Beauty Alert: Get that Summer Lovin’ Glow with Beauty and the City

Summer loving had me a blast
Summer loving happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be

Summer days drifting away
To, oh, oh, the summer nights—“Grease”

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Oh, the crazy, lazy days of summer, no better time to have a romance. Though summer romances are usually over by mid-August, the bliss and excitement of summer romance can sure make the hot, humid days fly by rapidly.

But first before you bask in the joy of summer lovin, you need to get the romance started. In case you didn’t know, the more of a glow your skin has the more potential suitors you may attract. Glowing skin signifies wellness, spiritual balance, peace of mind, and overall contentment.  Remember, oftentimes women in the family way have a special during and after the pregnancy. That glow coincides what could be called one of the happiest times of some women’s lives.

That said, you don’t have to be in the family way to get that summer glow.  Beauty and the City (BNTC) can help you achieve that summer glow in just a few minutes.  Within 2 minutes, you can get the most out of having a polished, natural glow with Beauty and the City’s “Glow Up” products.

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You can use a quick highlighter that gives a glow instantly like Beauty and the City Glitterstick. To use the Beauty and the City Glitterstick brush it along areas the sun may kiss for a glow like your cheeks, collar bone, nose bridge, forehead, brow bone, and shoulders for an instant glow up. It is subtle yet, buildable.

Want to play the long game with your glow-up and get the naturally glowing skin everyone is gushing about?

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Boost your skin collagen levels with Vitamin C. A magical feature of glowing skin is that it is associated with high collagen levels. Dermatologists say skin that is stronger, healthier, and glowing has high collagen activity. You can pack an epic boost to your glow-up routine with a Vitamin C stem cell-based vegan serum like Beauty and the City Serum C. Vitamin C has a hydrating effect to boost moisture that sends premature fine lines far away forever. A stem cell-based vitamin c serum like Beauty and the City Serum C fades hyper-pigmentation, removes dead skin cells, and evens out redness.  All in addition to boosting collagen activity.

Remember, summer romances, though sweet, don’t have a long shelf life. Make your move quickly and get that summer glow with Beaut and the City summer glow products!!

—William S. Gooch




Fantastic or Flop? Makeup Hacks Examined

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When it comes to makeup routines, we’ve trusted the wisdom of our mothers, learned from top makeup artists on tv and in our favorite magazines, and found helpful tips from friends.  These days, everyone is turning to social media for everything from pasta with feta and tomato recipes to makeup tricks.

From the weird to the wonderful, Fashion Reverie asked a group of top makeup artists to give their take on some of these viral trends, and while they don’t always agree, their responses just might surprise you.

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Hack #1: Using a bobby pin for a perfect winged eyeliner look for hooded eyes

Seen over 2.2M times, our experts agree that this hack is indeed one to try!

“This hack can be extremely useful [for those of us] who struggle with hooded eyes, myself included!” Booksy Ambassador and makeup expert Nikki La Rose shares. “I think this is a great hack especially for beginners when it comes to wing liner.  It will also teach you to look straight ahead in the mirror when applying your liner which is KEY when applying a wing liner on hooded eyes! Think of this hack as training wheels for eyeliner, once you get it down, you can then skip the bobby pin and no one will ever have to know.”

“Love this hack.  It’s a great way for a beginner to learn the art of creating a wing eyeliner,” explains fellow Booksy Ambassador and makeup expert, Jacen Bowman.  “I’m not a big fan of the shape, it could have been cleaned up a bit, but a great hack for a beginner.”

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Hack #2: Contour your nose with a fork

This kitchen utensil trick made the rounds first on Instagram, but this TikTok video alone has garnered over 3.1M views showing off a new use for a fork. (Arial would be proud!)

Makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran, who helped develop the fresh face looked at Jason Wu and the super glossy pouts at Tom Ford, weighs in, “I always feel like there’s something new and fun to try.  According to the size of space within the fork, I’m not entirely sure it’ll be good. There’s other ways to contour without using a fork … it’s kind of an accident waiting to happen.”

“This hack is hilarious to me and also border line GENIUS!,” La Rose exclaims.  “Just be careful with this hack, since noses are not one size fits all like forks are.  You may need to play around with the placement of the fork and shift it on either side depending on the width of your nose.”

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Hack #3: Mix your foundation for thicker full-coverage foundation

According to La Rose, “this is an interesting hack for sure and also kind of an old makeup artist trick back in the day. It will definitely thicken your foundation, but will also, in turn, make it feel very ‘cakey’ in the process. I say skip this hack and go the more traditional route of foundation first THEN setting it with loose powder.  Can’t go wrong!”

“Not trying this, it’s stupid,” Bowman professes. “If you want a full coverage look and a polished finish, you still need to set foundation with a powder. If you’re [looking for] full coverage foundation, just use full coverage foundation. It’s a no for me!”

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Hack #4: Define your lower lashes by applying mascara with tweezers

Struggling with clumpy mascara particularly along the lower lashes?  TikTok has an answer for you … but does it really work?

“I like the idea behind this hack; however, I see it being more dangerous than good.  You can easily pull out your bottom lashes if you are not super careful. Ouch!” explains La Rose.  “You can get the same effect as this hack by simply using the pointy tip of your mascara wand and gently gliding it straight across your lashes till you have the desired look.  Plus, who wants to clean mascara off of tweezers every time?”

But fellow Booksy ambassador Bowman does see the value in this alternate use for tweezers.  “Cute hack. Simple, easy and affective! Great job.”

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Hack #5:  Keep your foundation smooth and make it last longer by changing the order you apply products

While most of us add a setting spray or translucent powder after our makeup is completely done, with over 10.5M views we’re beginning to wonder if this video shows that we’ve had it wrong the whole time.

