Instagram Made Us Try It: Does The B-Tight Lift and Firm Booty Mask Work?

Most likely if you’ve been casually scrolling on Instagram you’ve heard of MAELYS Cosmetics and their B-Tight cream, that tightens your booty and diminishes the appearance of cellulite.  Now if your end of summer vacation is calling your name but you’re a little worried about being swimsuit ready on social media … let’s start by saying you shouldn’t be, your body is amazing as is.  However, if you might feel a little more confident with less visible cellulite and a tighter and toned derriere, you might be wondering how MAELYS’ seemingly magic potions work, and if they work at all.

To get to the bottom of it (pun intended), Fashion Reverie has tested out not one but three of the Instagram famous products by MAELYS; B-Flex for arms, B-Foxy for inner thighs, and B-Tight for your booty to see how effective they really are.  But rather than just give a review, Fashion Reverie wanted to learn the science behind skincare, so we enlisted skincare expert and founder of Skin Property Virtual Esthetics, Emily Trampetti, to break down some myths and possibly offer some explanations as well.

Tampetti, who warns that most products are just clever marketing and did not speak to us on any of MAELYS’ products specifically, did help us decipher the myths and tricks of skincare. According to Trampetti, “Certain topical skincare ingredients are known to help (not cure) diminish the appearance of cellulite.” This is because the majority of these ingredients help to:

Image courtesy of MAELYS Cosmetics

  • Prevent collagen and elastin loss with antioxidants and regenerating nutrients

This will help to strengthen the skin “scaffolding,” helping to prevent cellulite from getting worse.


  • Plump out the skin with increased hydration

Skin dehydration will sort of “deflate” the skin and make cellulite more pronounced. Keeping the skin full of moisture and properly hydrated will make the skin look smoother.


  • Encourage warming or stimulating effects to increase blood circulation …

Anything we can do to increase microcirculation within the skin can help encourage a healthy skin structure and optimize skin hydration [Including walks, massages, and body scrubs or dry brushing].


  • Help the skin structure stay more protected from UV damage

Since UV damage is the #1 culprit of the destruction of our collagen and elastin in the dermis, protecting our skin from the sun is an ultimate priority when it comes to cellulite prevention.

So, do these products work?

Image courtesy of MAELYS Cosmetics


According to MAELYS’ website, B-Flex is a lift and firm arm cream that “targets the appearance of saggy and loose underarm skin, helping to create a tighter, sleeker, more firm-looking arm, and a more taut, toned-looking silhouette.”


Main Beneficial Ingredients:

Red Algae: Polysiphonia brodiei—hard to pronounce, easy to let it work! This red algae targets the look of fatty skin, helping to create a sleek-looking silhouette.

Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract: A clinically proven botanical extract that rejuvenates the look of skin, for a tighter, smoother appearance.

Pink PepperSlim: A plant extract that helps smooth the look of fatty skin.



What the Fashion Reverie Team Thought

Overall, almost all testers noticed the skin under the arm area tightened resulting in a decrease of the dreaded “batwing” look.  Although, some were bothered by the intensity of the warming sensation which progressively got more intense, once they knew what to expect we’re more comfortable with it.  However, all were happy with noticeable results.

Image courtesy of MAELYS Cosmetics


MAELYS lists B-Foxy as an inner thigh firming cream, claiming that, “this revolutionary reshaping cream is clinically proven to help give tighter and firmer- looking thighs, and contour the look of saggy thighs, giving them a smoother silhouette.”


Main Beneficial Ingredients:

MicroAlgae: Clinically proven to target the look of fatty skin.

Tapioca Starch: Absorbs the extra moisture in the chafing zone.

Coconut Oil: Helps to fade the appearance of stretch marks.


What the Fashion Reverie Team Thought

Unlike the other two products, this is the only one that doesn’t heat up, and also isn’t supposed to be rubbed in.  Some testers shared that they had noticeable results, while others noted only slight improvements.  Overall, this product, did not perform as well as the other two, leaving our testers wondering if one of the other products could be applied, perhaps one that would increase blood circulation by heating up the skin.  Fashion Reverie did reach out to MAELYS’ scientific team regarding this matter, but we were not given a response. 


(Please note: Fashion Reverie does not recommend you use any product in a matter it wasn’t intended for.  Additionally, if you feel that you might be having an allergic reaction to these or any products, please stop use immediately and seek help from a medical professional.)

Image courtesy of MAELYS Cosmetics


MAELYS’ most famous product, B-Tight Lift and Firm Booty mask is touted on their website as being “clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and helps to visibly firm the look of skin around the booty and thighs.”

Main Beneficial Ingredients:

Pink PepperSlim: A plant extract that helps smooth the look of fatty skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: Helps retain water—keeping your skin moist and plump.

Guarana Seed Extract: Wakes up tired skin by energizing and revitalizing its appearance.

Image courtesy of MAELYS Cosmetics

What the Fashion Reverie Team Thought

There is a reason this is MAELYS’ bestselling product.  The booty mask across the board provided the best results for all testers.  Not only that, but the B-Tight results were more obvious quicker, with our team sharing that they saw less cellulite and firmer, toned and smoother skin pretty quickly and results getting better over time.  Just like B-Flex this product’s description was a bit misleading about what a “warming sensation” that lasts for two hours feels like, as all our testers reported that their bums felt very hot as if they applied a heating pad to their behinds.  However, once again, none of our testers minded the heat once they knew to expect it, especially after seeing results.

Overall, do these products work?  Short answer … yes.  After the Fashion Reverie team tested out the three products over a course of a few weeks, they are happy to report that the skin under their arms looked tighter, the look of cellulite on the legs and butt diminished, and everywhere they applied it looked more toned.  Are these miracle products that will instantly make you look like you’ve been Photoshopped on the cover of a magazine? No, but over time will you notice an improvement?  Absolutely! 

In fact, some team members reported noticing a slight difference in as little as three applications.  For complete transparency, the bottle recommends applying twice a day and our team only tested once per day.   That being said, some products worked better than others, and while some products say you might feel a slight warming sensation, our testers reported more of a very hot burning sensation.  However, only time will tell if these results are temporary or long lasting.

