Editors’ Pick: Jewelry That Aligns with the Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

With the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic becoming a large trend through the social media channels, this is the current spin off of the coastal grandma trend that was big last spring and summer. If you are interested in this trend and transforming your closet from coastal grandma to coastal cowgirl, it is easy. You can easily update your aesthetic to coastal cowgirl by adding accessories such as a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and the roundup of jewelry that Fashion Reverie have gathered up for you below. It is all about taking inspiration from the coast and western aesthetics.

Smart Glass Jewelry Small Wave Earrings Ocean Colors $48

These earrings are simple and chic with two waves of glass that catch light and make heads turn. Every pair is unique as they are created from old glass bottles. Specifically for this style, the colors include Clear which is made from Beer or Wine bottles, Antique Clear which comes from Coca-Cola bottles, and colors Aqua and Periwinkle both come from Sake bottles.

Easily paired with simple outfits, these earrings effortlessly pair with many items in your closet. The glass element of the earrings brings the coastal elements of the aesthetic that is coastal cowgirl. Pair these with your favorite pair of jean shorts and a billowy white blouse, and you will have a perfect outfit.

MING YU WANG NY Yu Bracelet Jade Bangle $288

This limited-edition Jade Bangle created for AAPI Heritage Month by Taiwanese American jewelry designer Ming Yu Wang celebrates the long history of jade being a highly honored and precious stone in Taiwanese culture. This bangle is a great accessory for those wanting to update their jewelry collection and is also a great piece that blends well with the coastal cowgirl aesthetic.

Smart Glass Jewelry Cube Gold Ring $56

Everyone loves a statement ring, and this cube gold ring from Smart Glass Jewelry comes in a myriad of colors from different types of glass bottles. The bold chunky glass mixed with the adjustable band that is made from 22k gold-plated pewter is a beautiful combination. It is a great choice to pair with easy, breezy outfits.

Gabriel & Co. Diamond Cut 18-inch 14K Yellow Gold Textured Diamond Medallion Hollow Chain Necklace $1875

This chain necklace with a diamond medallion from Gabriel & Co is a gorgeous addition to any outfit. This award-winning fine jewelry brand has created a necklace that is so effortlessly beautiful that pairing this necklace is an easy accomplishment. It is a great showstopper piece for those simple and romantic outfits.

Smart Glass Jewelry Simple Cube Necklace Gold Fill $46

Smart Glass Jewelry has created this necklace that is alluring, yet simple and is easy to wear. The matte finish brings out the color of the glass and the gold fill chain is a great complement to the glass. As this recycled glass is made to look like sea glass, this is a fantastic option that aligns with the coastal cowgirl aesthetic.

Images courtesy of their respective brqnds

KIL N.Y.C Dentata Ring $150

This ring by KIL N.Y.C is inspired by the Pro-Choice movement, specifically the chastity belt which symbolizes empowerment and pride. Made to order in your choice of sterling silver, 18k yellow gold over sterling silver, or 14k yellow gold, this will make a great addition to anyone’s collection while also representing female empowerment.

—Phoebe Howard

Editors’ Pick: In Praise of Big Hoop Earrings

Fashion_Reverie24The higher the hair, the closer to God, or so they say—remember 60s beehives and the big hair of the 1980s.  And the larger the earrings, the louder the praise; well, that is Fashion Reverie’s estimation.

Last September at New York Fashion Week: The Shows, big hoop earrings were seen on the runways of designers from Proenza Schouler to Nicholas K to The Blonds to Tibi. The trend is not new, dating back to the 90s when hoops earrings were the go-to urban look in the Latin community. Musician, actress and fashion icon Jennifer Lopez is credited with popularizing them in the mainstream with the look becoming wildly popular among female consumers under 30. (Remember, Jenny from the block.)

Images of Nicholas K fall 2017, Proenza Schouler fall 201, and The Blonds fall 2017 courtesy of fashionreverie.com, tomandlorenzo.com, and fashionreverie.com, respectively

Images of Nicholas K fall 2017, Proenza Schouler fall 201, and The Blonds fall 2017 courtesy of fashionreverie.com, tomandlorenzo.com, and fashionreverie.com, respectively

Like all things 90s, right now, big hoops have made a comeback, and everyone from H&M to David Yurman has hopped on the trend. Once Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Kendall Jenner were donning big hoop earrings, it was only a matter of time before everyone had to show their sense of style by wearing big hoops.

