7 LGBTQIA+ Designers You Should Know

It’s no secret that queer people are the backbone of the fashion industry. From designers to photographers and models to publicists, men and women who are part of queer culture are often at the helm. It’s joked about, like a hushed secret, that gay men are more attuned to details. But there’s truth to that. Gay men and women venture into the fashion industry already accustomed to second glances from those in society who can’t accept that people should just love who they want. Because of this need to grow a thicker skin, many become avant-garde and precocious designers that push the boundaries of fashion.

For Pride Month, Fashion Reverie is honoring just a few designers who have encouraged fashion and design into spaces one couldn’t imagine. Halston’s simplistic, draped designs dressed the socialites of the ‘70s, Vivier’s elegant shoes tapped us into the heels of today, and Michael Kors’ consumer accessibility brought the ideals of luxury fashion to American masses.


Ever since the Netflix Docu-series on Halston, this talented designer has once again been thrust into the limelight. The American designer’s clean and minimalist designs became a fundamental part of the ‘70s disco scene in New York City. And deservedly so. His creations were the perfect mix of bohemian and classic, throw in his presence at the Battle of Versailles or the dance floor of Studio 54 and the Swans of 5th Avenue would come fluttering to his doorstep.

Roger Vivier

When it comes to designer heels three names come to mind, Louboutin, Manolo, and Vivier. Roger Vivier’s shoes fall under the classic category of “If you know, you know.” The modern style of stiletto topped with a chrome buckle is one of Vivier’s signature looks and became a must-have in the ‘60s. During the late 2000s, his brand would have a resurgence after being mentioned in the popular show Gossip Girl as a favorite designer of Blair Waldorf.

Christian Siriano

Coming from a “Project Runway” background, Christian Siriano has taken the fashion world by storm after winning the fashion reality show’s fourth season. His detailed gowns now make regular appearances on red carpets everywhere. Known for elaborate layers of chiffon and bright colors, Siriano is a designer worth keeping your eye on.

Alexander McQueen – Backstage at the controversial
Spring/Summer 2001 VOSS show, which was set in a
psychiatric ward.

Alexander McQueen

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen was well known for his collections at both his eponymous label and Givenchy. The late Alexander McQueen was known for designs that pushed the fashion world into a more artistic direction, when mixing sculptural and avant-garde influences into fashion collections was still relatively new. McQueen’s talent would eventually go on to be recognized by Queen Elisabeth II, presenting the designer with the CBE honor.

Marc Jacobs

The age-old adage that you can tell when a male designer loves women is particularly true when looking at the designs of Marc Jacobs. He embraces the feminine spirit with delicate details and fun colors while maintaining a level of everyday practicality as evidenced in his ready-to-wear collections. In 2010 he was ranked by Time magazine as one of the most influential people in America and in 2012 was placed at #14 by Out magazine as one of the ‘50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America.’


Michael Kors

Michael Kors changed the structure and game of luxury by creating a label that was very accessible to the everyday consumer, creating American sportswear with a luxury patina. Despite the brand’s mission being different from most within the American luxury platform, Kors has received applause from the fashion industry as he expands his collections to include accessories and swimwear. The brand’s ‘pre-loved’ collection would also go on to spark talks about sustainability within the industry.

LaQuan Smith

If you’re aware of the New York fashion scene and adore detailed designs with vibrant colors, then you know about or become familiar with LaQuan Smith. The African American designer has been taking the fashion scene by storm as of late and was featured in Hype Bae’s 2022 list of emerging LGBTQ designers. Keep your eyes peeled for more!

Sydney Yeager

Dippity Don’t Says June 2024

Image courtesy of LinkedIn

Happy June! Let’s tip our hats to summer and remember to celebrate Pride Month and the trailblazers who helped pave the way for LGBTQ rights, from Harvey Milk to Marsha P. Johnson.

With the warmer weather, it’s time for beach days, mint juleps, and picnics in the park. We are about halfway through the year already, which seems unbelievable. Of course, so much has happened in fashion since then, and Fashion Reverie is here to satisfy your intrigue about what’s going on behind the scenes in fashion.