But Bowman is convinced this new order is not the secret to better looking foundation.  “Hate this hack. I’ve seen this done for people who only have severely oily skin. But [there are] so many items on the market that you can use [for that] filter-free look.  If you’re someone with textured skin, this will make your face look cakey.  It’s a hard no for me!”


Hack #6: Give yourself a vibrant, rosy blush by applying lipstick to your face

“This is a classic pro makeup trick, layering lipsticks, cream blushes under complexion makes for a seamless blend, explains Jaikaran. “This trend is a definite for me!”

Lindsey Coffey, model and environmental activist crowned Miss Earth in 2020, also is a fan of this trick. “The lipstick holds for a little longer. It’s a great way for added color other than using powder that rubs off more easily.”

Victoria Stiles, award-winning celebrity makeup artist and creative director of ShikSona explains that you can “get a jumpstart on sun-kissed skin for summer with this easy makeup hack. Fake a day at the beach by applying a red color lipstick to the forehead, cheeks, and nose before foundation. This naturally flushed look is also a safe alternative to avoid skin damage from harmful UV rays. When choosing a red color lipstick, stick with a product with clean ingredients such as ShikSona’s lipstick in Barrier Breaking Beauty.  By choosing a product with all-natural ingredients, it will be less likely to clog pores and irritate the skin.”

La Rose, however, isn’t a huge fan of this trick.  “This hack is a no for me simply because it’s just not necessary.  By applying a lipstick before foundation, you run the risk of it clogging your pores, since it’s NOT formulated for your skin.”  Instead, to make this work, La Rose explains, “this would be a great hack if it were used AFTER your foundation is applied. I actually love, love this hack for a vibrant blush look, but in my opinion, you’ll get much better results and will need way less product, if you apply it on top.”

Bowman also is worried about the effects of red lipstick on your complexion.  “Red stands for STOP!!!  Hate this hack because for someone not as [experienced with makeup] they will end up looking like Raggedy Anne and Andy.  It’s a no for me.”

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Hack #7: Give your face an airbrushed effect by blending in your setting spray

We all want a clean, soft finish from our makeup, but is mixing setting spray the way to achieve it?

Bowman’s take on this trend is plain and simple “It’s a no for me!!  What did I just watch???”

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Hack #8: Get perfect brows with a bar of soap

According to Jaikaran, “Soap on the brow is a trick that was initially seen in drag culture; the trend moved to social media and took off. A lot of brands now make products to mimic this look.” 

“This is an amazing hack! Probably in all honesty one of my all-time favorites, it’s cheap, easy and literally will hold your brows all day long!” La Rose gushes.  “To make this hack work even better, make sure you are using a long-lasting makeup setting spray or even waterproof setting spray.  This will give you the most control and lasting effect!”

“Love this hack! Soap brows are life!!  She gets tens across the board!!!” exclaims Bowman.

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Hack #9: Use makeup for an instant face lift

Non-surgical face lifts are all the rage, and it’s no surprise that tips that enhance our faces without having to go under the knife have racked up so many views.

“I’m such a fan of makeup being used to accentuate and not cover up,” shares Jaikaran.  “Proper concealer placement can change the shape and look of the face drastically.” 

“This hack is in my opinion not a hack, but a technique professional makeup artists having been using for AGES!” explains La Rose.  “It’s called “highlighting.” Nothing new here! Sorry TikTok, but this has been around since black and white film!  You can get an incredible lifted and brightened effect with this one when done correctly!”

Not every viral trend is worth pursuing, especially at the risk of clogging your pores.  However, makeup is meant to be fun!  So, take our experts’ advice and experiment away (and be sure to share your favorite beauty videos with us!)  Just maybe don’t try them out when you have somewhere important to go!

—Janine Silver

Fantastic or Flop? TikTok Viral Hair Hacks Examined

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2020 was the year of WFH, social distancing, and Tiger King.  But more than anything else, it was the year of the at-home haircut.  So many of us, with barber shops and salons closed, were forced to pick up the sheers and cover our roots at home.

We all know that TikTok is great for social media platform for creating short music videos. However, TikTok has also become a go-to social media for DIY hairstyles. While quarantining might not have been the first time you attempted to cut your own bangs or been lured by DIY styles, we can’t say the timing hurt the popularity of these hacks.  To see which ones were worth testing out and which you might regret, Fashion Reverie called upon some experts.  Keep scrolling to see which styles they loved, which they hated, and which have them begging you to book an appointment with a professional ASAP.

Hack #1: Super simple big bouncy 70s style curls

With over 18.7M views, this video shows that, after a year of staying in, it’s obvious we’re all ready for a little glam again. 

Benjamin Mohapi, founder of the BENJAMIN Salon in New York City and Los Angeles, exclaims, “I love this! Big is beautiful and she looks great. For some people, the skill of holding a brush and blow dryer [at the same time] may be a bit difficult, but with practice you’ll get there.”

“This is one of my current favorite hacks!” gushes Chita Beseau, Booksy ambassador and hairstylist expert.  “It will depend on the type of hair you have to get super bouncy results. The ends have to be allowed to cool down in form before you shake them out.”

Courtney Harris, also a Booksy ambassador and hairstylist expert says, “This is definitely a great hack! Besides the ability to know how to use a round brush, one should be knowledgeable of how to blow dry hair. Too much heat will definitely make the hair ‘frizz and fry’ and poof, the bounce is gone.”

Our third fantastic Booksy ambassador and hairstylist expert, Angel Cardona exclaims, “I think this hack is great! It works best if the hair is prepped properly in the styling process. Also, if you have natural body to your hair, you should get great volume.”

Hack #2: Dye your hair milk tea brown with blonde boxed dye 

Can blonde dye result in a stunning brown hue?  With over 2.2M views, we’re betting quite a few people watched this video and DIYed their hair to milky perfection … or perhaps were left with something other than the intended effect.

