Beauty Alert: What’s In and What’s Out for Spring 2023

Fashion Reverie spoke with the top hairstylists and makeup artists to get a handle on what trends are passe and what to do to update your look for spring. With so many trends the one piece of advice nearly every expert wanted to pass along is, when in doubt, just keep it simple!

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Out: Baking Your Skin

In: Cloud Skin

“Baking has a time and a place, most of the time it’s not required.  It’s really for the stage.” explains Nick Luhan, lead artist for Kevyn Aucoin backstage at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) who instead recommends a lighter, more natural cloud application.

To get the look, Luhan recommends starting off with a beautiful complexion and a really lightweight skin tint, before applying powder.  “Then you’re going to use a small fluffy brush and you’re going to work the products really good into the bristles.”  Kevyn Aucoin’s Duet Blush Brush is Luhan’s favorite for this.  “You’re not going to bake with it. You’re not going to pack it on thick,” Luhan explains. “You want the brush to almost look like there’s nothing in it and then you just gently press and roll it into the complexion. So, it’s just a really sheer application versus really packing it on. Then you flip the brush over, and you dust it off. So, it’s really allowing the skin to really be its beautiful radiant self.  We’re not packing on that powder and muting it down anymore.”

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Out: Overly Done Perfect Hair

In: Effortless, Grungy and Casual Styles

Jon Reyman of Spoke & Weal Salons, Lead Guest Hairstylist for Aveda created individual bun/ponytail hybrids for the runway, bringing that casual look onto fashion’s main stage. “This season, grungy has been a story, kind of rock and roll-ish, but also quite glamorous,” Reyman explains.  “It’s a lot of graphic hair, a lot of done hair … really chic, but there’s this juxtaposition of edge and grunge, sort of rockery.”

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Out: Extremely Fluffy Brows

In: In-between Brows

Fluffy brows had a moment, alright a big moment.  However, according to makeup artist Molly Ganster, lead artist with New York Makeup Academy, “Fluffy brows are still staying, but they’re not as fluffy as they used to be. Everyone is asking for fluffy but tame.”  It’s still a statement, but a much more subtle statement now.

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Out: Hard Contour

In: More luminous natural skin

“It’s really been about a nice, fresh complexion—very natural just enhancing [your] own features,” shares Aveda, Pro Makeup Artist Maria Livingood.

Cassandra Garcia, Lead artist for Bobbi Brown also agrees, “I love to see fresh skin. So, the less is more approach is for me, nothing too much.”  Garcia explains that makeup is ever evolving, but really loves that Fashion Week is embracing natural.  “I love that each model is individual. We really get to let the skin shine through, too.”

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Out: Super Lined Lips

In: Celebrating Your Natural Lips

Ganster stresses natural is in this season and to skip overly lined lips.  The focus is no longer on making your pout bigger but celebrating what you have and keeping [your] lips more realistic.  Ganster kept lips more natural backstage at Homolog, instead focusing on giving each model a nice blush, resulting in a pretty look that wasn’t overly done.

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Out: Exaggerated Edges

In: Playing Up Natural Textures

“Natural. It is all natural,” lead hairstylist Jorge Luis explains.  Sharing how much [he is in love] with all the natural textures on the runway and on the streets, too.  “It is all effortless. Chic, natural, beautiful hair… the wet pieces stuck to the forehead, I’m so over that.  It is time to move on …”

“I’m seeing a lot of natural hair, which I love, I think the story for me with like consumer side is like, let the hair be… just let it be,” Reyman explains. “Put a good product in, let it air-dry or diffuse it, but don’t overdo it.”

Reyman also loves natural hair because it is better for your hair.  “Heat damage, mechanical damage, chemical damage … I think hair health is such a big conversation right now. So, for me, I support [natural].  I mean I am backstage with all the models and their hair is destroyed because they’re going from show to show, and hairdressers are just pushing [their hair] as far as it can go.”