What goes up, comes down

This top fashion designer, who has dressed almost every A-list actress from Kerry Washington to Jennifer Lopez, looks like he may have to file for bankruptcy or find a buyer. The once-successful brand, which has retail partners like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman, has laid off staff amid its struggling bottom line. The wholesale model isn’t what it once was for fashion brands, with retailers often delaying payments for months, and it looks like that hit him hard. Hopefully, he can find a way to stay afloat.

The return

In some brighter news, this legendary designer has plans to stage a major anniversary show in New York City this fall. He’s known for his New York clientele, including billionaires’ daughters and wives, shelling out upwards of $80,000 for his gowns. With all the dissatisfaction over the state of New York’s runway show scene with the new Fashion Week venue, he will be a much-welcomed surprise, even for an off-calendar show.

Image courtesy of stayfitmom.com

It’s all about the benjamins

This once iconic fashion publication is under fire for publicly seeking young writers they can pay low wages, essentially promising them low rates per article. The publication is owned by a very wealthy public figure, and once news of this reached social media, there wasn’t one minute wasted raking them over the coals for trying to low ball young writers. The media climate might be tough, but people still have bills.

The promotion

The potential successor to this major designer at this French fashion house owned by a major luxury conglomerate has left his previous designer role at this top American fashion brand. It was reported the major designer he’s expected to replace was going through tough contract negotiations and would be leaving. With the proposed new designer exiting his previous role, it’s looking like those contract negotiations didn’t work out the way he hoped, and it’s time for a new era.

Mr. Dippity Don’t





Gone But Not Forgotten: A Look Back at Acclaimed Fashion Brands


“Fashion: one day you’re in, and the next you’re out.” These words were made famous by supermodel and television host Heidi Klum during the first 16 seasons of “Project Runway,” and have become one of the most famous catchphrases in fashion. For decades, fashion houses have come and gone, whether they were victims of WWII, economic strife in modern times, or designers moving on from fashion to other ventures.

Many brands whose names once commanded power in the fashion industry have either lost their hype, shuttered, or are nowhere to be found. Just because these brands are gone doesn’t mean they have faded from the fabric of fashion’s tapestry. Fashion Reverie looks back at brands that are gone but not forgotten.

Image courtesy of fashionencyclopedia.com

Claude Montana

French fashion designer Claude Montana founded his company, The House of Montana, in 1979. Montana became famous for the exaggerated shoulder pads in his designs, earning the nickname “King of the Shoulder Pad.” During the eighties, when dramatic shoulder pads were one of the biggest trends, Montana was on top of the world. Sadly, his business went bankrupt in 1997. Montana passed away in February 2024, leaving a legacy for fashion history books.

Image courtesy of fitnyc.edu

Stephen Burrows

Stephen Burrows was one of the few groundbreaking black designers during the ‘60s and ‘70s when black designers were few and far between. He gravitated between operating his line and working for Henri Bendel. Burrows also famously participated in the Battle of Versailles, a competition between five notable American fashion designers versus five notable Parisian designers.

Although Burrows no longer regularly presents collections, the legendary designer is still alive at 80 years old. In 2006, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) honored him with the Board of Directors Special Tribute. In 2010, he also designed a collection for Target and collaborated with Raven Denim and QVC UK.

Image courtesy of focusonstyle.com

Chado Ralph Rucci

Ralph Rucci is arguably one of the most highly regarded designers in the history of modern American fashion. In 2002, he became the first American designer in 60 years (since Main Rousseau Bocher of Mainbocher) to be invited by the French Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, France’s governing fashion body, to present in Paris. For five seasons, Rucci would show his couture collection in Paris.

In 2014, he left his label, but he still operates RR331, a fashion line he launched in 2016. Though Rucci doesn’t participate in the fashion cycle regularly, he’s still a highly respected name in fashion. It’s been reported he’s opened a couture salon, and he’s expected to return to the couture calendar in the near future.

Image courtesy of models.com

Jay Godfrey

Jay Godfrey was known for his evening wear, cocktail dresses, and love of using extra tall models for his Fashion Week presentations. For years, he had a regular spot on the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) calendar. He also dressed top celebrities, like Eva Mendes and Carrie Underwood. Sadly, Godfrey’s business became a casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic, and he shuttered his business. His dresses can still be found on resale sites, like The Real Real and Vestiaire Collective.