“I’m never a fan of home box dye,” Mohapi shares. “It’s always an issue. We spend so much time [in the salon] fixing color that has gone wrong.  I can never in good faith recommend it.” 

Beseau also urges against it, “Oh No! It’s not a good idea at all. Leaving hair color on for more than the directions say to will risk your hair being damaged so badly that it could break off or melt. It’s never a good idea to do your own hair at home, unless you are a licensed professional cosmetologist. Don’t do it. Most likely it will turn orange or brassy if you have dark brown or black hair.”

“Where’s the hair police when you need them? This hack should be banned!” Harris exclaims.  “First of all, the ‘box color’ is sometimes a ‘hope and wish’ type of process.  Secondly, the processing time varies depending on the health of the hair and scalp, plus knowledge of depositing hair color. Lastly, do not try this at home!! There are professional colorists in your local city that can achieve the ‘milk tea brown’ color.”

Cardona unanimously agrees, “This is not something I would recommend. Box color in general is risky and could lead to a very expensive fix at the salon. I’d say it’s not worth trying to find out if it would work well for you or not.”

Hack #3: Twirl and cut your hair for the perfect bangs  

Over 10M viewers have at least pondered the idea of twirling their locks and snipping for a perfect bang.  However, the professionals are a bit skeptical of this at-home hack.

“This could go wrong in so many ways!” Mohapi warns.  “Your hair can bounce up way more than you think when you cut your bangs so, please, please, please just go ask your hairdresser to do it for you. Quarantine is over so you have no excuses.”

Beseau explains, “I think this is very misleading and not many people are going to have these results trying this at home. It all depends on your hair texture and how low or high your hairline is at your forehead, there’s too much that can go wrong when cutting your own bangs. Don’t do it!”

But not everyone believes this tip to be so cut and dry. “I’m on the fence with this hack,” Harris shares. “Bangs can be a little tricky when you’re not familiar with cutting them. The twisting adds texture as well as elongates the outermost ends of the bang. If one must cut their own bangs, I recommend them to gradually cut the hair and not all at once.”

“The result of this would be different for everyone, and probably not exactly what you expected,” Cardona explains. “Everyone’s hair texture, hairline, and cowlicks are different and will spring back differently, so it could go wrong for most [people].”


Hack #4: Create a mini hair goatee under your chin for a chic pulled back style 

“What a great easy way for clients to be able to wear their [hair] like this! I love it! I think it’s simple and easy to understand,” Beseau remarks.

Cardona agrees, “A quick, easy, effortless look that seems as if you put more work into it than you actually did and a great way to keep your hair out of your face.”

Mohapi, however is less than enthused by the overall look, “This is OK, but could definitely be improved upon.  We found that taking the hair from the temple area is way more effective and leaves you the option of pulling some of the fringe bits out for a softer front. Overall, though, it’s a bit ‘Maid Marian’ for me.”


Hack #5: Easy heatless curls with tube socks 

“This hack reminds me of a ‘sponge roller set,’” Harris reminisces.  “Tube socks will hold heat well, especially if you leave them in overnight (the main reason I do not like to wear socks to bed.) This hack works well on hair extensions, just be sure the socks are clean and fresh!”

Mohapi is also a fan. “This is a great technique and has been used for hundreds of years. If you don’t believe us, just ask your granny. It’s probably the healthiest way for you to get those curls.” 

“The first time I saw this hack I loved it. This is definitely an easy way to some pretty, soft curls effortlessly while you sleep, without the use of heat,” Cardona explains. “I think this is a great way to give your hair a break from heat styling, and still have some pretty waves.”

Beseau elaborates on this trend, “this hack takes practice and to be very successful should be done on damp clean hair. I don’t see that mentioned.  It’s important [to remember this step to achieve the desired] results.”

Hack #6: At home, long layers  

Who doesn’t want striking long layers to frame their face?  But will this DIY hack make the pros cut?

“This does actually work,” explains Mohapi.  “It’s important that you don’t cut too much off as you may end up with more than you bargained for. If so, you’re going to look more like 80’s than 20’s!”

“This hack gets two thumbs up from me,” gushes Harris.  “It’s easy and pretty self-explanatory. Over-directing the hair (pulling it all to front) allows the hair to fall longer so it will not be too short.”

Beseau has some doubts though, “This one depends on your hair texture as well. Not everyone will get these results, so I don’t recommend it.”


Hack #7: Make bleached hair healthier with a DIY hair mask 

“This is OK, but there are far more effective ways to get your hair healthier,” explains Mohapi.  “There are lots of products out there [on the market] that can help with strengthening and repairing, and although not as natural, they will have a better result. Olaplex and Milbon are my favorites.”

“I don’t recommend putting oil on your hair.  It’s going to coat your hair and block water from getting into the cuticle, and depriving your hair of water & moisture,” Beseau shares. “It will continue to really dry your hair out and become brittle. This also affects how your hair will respond when getting a color service, and blocks the product from working to its full capacity.”

Harris, however, can see the value in it.  “I recommend this hack depending on how much of the hair is damaged. Mayo and eggs are great for strengthening the hair because of the protein. The castor oil and olive oil are antioxidants that will help pull any disease out the scalp to promote hair growth. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is for these ingredients to be left in the hair 24 hours. Rinse the ingredients to ensure the hair isn’t overly conditioned. Too much protein can cause the hair to become dry.”

“[Even] if you don’t mind smelly hair and wasting food, I still wouldn’t recommend this hack,” Cardona argues.  “Do your hair a favor and get a haircut, some bond building treatments, a hair mask, and a proper repair shampoo and conditioner.”