Have you tried out any of MAELYS’ creams and masks to tighten and firm?  Let us know what you think!

—Janine Silver

Spring 2022 Beauty and Skincare Roundup

The weather’s getting warmer, flowers are blooming, and spring is in the air! It’s time to put away your winter coat and shake things up! Spring brings more playful looks, and there’s no better way to get ready for a new season than with a fresh beauty routine and Fashion Reverie has you covered. That’s right! We’re rounding up our favorite products to get you ready this season and beyond!

To Keep Those Tresses in Check

Image courtesy of Conair

Conair Knot Dr. Pro with Case
Conair’s Knot Dr. Pro Wet and Dry Detangler Brush is perfect for all hair types. Conair claims to be masters of “knotectomy” (the removal of knots), and Fashion Reverie has to agree. The brush glides effortlessly through hair without ripping it out, even after a dip in the pool when hair can get tangled or matted easily. The brush is so smooth that you could even brush out your daughter’s or niece’s hair without worrying about causing any tears.

It’s also heat resistant, so there is no need to worry about melting it while blow-drying your hair. Plus, we love the hard case to protect the bristles, so you can easily throw this brush into a purse, gym bag, or suitcase! Available on $18.23

Image courtesy of Kintsugi Hair

Kintsugi Hair

Kintsugi Hair is a line of products designed to renew and repair hair. Inspired by the ancient Japanese art form used to repair broken pottery using gold, Kintsugi looks at hair the same way and is devoted to restoring your hair instead of masking the problem with a Band-Aid.

Kintsugi co-founder and renowned plastic surgeon at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, Dr. John Layke, explains, “We wanted to create products that contain natural ingredients and effective, scientifically backed compounds. Ultimately, we developed formulas that provide essential nutrition to the scalp and the hair shaft, so anyone at home can achieve healthier-looking hair.”

Whether you are looking to add a glorious shine to seal your cuticles with Kintsugi’s. Moisture Bond Conditioning Spray or bring your hair back to life in all of its silky luxuriousness with Kintsugi’s Infused Hydration, their full line of hair products will transform dried, fried, or thinning hair back to its natural glory in no time! The complete product line is available at $40–$78

Image courtesy of CHI

CHI Air Setter 2-In-1 Flat Iron & Curler

They say it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, but when it comes to hairstyles, that can get expensive and leave the bathroom cluttered and suitcases filled to the brim. 

Thanks to CHI’s Air Setter 2-in-1 Flat Iron & Curler, the days of buying a different tool for every job are in the past. So, if you want a sleek straight style today or feel like rocking voluminous curls tomorrow, you’re covered with this 2-in-1 hot tool. Equally exciting is the Cool Air Technology, which helps to set styles so that curls will stay gorgeous for longer! Available at $99.99

Image courtesy of Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream

Have hair that is screaming for moisture? Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream will nourish your damaged winter hair back to life. Infused with argan oil, this styling cream is also a leave-in conditioner, providing moisture resulting in super soft strands.

If you have naturally curly hair, apply a little to damp hair to bring out your natural curl without any frizz. It’s also perfect for keeping ponytail fly-aways at bay or reining in an overly messy bun. Available at $36.00

To Add a Pop of Color

Image courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose Palette

Bring the magic of the golden hour any time of day with the romantic hues of Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose Palette. The 12 shades of highly pigmented shadows are versatile for everyday use or ultra-glam and are perfect for every skin tone moving from day to evening without a fuss.

We’re particularly obsessed with “honey” (a matte sandy beige), “fire opal” (a bright copper color with specks of opal), “peony” (a sparkling petal pink with a hint of gold), and “claret” (a matte rich plum), but all the shades are stunning! Available at $55.00

Image courtesy of MAC

MAC Matte Lipstick + Prep & Prime Lip

A bright lip can make you feel powerful, bold, and confident, which is why MAC has paired their cult favorite “ruby woo” lipstick with their Prep + Prime Lip Primer for a hydrated, smooth, defined pout. While many tend to stay away from a matte finish, MAC’s creamy formula adds light moisture for a matte look that feels great.

Not a fan of bright red? MAC also offers the duo in “whirl,” a stunning nude shade for those looking for a more subtle lip. Available at $25.00

Images courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Chroma Stix

Whether your spring is full of festivals and picnics or pushing your little ones at the park, a quick swipe of eyeliner can brighten, define, and change your whole look! Norvina Chroma Stix are perfect for cat eyes and the newly trending puppy eyes (think a reverse cat eye with a downward flick!) thanks to the smooth formula which stays put and the twist up style (with built-in sharpener), designed for precision and control.

If you don’t have the time to perfect your eyeliner, even just a quick application across your upper or lower lash line will have you feeling like springtime in shades like “electric blue,” “aqua,” “pastel coral,” and “apricot.” Available at $18.00

Image courtesy of Morphe X

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II

Labeled as “35 bossy brights that won’t back down,” this palette is filled with mostly warm hues in enough variations to satisfy any expert or amateur experimenting with color. A beautiful mix of mattes and shimmering shades that read more like a garden picnic than a beauty palette, this collection shines in hues of orchid, lilac, terracotta, pearl, fig, nectarine, mustard, raspberry, marmalade, and more. The perfect way to add a little spring into your makeup routine. Available at $39.00

For Soft Supple Skin

Image courtesy of Erno Laszlo

Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Memory Gel Sleep Mask

Spring is the season of awakening, and that goes for your dull, dry complexion too! Inspired by NASA, the memory gel texture melts into your skin and feels weightless, locking in vital nutrients while you sleep to wake up looking radiant. 

The sleep mask is formulated using prickly pear, which is antioxidant-rich, and Vitamin E, which repairs cell membranes and protects skin from free radicals that can lead to signs of aging. After only a few applications, you’ll begin to see a difference. Available at $120.00

Image courtesy of Sephora

Sephora Collection Ultra Glow Serum

This serum is the answer to combat dark spots, dryness, fine line, and wrinkles on a budget. It is infused with natural forms of vitamins C and E along with peptides from marine algae to improve skin radiance and evens out skin tone leaving skin silky soft. While it’s not ideal for very sensitive skin, it is gaining a cult following among beauty lovers. Available at $20.00

Spring is your season to shine. Now glow forth and radiate!