Image courtesy of theflairindex.com


Thakoon Panichgul was seemingly on top of the world during the height of his career in the ’00s.

He was a 2006 runner-up for the Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund Award, which supports emerging fashion brands with capital and mentorship. His clothes were worn by First Lady Michelle Obama, actresses Sarah Jessica Parker and Demi Moore.

In 2009, he produced a collection for Target that broadened his status as a household name. However, the brand went on hiatus in the ‘10s. In 2019, Panichgul attempted to relaunch his brand direct-to-consumer on Thakoon.com, but the site is now defunct. He now runs a media platform called Homme Girls.

Image courtesy of mr-mag.com

Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders was founded in Los Angeles by Scott Sternberg in 2004. Throughout the ‘00s and the first half of the ‘10s, the brand had a strong following, particularly among the menswear crowd.

Originally, all Band of Outsider’s button-downs were made in Los Angeles, and their suits in Brooklyn, making it one of the few brands with a lot of made-in-America product. Sadly, the brand went bankrupt in 2015. In 2018, Sternberg attempted to make a comeback with a new brand called Entireworld, but the brand ceased operations in 2021.

Image courtesy of jingdaily.com


Designers Josh Hupper and Qiaoran Huang managed to build a cult following over the 12 years they had their label, but in 2022, they decided to bring it to an end. In Instagram post, the pair described it as “an extremely difficult decision.” At the time they had their brand, they became synonymous with Chinese street style. Babyghost’s products were even sold on Chinese e-commerce platforms Taobao and Tmall.

Image courtesy of wwd.com


Cloak had its fifteen minutes of fame. The brand, founded in 2000 by Alexandre Plokhov, was a recipient of the 2005 Swarovski Perry Award for Menswear and the 2004 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award supporting emerging designers.

Cloak became well known with the New York City downtown crowd, opening a boutique on Greene Street in New York’s SoHo boutique district in 2005.

Unfortunately, Cloak was shut down in 2007 due to partnership agreements. Plokhov would go on to designer for Versace menswear and Helmut Lang. In 2010, Plokhov attempted to launch a line under his name, but the eponymous label shuttered in 2015.

Image courtesy of ohjoy.com


Models Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk founded Jovovich-Hawk in 2003 in Los Angeles. Their pieces quickly found top retailers, including Fred Segal and Harvey Nichols. Eventually, their points of sale worldwide would total over 50 stores. In 2006, the brand was a finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

In 2008, Jovovich-Hawk also debuted a collection for Target. Despite their incredible momentum, in 2008 the brand ceased operations. The designers seemed to have the opposite problem of many brands who cease operations due to declining sales, with both founders saying the reason for ceasing operations was because the brand got too big for them to handle.

Kristopher Fraser










Ruthie Davis: From the Ground Up

Image courtesy of Ruthie Davis

In an era where great wealth and celebrity fame dominate the current fashion landscape, it is comforting to know that from the ground up is still a viable business strategy. Ruthie Davis is one such from the ground-up brand. From placing her footwear on a host of celebrities, to a fruitful collaboration with Disney, to winning a Fashion Group International award, Ruthie Davis is that tenacious, balls-to-the-wall footwear designer who gets the job done.

Though fashion as a career choice was not on her radar, when she took the challenge, boy, did she make a statement. “The idea of going to college and following a path into creating fashion really was not on my radar. I did not know that fashion was an option because I didn’t know or have any contact with the fashion industry,” explained Ruthie Davis.

But all that changed when Davis got her first job out of graduate school, working for the product team at Reebok. “My foray into fashion evolved as I worked at Reebok and other fashion companies. I saw a book of Manolo Blahnik footwear and said to myself, “I can do that.” So, I sketched and used my water coloring skills to create shoes in bold colors,” detailed Davis.

“When you come into an industry without preconceived ideas, particularly if you did not learn that craft in school, you come in with fresh ideas and fresh eyes. My first job in fashion was with Reebok and I didn’t go into that job as a designer, I was a part of the production team.”