Hack #8: Dye your hair pink with cotton candy 

Most people (Over 4.3M of you) have watched this primarily to see if it would work.  While it may provide a lot of comedy value, our experts, unsurprisingly, feel that you should leave the cotton candy for the state fair.

“This is so dumb!” Mohapi professes. “The cotton candy here is simply a vehicle for the food coloring. You don’t need to cover your hair in that sticky mess. I would say that you’re better off mixing straight food coloring with conditioner, or even better, go talk to your hairdresser!”

“It’s a cute video and idea, but it reminds me of the [old trend of] people using Kool-Aid to color hair at home.  That is sugar water, as well, with food color and I’ve seen that it is almost impossible to ever get out of the hair,” Beseau cringes.

Harris does not recommend it either.  “The cotton candy may stain the hair, but it’s not going to last long. Food coloring would have done the trick, or even melting the cotton candy before putting it on the hair.”

Cardona is also against dying your hair with candy, “I’m not a fan of this hack. It seems sticky and there are far better ways to tone hair than cotton candy. 2 thumbs down!”

While we love viral videos for entertainment value, perhaps when it comes to your hair you should leave it to the professionals!

—Janine Silver

Men’s Beauty Alert: Bad Ace’s Energy Skincare Kit

If you live on the East Coast, temperatures have finally warmed up. And that means going out more, glorying in the sunshine, and contact with a lot more people.

Whether you keep wearing your masks or you will be displaying an unadorned full face, you want to look your best with great skin to match your basking in the sunshine attitude.  And this not only applies to women, the guys should also want a bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed visage to match the warm weather.

No need to worry guys, Bad Ace has got all your facial concerns covered. With Bad Ace give your face an energy drink that will refresh, recharge, and reinvigorate your skin. You will no doubt be ready to attack your day!

And like the name entails, Bad Ace is for the man whose supreme character sets him apart from the rest. He is an Ace in most or all areas of his life. From paying attention to the small details to radiating confidence because he is secure within himself, n others words, this man is an ace and a cool dude. You might say is a bad mama jama.

Since this guy is all about realness and confidence, Bad Ace has a new release, the Energy Skincare kit. This kit uses an injection of citrus ingredients to wake your skin up and give your that decidedly extra boost. And like all products that Fashion Reverie writes about, we have sampled Bad Ace’s new Energy Skincare kit and all report is that this is must-have skincare product for men.

Images courtesy of Bad Ace

Energy Face Wash – Citrus Punch

  • A refreshing lemon scent with a cool menthol tingle is the jolt you need to start your day, inspired by energy drinks!
  • Cleanses deep, eliminates excessive oil without stripping the skin of moisture
  • Formulated with innovative, industry-leading Korean skincare formula
  • For all ages and most skin types; recommended for daily use
  • Multi-vitamins help fight aging, replenish natural oils, and encourage the production of collagen
  • Green tea minimizes wrinkles, fights harmful free radicals, and eliminates excess sebum
  • Menthol prevents blackheads and whiteheads and creates a subtle tingling sensation that cools and invigorates your skin 
  • Lemon eliminates dark circles under your eyes, reduces aging spots, and provides a refreshing fragrance that helps you start your morning right
  • Price: $25


Energy Face Moisturizer – Citrus Punch

  • Fights dryness, signs of aging, breakouts, and daily environmental damage
  • Invigorating lemon scent plus a cool menthol tingle; recommended for daily use
  • For all ages and skin types – Normal, sensitive, oily, rough, dry, combo and acne-prone complexions
  • Multi-vitamins help fight aging, replenish natural oils, and encourage the production of collagen
  • Taurine boosts circulation, aids with rehydration, and keeps your skin radiant and fresh
  • Caffeine increases blood flow, tightens pores, reduces puffiness, and fights harmful free radicals
  • Red Ginseng boosts your immune system, prevents aging, redness, and sensitive skin, increases circulation, improves the production of collagen, and fights skin conditions like acne and psoriasis
  • Lemon eliminates dark circles under your eyes, reduces aging spots, and provides a refreshing fragrance that helps you start your morning right
  • Price: $20




Women Shaking Up the Beauty Industry in 2021

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This month it’s all about celebrating women.  Women are strong, women are powerful, and when faced with a problem … women are resourceful and creative!

When noticing a beauty issue, these entrepreneurial female founders took charge and developed a solution to help others.  These independent beauty brands bring unique solutions to some of our oldest beauty conundrums.

Fashion Reverie spoke with some innovative women who are changing the beauty game one styling product and lipstick at a time.

Image courtesy of treStique


A brand focused on simplifying your makeup routine. 

Clean, cruelty-free makeup in easy to apply crayons are the perfect way to get you ready in just 5 minutes.  Ideal for looking great before heading out the door or sprucing up before a last-minute Zoom call.  In fact, this case of cosmetics looks a bit like a pencil holder and is great to keep on the corner of your desk.

Jenn Kapahi spent years in the beauty industry.  Starting with a summer job as a makeup artist at Saks Fifth Avenue in Southampton, her love of beauty bloomed into a career.  Kapahi has worked with top brands including L’Oreal, MAC, Anastasia, Estee Lauder, Revlon, and more.  However, when it came to her own beauty routine, she dreaded it.

Recognizing the need for an easier makeup solution, she realized she wasn’t the only one struggling with overflowing makeup bags full of products that were overly complicated and took forever to apply.  She decided to build a brand that would fit into her own busy life and the lives of makeup lovers everywhere.  She decided to build a brand around 8 mainstay products and connected with Jack Bensason, who has 10 years of experience in cosmetic supply chain and development, to make it happen.  Bensason helped develop Kapahi’s vision, with his idea of the jumbo twist crayon design, into the trèStiQue brand.