—Janine Silver

Beauty Tip: How to Avoid Dry Skin When Traveling

Traveling is fun, but arriving at your destination with dry, itchy, red skin has to be the worst part. Everyone has their own take on how to keep your skin soft and supple despite the high altitudes, but now add in face masks (which are already wreaking havoc on our skin), and it feels like great skin on an airplane is really out of reach.

According to Dr. Liia Ramachandra, Pharm.D., Ph.D., serial entrepreneur, healthcare executive, and the founder and CEO of EpiLynx, a gluten-free skin care and cosmetics brand, you don’t need to accept that your skin will inevitably dry out or break out. “There are few things harder on your skin than air travel,” Ramachandra explains. “When you combine the stress of flying with the harsh conditions in the cabin and the new protocols required by COVID-19, you end up with the worst possible scenario for keeping your skin clean and healthy. Still, it is possible to arrive at your destination with glowing skin if you counterbalance the negative effects of air travel with a few proactive measures.”

ABM: Always Be Moisturizing

“Whether you are traveling or not, redness, breakouts, and acne can result from wearing the masks that have become a regular part of our lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, masks can be so irritating to our skin that the breakouts they cause have come to be known as ‘maskne’,” Ramachandra shares. Here is why it is so important to always moisturize before putting on a face mask.

“Acne is most often the result of clogged pores. The oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells that are normally on your skin build up even more when you are wearing a mask. The result is blocked pores and acne outbreaks,” says Ramachandra. “Acne and redness can also be triggered by the humidity that your mask traps close to your skin.” Additionally, Ramachandra notes that people with sensitive skin or eczema might notice more skin irritation due to the pressure from wearing a face mask.

Ramachandra recommends applying a light, non-oily moisturizer and wearing a clean, new mask. Check local guidelines for the best masks to wear to stop the spread of COVID-19 variants (which currently are more in favor of N95s than cloth masks), but if you are wearing a cloth mask, be sure to check the type of fabric. “Cotton masks typically are lighter and more breathable, making them better at preventing acne,” explains Ramachandra. Synthetic fibers like rayon and polyester masks “make it easier for humidity to be trapped close to your skin,” which can result in more skin irritation and breakouts.

When it comes to picking a moisturizer, you want one that hydrates and supports the skin barrier. Avoid heavy moisturizers (like one that you might use on your hands or feet) and find one that’s best for your skin type. If you have very dry skin, you may want to look for one with antioxidants to promote cell renewal and hydration that lasts for hours. If you have very oily skin, an oil-free moisturizer is your best bet to leave your skin supple.

Keep Your Skin in Mind Every Step of the Journey


Before you board a plane to take off, Ramachandra recommends moisturizing. “Aircraft cabins are designed to remove humidity from the air,” Ramachandra states. “Your skin is most comfortable when humidity is between 40 and 70 percent. In an airplane’s pressurized cabin, the humidity drops to 20 percent. Your skin needs your help to have the right amount of moisture.”

Additionally, Ramachandra warns that it’s best not to put on any makeup“before the flight that could contribute to clogging your pores. Traveling without foundation or makeup powder on your face will make it much easier for your pores to breathe.” 


“During the flight, try to minimize the number of times that you remove and reapply your mask. You might periodically try to wipe your face clean with a damp cloth and pat it dry to remove any dirt or moisture from your skin, but other than that, try to keep it in place as much as possible,” explains Ramachandra.


Ramachandra also recommends removing your mask to let your skin breathe as much as possible as soon as you get a chance. She also suggests you wash your face and moisturize your complexion again.

“You should also pay attention to the climate in the location where you have landed,” advises Ramachandra. “If it is different from where you departed, you may need to adjust your skincare routine. For example, if you are traveling to a humid climate, you should be using very light moisturizers that will not clog your pores. If your destination is dry and cold, start using very hydrating and heavier moisturizers.”

All images courtesy of

Reduce Your Stress

By now, it’s been well established that stress affects nearly everything, from our ability to lose weight to our chance of catching some good Z’s. However, keeping stress levels low also plays a key part in keeping your skin at its best. 

“[Stress] prompts your body to release hormones that increase oil production in your skin glands,” explains Ramachandra. “That means a greater chance of clogged pores. Help your skin by doing whatever you can to ease the stress that is common to air travel.”

While it may be impossible to be stress-free when flying, Ramachandra understands that between the schedules, check-in lines, and terminals, you need to navigate (and don’t get me started on packing) that you’re bound to feel a little tense. However, Ramachandra says it’s best to pack things to help you be as calm and relaxed as possible. “I suggest getting a great book to read during the flight or packing your air-pods so you can watch a great movie or listen to some great music, a great meditation, or an audio book. Remind yourself that the flight is just a few hours and focus your thoughts on the destination ahead.”

While there may be no 100% guaranteed formula to ensure your complexion is at its peak when 38,000 feet in the air, takin these steps will help you look best. Want to take it one step further? Try one of TikTok’s best hacks to hide a half sheet face mask, such as 111Skin Maskne Protection Biocellulose Mask Box, under your protective face mask for clearer, supple skin after landing.

—Janine Silver

Countdown to Gorgeous New Year’s Eve Beauty

Images courtesy of

Out with the old and in with the new.  Kick off 2022 with a whole new look!  The team at Ulta Beauty has some recommendations to get you party ready—so put the bubbly on ice and check out these party ready trends.

Add a little warmth to your locks

Now is the perfect time to give your color a refresh.  “For a lot of people, the holiday season offers a time to play with hair color,” explains Ulta Beauty Pro Hair Stylist, Color Expert and educator Sean Godard. “This year, people are going warmer with a burn and ginger tones that are more golden vs the typical red undertones we usually see. Blondes are going with more balanced tones that still look nice and bright for the holiday season in contrast to the ash tones that have been dominant for the last few seasons.”