When the time was right, Ruthie Davis went out on her own and launched her eponymous footwear brand, not to fill a niche in the market but to create footwear that was coming from the two worlds that she loved, sports and street culture.

“Everything happened organically. I did not come into this industry from a fashion design school, so, my premise was visualizing Nike and Manolo Blahnik having a baby. That was my design aesthetic,” explained Davis.

Image courtesy of rackedny.com

“My love of fashion is streetwear, and I wanted to bring streetwear and sports together.  I loved the big bold colors of Reebok and Nike, and I wanted to combine that with a gorgeous, classy, high-fashion shoe.”

“My first launch I called high tech meets high fashion. I had a graphite heel; I had a titanium wedge; I had neon metallics that you would find on sneakers. As time went on the collections evolved as I listened to the market,” continues Davis.

Still, those high-tech embellishments did not translate into big sales, initially. What worked for Davis were her colorful high heeled shoes.

“I didn’t start out making sky-high heels. I started with the platform heel because I like to be and feel tall. When I launched, I had flats, sneakers, wedges, and other types. But the market did not need that from me. What got the most attention that translated into big sales were the high heels in bold colors. That is the niche that needed a female footwear designer,” says Davis. And she has been off to the races ever since.

Interestingly, Ruthie Davis is one of handful of female footwear designer in international markets, and even fewer female footwear designers in the US. Most household names associated with sexy women’s footwear are men—Chrisitan Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Roger Vivier, etc.

Image courtesy of Ruthie Davis

“It is strange; I don’t understand it. I have worked in my lane, ladies’ footwear, for several years now, and I am still amazed that some women don’t know how to own their sexy.  Some women are still ashamed to express their sensuality and sexiness. It is fine if a man says this is a beautiful shoe and it will make you look sexy, but if a woman creates a sexy shoe, it is like, ‘why is she making sexy shoes, she is a woman.’ There is also a phenomenon in fashion that if something is too sexy; it is not high fashion,” Davis concedes.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

That said, Davis has dressed a multitude of celebrities from Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Mary J. Blige to Naomi Campbell, Demi Lovato, and Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, just to name a few. “Early on the celebrities liked my shoes, I had Beyonce wearing my shoes as far back as 2008. The press thought a man was designing the shoes because I had named my footwear brand, Davis. When the press discovered I was a woman, they were surprised because they had never seen sexy high-heeled shoes designed by an American woman. Later, I changed the name to ‘Davis by Ruthie Davis,’ which I eventually whittled down to Ruthie Davis.”

To add to the love that Ruthie Davis receives from so many celebrities, Davis has also had a love relationship with Disney. This partnership started in 2014 and ended right before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image courtesy of thehollywoodreporter.com

“I was approached by someone from Disney’s product development division, and I began working with Disney on their ‘Princess’ collections, all the Disney princesses. Disney felt that I was princess story designing princess shoes,” explained Davis.

“I became a Disney licensee and designed two Mulan shoe collections; a Snow White collection; a Princess Jasmine from “Alladin” collection, and a “Frozen” collection. There were launches with each collection, and launch events, it was a lot of fun. I stopped working for Disney at the right time around the time COVID hit, and it was time for me to concentrate on my namesake footwear.”

In essence, Ruthie Davis has created in a lifestyle brand for that female consumer who is confident and is not afraid to be noticed. “I am big on empowering women and that includes women who embrace their sexuality. Ruthie Davis shoes is a lifestyle brand that promotes owning your sexy; owning your confidence; owning your power, and not taking yourself too seriously. Owning your power and your sexy, is a lifestyle choice. And that is who we are.”  

And Fashion Reverie gives a nod to that!!

—William S. Gooch







Silent But Deadly: Fashion Designers/Brands on the Rise

Image courtesy of pixstory.com

Fashion Weeks are typically headlined by major designers, whether it’s brands like Michael Kors and Coach in New York or Chanel and Dior in Paris. However, amidst all the household names, there are young, scrappy, independent designers and brands that help give the fashion industry a fresh and unexpected spirit. The new blood of designers might not be big names now, but many have amassed cult followings and loyal fans.

It’s often the independent designers of yesterday who become the future household names of tomorrow. Never forget, Jeremy Scott had his eponymous label before he spent a decade as creative director of Moschino. At Fashion Reverie, we like to refer to these designers as silent but deadly.