That said; big hoop earrings are a subset of an even larger trend: fashion maximalism. For those not familiar with the maximalism movement, maximalism is a reactionary response the minimalist theory of ‘less is more.’ Maximalism is all about excess, in other words ‘more is more.’ For the past several years, designers have been showing how larger than life they can be, now even more so than ever in the face of rebellion against right-wing politics.

In_Praise_Big_hoop_earringsAs maximalism movement continues, it is worth noting that this was also fashion’s response to coming out of a period of subtlety and understatement—a response to the Great Recession of 2008. Fashion designers played it safe and stuck to garments that would sell. Once the luxury sector rebounded, designers unleashed with everything from avant-garde styles to statement jewelry that made big statements.

The less-is-more approach went out the window, and jewelry designers took notice. Big hoop earrings also let us know that women are now looking for statement pieces aside from coveted ‘It’ bags or high-priced stiletto footwear.

Fashion_Reverie23Still, don’t purchase any old big hoop earrings thinking you’re in the fashion know. Jewelry selection is an art form, one that isn’t to be taken lightly. Keep in mind how big is big when considering your own face shape. If you have a more petite face, don’t go too oversized. If you are opting for stones, diamonds are a simple, classic choice, and it might be best to stay away from colored gems and semi-precious stones. The size and boldness of your earrings are already making a statement; there is no need to draw any more attention to yourself.

The great thing about big hoop earrings is they can go with almost anything. They can be paired with tee shirts, dresses, gowns, even suits. While this isn’t something we at Fashion Reverie would recommend for the courtroom or boardroom, it’s a versatile look to go from casual Friday to the cocktail party.

Images of Halle Berry courtesy of D'Orazio and Associates

Images of Halle Berry courtesy of D’Orazio and Associates

If you dare to go really out there with your style, try the one earring look, but make sure it is something that is beautifully ordained and designed. It has to be the kind of thing that says “I have style,” not “I just bought a medieval doorknob for my ear.” Find yourself the perfect ear catching pair, and let them speak for themselves.

—Kristopher Fraser

Editors’ Pick: KMO Jewelry

 Collages440Are you looking for that very special accessory that reflects your own personal style but also makes you stand out in a crowd? If this is you Fashion Reverie has the ideal jewelry brand for you.

In a very crowded accessory market with every brand promising to be unique, eye catching and affordable, it is extremely difficult to identify a jewelry brand that rights for you. And if large, statement piece jewelry fits your bill, then KMO Paris jewelry is the brand you have been looking for.

Since 2004, French jewelry designers Caroline and Francois-Xavier Renou have been designing sensual, feminine, and chic one-of-a-kind pieces made to enable women to embark on a journey of discovery with their personal style. This is not a jewelry brand for that shrinking violet that wants to get lost in the crowd. Caroline and Francois-Xavier Renou have created one-of-a kind pieces that though editorial in scope, also will appeal to that female consumer who wants statement pieces to match her confident personality.

KMO Paris jewelry, inspired by the Kamo River in Japan, where Francois-Xavier proposed to Caroline, is sure to catch they eye of the style savvy individual. From its patented application processes of Kamelite (silver dust) and Diamelite (diamond dust), KMO combines uptown perfection, feminine mystique, and an aesthetic edge that is intricately crafted with the finest materials. Every piece truly displays a vibrant and individual touch of glamour.

Images courtesy of Supreme Publicity

Images courtesy of Supreme Publicity

The first KMO flagship store debuted in Bali in 2005, where the enchantment of the land has been an inspiration for the jewelry collection from the beginning. KMO has since expanded throughout Europe and South East Asia. And recently, KMO has opened up its first US boutique at 251 Elizabeth Street in New York City. Fashion influencers are sure to be intrigued by the KMO lifestyle, and incorporate this signature trend into their own personal style.

For more information, go to kmonewyork.com.


Editors’ Bridal Pick: Madame Pump Adores


Pump Adores image courtesy of LSZ Communications

A bride’s very special day doesn’t have to be only for the bridal ceremony. Brides can treasure and continue to celebrate their nuptials for some time after the ceremony.