And if your hair needs a little help before you’re ready to embrace your natural texture, whether it be straight, curly or something in-between, Reyman recommends everyone starts by minimizing damage—make sure your irons and blow dryers aren’t too hot—and then using a product that supports the hair, such as Aveda’s Botanical Repair Bond Building Styling Cream, a vegan award-winning cream that repairs strands from the inside out, while smoothing frizz at the same time.

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Out: Short Plain Nails

In: Long, Sparkly Stiletto Nails

Long nails have been dominating the runways, especially the stiletto style categorized by its thin pointy look.  According to Pattie Yankee, celebrity nail expert, “right now I’m seeing a lot of stilettos … However, it’s all about long lengths this season, as well as a lot of nude shades with sparkles.” To get the look, start with a long nail and apply a nude base with a touch of shine or a full-on glitter topcoat.  One gorgeous shade from Yankee’s own namesake collection, Have a Little Faith, which is a shimmery peachy shade, was very popular backstage and incorporated in many of Yankee’s gorgeous creations including her updated Aurora Nails created for Pamella Roland’s latest collection.

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Out (kind of): Red Lips

In: Mauve Lips

While the red lip will always be a classic, Livingood explains that this season it’s more mauvy, more natural and more nude.  She’s loving these more natural shades for a fresh look for spring.

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Out: Long One-Note Strands

In: Short Hair and Bangs

TRESemmé Global Stylist Justine Marjan loves a fresh cut for spring.  “We’re seeing a lot of short, really cute haircuts, bangs and face framing pieces. More individuality with your haircut.”

Also add some accessories! This season it’s all about adding a little something extra; bows, scarves and flowers are great adornments for any haircut.  “We’re kind of in an era where anything goes,” shares Marjan.

Fashion Reverie loves these tips from the experts, but all of them agree … at the end of the day there are no rules!  Wear whatever makes you feel your very best.

—Janine Silver


  1. Cloud skin is my favorite trend in this list! I’ve never been a big fan of cooking my skin.

  2. I’m all about the mauve lips. I, however, can never figure out baking, but love how it looks.

  3. Sun screen is so important to protect our skin. I like a good tan but a safe tan is so much more comfortable than a burn.

  4. Of all these, I’m glad to see the heavy contouring is out. No one should have to put that much makeup on their faces to feel good about themselves.

  5. Jennifer Prince says

    I love the words – cloud skin. It perfectly conveys the delicate look. I don’t wear much makeup, so this is perfect for me!

  6. Stephanie says

    I enjoyed reading through this article about the latest trends in makeup and hair. I am long overdo a makeover – I think I’ve had the same style for years. The easiest thing to start with on this list is checking out some new mauve lipstick. Thanks!

  7. I’m so glad that sort of just regular brows are back! I never had overly fluffy brows, and I’ve always disliked that overly plucked look.

  8. Oohhh yes, I am so so in for the casual hairstyles…have always been anyway. I am glad to know that it’s in vogue now.

  9. I find all of them beautiful. Out: Exaggerated Edges In: Playing Up Natural Textures look good.

  10. I like these more natural and toned looks that are trending. Better than such artificial or overdone kind of styles.

  11. I got to say, casual hair style is nice and sometimes is better than perfectly done hair style. This is interesting post to learn about the in and out.

  12. Sangeetha says

    It’s great to get a glimpse into what’s in and what’s out from top hairstylists and makeup artists. I completely agree with the advice to keep it simple when in doubt, as it allows for a more effortless and natural look. The shift from baking to cloud skin and from overly done perfect hair to effortless, grungy, and casual styles is refreshing and exciting. Thank you for sharing these trends!

  13. That eyebrow fad was really amusing but I’m glad it’s over! lol. All these trends needed to die! Thanks for this list!

  14. It’s always interesting to see trends come and go! Loving the cloud skin trend and that messy(ish) hair is coming back in, sleek hair can look stunning but can be hard to keep going without lots of products!

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