Many fashion designers are starting to make waves in the fashion industry, both in New York and across the pond. Here is a curated list of designers to watch for in fashion season to come.

Image courtesy of nicholasraefski.com

Nicholas Raefski

Nicholas Raefski first made his debut at New York Men’s Day, an annual showcase during New York Fashion Week of emerging menswear designers. For several seasons, he participated in the annual menswear event, and eventually began showing presentations on his own, slowly building his following as a menswear aficionado. He’s also expanded his brand into women’s wear and has been earning attention from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), the governing fashion body in the US. His designs have been worn by TikTok star Chris Olsen, actor Matt Rogers, and Chance the Rapper.

Image courtesy of ateliercillian.com

Atelier Cillian

Atelier Cillian is another emerging New York men’s brand to take notice of. Atelier Cillian is the brainchild of designer Stephen Mikhail.

Atelier Cillian also got its start at New York Men’s Day and has become an in-demand luxury brand by many celebrity stylists. The brand was recently worn by Grammy winner Jon Batiste for his Coachella performance, and has also been worn by musician Machine Gun Kelly, actor Neil Patrick Harris, and journalist Ronan Farrow.

image courtesy of cu-sh.com

Cucculleli Shaheen

Anthony Cucculelli and Anna Rose Shaheen might be under-the-radar names, but their resumes speak for themselves. Before launching their duo label, Cuccuelli Shaheen, the pair stacked their resumes with stints at major design houses, including Emilio Pucci, Oscar de la Renta, Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Roberto Cavalli.

Their opulent and bedazzled dresses and gowns have earned the fandom of supermodel Coco Rocha, singer Rita Ora, and actress Indya Moore. They have also acquired notable retailers, including Bergdorf Goodman, Moda Operandi, and Harvey Nichols in the UK.

Image courtesy of wiederheoft.com


Jackson Wiederhoef’s love of theater, dance, and performance helped inform his early collections, which bordered on costume and pushed the idea of fashion as art. He caught the attention of designer Thom Browne and worked for Browne for three years.

His debut collection, “Spooky Couture,” launched in October 2019. In 2020, he released his first bridal collection. Between his bridal business and custom design business, Wiederhoeft has become one of the biggest young designers to watch in New York, having graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2016. His designs have been worn by rapper Ice Spice, singer and actress Dove Cameron, and playwright Jeremy O. Harris.

Image courtesy of marinamoscone.com

Marina Moscone

Founded in 2016 in New York by sisters Marina and Francesca Mascone, who are of Italian and South African heritage, Marina Moscone has defined itself by understated elegance and elevated tailoring. The brand has shown at New York Fashion Week several times to rave reviews, with critics and buyers regularly impressed by their modern silhouettes and luxury materials, ranging from satin to silk.

Their clientele has included first lady Michelle Obama, model Gigi Hadid, and pop superstar Rihanna. Their fleet of retailers includes Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and North Carolina-based luxury boutique Capitol.

Image courtesy of ashlynnewyork.com


Although Ashlynn Park isn’t a name everyone would know, her work is recognizable. Park began her career as a designer and pattern maker at Yohji Yamamoto in Japan in 2008.

When she moved to New York City in 2011, she joined the creative team at Alexander Wang, producing pieces for Beyoncé, Madonna, and Rihanna. She also worked alongside Raf Simons during his time at Calvin Klein. Her label, Ashlyn, launched in 2019 and has become known for its playful approach to minimalism and approach to eco-conscious fashion. At every step of her process, she works to minimize waste, making her popular among sustainable fashion lovers.

Image courtesy of sabirah.co.uk


Founded by stylist, journalist, and designer Deborah Latouche, Sabirah is a luxury modest wear brand attempting to showcase modest wear that will appeal to women across all cultures. The brand focuses on details, including pleating, drapery, and tailoring, all while using fabrics like silk, jacquard, and fine cotton. The word Sabirah is an Arabic word meaning “of great patience,” which is what Latouche has in growing her brand that dazzled at London Fashion Week this past February.

