A Nod to a Joyous Holiday Season

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This holiday season promises to excel our last two holiday seasons. We are living in a post-COVID era, the Marriage Equality Act has passed, the rightful political party has taken over the Senate in the US, and holiday consumer sales have already outpaced last holiday season.

Still, there is still so much left to work on. In this 2022 holiday season, Fashion Reverie urges its viewers to remember what the holiday season is about—forgiveness, love, peace, joy, and harmony with your fellow man and the world.

This holiday season let goodwill and good intentions be your guiding force. Fashion Reverie wishes you all the joy, grace, and peace of this holiday season. And let 2023 be a new beginning. Remember fashion can fade, but great style always triumphs!!


Fashion Reverie’s End of the Year Fashion Quiz

If nothing else, 2022 has been a year of great change. In 2022 we experienced the dissolution of a woman’s right to make choices about her productive health, the invasion of the Russian invasion into Ukraine, continued climate disasters, and two black celebrities coming to blows on national television.

That said, there were some positive things in 2022. The recent Marriage Equality Act passed, the Democrats won back the Senate, and Donald Trump may no longer be the prevailing voice in the Republican Party.

With all this political change there was also a lot of change in the fashion industry. Fashion Reverie has curated some very important shifts and movements within the fashion industry highlighted in our End of Year Fashion Quiz.

This quiz reflects the changes and transitions in the fashion industry from September 2022 through December 2022. Take the quiz and see how many questions you can answer without going back to Fashion Reverie’s “Fashion News Alerts” for the answers.

  1. Which brand will acquire Tom Ford for over 3 billion dollars? a) Kering b) LVMH c) Estee Lauder
  2. Kanye West has cut ties with which retail clothing giant? a) Walmart b) The Gap c) JC Penny
  3. Which pop/rock n’ roll artist recently won the Icon of the Year Award? a) Lenny Kravitz b) The Weekend c) Cher
  4. Who has been named the new Chairman of the CFDA? a) Donna Karan b) Ralph Rucci c) Thom Browne
  5. What is the name of Elon Musk’s new fragrance? a) E Musk b) Burnt Hair c) Distraction
  6. Which famous fashion photographer died in September of this year? a) Roxanne Lowit b) Cecil Beaton c) David Bailey
  7. Which iconic supermodel just got her first British Vogue cover? a) Pat Cleveland b) Kristen McMenamy c) Iman
  8. Which fashion designer is shutting down their eponymous label after 27 years? a) Raf Simons b) Demna Gvaslia c) Vivienne Tam
  9. Which iconic fashion house is involved in a scandal over presenting children in a bondage motif? a) Chanel b) Schiaparelli c) Balenciaga
  10. Which iconic fashion house recently offered their first initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange? a) Lanvin b) Valentino c) Burberry
  11. Cher recently walked for an iconic fashion house during Paris Fashion Week. Which fashion house did Cher model for? a) Prada b) Balmain c) Dior
  12. Who is set to replace Riccardo Tisci at Burberry? a) Zac Posen b) Thakoon c) Daniel Lee


Answer Key: 1) Estee Lauder, 2) The Gap, 3) Lenny Kravitz, 4) Thom Browne, 5) Burnt Hair, 6) Roxanne Lowit, 7) Iman, 8) Raf Simons, 9) Balenciaga, 10) Lanvin, 11) Balmain, 12) Daniel Lee


Fashion Reverie’s Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

It is time for gifting! Even if you are done with shopping for the main gifts, Fashion Reverie has a few suggestions for great stocking stuffers. Gifts that are original and useful. Here are some Fashion Reverie’s stocking stuffers suggestions. 

1973 Mini Wallet 

In 1973 tennis player Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in a tennis match named “Battle of the Sexes.” Her win demonstrated that women should not be underestimated. In that respect this mini wallet should not be underestimated; the only mini thing about this wallet is its size. Made from quality leather with a magnetic button closure, this wallet blurs the line between function and beauty. Available in five colors for $98.

Noel Candles

These handmade candles are made of American-grown Soy wax with 63-hour burning time. There are many great scents to choose from and you can even personalize this gift with a special message. At just $25 these candles are a great bargain.

Cocktail Bomb Shop

The easiest, and most enjoyable way to make cocktails. Think like bath bombs but for your drink. When dropped into sparkling water cocktail bombs fizz and create a delicious cocktail or mocktail. There is a holiday variety pack which includes delicious flavors like Santa’s Secret Cocktail, Frosted Cranberry, Holiday Mule, and others. In the mood for some hot chocolate? The color changing hot chocolate bomb is a magical way to enjoy some chocolate this season.