The best part feature of this collection is that they are all double-sided, with an attached beauty tool or enhancer right on the other end.  Highlighter crayons with blending sponges, mascara wands with eyelash curlers, eyebrow pencils with eyebrow filler, and eyeshadow crayons with mini brushes just to name a few of the types of two-in-one products trèStiQue is known for.  

Plus, to get started, just snap a selfie and the trèStiQue experts will recommend your top shades to help you build your own customized essential 8.

Looking for a few simple products to replace your makeup bag? Check out

Image courtesy of Lunata Beauty

Lunata Beauty

Hair tools without the messy cords.

If you’ve ever flattened your hair on an ironing board because tools marketed for hair weren’t hot enough. you’re probably aware of how far flat irons and hair tools in general have come.  Not only were the old ways—before having solid hair tools at our disposal— dangerous, but it was so easy to fry your hair.  Over the years, hair tools have evolved, but one thing really hasn’t, the way they’re powered.

For many people, it’s easy to just plug in your favorite straightener or curling iron and style your strands in your bathroom mirror, but if you’ve ever travelled internationally this seemingly easy task can become a real problem. Not only can foreign electricity kill your favorite tools, and possibly wreck your hair, but the lack of outlets next to mirrors tends to a be a huge problem.

Stacey Boguslavskaya and Monica Abramov knew this problem all too well.  After countless trips facing these types of issues, they founded Lunata Beauty and the Cordless Styler Plus +.  A flat iron made up of titanium plates—for “snag-free” styling—that reaches up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.  The flat iron can be used on 2 rechargeable batteries and lasts up to 45 minutes or can be plugged in and used while charging.  Oh, and it’s dual voltage, so it’s great overseas!

Imagine the freedom, if your phone in the next room rings while you’re doing your hair, you can grab it without missing a beat.  You can step away to answer a question when your kids or partner calls mid-styling.  In fact, rather than being stuck in the bathroom, you can now do your hair in front of that gorgeous mirror in your bedroom—you know the one with great lighting. You can even sit down!  Seriously, the future is cord-free.

Now if you have thick or super curly hair, I wouldn’t throw away your regular straightener, just yet.  It may take longer to tame your tresses on this wireless straightener than some of the more traditional wired alternatives on the market. However, even those with the thickest of locks will appreciate having one of these in your desk drawer or gym bag for touchups on the go! As any frizz-prone person knows, no matter how great your hair looks when you walk out the door, all it takes is a few drops of rain or a little humidity and your polished look is no more.

It’s also great for touch-ups! Hello next-day hair!

For cord free straighteners and curling irons for trips, touchups, and just to free you of cords visit:

Image courtesy of CAPTIV8


A way to keep your products organized while on the go.

Tacky sheets placed in vegan leather portfolio and roll-up cases are ideal for staying organized while traveling is what CAPTIV8 is all about.  Designed to keep everything in place, each case also features a zippered pocket for other loose small items like brushes or pencils.

When Jessica Kriesel was young, she’d watch her father invent solutions to solve some serious problems—like cooling down the interior of race cars!)   After college, Jessica was quickly recruited by her father to work alongside him selling tackleboxes with a layer of a tacky substance for organization.

Faced with lots of trips to trade shows and other events, Kriesel found that packing her beauty products, jewelry, and accessories was a pain.  She began to pack her products in the tackle boxes and that’s when the idea hit her to incorporate a similar technology into a range of bags for beauty accessories.

After lots of trial and error, Kriesel and her father developed Tak Technology, their signature solution which firmly holds products in place without leaving a sticky residue.  Made from soybeans, these tacky sheets can be used again and again, without losing anything.  All you do is press down on your product into the solution and you’re ready to go. 

Able to withstand heat and freezing temperatures from 240 degrees to below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, Tak Technology can be cleaned with a damp cloth or makeup wipe without becoming any less effective.  In fact, you can even clean it in the dishwasher.

To learn more about these amazing travel cases visit:

Image courtesy of GaBBY Bows

GaBBy Bows

Hair clips designed to stay in place.

We couldn’t write an article on female entrepreneurs without featuring this younger innovator making waves. 

Gabrielle “GaBBY” Goodwin, last year when she was only 12 had her collection of barrettes, bows and natural hair products featured in Target.

As any young, or not so young, hair clip wearer knows, clips seem to go missing like crazy.  It doesn’t matter how many you buy or how you weave them into your hair, they all disappear into some deep unknown void. (If we had to guess, they’re probably living happily with all those left socks that went missing from the dryer!)

Tired of the constant loss of her favorite clips, at only 7 years of age, Godwin, with the help of her mom, created the first patented double-face, double-snap barrette.  With their newly designed clips that stay in place, the mother-daughter duo went out to market them.  Before landing their big Target deal and working with other small retailers, they were turned away a lot.

Together, they’ve turned hair bows into big business and are inspiring other kids to do the same with their Mommy and Me Entrepreneurship Academy. Godwin explains that she’s heard NO a lot. But remember, NO is just an abbreviation for Next Opportunity!

Godwin and her mom are so confident that their bows will stay in place that they have a guarantee right on their website offering to replace a bow that might slip out of a child’s hair with two bows!

Check out to learn more about her clips and natural plant-based styling products.

—Janine Silver





Beauty Pick: Solvasa – A Pioneer in the “Higher Order Beauty” Integrative Beauty Space

Dr. Chris Gaines

Fashion Reverie spoke with Dr. Chris Caires, the recently appointed President of Solvasa, a player in Integrative Beauty, to learn more about this growing movement. Dr. Caires was previously the chief scientist and innovation officer at Perricone MD.  At Solvasa, his focus is on creating a new range of beauty products and getting the word out about how an Integrative Beauty lifestyle promotes overall wellness, reduces inflammation, and the signs of aging. He is a firm believer that an inflammatory lifestyle, “higher order beauty,” has lifelong benefits, regardless of one’s age. Dr. Caries also breaks-down the key products we need to help us feel our very best.