Image courtesy of helenanthony.co.uk

Helen Anthony

Helen Anthony is only a three-year old brand, but designer Naeem Anthony has managed to achieve many accolades in such a short time. He’s shown at Milan Fashion Week and had a stand at acclaimed Italian menswear tradeshow Pitti Uomo.

The brand has also established a collaboration and store presence with Maurice Sedwell of Savile Row in London. Helen Anthony is best known for their colorful approach to tailoring, creating suiting pieces that are standouts.

Image courtesy of abra.paris


Abraham Ortuño Perez started building his reputation in the fashion industry, designing for brands like Jacquemus and Coperni, before going out on his own and founding his label, Abra. While his collection is still young, he’s found his focus and footing in slouchy tailoring, culottes, and outerwear.

His true love is shoes and accessories, and he’s found a following for his large weekend bags, attracting a consumer base, similar to Mary Kate and Ashley’s oversized bags at The Row. It-girl actress Julia Fox has also worn the brand’s clothes.

Image courtesy of sagaboi.com


Sagaboi is a men’s fashion brand with roots in the Caribbean subculture “saga boy,” which came about in the 1930s as a masculine rebellion to fashion. ‘Saga boy’ is West Indian slang for a playboy or a man who dressed in a very fashionable manner.

This Caribbean heritage-inspired brand showed at Milan Fashion Week earlier this year under the creative founder/direction, Geoff K. Cooper. In addition to its strong following among his fellow Caribbeans, Sagaboi has also found a following in Italy and the UK.

—Kristopher Fraser












Fashion Collections that Evoke the 2024 Met Gala Theme: Sleeping Beauties, Reawakening Fashion

Image courtesy of annenbergmedia.com

In honor of the 2024 Met Gala theme, Sleeping Beauties, Reawakening Fashion, Fashion Reverie has curated some recent collections that consumers could pull from that evokes this Met Gala theme. With ‘Sleeping Beauty, Reawakening Fashion’ being the dress code and the event’s overall theme being stated as ‘Garden of Time,’ Anna Wintour is certainly giving celebrity stylists a run for their money to curate the best looks. From what can be discerned, consumers should be looking for garments that are dainty, ethereal, fairy-like, and just a bit whimsical.

Thankfully, these are adjectives that designers and creative directors often draw from when creating collections. The recent collections for spring 2024 were no different. Fashion designers stepped into their fairy-godmother game to bring floral fantasies to life. If you’re wondering what you might wear to a Met viewing party, consider Ulla Johnson or something from Rodarte. As for wanting to be ahead of the game and know just what celebrities might wear, Fashion Reverie has a few predictions.

Image courtesy of vogue.com

Ryunosuke Okazaki’s Fourth Collection

Vogue’s recent newsletter revealed that the Met’s Costume Institute purchased a piece from this Japanese designer’s second collection that will be showcased in the “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” exhibition that goes hand in hand with the Met Gala. The fourth collection just released for 2024 is surrealistic and incredibly avant-garde. The looks bring a closeness and sense of curiosity to the wearer. And according to Vogue, he’s yet to receive any requests to dress attendees!

Images courtesy of vogue.com

Rodarte 2024

Rodarte’s spring 2024 collection is ready-to-wear perfection. With delicate details and flora and fauna throughout, the simple touches bring the elegance of a princess to this modern fashion house. Anything from their latest collection is synonymous with the current theme of the Met Gala and is perfect for a red-carpet watch party. From the pink sequin Halter Gown that screams Garden Barbie to the delicate purple tiered, ruffle gown with sequins, Rodarte’s spring 2024 collection outdid themselves this year when it comes to garden details.

Image courtesy of dscene.net

Bishme Cromartie’s Fall 2024

A mixture of streetwear and avant-garde designs, Bishme Cromartie’s fall 2024 collection is a romantic, defined, and delicate take on modern-day womenswear. As Cromartie explained in a NYFW press release, “I wanted the collection to feel sexy, strong, masculine, and feminine at the same time.” This is the overall aesthetic that Anna Wintour is trying to achieve with this year’s Met Gala theme. So, while many of the deconstructed looks might not be quite red carpet ready, Cromartie’s fall 2024 collection has some great garments for an after party.

