Editors’ Bridal Pick: Madame Pump Adores


Pump Adores image courtesy of LSZ Communications

A bride’s very special day doesn’t have to be only for the bridal ceremony. Brides can treasure and continue to celebrate their nuptials for some time after the ceremony.

Treasure that special day by keeping your bridal shoes pristine, elegantly chic, and fabulously shaped. Madame Pump Adores offers an affordable indulgence for the bride starting at $35.00. Whatever a Bride’s fancy, Madame Pump Adores is at her feet, delighted to fill every step with fabulous, functional frivolity!

Images courtesy of LSZ Communications

Images courtesy of LSZ Communications

Madame Pump Adores silk and satin shoes trees are edged in lace and sprinkled with sparklers or delicate rosettes and ribbons. Madame Pump Adores extends the life of cherished footwear as it retains the shape, holds the appearance and supports the design.  With consistent use of this delightful luxurious yet practical accessory, shoes will fit better, look better and maintain their original elegance and beauty.

Madame Pump Adores shoetrees are individually handcrafted in the US from design inception to completion, these chic shoetrees feature fine details and meticulous finishing. Each piece is executed with scrupulous attention to detail and flawless hand finishing.  Madame Pump Adores redefines the shoetree creating a new fashion accessories category that is naturally, a must on every chic Bride’s wish list.

Images courtesy of LSZ Communications

Images courtesy of LSZ Communications

For more information, go to the pumpadores.com.


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