Treasure that special day by keeping your bridal shoes pristine, elegantly chic, and fabulously shaped. Madame Pump Adores offers an affordable indulgence for the bride starting at $35.00. Whatever a Bride’s fancy, Madame Pump Adores is at her feet, delighted to fill every step with fabulous, functional frivolity!

Images courtesy of LSZ Communications

Images courtesy of LSZ Communications

Madame Pump Adores silk and satin shoes trees are edged in lace and sprinkled with sparklers or delicate rosettes and ribbons. Madame Pump Adores extends the life of cherished footwear as it retains the shape, holds the appearance and supports the design.  With consistent use of this delightful luxurious yet practical accessory, shoes will fit better, look better and maintain their original elegance and beauty.

Madame Pump Adores shoetrees are individually handcrafted in the US from design inception to completion, these chic shoetrees feature fine details and meticulous finishing. Each piece is executed with scrupulous attention to detail and flawless hand finishing.  Madame Pump Adores redefines the shoetree creating a new fashion accessories category that is naturally, a must on every chic Bride’s wish list.

Images courtesy of LSZ Communications

Images courtesy of LSZ Communications

For more information, go to the pumpadores.com.


Editor’s Pick: 2014 Award Season Accessories

Image courtesy of blog.jic.org

Image courtesy of blog.jic.org

Fashion Reverie loves accessories, so we picked our latest 2014 red carpet favorites. One of the good things about clutches and/or jewelry is that these accessories can range in sizes and work well with a variety of age demographics. As long as you match it properly, you are good to go. The big trend this year at the 71st Golden Globes and the trend we expect to see on sequent award shows are  pinky finger rings and clutches, lots of yellow gold jewelry and light color. clutches.

Image courtesy of elle.com

Image courtesy of elle.com

Let’s start with the men!! Usher knows how to accessorize with taste. Kudos!!  He wore a custom Lorraine Schwartz Mockingjay brooch! How about that for a stylish guy? Fashion Reverie thinks it is a great way to unique and able to stand out from other male celebrities wearing black tuxedo

Emma Watson, Paula Patton in David Yurman ring, Sophia Vergara images courtesy of elle.com

Emma Watson, Paula Patton in David Yurman ring, Sophia Vergara images courtesy of elle.com

Topaz and turquoise jewelry was quite a hit this season. Though Paula Patton’s beautiful David Yurman ring was hard to notice because of her overwhelming dress, the ring was a standout nonetheless. Sofia Vergara wore a lovely Lorraine Schwartz necklace and Emma Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence choose to represent Neil Lane. All great looks but Jennifer did best in bringing out her beauty with the pop of green and a chick new hairstyle.

Images courtesy of elle.com and fabsugar.com

Images courtesy of elle.com and fabsugar.com

Clutches are an important detail when walking a carpet. This year lots of starlets matched the clutches with blinged-out jewelry or nail art—manicure in case of Zooey Deschanel. It looks like we all have to go shopping for some gold oversized bangle cuffs.

Images courtesy of pricescope.com and jewelsdujour.com

Images courtesy of pricescope.com and jewelsdujour.com

Jessica Chastain in Bulgari necklace and Cate Blanchett in Chopard earrings went for a more classic, traditional look. With these two actresses, traditional sophistication is always in vogue. Until the next red carpet, stay fabulous!!

—Tijana Ibrahimovic

Editor’s Pick: Fall 2013 Punk Chic Accessories

Punk_Chic_Accessories_11As you may know Punk is back for fall 2013 and at Fashionreverie.com we love all things Punk inspired! From New York City to Paris some of the biggest fashion houses have cranked out amazing Punk Chic accessories for fall 2013. With the resurgence of Punk on runways in 2013 has come a more redefined and sophisticated look to the once unapologetic style that was birthed out of youth rebelling against the mid-1970s social norms . With Punk Chic accessories this season, it was all about matching hard and soft, masculine and feminine qualities that can be found in Punk accessories. Whether you want to dress it up or dress down Punk-inspired accessories this season, the trick was adding just the right amount of edge without seeming contrived.



