrade gown with soft A-link skirt, regal Victorian jacquard strapless gown with corseted bodice and metallic degrade fringe skirt, strapless mini dress with cascading crystal and ruby beading, vintage bloom embroidered lace corseted off-the-shoulder ballgown with overskirt, and V-neck silk Mikado mini dress with oversized rosette detail.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

With the collection, Nardos Imam continues prove that not only does she have a place in the New York bridal market, but that is also bringing something unique and glamorous. Bravo NARDOS!!

—William S. Gooch


Katherine Tash Bridal Spring 2025

Who wouldn’t want to look like a Hollywood starlet on your wedding day? Well, it that is want you want to look like on your bridal day, Katherine Tash has bridalwear that fits the bill.

The Katherine Tash brand has been around for seven years, filling a gap in the bridal market that sometimes attempts to appeal do that bridal customer that is more attractive to traditional bride fare. Tash’s bridal gives bridal customer that other sexy option. “I wanted to design wedding gowns that walked the line between contemporary and classic, something for the woman who is a romantic at heart,” detailed Katherine Tash.

For the brand’s spring 2025 bridal “Paradise” collection, inspiration came from Katherine Tash’s recent marriage. “This year I had the privilege of living joyously in my honeymoon stage while designing this collection … I’ve found marriage has allowed space for me to relax, to feel safe in my feminine energy to develop a softer side of myself,” explained Katherin Tash in a press release.

This collection which is inspired by old Hollywood glamour and sensuality gives bridal a timeless aesthetic combined with hints of modern design elements. “The core direction of brand forever remains in creating modern gowns with classic undertones and supportive structure. We have used silk fabrics that drape in easy silhouettes against the body but still have supportive interiors built in … This season I’ve broadened our brand scope into luxe laces, custom-hand beading, and printed silks.”

Images courtesy of Katherine Tash

Standout looks in this spring 2025 outing includes the brand’s strapless short bridal cocktail dress with poof skirt and floral details, fit to flair silk gown with long sleeves, lace overlay with asymmetrical neckline, and silk gown with fit to flare silk skirt and matching long-sleeved open silk blouse.

—William S. Gooch

Ines di Santo Bridal Spring 2025

Every season Ines di Santo reminds fashion industry professionals why she is one of the fashion industry’s premier bridal designers.  And di Santo’s craft was in full display at her bridal spring 2025 collection.

What industry professionals who are new to the bridal market may not be aware of is that Ines di Santo also has a ready-to-wear collection. Some of those looks were on display in this spring 2025 bridal outing.

For her spring 2025 bridal collection di Santo was inspired by romanticism. And for di Santo this is romanticism from all angles, including romanticism as seen through the lens of modern technology.

“In this digital age of algorithms, AI, and an abundance of screens, I wanted to explore the expression of my imagination and the very essential human aspect of creativity amplified by modern technology, blending the two worlds as seamlessly as possible. It was our goal to use technology as a tool to enhance the viewers’ experience, so we designed an immersive environment utilizing projection mapping to showcase our collection of gowns that celebrate heritage craft and construction.

Our fabric developments this season led us to adapt and push the limits of modern embroidery and laser cutting machines to create new layered fabrications, pairing them with both hand painted and hand beaded details, a level of craft and artisanship that can never be fully substituted by machines.

Showing this collection in an immersive space really allows the audience to feel my intention of emotion on a grander scale and exhibits my vision for how the future of fashion can marry the art of hand craft, storytelling, and technology,” explained Ines di Santo in a press release.

That said, with Ines di Santo there is always an incredible bridal journey. And this particular journey takes bridal consumers through every part of the bridal event and beyond.  There were bridal party garments, bridal rehearsal garments, bridal ceremony garments, as well as bridal reception fare.

Ines di Santo always stays current with what modern brides want to wear. This collection includes the glitz and glam trend, the dropped waist trend, and high slit trend.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

Standout garments in this spring bridal 2025 collection include, but are not limited to, strapless ruched baby doll mini with ruffled skirt and detachable off the shoulder cape with streamers, strapless corset with light and airy embellished tiered skirt, strapless sweetheart beaded sheath with low back and detachable off the shoulder sleeves and flowing watteau train add to the glamour, and crystal chainmail blazer with matching shorts featuring a stunning beaded floral motif and a bandeau adorned with frosted bugle beads.