Images courtesy of Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson spring 2024

Ulla Johnson always produces garments meant for a bohemian princess of yesteryear. While many of her looks are more down to earth than what celebrities often wear to the Met Gala, if you’re looking for inspiration on what to wear to a viewing party and want to stay on theme look no further than her beautiful 2024 collection. From the lacey sea moss-hued Cressida skirt to the multi-colored Natalia ruched dress that looks amazing on every body type, this collection is as beautiful as it is timeless.

Images courtesy of pinterest.com

Zimmermann spring 2024

If you’re looking for beautiful detailing and elegant designs, look no further than Zimmermann. Tailored to perfection and classically beautiful, the Australian brand has a timeless and delicate beauty that permeates throughout the spring 2024 collection. Take inspiration from this spring 2024 collection (and the Met Gala theme) by slipping into the beautiful Natura Scarf Mini Dress or become a flaming flower in this fiery Tranquility Floral Gown.

—Sydney Yeager

Dippity Don’t Says May 2024

Happy May, darlings. spring has sprung, warmer weather is upon us, and the flowers are in bloom. We hope you have your allergy medication handy for those with a less-than-stellar relationship with pollen.

With all that said, Fashion Reverie is happy to announce the return of “Dippity Don’t Says.” After a glorious sabbatical, we are here to dish dirt and spill tea about what the talk is behind the scenes in fashion. Without further ado, welcome to the season opener.

Bye, bye Birdie

This major designer, who holds two creative director positions at these iconic luxury labels, is rumored to be leaving at least one of them. While his sales results at one of the brands have been stellar, his results at the other brand are lagging. So, he will be leaving to focus on the brand where his designs are performing better. This looks like another round of designer musical chairs.

Moving on up

Speaking of designer musical chairs, this major designer’s contract disputes at this luxury label aren’t looking too good. It’s believed he will potentially go to a historic luxury house, whose ready-to-wear collections have faced heavy criticism, despite their sales remaining up thanks to their cosmetics and fragrances line. It could be a move with soap opera-style implications as they would have to push the current creative director out.

Images courtesy of pinterest.com

Shame, shame, shame

This top luxury department store has been stiffing many of its independent designers, including several New York-based designers who show on the New York Fashion Week calendar. Once one of the pinnacles of luxury retail in America, they have found themselves in dire straits as of late as they are failing to attract younger consumers. Although lawsuits have not occurred, it is an option, if this retailer doesn’t pay up.

The power and the glory

Amid all the brand merges and acquisitions, this major Italian-fashion house is facing pressure over its plan of succession with its aging creative director stepping down very soon. Unlike many other long-standing household name brands, this one isn’t owned by a conglomerate company, like Louis Vuitton’s parent company LVMH Möet Hennessy Louis Vuitton or Gucci’s parent company Kering. This designer has no kids, but several family members are involved with the company. Could this lead to a primetime TV drama-style fight for control?

—Mr. Dippity Don’t




Breaking News: Roberto Cavalli Has Died

Image courtesy of cbsnews.com

Iconic Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli died on Friday, April 12 after a long illness. Cavalli was known for unique use of animal prints and sexy in-your-face fashion collections.

“It is with great sadness that today we say our final goodbyes to our founder Roberto Cavalli,” the Cavailli’s fashion company wrote in a statement. “From humble beginnings in Florence, Roberto succeeded in becoming a globally recognized name loved and respected by all. Naturally talented and creative, Roberto believed that everyone can discover and nurture the artist within themselves.”

“Roberto Cavalli’s legacy will live on via his creativity, his love of nature and via his family who he cherished,” the statement continued. Cavalli is remembered as saying, “I copy the dress of an animal because I love to copy God. I think God is the most fantastic designer.”

Cavalli’s designs were worn by such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, and many others. His eponymous brand expanded beyond ready-to-wear, animal-printed garments to include elegant red-carpet dresses, fragrances, and accessories.

The Roberto Cavalli creative director Fausto Puglisi also shared a tribute, in a statement reported in abcnews.com, “Dear Roberto, you may not be physically here with us anymore, but I know I will feel your spirit with me always.”