Sonya Dove, Ulta Beauty Pro hair stylist and hair color expert recommends treating yourself to a hair color glaze to “bring lots of shine, a hint of exciting color and smoothness like never before.”  She recommends you, “try some of the fall holiday tones like burnt cinnamon, chocolate raspberry or paprika spice” for a look that’s extra special.

Images courtesy of Instagram

Play up your natural texture

According to Ammon Carver, chief artistic director for Ulta Beauty, “This holiday season, people are embracing their natural, healthy hair. Styles that aren’t overworked and have a casual elegance. Bring out your natural hair texture, whether it’s curly or straight. Serums and oils for coily curls, and texture sprays and flexible hold hairsprays will keep you looking holiday ready, regardless of your hair type.”

If you haven’t already, try BioSilk, a leave-in silk replenishing and reconstructive treatment that gives hair an incredible shine. 

WOW, another favorite, which instantly gained a cult following after Jennifer Lopez’s hairstylist Chris Appleton shared that he used their hair mask to give J-Lo show-stopping shine and body.

For curly hair, Living Proof Curl Moisturizing Shine Oil won’t weigh strands down with silicone, so your curls are bouncy, hydrated, healthy and shiny.

Images courtesy of YSL

Midnight kiss ready lips

Ulta Beauty Pro Makeup Artist Deney Adam excitedly shares, “… lips will make a statement with deep reds, nude browns, bold over-lined lips and intense shine.”

For count-down ready lips, start by applying a great balm with shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil to keep your pout perfectly moisturized.  Your lipstick needs a clean (non-chapped) base to make your lips look their best. For the best results, try one with these lip loving ingredients, such as QÜR’s 360 balms which are super fun to apply (and also contain SPF 15!) 

Then keep the moisture locked in with a creamy lipstick such as YSL Beauty’s The Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick in red hot shades such as “Rouge Ballet” or “Rouge Tuxedo” to add a little spice to your look. 

Or check out Jason Wu Beauty’s Honey Fluff, a highly pigmented soft whipped lip cream infused with jojoba seed oil and grapeseed oil.

As Adam shared, another fantastic lip look is the 90s inspired brown hues and don’t forget to pair that with lots of shine for added glamour!

Glow from within

Nick Stenson, SVP Store and Services Operations for Ulta Beauty exclaims, “prepare for a beautiful illumination this holiday season!” Sharing that “subtly-glowing skin” paired with jewel encrusted hair accessories and rich and shimmering hair colors will be everywhere.  “This season will be sure to be a radiant one,” explains Stenson.

Great skin is always in fashion, but ethereal skin with that subtle glow from within look is really the perfect complement to any bold party style.  Start with a good night’s sleep and a hydrating overnight mask such as Erno Laszlo’s Hydra-Therapy Memory Gel Sleep Mask.  With its “NASA-inspired memory gel texture” and formula packed with antioxidant-rich prickly pear and vitamin E, it will give your skin a beautiful head start.

When it’s time to get ready, add a luminizing highlighter to your beauty routine. Dr. Barbra Strum’s Glow Drops gel-serum are a great way to brighten your complexion.  Alternatively, KORA Organic’s Rose Quartz Luminizer is another fan favorite and with good reason.  Apply under your makeup, without makeup or mixed into your foundation, for that highly sought-after glow.

Images courtesy of JOAH

Bold, sparkly look-at me eyes

After a fashion month full of sparkle and eyeliner on the runway, it’s no surprise that both are on trend for the last big fête of the year.  According to Adam, “glitter specks will be bigger and biodegradable, eyeliners will be fun and experimental.”

David Lopez, Ulta Beauty Pro Hair Stylist and Non-Binary Beauty Expert, agrees.  “For many of us it will be our first time reuniting with friends and family in person. The itch to show up and show out will be seen in expressive hairstyles and makeup. Bigger hair, more purposeful styles with slightly more style risks and bold colorful eyes.”

If you’re in the market for a new eyeliner, check out JOAH Beauty Make Her Gel-ous Eyeliners.  Their award-winning formula glides on so smooth, for a rich highly pigmented look with the control of a pencil (oh and it’s waterproof too!)  Their limited-edition shades like “Cin Cin” (a deep midnight purple) and “Cheers” (a super sparkly metallic) scream party.

Images courtesy of Bioglitz

For a touch of glamour, Merle Norman’s Limited Edition Gold Celebration Shadow Quad with shades, “Bronze Confetti”, “Polished”, “Chill”, and “Treat” are perfect for any New Year’s Celebrations.  These shadows look great on their own; however, if you’re looking to up the sparkles top it off with, Bioglitz Holiday Glitz Kits, to really leave you dazzling.

Ring in the new year with a whole new style.  After a year of restrictions and mandates, you deserve a little glamour.

—Janine Silver

Fresh Faced for Fall 2021

Image courtesy of smoothsynergy

The changing temperatures can really do a number on your skin.  Cooler weather can mean dry, flaky, itchy skin, which is all around no fun, but even worse if your acne prone.  Just like transitioning your wardrobe, it’s important to update your skincare regimen as well.

Dr. W. Elliot Love, Board-Certified Dermatologist, and fellowship-trained skin cancer and reconstructive surgeon, recommends changing up your skin routines as the skin requires different things once the cold weather arrives.  “The skin likes consistency, so when factors, like weather, change so quickly, it’s like a shock to the system. As the temperature and humidity drops, the skin will have to work harder to maintain adequate hydration as cold weather and wind start to kick in,” explains Dr. Love.

Esthetician and founder of the Facial Lounge, Amber Rose Johnson also stresses the importance of switching out your lightweight summer moisturizers in favor of adding a little extra nutrition and moisture after a drastic temperature drop. Be proactive and begin taking care of your skin now to prevent any chill-induced beauty issues. 

Image courtesy of the respective brand

Exfoliate with Enzyme Masks

According to Johnson, it’s important to avoid, abrasive harsh scrubs which will only further irritate your skin during the fall and potentially lead to more breakouts. 

Instead, Johnson recommends enzyme masks.  “The gentle approach to exfoliating is one of the main advantages of using an enzymatic mask rather than a granular exfoliant,” Johnson explains. “Our skin is continuously bombarded by environmental pollutants and harsh UV rays, especially during the fall and winter seasons, which makes it more susceptible to harm and irritation if we use a rough, granular scrub. Not only does it irritate the skin, but irritation leads to aging and breakouts.”