D Oh Gee CBD Oil and Bites 

This holiday season don’t forget about your pet! These CBD dog supplements are ideal for dogs of all sizes when traveling. The collection features a broad spectrum of USA-grown and manufactured CBD pet products holistically designed for supportive, natural care for your dog’s physical and mental well-being.  The holiday bundle is easy to pack and will help keep pets calm and comfortable during travel. ($29.99) 

Ivy Cove Fleet Travel Set 

The Fleet Travel Set is the perfect duo wallet and passport holder. Crafted of durable, responsibly sourced leather, and a great present for the most fashionable traveler. ($138.00)

Demeter Fragrance

Demeter Fragrance’s Roll-On Perfume Oils ($11.90) is available in a wide variety of scents for all ages and a perfect stocking stuffer. Pixie Dust, Kitten Fur, Puppy’s Breath, Sour Apple Lollipop, Baby Powder, New Baby, Sunshine, Rain, Thunderstorm, Sandalwood, Gin & Tonic and more scents are available. 

Images courtesy of their respective brands

VOESH Peppermint Swirl Duo

Feeling festive? Spread the holiday joy with refreshing Peppermint Swirl Duo, which includes our Peppermint Swirl Pedi in a Box Deluxe 4-Step and matching Velvet Luxe Vegan Hand & Body Crème. It’s the most wonderful scent of the year! 

Infused with peppermint oil and organic olive oil, this 4-step pedi kit provides a cooling sensation and soothing relief for dry, tired, or overworked feet. Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin for silky-smooth, minty-fresh results for just $10.00.

Tijana Ibrahimovic

Five Festive Cocktails that Bring Holiday Cheer

Image courtesy of realsimple.com

With the holidays comes lots of celebrations. There are many cocktails to choose from and you want to make sure you select one that is a crowd pleaser. Here at Fashion Reverie, we have gathered up some of our favorite holiday cocktails that remind us of the holidays and that emulate the feelings of gathering with those that you treasure most. Whether you prefer wine, whiskey or vodka, Fashion Reverie has the right drink for you.

Image courtesy of maliburumdrinks.com

Apple Strudel Punch

This festive cocktail punch is easy and delicious and can be served either hot or cold. With just a couple of ingredients needed, you are sure to enjoy this one. If in a pinch regular apple juice is fine, but I like to go for the fresh pressed apple juice that is meant for cider as it elevates the drink. The unlikely pairing of apple juice and malibu makes for a drink that is surprisingly delicious. Make sure to garnish with a cinnamon stick and apple slice.

1 part Malibu Original

2 parts Fresh Pressed Apple Juice

2 Cinnamon sticks

Apple slices

Cinnamon Sticks

  • If wanting a hot cocktail, in a medium saucepan add fresh pressed apple juice, cinnamon sticks and malibu over medium heat making sure not to bring it to a boil so the alcohol does not get cooked out.
  • If wanting a cold cocktail, add fresh pressed apple juice and malibu rum into a bowl.
  • Pour punch into a festive mug or glass of your choice and add ice if wanted.
  • Top with a cinnamon stick and apple slice for a cute festive look.

Image courtesy of hotsweetdrinks.com

Holiday Spritz

This drink is a great take on the summer favorite, an aperol spritz. With the addition of cranberry juice and rosemary this cocktail can easily go from your summer favorite to your holiday favorite. Adding cranberry juice to a cocktail makes it instantly festive as well as delicious. Make sure to enjoy this fresh take on an aperol spritz in your favorite wine glass.

3 oz. Aperol

3 oz. Prosecco

1 oz. cranberry juice

2 oz. club soda

1 orange wedge

1 orange zest twist

1 sprig of rosemary

  • Combine the aperol, prosecco, and cranberry juice in a glass with ice.
  • To garnish add in an orange wedge and an orange twist and then pop in a sprig of rosemary for a finishing touch.

Image courtesy of winealittlecookalot.com

Gingerbread Espresso Martini

Gingerbread is one of those quintessential holiday flavors and an Espresso martini is a very classy cocktail. When you put the two together, you get a classic cocktail with a festive spin that is rich with flavor. All the flavors that come together in the gingerbread syrup, plus the addition of Bailey’s Kahlua, and Espresso makes for a very memorable cocktail.