William S. Gooch




Evan Hirsch Bridal Spring 2025

Fashion Reverie loves new talent. And New York International Bridal Week is the ideal platform to showcase new fashion design talent.

Evan Hirsch is one such new talent on the fashion horizon. Fashion Reverie covered Hirsch’s ready-to-wear collection during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in February. Hirsch has followed up this debut collection with a small bridal collection showcased at the Bo Peep lounge.

“The wedding gown is a major part of a wedding day, but what I’ve quickly learned is that it’s the combined elements: Venue, music, shoes, and atmosphere that make the day all the more special,” says Evan Hirsch. “This was reflected beautifully in the culmination of my first official CFDA New York Bridal Week presentation. I was lucky enough to host my show in the fabulous Bo-peep speakeasy located in the Ragtrader cocktail and highball store,” explained Hirsch.

Inspired by the 1920’s and the decadence that accompanied the Roaring 20s, Hirsch found an interesting way to combine his love of vintage glamour with a modernity that would appeal to the modern bridal consumer. “The wedding gown is a major part of a wedding day, but what I’ve quickly learned is that it’s the combined elements: Venue, music, shoes, and atmosphere that make the day all the more special,” says Evan Hirsch. “This was reflected beautifully in the culmination of my first official CFDA New York Bridal Week presentation. I was lucky enough to host my show in the fabulous Bo-peep speakeasy located in the Ragtrader cocktail and highball store,” said Hirsch.

Similar to Hirsch’s debut NYFW collection, there was lots of ambition and imagination in his debut bridal collection. That said, Hirsch’s debut bridal collection contained more constraint and better garment construction. Still, there was Hirsh’s penchant for whimsical creations and glitzy glam garments.

Images courtesy of VERY New York

Evan Hirsch’s bridal debut proves that the New York bridal market is alive and thriving. Always welcoming to emerging designers and consistently providing opportunity to young talent.

—William S. Gooch




Justin Alexander Bridal Spring 2025

Justin Alexander never disappoints. And his spring 2025 bridal is no exception.

Since Justin Alexander delivers every season, establishing confidence and assurance, industry professionals always look to see if Justin Alexander has expanded his bridal collections to include current bridals trends as well unexpected elements. Justin Alexander’s spring 2025 bridal collections does just that, and more.

Justin Alexander looked to dreams that are relative to modern romance and contemporary beauty. “In the quiet dawn of our forever day, Where vows are whispered, love finds its way. Beneath the arch of dreams, we stand, Two hearts entwined, hand in hand. Through the tapestry of time, we weave, A story of love, so pure, so deep. With every beat, our hearts align, In this dance of souls, forever entwined.

In laughter and in silent tears, In all our triumphs and our fears, I promise to stand by your side, In every ebb, in every tide. Through sunlit days and moonlit nights, We’ll navigate life’s grand, unchartered heights. Your eyes, my haven, sparkling and bright, Guiding me through the darkest night. With you, my love, my dearest friend, Our journey, a tale with no end,” explained Justin Alexander in a press release.

As always there is excellent construction and tailoring with Justin Alexander’s bridal collections. There are also structured corsets, ruching, as well as statement details like pearl accents and exposed boning. Additionally. the floral artistry illustrated with brocades, oversized rosettes, and 3-D florals are unexpected elements that elevates this collection from typical bridal fare to a collection blessed with artisan techniques and craft.

That said, what stands out most in this collection is Justin Alexander’s whimsical approach to the brand’s modern sensibility. And that whimsical aesthetic will cause consumers to flock to his spring 2025 collection. 

Images courtesy of Coded Agency

Justin Alexander proves season after season that he has his pulse of what modern women want. Bravo, Justin!!

—William S. Gooch



Idan Cohen Bridal Spring 2025

New York International Bridal Week has become a hotbed for bridal brands that originate outside of the US seeking to capture an American bridal market and consumer. Within this pantheon of bridal brands there are several Israeli designers that have achieved a significant market traction within the US. Idan Cohen is one such bridal brand.

Culturally, there very little market within Israel for sweet sixteen or cotillion-like events as we have in the US. What would be the equivalent to a sweet sixteen event in Israel would a young ladies’ bat mitzvah. Which does not require an elegant white gown.

That said and understood, absent cotillions or sweet sixteen parties, in Israel a wedding is one of the few big occasions that a women get to feel like an elegant fairy princess or an imperial courtier. All of this is reflected in her choice of bridal design which in many cases reflects opulence and grandeur in one ceremony.