Johnson recommends using an enzyme mask in the fall and winter which can really penetrate the skin such a Facial Lounge’s Papaya Enzyme Mask, a shower-friendly multi-purpose mask.  According to Johnson, “the enzyme is activated by the steam, allowing it to function more rapidly and effectively! This mask gently resurfaces the skin and aids in the restoration, hydration, and ‘repair’ of the skin while also eliminating dead skin cells.”

Image courtesy of the respective brand

Oil Up in the AM with CBD

Particularly if you find yourself rushed in the mornings, a dry oil infused with CBD could be a great way to lock in moisture quickly.  After hoping out the shower, spritz a dry oil packed with botanical oils and hemp extract for an instant dose of hydration as you face the chillier temperatures.

cbdMD Botanicals Dry Body Oil is a feather-light spray that provides rapid hydration sans greasy residue meaning you can spray it on, get dressed and run out the door! Formulated with CBD, as well as coconut oil, argan oil, and shea butter for deep moisturizing and skin calming effects.  Plus, it’s created without any perfumes or dyes which could irritate sensitive skin.

Dr. Michael Somenek, Facial plastic surgeon and skincare expert explains the benefits of CBD in skincare.  “It acts as both an anti-inflammatory agent and an oil reduction agent… It is also a good antioxidant that can help protect against free radical damage to skin cells.”  However, Somenek warns against just applying CBD oil to your skin, “side effects of unregulated use [of CBD] include nausea, fatigue and irritability.  CBD can increase the level in your blood of the blood thinner coumadin, and it can raise levels of certain other medications in your blood by the exact same mechanism that grapefruit juice does.”  That said, it’s best to always consult a physician before starting a new routine.

Don’t Ignore the Autumnal Sun

While it’s easy to remember SPF during the summer, so many of us forget to protect our skin during the cooler months.  Johnson recommends you wear a mineral-based SPF to stay protected against the full spectrum of ultraviolet radiation.

“Although the outside activities aren’t as common in these months, a common misconception is that you can skip the SPF step of your skincare routine. Surprisingly, the harmful UVA rays are stronger than ever during fall and winter, and these are the cancer-causing rays that you need to protect against,” explains Johnson. “It is also important that you use a mineral-based sunscreen along with an antioxidant. We have an amazing [one] that is packed with 18 different natural antioxidants that will protect your skin year-round. This serum is a booster and can be mixed with any moisturizer. We love mixing it with Luxe Creme for dry and sensitive skin or Oil-Free Moisturizer for oily and [acne prone] skin during [the] fall!”

Image courtesy of Facial Lounge

Moisturize While You Snooze

You start to realize your skin is begging for moisture by the dry, itchy, flaking texture, but before you slather on your favorite everyday moisturizer and get into bed look at the ingredients.  Johnson recommends avoiding daytime moisturizers at night. 

To keep your skin balanced during these cooler months, make sure you’re not using a daytime moisturizer, especially one with a built-in SPF,” warns Johnson.  Instead she recommends you, “swap out that lighter moisturizer because this is the time to be giving your skin all the extra nutrition and moisture it needs. We recommend using a rich night-time moisturizer. We recommend the Whipped Creme Sleeping Masque because it is a multi-tasking creme and that is infused with Liquid Crystals that create a protective barrier, locking in vital moisture and encouraging repair.”

Follow these tips and you’ll be ready for a fall full of apple pie, pumpkin spiced-everything, family, friends, and healthy, supple skin!

—Janine Silver

The Top Beauty Trends from New York, Milan, London, and Paris Fashion Weeks

Despite COVID-19, fashion did not leave the building, well, not exactly. However, after many virtual shows, we’re so excited for in-person fashion and the beauty looks that go with them.  Talented artists and stylists welcomed back fashionistas from all over by crafting clean, glowing complexions, as well as adding lot of charm and a touch of playfulness this season.  From classic red lips to sculptural braids, it was clear that designers, stylists and artists wanted to enhance the models’ natural beauty with a little pop.

Fashion Reverie has rounded up some of the top beauty trends from fashion weeks in New York to Paris.  Let these spring 2022 collections inspire you to have a little fun with your look too.

Christian Siriano spring 2022 images courtesy of

Snaking Braids

Christian Siriano’s whimsical braids added a touch of fun to the runway. Jawaraw for Dyson pulled the hair back with tiny braids snaking from the hairline to the crown of the head and into a larger braid.  These larger braids were styled with colored ribbons woven into the hair and wires to complement the structure in Siriano’s spring 2022 collection in New York.

If you’re not quite daring enough to weave some wire and give your braid a unique standout shape, try recreating the gorgeous smaller braids on top and putting the rest of your hair into a low sleek bun for an edgy, elegant style that’s sure to wow!

Loewe image courtesy of

A Touch of Pink

Paris shows in particular had everyone thinking pink.  This gorgeous hue adds a touch of cotton candy whimsy to hair, a bold look to eyes, and a sweetness on lips and cheeks. 

Weinsanto tickled the runways pink with neon braided heart crowns designed by hairstylist Kevin Jacotot and touches of pink around the eyes, on the lips and cheeks, by makeup artist Dyna Dagger.  One of our favorite pink looks from the show was a black to pink ombre lip look, a nod to ombre beauty trends from a few seasons ago.

Loewe also had us enamored by pink with models in bowl cut wigs in different shades from crimson and cobalt, but it’s the pink shade that caught our attention.  Hairstylist Guido Palau teamed up with colorists in Milan to create the look.  The pink tinted wig was paired with light pink lips for a pale bubble gum touch.  Even if you’re not looking to sport the same hairdo, if you’re looking to make a change, a soft pink adds a little romance to your style.

Monse spring 2022 images courtesy of Filippo Fior

Strong Brows

The runways at Monse’s NYFW Resort collection featured models with gorgeous skin, graphic eyeliner and very strong brows.  Charlie Riddle, Global Beauty Director of the Stila cosmetic brand, created the beauty look to play up the collection full of colorful knits and handkerchief hems.