This genuine springbok fur and leather clutch by Ted Baker London is the perfect accessory for any stylish fashionista wanting to tap into the Punk Chic trend. With its leather finish and blue/black fur trimming that almost mimics a traditional punk-styled Mohawk, this clutch will definitely be turning heads and making a statement in true Punk fashion.

photo 2

Dafine Balatsos features an awesome studded ball bag for men on odd-style.com. While not considered practical by many fashion pundits in the traditional sense of menswear accessories because of the brand’s out-there, over-the-top presentation, Punk has taught us that breaking tradition always gets you attention!!

photo 3


These Charlotte Olympia and Tom Binns’ Dolly Riot safety pin–embellished, platform pumps don’t read as Punk inspired at first glance, but if you are conscious of the “DIY” mentality in 70s Punk culture, evidenced in distressed clothing with safety pin that were the result of re-purposing dated, threadbare clothing, then you will understand Charlotte Olympia and Tom Binns’s point of view. In that spirit of Punk, Charlotte Olympia has crafted a pretty modern and feminine pump with that perfect balance of chicness and edgy rebellion.

photo 4

The Cinzia Araia blade high Santiago boot is perfect for the man looking to bring a much-needed edge to his look! With the zipper detailing going up the back of the boot and the “blade” shaped opening of the boot, Araia captures the essence of what it means to be Punk Chic.

photo 5


Bijoux De Famille has crafted a gorgeous cuff bracelet that is a great modern interpretation of Punk-inspired accessories. From the spikes and the rose gold coloring of the cuff, this takes Punk Chic into a more subdued expression while still maintaining the essence of rebellion.


This gunmetal chain bracelet by Lanvin, available on ssense.com puts a really chic and refined spin on the Punk Chic trend. This bracelet would look great on any guy, and gives us a fresh take on Punk accessories for the fashionisto.



Karl Lagerfeld’s black-studded fingerless gloves are the perfect balance of being on trend while still offering the classic style of Punk to your wardrobe, with an obvious ode to Lagerfeld. Great for fall, and perfect for any man or woman who dares to pull it off!


Valentino offers the perfect blend of edgy/elegance with his black and beige leather gloves called the “rockstud.” With the studs bringing the not-so-subtle, nihilistic edge with just a hint of sophistication, the elegance and refinement of the accessory is what is most striking! Keeping up with the trend of updating the look of 70s Punk to a more chic distillation is what makes this glove work for any woman who still wants to incorporate Punk Chic into her wardrobe.

—John Woody


Fashion Reverie’s Fall 2013 Fab Shoe Guide

Image courtesy of fabsugar.com

Image courtesy of fabsugar.com

A woman’s shoes are arguably the most critical part of her ensemble. It can make or break her outfit or her carefully planned look. Remember, when some men check out women, if the shoes are busted or not in vogue their eyes never travel up to more interesting parts.

From fashion-forward sneakers to high ankle boots, we have you covered for this fall’s must-haves footwear. The staff at Fashion Reverie came together and discussed some of this season’s most chic and trend-setting shoes from our favorite from Kate Spade to Giuseppe Zanotti. Here are our picks for the fall 2013 season:

Image courtesy of nordstrom.com

Image courtesy of nordstrom.com

The Ankle Strap: Steve Madden Deeny Pump $99

It’s chic, classic, and affordable, all wrapped in one shoe. The Deeny Pump from Steve Madden is one of the must-have essential for the fall. Whether it’s at the workplace or a night out on the town, Deeny has got your feet covered this season.

Image courtesy of katespade.com

Image courtesy of katespade.com

The Evening Pump: Kate Spade ‘Licorice Too’ Pump $350

The glittering pumps from designer Kate Spade are perfect for an elegant night out with your girlfriends or a date night. The pointed-toe high-heel shoes catch your eyes with its bedazzled embroidery to shine even on those chilly fall nights.

Image courtesy of barneys.com

Image courtesy of barneys.com

The High-End Sneaker: Balmain Combo Side High Top $1,140

The metallic silver-toned high top turns the urban classic into a fashion masterpiece. These high-end chic sneaks hail from the House of Balmain. The French brand signature chic, modern aesthetic for their ready-to-wear collection has a loyal clientele following from the likes of Rihanna to Victoria Beckham. Its no wonder the iconic Parisian house is becoming a fashion favorite by rebranding itself with edgy, fashion forward clothes and accessories.

Image courtesy of lystit.com

Image courtesy of lystit.com

The Classic Black Boot: Givenchy Shark Lock Suede Wedge Ankle Boot $1,250

Never one to disappoint, Givenchy redefines the classic fall boot with their Shark Lock Suede Wedge Ankle Boot. It can be worn casually or for an evening out and its timeless look never goes out of style.