Image courtesy of harpersbazaar.com

He continued, “It is the greatest honor of my career to work under your legacy and to create for the brand you founded with such vision and style. Rest in peace, you will be missed, and you are loved by so many that your name will continue on, a beacon of inspiration for others, and especially for me.”

In his 2013 autobiography, “Just Me,” Cavalli has been quoted saying, “Don’t call me a designer. My talent is rather finding what makes a fabric, a dress, a woman special, thinking always of fashion as if it is dream of ready-to-wear, something ready to be worn.″ 

At the times of his death, Roberto Cavalli was 83 years old. Cavalli is survived by six children and his model wife partner Sandra Nilsson since 2014.



New York International Bridal Week Spring 2025 Pre-coverage

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It is that time again. If you follow Fashion Reverie regularly, you are aware that we cover not only New York Fashion Week (NYFW), but also cover New York International Bridal Week. New York International Bridal Week occurs twice a year in October and April similar to NYFW, which occurs in September and February.

Unlike NYFW, Bridal Week shows bridal collection a year in advance to when those collection may be available in stores and bridal boutiques. So, for the bridal collections that are presented in April 2024, those bridal collections will not be available until 2025.

Interestingly, spring bridal collections attract fewer bridal designers than fall/winter bridal collections. Though many bridal designers show both seasons, for this spring 2025 outing many bridal designers are choosing to have private appointments over bridal runway shows and presentations.

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Still, Fashion Reverie will be front and center bringing our viewers great bridal collections. And true to form, we will bring the fantastic spring 2025 bridal collections of Mira Zwillinger, Mark Ingram, Ines di Santo, NARDOS, Idan Cohen, Justin Alexander, Ese Azenabor, Anne Barge, and many more.

Stay tuned!


Spring 2024 Black Designer Spotlight

There are so many fabulous African American designers emerging onto the fashion stage and Fashion Reverie couldn’t let the February end (Black History month) without highlighting some of our favorite brands.

Image courtesy of Dominique Side

Nikki Green

Nikki Green is a luxury, women’s ready-to-wear collection that is truly 100% vegan for the eco-conscious and stylish fashionistas.

Founded by Dominique Side, this fashion brand is designed for young consumers who are seeking chic yet sustainable pieces. Nikki Green is black-owned, opulent, and aims to work towards higher levels of sustainability with each collection. The debut collection is simply stunning featuring standout pieces like the Tuxedo Body Suit, The Button Corst Dress, and Evening Gown with Detachable Train.

Head on over to the website to shop the collection www.shopnikkigreen.com

Button Corset Dress – Luxury Vegan Fashion | Shop Nikki Green

Image courtesy of Rogers Pearson

Roger Pearson Los Angelos Luxury Footwear and Accessories

The spring 2024 trends of metallic is still going strong. The latest collection from Rogers Pearson showcased the amazing Naomi Croc Print Boot, available in dazzling metallic silver and gold. One thing we can all appreciate is that they come in regular and wide calf, ensuring that all the ladies can purchase,

Thanks to the integration of Nike’s innovative cushioning system, these boots offer support and luxury in every step. With this cushioning system firmly in place and ensuring comfortability and the ability to walk and not be in excruciating pain, these boots are becoming fan favorites with Jennifer Hudson and Tyla sporting. These boots are the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe.

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Bishme Cromartie

Confident, sexy, and architecturally captivating are just three adjectives used to described Bishme Cromartie’s collection. This “Project Runway” contestant and Baltimore native collections are being worn by Lizzo, Saweetie, Fantasia, and Beyonce.

This is his second collection to be shown during New York Fashion Week (NYFW). His fall 2024 collection was unveiled at the stunning Ritz Carlton hotel as a presentation. In his fall 2024 collection, the self-taught designer explores the interaction between masculine and feminine silhouettes with influences that live within streetwear and avant-garde designs.

Beautiful tulle dresses created a tapestry alongside sleek coats, tops and pants. Trend on with gorgeous lace, tailored suiting, bold colors and metallics. Standouts of the collections were the deep off-the-shoulder jackets, tulle evening skirts with strapless bustier tops in colors like snow white, deep black and fire engine red. I am looking forward to seeing future collections and the brands development.

Renessta Olds




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