Fashion Reverie: What does the name Solvasa mean?

Dr. Caires: The “Sol” is sun and “Vasa” is light.  Put together, Solvasa means “vessel of light.”

FR:  What is “Integrative Beauty” and what piqued your interest in it?

Dr. Caires: To achieve maximum beauty, you cannot just look at it through a one-dimensional lens. It’s not just the one product that does everything, that is a very American way of looking at it (beauty). There are no beautiful sick people. When you are very healthy, you naturally look good. Fitness trainer and pregnant women have that glow. A jar can support it for sure, but you need to combine your practices and exercise, too.

FR: Who is the Solvasa customer?

Dr. Caires: People who are looking for a more personal relationship with their beauty regimen, who want to be part of a community. They are fatigued by the rat race of the beauty question that is not answered by simply using a new jar of cream.  We’re for people who are curious. We offer them tools: mindfulness content, how to journal and build in little routines without being preachy.

FR: What’s the secret formula?

Dr. Caires: You must be well, eat well, decrease stress in your life, sleep well, and consume products that help your body. This wellness formula makes sense to me. The challenges and the opportunities are, “how do we present it as a package?” At Solvasa, we strive to put this all together and teach people how to implement it.

FR:  Why is this the right time for a brand like Solvasa?

Dr. Caires: People want more and more. Solvasa is for someone who recognizes that beauty is part of their lifestyle and is looking for a one-stop shop. Lots of women are moving to online to get their beauty products. Many of them have the kids home and there’s a different stress. People are appreciating the community; that’s a big part of direct selling. We have a community of different groups.  There’s a Thursday night that I speak at, Saturday meetings, and monthly podcasts that are speaker sessions.

FR: What Solvasa regimen can we incorporate to feel great?

Dr. Caires: Massage and lymphatic drainage are key to beautiful skin. The vibration of the Crystal Energy Wand and the pressure it puts on the skin agitate the lymph nodes to get things loose and sweep it out. The wand is rounded but it doesn’t roll, so you need a serum to provide lubrication. Our Destressance serum+ glide provides the needed lubrication and is rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients. It contains Western peptides and Ashwagandha, an Eastern medicine.

There’s scientific evidence to show these things fight inflammation, which causes a lot of wear and tear on the body. The serum is focused on helping the skin be more resilient to the stress coming from the outside and inside. The lymphatic drainage is a pleasurable experience regardless of age. Pair this with incorporating a mindful moment practice into your day and drinking our Golden Moment Tumeric Elixir beverage, which also helps address inflammation from the inside.

All images courtesy of Solvasa

FR: What products can we look forward to later this year?

Dr. Caires: We’re coming out for a proper sunscreen very soon that’s mineral based. It has great protection and is non-whitening. I’m a big fan of mineral sunscreens, they’re infinitely safer that chemical sunscreens.

Solvasa products are available at

—Vivian Kelly


Valentine’s Day Beauty for Any Type of Date Night

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With some restaurants opening at ¼ capacity and many closed for good, Valentine’s Day might be looking a little different for many this year.  Just because you might not be able to enjoy a fine meal or your other favorite date night activity with your partner, doesn’t mean it can’t still be a great date night!

No matter if you’re preparing to snuggle up on the sofa with takeout, cook a nice dinner at home or manage to score a hard to get reservation, Fashion Reverie has got you covered with some of our favorite beauty routines for any romantic night.

Libido Boosting Fragrances

Scent is a very personal thing, and we all have different opinions when it comes to fragrances.  The most powerful thing about scent is how it links directly into memories—whether that be something innocent like your grandmother’s house or sparks desire reminding you of a current (or former) lover. However, several scents have been traditionally linked to arousal. 

Jasmine, one of the foundations of the perfume industry, has long been touted in Hindu and Muslim traditions as a natural aphrodisiac.  With its delicate and sweet floral scent, it’s no surprise that women have been using Jasmine to catch the attention of a potential suitor for ages.

Many perfumers use Jasmine because of its wide appeal and according to studies done in 2015, proven libido boosting power.

Image courtesy of their respective owners

Le Labo Jasmin 17 Eau de Parfum ($192.00)

Byredo Flowerhead Eau de Parfum ($180.00)

Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum ($170.00)

Images courtesy of their respective brands

Ambrette, a botanical musk native to Asia and Australia has a very complex scent profile often described as sweet, nutty, musky with hints of cognac.  Ambrette for a time was many perfumers’ top plant alternative for replicating animal musk and has long been used for its arousing qualities. 

Matiere Premiere Parisian Musc ($224.00)

Zadig & Voltaire Tome 2 La Légèreté ($88.00)

Looking for some other sexy fragrance profiles?  Citrus (such as burnt orange), saffron, ginger, and sandalwood all will help add a little spice to your night!

Image courtesy of L’Occitane

Touchable Skincare

If you live in a colder climate, you’ve probably noticed that as the weather gets colder your skin craves more and more moisture.  Keep your skin nice and hydrated with shea butter.

Thanks to its high concentrations of fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, shea butter is highly praised for keeping skin soft and supple.  Shea butter has multiple benefits and is also praised for plumping the skin, fading scars and age spots, soothing skin allergies, reducing wrinkles, stimulating collagen production, preventing stretch marks and many more.  Plus, it’s non-comedogenic, meaning shea butter won’t clog your pores.

Shea butter is ideal for getting ready for Valentine’s Day, so you have soft touchable skin. Be aware that Shea butter is made from the shea nut so those with tree nut allergies might want to consult a healthcare professional before adding it into their skincare routine.