 Season after season eyebrows are taking center stage and we’re not complaining one bit!

Alice + Olivia images courtesy of

Barrettes on Barrettes

As always, Alice + Olivia added a little extra charm and a dose of glamour with half a dozen pearl and crystal barrettes in slicked back ‘dos with middle parts.  After a year and a half of dressing for ZOOM calls, these accessories are just what we needed for fast, yet super luxurious style. 

If you’re layering barrettes at home, follow this runway trend by mixing and matching different shapes, sizes and textures for added interest.  You can’t go wrong with crystals, rhinestones or pearls either for a little elegance.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Graylock for Jason Wu Beauty

Classic Red Lips

Jason Wu’s signature red lip was created by Diane Kendal for Jason Wu Beauty to add a pop to the radiant look and effortlessly gorgeous skin.  Kendal recommends starting with a lip mask to keep the lips hydrated.  She used Wu’s Everyday Lip Mask formulated with natural vitamin E, squalane, sunflower seed and jojoba seed oil for smooth, supple pouts.  Kendal then swiped on Wu’s Honey Fluff, a whipped matte lip cream in the shade Hot Apple for those look-at-me lips.

Michael Kors also played up a scarlet lip for spring 2022.  After all, a red lip has always been the easiest way to instantly add a touch of drama to a look, and this season at NYFW, red looked as fresh and youthful as ever paired with gorgeous clean skin and minimal eye makeup.

Saint Laurent images courtesy of

While in Paris, Saint Laurent’s show featured bold red lips and not much else.  With many models’ eyes hidden behind large dark sunglasses, those ruby pouts took center stage.

Sun-Kissed Complexions

M.A.C artist Allie Smith recreated glowing tan complexions for Collina Strada, illuminating the high points of the ears and hands with touches of glitter and color.   The look worked well with Collina Strada’s garden show, but the look also a great way to look like you just came back from a tropical vacation … even if you haven’t made it further than your kitchen this year.

While the look at the show was reminiscent of a fairy garden, a beautiful, bronzed glow is always in fashion … you can skip highlighting the tops of your ears to look a little less mystical if that’s not the look you’re going for.

 Dennis Basso spring 2022 images courtesy of

Double Winged and Smoky Eyes

Whether it was dark, sultry, smoky eyes in New York at Dennis Basso or Dior’s double wings in Paris, bold eyes are clearly in for summer 2022. 

To get the double winged look at Dior, makeup artist Peter Philips created two mini flicks on both the models upper and lower lash lines.

Halpern spring 2022 images courtesy of

In London, Halpern sent models with black and white cat eyes down the runway.  This dramatic winged look was thanks to artist Daniel Sallstrom and featured a white wing encased by two black ones on either side extending from the inner eye to the corner of the outer eye.

If you’re feeling a bit less precise, try a smoky eye.  This popular look has come back around (not that it was every truly gone!) and was featured on multiple runways from Altuzzara to Dennis Basso.  If you haven’t mastered the smoky look, now is the time to learn!

Laquan Smith spring 2022 images courtesy of

A Touch of Glitter & ‘90s Glam

This bold beauty trend is no surprise as searches for glitter makeup in particular have increased over 400% since February 2020.  It’s clear that fun with makeup, particularly bold and shimmery makeup, is on the rise.

Late ‘90s and Y2K beauty has certainly come back!  From tiny braids and hair charms to lip gloss and lots of glitter!  Blumarine graced Milan fashion week with extra shiny, glossy lips, body glitter and hair glitter.  While no one embraced the trend as much as the Bluemarine models, Marni also styled glitter ‘dos in shades of blue into mohawks for hair that stood on end, but still didn’t take away from the fashion!

Glitter lids were in shades of black, crimson or sapphire were also found in New York at Laquan Smith.  Makeup artists Jasmin Winnie Stephen and Sheika Daley crafted glitzy cat eyes for a little drama.

Alice + Olivia images courtesy of

Diamond Dripping Manicures

If you love a little bling on your manicure, you’re not alone.  Alice + Olivia showcased dazzling nails with “diamonds” (ok, they might have been rhinestones) going all the way down the nail and hanging off the tip.  Alicia Torello created these accent nails to accompany a few other embellished digits. 

If you’re looking to recreate the look, start by polishing the nails in OPI Nail Lacquer in Black Onyx or Alpine Snow then add on the embellishments, in this case when it comes to a fun manicure, more is more!

No matter what you have planned the rest of the year and into next spring, these runway looks will allow you to quickly and easily change up your look.  So, throw on a few hair clips, swipe some red lipstick and brush those brows and get ready to wow. 

Fashion Week trends have never been this easy to recreate and still make such an impact!

—Janine Silver

Beauty at Jason Wu: Easy Breezy Makeup for Everyday

JASON WU Spring 2022 Collection during New York Fashion Week held at 511 West 21st Street in New York City, Friday, September 10, 2021. Photo by Jennifer

When it comes to an easy beauty routine, it’s all about the right products.  Jason Wu’s line of clean beauty crayons, pencils and more are perfectly creamy and gorgeously pigmented. 

Everyday beauty has been slowly changing.  Thanks to virtual work and ZOOM interactions (hello beauty filter), many people have opted to simplify their makeup routine.  Now as some offices are welcoming staffers back, and more people are going out and socializing again, many people are sticking to a condensed makeup routine.  Not only does a 5-minute routine save you precious snoozing time in the morning, but by not applying a full face of makeup, you let the real you shine through, even more.  Now that’s something to celebrate!


Hot Fluff & Honey Fluff

Jason Wu Beauty’s Hot Fluff, a matte lipstick, is light as air and made from a vegan formula so it’s completely animal friendly.  This highly pigmented lipstick allows you to transform your look with just a quick swipe.  Not a lipstick person? Check out Honey Fluff, a light matte lip cream.  Jason Wu featured a signature red lip at his September New York Fashion Week Show using Honey Fluff in Hot Apple (currently available on pre-order).  Either product is amazing as it can be applied to your lips, eyelids or checks for an instant polished look.  It’s the ideal lipstick (or lip cream) to keep in your purse or next to your computer for a quick virtual meeting touch-up.  A 3-in-1 product is always a major time saver and the tiny tube can easily be tucked away in even the smallest of purses. 