Many Israeli designers create bridal gowns with that in mind. Idan Cohen has brought that bridal aesthetic to his bridal collections.

Imagine opulent bridal collections with expert craftsmanship imbued with exquisite details and embellishments. Throw in a splash of sassy sensuality and you have an Idan Cohen bridal garment.

This spring 2025 bridal collection was no exception. Idan Cohen’s spring 2025 bridal collection is for that bridal consumer who is the market for elegant, sophisticated gowns that are sexy and alluring. This collection is not for the shrinking violet, but for that bridal consumer who loves to be the center of attention.

Interestingly, this collection contained several trends that married nicely with the brand’s sassy sensual aesthetic. Detachable trains and overlays, as well as high slits paired well with sheer skirts and bodices with dipping decolletage.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

And though the collection was inspired by Idan Cohen’s travels, the inspiration did not veer too far away from the brand’s DNA. Still, there were hints of cultural references throughout the collection.

William S. Gooch

Mira Zwillinger Bridal Spring 2025

If you are now familiar with Mira Zwillinger’s bridal collections, you should be. Zwillinger’s bridal collections are thoughtful, well-constructed, with a mix of classic silhouettes and modern sensibilities.

Most of all Mira Zwillinger’s bridal collections always reflect what the modern bride wants to wear with a hint of individuality and prescient projections. This kind of sensitivity is most apparent in Zwillinger’s spring 2025 collection. A collection that centers around reflections of self-love and acceptance.

The magic that is created when we love and accept ourselves with our foibles and challenges makes us not only well rounded but also taps into our divine nature. This divine nature is the transcendent magic that Zwillinger tapped into for this spring 2025 bridal outing.

Though this collection is a somewhat quiet and restrained compendium on the freedom that comes with self-love it is by no means less elegant and beautiful. The beauty in this spring 2025 bridal collection lies in the subtle details that Zwillinger has employed.

This collection contains several detachable elements, as well as elements that can be employed to add that extra glam and sophisticated flourish. This is most evident in the collection’s lacey shrugs and stoles and detachable lace-embellished sleeves.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

Standout looks in this spring 2025 collection include, but are not limited to, the brand’s rich slim fitted gown with sweetheart corset hand decorated with gradient flowers, grand ballroom gown with deep V neckline gradually decorated with flowers and 3D petals, silk organza flowy gown with square neckline, and long-sleeved deep V fitted gown with an all-over 3D intricate flowers detailing.

William S. Gooch


Frederick Anderson Fall 2024

Frederick Anderson’s time has come. Though he has been on the official calendar for New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for several seasons, Anderson’s fashion collections until this outing, had yet to achieve the potential that was just under the service of his brand’s design aesthetic.

Known for his intricate knitwear and crocheted dresses and separates, Anderson’s collections, though interesting and reflecting his penchant for a 1970s ladies-who-lunch aesthetic, at times lacked cohesiveness and a true direction. That cannot be said of his fall 2024 collection.

Inspired by his southern roots in Memphis, Tennessee and blues music, Anderson successfully married his design aesthetic with his inspiration. From the wispy diaphanous print dresses and skirts with leather bralettes to Anderson’s signature knitwear, Anderson evolved his brand beyond a fashion compendium on 1970s vintage garments to a collection that will appeal to a wider fashion demographic. And the flirty diaphanous print dresses with polka dots and flounces does evoke that honkytonk girl of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

There is something in this collection for everyone, except perhaps that customer who is not comfortable showing some skin. Still, there is much to choose from in fashion this outing, particularly if you are in the market for some separates. If there was one misstep in this collection, it was Anderson’s choice of black and blonde Vampira wigs. Sometimes the wigs work but were least effective on the models of color.

Standouts looks in the collection were Anderson’s hand-crochet sweater over leather trim lace and feather skirt, double face cashmere with leather trim coat, hand-crochet maxi dress, leather and fringe tweed bomber over crochet fringe dress and leather stretch pant, and micro sequin shirt gown.

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Now that Anderson appears to have moved beyond his 70s vintage ladies’ tea party aesthetic into a modern conversation of what his expanded demographic wants to wear, let’s see if he can keep up with his new customer. Fashion Reverie believes he can do it!!

William S. Gooch


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