L’Occitane en Provence recently launched their Limited-edition Invigorating Shea Butter collection.  This collection boasts the same softening and skin healing properties of their best-selling Shea Butter range, but with a new scent to help “fight the winter blues and boost your mood.”  With a subtle, tantalizing citrusy scent, their entire line will lift your spirits and as the name says, invigorate you. 

Invigorating Scent Ultra-Light Body Cream ($44.00 for 4.5oz) feels light and airy and goes on smoothly.  Composed of 5% Shea Butter, apply this cream as soon as you get out of the shower for soft skin just asking to be touch.

For very dry skin, try the Invigorating Scent Ultra Rich Body Cream ($29.00 for 3.4 oz) which provides long lasting hydration (up to 72 hours).  Containing ¼ Shea Butter, these body cream strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier and nourishes the skin—but still absorbs quickly without a film.

Image courtesy of SUGAR Advanced Therapy

Kissable Lips

Forgetting about the flaky, cracked appearance; dry, chapped lips are downright uncomfortable.  For a kissable sexy pout, don’t just swipe on some lipstick as that only emphasizes it.  Instead, you need to treat the issue first.

There are hundreds of lip balms on the market, Fashion Reverie recommends Sugar Advanced Therapy Treatment Lip Balm.  One of the most popular lip enhancing products, thanks to sugar, orange extract, and sea fennel, Advanced Therapy Treatment Lip Balm smooths the look of wrinkles while hydrating for 24 hours, meaning you won’t need to constantly reapply every 10 seconds. 

We recommend applying it overnight to wake up to more supple, hydrated, less cracked and flaky lips that are ready to seduce, no matter if you swipe on a pink or red hue or leave them completely naked!

—Janine Silver

Fashion Reverie’s Sustainable Beauty Products Roundup

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Sustainability is taking the spotlight as more and more people are beginning to realize how important preserving our planet is.  From bans on drinking straws and paper bags to finding ways to produce goods using less energy, brands are getting creative.  However, the beauty industry for years has been a key problem sector—but that’s all about to change.

Presented at this year’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which ran from January 11th – January 14th, beauty mammoth L’Oréal presented their Water Saver technology developed with Swiss start-up, Gjosa.  First unveiled in 2018, L’Oréal presented their final version at CES, which will begin in France before being adapted globally.  This innovative technology flows L’Oréal Professionnel and Kérastase products directly into the stream of water.

(The concept is to help consumers reduce water consumption, by a whopping 80% while washing their hair.) 

Image courtesy of L’Oreal

According to their research, people on average use eight liters of water per minute while washing their hair and this technology would limit that to two liters per minute.  This technology helps preserve water and also enhances the condition of your hair.  While this technology is first being presented to salons, an at-home version is in the works for the future.

Excited by all the sustainably focused technology presented at the conference, Fashion Reverie has rounded up the best brands you can try now to reduce plastic waste and help the planet.  Not only will these products have you looking and feeling amazing, they are also ALL refillable, cutting down significantly on excess containers and packaging.

Image courtesy of

Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation

One of the pioneers in refillable makeup, founder Kristen Kjaer Weis created the line with the intention of reducing waste over 10 years ago.  The signature KW compacts were designed to easily be refilled to cut down on excess packaging.

The Cream Foundation, made from organic coconut, sweet almond, and sunflower seed oil, not only covers and conceals with its medium to full coverage, but also soothes, tightens, and protects your skin.  For the best results, Kjaer Weis recommends applying this foundation to a well-moisturized face, as it’s formulated without any synthetics.

The foundation comes in multiple compact options such as the Red Editor or Iconic Edition. No matter which one you choose, this multitasking product will not disappoint.

Image courtesy of L’Occitane

L’OCCITANE en Provence Almond Milk Concentrate

This cult favorite smooths skin and moisturizes with 48 hours of hydration.  Made from almonds grown in the South of France, the creamy texture melts right into your skin.

With a light, refreshing scent and amazing feel, it’s easy to see why so many people love this product.  L’OCCITANE en Provence is committed to sustainability—pledging that by 2025 100% of its bottles will be made of recycled plastic and all their stores will offer a recycling service. Currently, many of their products, including the Almond Milk Concentrate, are also sold with refillable pouches to cut down on excess plastic waste.

Image courtesy of Surrat

Surratt Auto-Graphique Eyeliner

This artist approved liquid eyeliner is expensive at $42, but it’s Japanese calligraphy- inspired brush is uniquely ideal for creating precise, long-lasting graphic looks.  The opaque formula goes on strong and dispenses smoothly so you’re able to get the perfect stroke or flick of liner every time—no need to keep going back and filling in.

Plus, while this may feel like a large investment for eyeliner, the pen is refillable and each cartridge will set you back less than $20, which for Surratt lovers is a steal.

Image courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2

For kissably soft lips in the most flattering shades, you cannot go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury.  Hot Lips 2 is a collection of gorgeous lipstick shades that will give you fuller looking lips while moisturizing them at the same time.  Inspired by Hollywood elite, Tilbury’s clientele, these lipsticks will have you feeling like you’ve walked off a movie set.

As a bonus, when you’ve used up the tube of lipstick, simply swap it out with another one or be daring and try a different shade.

Image courtesy of Tata Harper

Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer

Sourced from the founder’s own family farm, the botanical ingredients in Tata Harper’s Water-Lock Moisturizer primes and nourishes without any harsh chemicals.  Your complexion will never look better, thanks to the lightweight formula combined with Macro Hyaluronic Acid, Orange Peptides, and Pomegranate.  Water-Lock Moisturizer transforms rough, uneven or dry skin, making it a favorite among editors.

Tata Harper has created refillable pods, which can be placed into your jar to help reduce extra waste.