Jewel Sticks

Looking for another product you can apply in seconds to look put together?  Jason Wu’s Jewel Stick is a creamy and luxurious eyeshadow stick for fast beauty.  Just like the Hot Fluff, these crayons are highly pigmented with an insane amount of gorgeous shimmer. In fact, not one but four different shades of Jewel Sticks were seen on Jason Wu’s runway featured in the pale purple and dazzling green shadow look lead artist Diane Kendal created for the show.

To recreate the runway looks at home, follow Kendal’s lead.  For the gorgeous green eyes, apply Jewel Sticks in shades Green Pearl and Solid White to the crease of your eyes.  For the beautiful purple look, Kendal mixed the shades Purple Pearl, Solid White, and Pink Pearl from the crease extending to the temple.  Both looks had an 8-hour cream gloss on top for a little something extra!

Want something that looks amazing from day to night? We recommend the Sunset Pearl, a highly pigmented metallic copper hue that reflects the light beautifully.  Just drag the eyeshadow stick across your eyelids for a dose of instant glamour at the workplace or brunch, and it will look just as fantastic for cocktails later. 

Images courtesy of Jason Wu

Magic Matte Oil

As with any beauty line, there is always one product that really gets everyone excited.  With Jason Wu’s collection, our team of editors could not wait to try the Magic Matte Oil.   According to the package, “this magical oil transforms your face from oily to matte instantly.” Not only does this product do exactly what it claims to, but it also goes on powder soft.  If you’ve ever applied all your makeup and stepped out in the humidity, then you know how amazing a product that minimizes the look of oil and sweat is.  This is really the perfect way to keep your face shine-free all day and night long; our new secret weapon.

These three products will have you feeling confident and ready to take on your day in no time! Wear them alone for a super-fast, easy-breezy look or with your other favorite—either way, you really can’t go wrong.

Be sure to check out Jason Wu Beauty’s full line including a vegan liquid eyeliner, neutral shadows perfect for any complexion, liners and more available at

—Janine Silver

Ladies’ Fall 2021 Fragrances

Image courtesy of

How far have we’ve come in a year!  In the fall of 2020 everyone was so sad, we had no COVID -19 vaccine, it was getting too cold to eat outside, and practically every movie that was supposed to come out was postponed. According to manufacturers, everyone was so apathetic about our personal grooming that some folks had stopped purchasing soap and deodorant. Yuck!!

But this is fall 2021! Movie theaters are open, Broadway is coming back, and we can safely gather for communal meals indoors again! So, you’d better smell good if you want to still be around people and be welcome.

Maybe brands were holding back releasing new fragrances because of the health pandemic because now there are so many new perfumes for fall 2021! Usually, brands do their big releases in spring, but let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth. These are the scents Fashion Reverie is excited about and you will be, too.

Image courtesy of

Nomad – Bond No 9

Bond No 9 has come out with a new fragrance to celebrate yet another New York neighborhood called Nomad. If you are scratching your head that means “North of Madison Square Park” or as the locals call it, Chelsea. The scent will contain base notes of oud, sandalwood and vanilla with gentle fruity top notes. It screams “autumn in New York.” A limited-edition, Moroccan blue bottle encrusted with 74 Swarovski crystals will be available for a short period and retailing at $440 for 100 ML. It’s definitely the most indulgent perfume on this list, but it will make your vanity look so good.

Image courtesy of Ulta Beauty

Perfect Intense – Marc Jacobs

Florals for spring are hardly groundbreaking—as noted by Miranda Priestly in the” Devil Wears Prada”—but florals for autumn are not typical. But since when has Marc Jacobs ever done anything “typical”? The scent described as ‘warm amber floral” was created by celebrated perfumer Domitille Michalon Bertier with top notes of narcissus and night blooming jasmine, the middle note is almond, and its base note is sandalwood. Some say wearing it is like strolling through an autumn forest.

Image courtesy of Aerin

Cedar Violet Eau de Parfum – Aerin

Another warm floral fragrance, this one has key notes of violet leaf, cedarwood, and amber.  Perfumer Aerin said the perfume was inspired by his own walks though sun-dappled forests in the Adirondack mountains of Virginia, saying the gold hued fragrance was “the perfect sense of escape from city life.”

Image courtesy of Floral Street

Sunflower Pop by Floral Street

Not quite ready to let go of bright sunshiny days? Check out this new offering from Neon Street. Sunflower Pop is floral, fruity gourmand that is fresh, citrusy, vegan, cruelty-free, and unisex. You’ll be transported to the sunny fields of Amsterdam with the delicate aromas of mandarin orange, passionfruit, and plum blossom with a musky base of honey and amber.

Image courtesy of Valentino Beauty

Voce Viva Intensa – Valentino

This intense fragrance is a fresh blend of florals with a vanilla base and bergamot mandarin married with complex woody notes to create a scent for strong women everywhere. It’s not surprising that none other than Lady Gaga herself is the brand ambassador. (Gaga is ironically starring in a film about Gucci this fall.)  Tremendous care went into the design of the bottle which is a sleek glass block with V shaped notches designed to capture light and create a collar for the bottle giving a modern edgy elegance, topped off with Valentino’s signature deep burgundy red.

Image courtesy of

Fenty Eau de Parfum

It would be impossible to put Rihanna in a box, but could you perhaps put her in a bottle? Fenty now has its own fragrance named what else? Fenty!  Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the master perfumer for Louis Vuitton, worked directly with Rihanna to create the scent (largely over Zoom due to the pandemic). The woodsy floral is an enchanting sexy mix of magnolia, musk, tangerine, and blueberry with hints of Bulgarian rose absolute, geranium and patchouli. The sensual scent is perfect for fall. Selling out almost instantly the day of its release, it’s available again. Grab yours before they are all gone again.