Image courtesy of style bop.com

Image courtesy of stylebop.com

The Modern-Day Combat Boot: Giuseppe Zanotti Leather Buckle Strap Boot $1,752

The grungy, rock n’roll statement of the early 90s takes a modern fashion-forward makeover courtesy of shoe designer, Giuseppe Zanotti. If the glossy shine doesn’t immediately catch your eye, then the gold-tone accents will.

Whether you have deep pockets or have to constantly balance your accessories budget, with this fabulous fall 2013 shoe guide, you should be fully equipped to always step out in style.  So you may now ask, what’s next? Hmm, great fab looks for the holiday season? Fashion Reverie editors take note!!

—Dana E. Givens

Editor’s Pick: Sydney Evan’s “Love” Ring

Downloads42Gowns, gowns and more bridal gowns; well, that is what New York International Bridal Week seems to be all about. And it is, but then some.

Every bride wants that perfect gown. That gown she will look radiant in and wear only once. However, she also needs the perfect accessories, and the first accessory that comes to mind is the ring or in some cases nowadays, a series of rings. That’s right I said rings, plural.

Though the engagement and weddings rings are the premier rings on the mind of every woman. Still, some ladies are opting for additional rings announcing their engagement or a committed relationship.

lauren-conrad-4When reality television star and fashion designer Lauren Conrad announced her engagement to musician William Tell, her three-carat solitaire diamond stunner was set off next to the strategically placed Syndney Evan “Love” ring. And the 14k gold and pave diamond ring seems to accompany Conrad’s engagement ring nicely.

Image courtesy of EFGPR

Image courtesy of EFGPR

Sydney Evan’s “Love” ring has been seen on Lily Collins, Rihanna, Julianne Hough, and Bar Rafaeli. Celebrities Sarah Jessica Parker, Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Brooklyn Decker, and Lea Michele have also shown their “Love” on a bracelet or a necklace. And the Sydney Evan’s jewelry collection has graced the covers and had regular features in Elle, Vogue, Lucky, Marie Claire, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Oprah, Women’s Health, Self, People and Sports Illustrated Swim 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Founded by designer Rosanne Karmes in 2001, the Sydney Evan collection is the perfect balance of edge and elegance, a fashionable collection that offers a mix of luxury and wear-ability, hip yet timeless jewelry. The Sydney Evan Collection is available internationally at the most prestigious department stores and specialty boutiques globally including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, London Jewelers, Fred Segal, Intermix, Holt Renfrew, Colette in Paris and Harrods.

For more information, go to sydneyevan.com.

—William S. Gooch

Editor’s Pick: Manitobah Mukluks


Image courtesy of manitoban.ca

 Fall is slowly creeping upon us which means it will be time to tuck away those summer clothes and transition into a chic, new fall/winter wardrobe. As fashionistas hunt for the trendiest ensembles and begin to reinvent themselves for the new season, Fashion Reverie has found the perfect boot to move into the fall/winter season courtesy of our northern neighbor. Aboriginal-owned Canadian brand, Manitobah Mukluks produces the finest in mukluks and moccasins footwear and it is the most comfortable trend-setting boot you will ever wear this season.

 The brand comes from humble beginnings originating from Aboriginal traditions in the small, quiet town of Winnipeg, Canada. “I started in the tanning industry in the nineties and began trading tanned leather skins and furs for handmade artisan mukluks and moccasins. I saw the demand rise every year until I decided to go into business for myself as a manufacturer” says Sean McCormick, founder and president of Manitobah Mukluks.

Image courtesy of Burton.com

Image courtesy of Burton.com

Instead of incorporating the flash and wow that burgeoning brands adopt to get the attention of consumers in an over-saturated market, Manitobah Mukluks has chosen to stay true to its roots by embracing the Mantiobah heritage of sophisticated craftsmanship that is unique to that community. “ I think the mukluk has all the qualities to become Canada’s iconic winter boot. It has the rich history and functionality that consumers are looking for nowadays. I wanted to design something that could simultaneously celebrate my culture while being modern and functional for urban use” explains McCormick.