Image courtesy of Tropic

Tropic Colour Palettes

Customizable palettes offer you the opportunity to create a beauty look and take it with you without all the bulk.  With over 70 products to choose from including concealer, bronzer, setting powder, lipstick, cream contour, eyeshadow, and wax liner, and many others, you can ensure you’re only taking with you the things you need.

Ideal to stash in your purse, gym bag or suitcase for a full face in one little compact, the best part is of course that you can replace the pans to change up your look as often as you’d like without the need for buying another palette.

Looking for more brands that offer refillable products?  Thankfully this year, we’ve seen a major push towards sustainability that’s expanded outside of your favorite indy brands to include prominent, established brands as well, so, you don’t have to look very far to find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Additional brands that are adapting refillable practices include: Dior, Ouai, Chanel, Molton Brown, Diptyque, Faith in Nature, Hourglass, and La Mer to name a few.

— Janine Silver

Beauty Alert: MyChelle Dermaceuticals, the Ultimate Skincare Brand in These Uncertain Times

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OK, we are living with a global health pandemic, as well as a global economic recession. And there are no definite signs when things will get better. Still, that is no reason to let your skin become sallow and listless.  Happy days could be just around the corner and wouldn’t it be great to celebrate good times looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Don’t wait for the days of celebration. Start working on skin right now. Time is of the essence. Happy days could be here again in just under two weeks.

Fashion Reverie has found the perfect skincare solutions that can elevate your skin game and keep your eyes and your complexion sparkling. From great moisturizers to facial cleansers, exfoliators and masks to eye care and mists, MyCHELLE Dermaceuticals has the perfect products for all your skincare needs.

Founded in 2000 in Colorado, MyCHELLE is the original innovator of clean skincare. Since day one, we have worked to be positive and active agents of change in the world by making highly effective products that are inspired by nature. We continue to lead in creating effective, eco-friendly products that are science-driven and help to get real results for all skin types.

We are committed to full transparency around our ingredients. We promise powerful, effective products that make you look good, created by a mission-driven company that you can feel good about supporting. Because we care about you, our furry friends, and our planet, we do our best to go above and beyond. We are proud to be a founding member of the Environmental Working Group’s “Verified for Your Health” program, a PETA certified cruelty-free company and certified by Leaping Bunny. And, YES, we’ve been making reef-safe sun care for over a decade!

Proudly all MyCHELLE products are vegetarian, cruelty-free, and free of phthalates, parabens, petroleum, sulfates, ureas, artificial fragrances and colors. And the skincare products smell fantastic and feel good on your skin, leaving your skin feel soft, luxurious and renewed.

MyCHELLE Dermaceuticals images courtesy of Light Years Ahead PR

Fashion Reverie’s favorites is MyCHELLE’s facial cleanser and moisturizing renew cream. The brand’s Clear Skin Cranberry Cleanser is ultra-refreshing, natural exfoliating, and pore-clearing cleanser brings skin into healthy balance. Deeply cleans pore-clogging impurities, oil, and irritants. The Pumpkin Renew Cream is lightweight daily moisturizer with antioxidant-rich cloudberry extract and pumpkin seed oil to protect and nourish skin. Astaxanthin, shea butter, and Vitamin E replenish and balance skin’s moisture levels to prevent dehydration.

In these uncertain times, MyCHELLE’s Dermaceuticals will not only keep your skin in a celebratory state, but also keep your skin primed to fight free radicals and manage sun damage. Who could ask for anything better?

—William S. Gooch

Banishing Seasonal Dry Skin

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For some reason it seems that no matter how much we moisturize throughout the year, with the colder weather comes dry skin.  After years of constantly finding dry patches, you’d think we’d be prepared. But every autumn these skin woes seem to creep up on us.

To keep our skin as healthy as possible, especially as the temperature starts to drop, Fashion Reverie spoke with medical and cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Joyce Davis.

According to Dr. Davis, seasonal dry skin comes from a decrease in humidity in the atmosphere.  “Typically, we notice this at the end of summer, because summer is a humid time …” explains Davis.  “In the autumn the humidity drops abruptly, and our skin reacts to that and reflects it.”

Image courtesy of

Since we can’t change the weather, we need to change our skincare regime. “Ensure you apply lotion after a bath,” stresses Davis. “If you have been using a lotion, you may want to advance to something thicker like a cream or an oil which will be heavier and hold the moisture in, forming a barrier for your skin.”  When determining what type of moisturizer to use, you need to look for ingredients that hold the water in the skin, such as petrolatum, which is a popular option.  “Hyaluronic acid and lactic acid binds water and keeps it in the skin. Along with shea butter and other oils too, especially on dry areas like around ankles and the heels of the foot.”

You may notice when on your quest for the perfect lotion and serum that there are to be dozens designed specifically for one part of the body … foot creams, hand creams, face creams, and even booty creams.  Dr. Davis explains that while you need something a bit heavier this time of year, that there are different degrees of heaviness. Your face, for example, needs something a bit lighter than the rest of your body, like a serum, while your feet and bum might react better to a heavier lotion.

Now is also the time to really avoid drying products “… such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid or any glycerin cleansers, which are the clear soaps.  These are more summertime products.”  Davis also suggests avoiding acne products, as they also can be very drying.

Image courtesy of

Taking a supplement can also help keep your skin in tip-top shape.  Davis recommends Vitafusion’s “Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails” gummies that include Vitamin E, as well as adding more oils to your diet.  However, for faster results, Dr. Davis recommends more topical treatments to directly moisturize the skin.

Out of lotions and finding dry, itchy skin unbearable?  Davis says pretty much any cooking oil will help, so she recommends coconut oil as one of the best options to apply to your skin.

Image courtesy of

While dry skin might always be an annoying problem, these quick switches to your routine can keep it at bay.  So there’s no need to stress over that crisp air; you can keep glowing and feeling comfortable in the skin you are in.

—Janine Silver

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