Images courtesy of

Scent from Above – Dolly Parton

Looking for something that doesn’t have quite the hefty price tag as the designer scents listed above. Look no further than Dolly Parton’s debut fragrance, Scent from Above. If Parton seems a bit late to the party in the world of celebrity scents, it was well worth the wait. The musky floral, which combines notes of mandarin, peony blossoms, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, musk, and patchouli, retails for $59 for a 1 oz bottle and is available exclusively from Parton was inspired to create the perfume by fans who would tell her she smelled amazing. She explained it was due to a mixture of oils and lotions Parton used as part of her daily grooming routine. Parton even wrote a song to promote the new offering. Word of warning, if you decide to download the tune, the catchy earworm will be stuck in your head for days.  

Image courtesy of

Woody Chestnut – Dossier

During the 80’s due to explosion of high-end fragrances, a company was formed called Designer Imposters that offered recreations of famous scents like Giorgio of Beverly Hills or Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door and had taglines like “If you like Dior’s Poison, you’ll love our Potion!” Sold at chain drug stores for $10 a bottle they smelled like …. well like perfume you purchased at a drugstore for $10.

Dossier was a company founded on the same general principle as Designer Imposters (amazingly still in business) but with a radically different business approach. Dossier recreates famous designer scents but uses high quality oils and essences that are ethically sustainably, sourced to create high quality ingredients. Additionally, their vegan and eco-friendly fragrances are 100% non-toxic and cruelty-free, containing no parabens or phthalates. And if that wasn’t enough, their packaging comes from post-consumer recycled cardboard.   Dossier recognizes that 90% of a perfume markup comes from advertising and promotional costs such as hiring Lady Gaga to be your spokesperson, so their offerings retails between $29 and $49 dollars for the high-quality long-lasting scents as they rely largely on word of mouth to advertise.

Fashion Reverie recommends Woody Chestnut, a recreation of Maison Magela’s, By the Fireplace. It is the perfect scent for snuggling in front of a roaring fire with your honey when crisp autumn winds begin to blow. With subtle notes of pink pepper and cloves swirled in smoky chestnut, you won’t be able to tell the difference, but your wallet will. 

—Cameron Grey Rose

Editors’ Beauty Pick: Rinna Beauty’s Newest Icon Lip Kit Sasha

Sasha is the newest of the Icon Lip Kit personalities from Rinna Beauty, which was established in 2020 by Lisa Rinna. Rinna is recognized as being a bold personality on reality television and for her lip enhancement. Because of her celebrity status, Lisa Rinna has created products that accentuate natural beauty as well as bring out inner beauty. Sasha, with its burgundy tone, is sure to complement any skin tone and anyone who is wearing it is sure to get attention.

Sasha is the newest personality of the Icon Lip Kits. She is joining her sister lip kits Heidi, Kiki, and Pinky. Each lip kit is sure to bring out a different side of your personality. Lisa Rinna says, “Sasha dares you to call her out on her actions, and she doesn’t need your approval.” In Rinna’s words Sasha “is unbound by convention and willing to risk it all, which is why she is a standout among our Lip Icon Kits.”

The Sasha Lip Kit includes a lip liner, gloss, and lipstick. Each part of the lip kit is bold enough on their own, but when used together the combination is sure to stop anyone in their tracks. The “After Party Lip Liner” is the base of this combination, which is a rich chocolate burgundy in color, and sets the other two parts of the kit up for success. The “Dirty Talk Lipstick,” which is the second product in the lip kit is described as having a shiny grape wine color and hints of chocolate undertones. The last product of this unstoppable trio is the “Shake It Lip Gloss” which comes in a seductive wine color with rose undertones.

Images courtesy of

Sasha fits in perfectly amidst the colors of the changing leaves that comes with autumn. The lipsticks creamy texture, the boldness and stability of the liner, and shine and durability of the gloss all together create the perfect sexy, shiny fall lip that is sure to turn heads. The Sasha Lip Kit is available on the Rinna Beauty website. Now is the time to purchase, just as the leaves are starting to change color.

—Phoebe Howard

Beauty Pick: HAOMA’s Earth Collection

Boy, it’s really hot!! No matter where you live in the US and some locales outside the US, temperatures are soaring. And all the heat and humidity  can take a toll on your skin. The last thing you want in these last lazy days of summer is beat up lackluster skin.

Fashion Reverie to the rescue!! HAOMA has become one of the beauty industry’s newest go-to CBD beauty brands. HAOMA launched Cannabidiol Collection in 2019, the beauty industry’s only five step skincare system that utilizes the anti-inflammatory powers of CBD.  

Now, HAOMA has launched its Earth Collection, skincare for the whole body. The Earth Collection features the detoxifying, toning, and fortifying powers of various clays and other minerals. The collection includes four body care staples: Earth Deodorant, Earth Soap, Earth Mask, and Earth Scrub.

As with all our beauty picks, Fashion Reverie extensively samples what we present to our viewers. Although we love all the products in HAOMA’s Earth Collection, the Earth Scrub and Earth Deodorant are our favorites.

The Earth Scrub

This exfoliating face and body scrub has been formulated with French green clay and chlorella to purify and nourish with a wide array of nutrients and minerals to encourage new cell growth. Mineral silica offers the perfect texture for a gentle at-home microdermabrasion treatment, while Blue Tansy Oil calms inflammation and redness and offers a soothing aromatherapy experience. Orange peel is uplifting and antibacterial to prevent breakouts without stripping skin of its natural oils for a fresh look and even complexion. Vitamin C enhances collagen production and rejuvenation.

Earth Deodorant

The deodorant formula is 100% plant[1]derived and free of petroleums and aluminum. Diatomaceous Earth neutralizes odor and absorbs moisture with the added bonus of drawing out toxins and heavy metals from the body. Tangerine, grapefruit, Siberian Fir, and cypress are all anti-bacterial aromatics. Anti-inflammatory Frankincense brings a sacred energy to the mix along with Witch Hazel, a gentle natural astringent.

Don’t let the steamy, intense temperatures of the lazy days of summer leave your skin looking listless and uninspired. Let HAOMA’s Earth Collection brighten your skin and brighten your mood. It may be close to the end of summer, but it doesn’t mean the party is over. Celebrate your skin with HAOMA’s Earth Collection.

William S. Gooch

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