The collection reflects that history in its beautiful designs featuring suede, rabbit skin, and genuine sheepskin, all harvested from the local community with detailed embroidery you won’t find anywhere else. “… We are continuing the artistic tradition that our ancestors have passed down to us and by doing so, I feel like we’ve really borrowed these designs from the Aboriginal people that created them thousands of years ago … Our success as a brand also contributes to a sustainable economic future for all Aboriginals in Canada” says McCormick,

Image courtesy of Burton.com

Image courtesy of Burton.com

Manitobah Mukluks utilizes the artistic history of the community and channels it through their ‘Storyboot Project’ that commission original handcrafted footwear with a limited collection of replicas called Storyboots. All the indigenous artisans are offered a share of the profit to create a business that holds a solid bond with their culture.

Manitobah Mukluks is expanding the brand and its aesthetic with their recent collaboration with snowboard giant, Burton Snowboards by producing‘Memento’ boot, a mukluk-inspired women’s snowboard boot for Burton’s upcoming 2014 winter collection. “Manitobah’s deep heritage and incredible craftsmanship complements Burton’s design ethos and brings something completely new to our women’s boot line…” says Greg Dacyshyn, Chief Creative Officer of Burton Snowboards.

Image courtesy of Burton.com

Image courtesy of Burton.com

Manitobah Mukluks is available through their online store and at select retailers for the fall/winter 2013 season.


—Dana Givens

Editor’s Pick: Cool Chic Shades for Hot Summer Days


Image courtesy of seeyourinterest.com

Image courtesy of seeyourinterest.com

Though we may be in the middle of summer, it’s still not too late to pull out one of the fashion must-haves of any summer, trendy shades. While a chic summer ensemble mainly consists of vibrant ready-to-wear pieces matched with a funky pair of footwear, sunglasses are the cherry on top that can bring an outfit together. Larry Leight, founder and creative director of cult sunglass brand Oliver Peoples, contends, “a woman should consider owning a pair of sunglasses for any type of activity that she does, the same way she would with shoes.”

Since Fashion Reverie always wants it readers in the loop of what’s in style, our editorscame together to compile a list of some of the must-have shades to beat the heat wave.

elle-20-tory-burch-double-bar-aviator-sunglasses-xln-lgn $165

Tory Burch image courtesy of elle.com

The Summer Essential: Tory Burch Double Bar Aviator ($165)

The aviator is a classic summer style and designer Tory Burch decided to add her signature point of viewfor their latest eyewear collection. This is one summer essential that can be paired with any summer outfit.

Image courtesy of elle.com

Prada image courtesy of elle.com

The Statement Piece: Prada Baroque Sunglasses ($290)       

Sometimes you’re not meant to blend in. Remember, a real fashionista is destined to always stand out in the crowd, and these frames do just that. Influenced by the baroque trend that inspired several  designers this season, the baroque side-detailing and golden brown rich color are what make these shades memorable.

Gucci image courtesy of fashion4in.com

Gucci image courtesy of fashion4in.com

The Retro Enthusiast: Gucci Oversize Double Frames ($455)

Nothing screams nostalgia more than celebrating iconic fashion trends of the past. Gucci brought back the retro-inspired frames in translucent pastel colors to shield those eyes against the glaring sun. Some things just never go out of style.

Tom Ford image courtesy of elle.com

Tom Ford image courtesy of elle.com

The Quirky Fashionista: Tom Ford Bardot Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses ($356)

While his best friend, Jay-Z makes references to him in songs, Tom Ford continues to inspire fashion enthusiasts all over with his distinct high-end designs. These cat-eyed frames offer a unique flare for style while battling the heat wave. The dramatic shades are ideal for those who aren’t afraid to do something different.


Yibrow sunglasses

The Budget-Conscious Fashionista: Quay Eyewear Australia Yibrow Sunglasses ($39.95)

New York may be battling its fair share of heat, but countries like Australia are used to battling non-stop days of blistering sun and steamy weather so brands like Quay Eyewear are at work year round to make sure they deliver Aussie fashion to the masses. The Yibrow offers that fashion-forward spark for the average budget-conscious shopper and it doesn’t hurt to have a celebrity like Beyonce sporting these frames.

Remember, there’s a pair of sunglasses to match every fashionista. Karl Lagerfeld said it best, “Sunglasses are like eyeshadow. They make everything look younger and prettier.”

—Dana E. Givens

*Feature image courtesy of michaelkors.com








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