¾ cup dark brown sugar (light brown sugar works too)

¼ cup molasses

2 cups water

3 whole cinnamon sticks (or 1 ½ teaspoons ground cinnamon)

8 whole allspice berries (or ½ teaspoon ground allspice)

6 whole cloves (or a pinch of ground clove)

2 teaspoons fresh grated ginger


2 oz. vodka

2 oz. Irish cream liqueur, such as Bailey’s

1 oz. coffee liqueur, such as Kahlua

1 oz. gingerbread syrup

2 oz. espresso coffee, cooled

gingerbread cookies for garnish


  • In a medium saucepan whisk together brown sugar, molasses, and water. Bring to a boil, whisking occasionally until the sugar has dissolved.
  • Add the cinnamon stick, allspice, clove, ginger, and salt. Whisk to combine.
  • Lower heat and simmer for 25-30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Mixture should be slightly thickened.
  • Strain syrup through fine mesh strainer. Let cool to room temperature then transfer to air-tight container or mason jar.


  • In a cocktail shaker with ice, add vodka, Irish cream, coffee liqueur, gingerbread syrup, and cooled espresso coffee.
  • Shake vigorously for 10 seconds.
  • Pour into martini glass, garnish with gingerbread cookie, serve and enjoy!

Image courtesy of joinjules.com

Brulee Blood Orange Whiskey Sour

The classic whiskey sour was first noted of in 1862 and has now been reinvented countless times. This version of a whiskey sour is great for your next holiday get together as it incorporates blood orange which is a citrus fruit that is abundant during the colder months. It is also great as an additive to this cocktail as the whiskey sour requires a citrus component that is usually lemon but adding blood orange adds dimension. Make sure to include this cocktail while planning your next holiday soiree.

2 oz. Whiskey

1 oz. Blood Orange juice

¾ oz. Lemon Juice

½ oz. Simple Syrup

1 egg white


Brûlée orange: 1 blood orange slice, sugar & a torch

  • In a cocktail shaker add whiskey, blood orange juice, lemon juice, and 1 egg white.
  • Shake without ice.
  • Shake again with ice.
  • Double strain into a rocks glass.
  • Garnish with your brûlée orange wheel and enjoy!

Image courtesy of liveeatlean.com

Glühwein (Mulled Wine)

This aromatic warmed wine beverage originally came from Germany around 1420. This is based on the discovery of a Glühwein tankard which is thought to have belonged to Count John IV of Katzenelnbogen. Since then, it has been a Holiday staple served at Christmas markets around the world. The simmering wine with cinnamon sticks will leave any home smelling like the holidays.

1 bottle dry red wine like merlot, zinfandel, or garnacha, 750 mL

¼ cup brandy or orange liquor, 60 mL

1 orange sliced

2 tbsp sweetener like honey, maple syrup, or sugar

5 whole cloves

2 cinnamon sticks

2-star anise

Optional garnishes: cranberries, cinnamon stirs, star anise, orange slices

  • Add all ingredients to a large pot over medium/low heat. When mixture begins to steam slightly, reduce heat to low and let simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Ladle into mugs and serve with optional garnishes. Cheers!

—Phoebe Howard

New York Bridal Week Fall 2023 Sketches

In anticipation of the New York Bridal Week Fall 2023 season, Fashion Reverie is graciously publishing a few bridal sketches with inspiration descriptions from said bridal designers.  In this pre-coverage, Fashion Reverie chose to include bridal brands that we will be attending presentations, private showings, and runway shows.

Image courtesy of thebridalcouncil.com

Anne Barge Bridal Fall 2023

“For the Anne Barge Fall 2023 Bridal Collection, I reflected on the beauty and serenity of the countryside—whether the lush meadows of England or the rolling hills of Kentucky where I grew up.” — Shawne Jacobs, founder and designer

Image courtesy of thebridalcouncil.com

Badgley Mischka Bridal Fall 2023

“Our brides are more individual than ever, and that is the major inspiration for the collection. She wants to make a personal statement, and the collection offers her several unique ways to create her memory—all with the classic BADGLEY MISCHKA style and elegance.” — Mark Badgley and James Mischka, founders and designers

Image courtesy of thebridalcouncil.com

Inbar Freiman Bridal Fall 2023

“The 2023 Collection, Ivory Mist, reflects the soft and graceful qualities of the sea. The collection’s natural silk and chiffon fabrics are inspired by the ease of the ocean waves. As waves calmly crash upon the shore, the gowns drape seamlessly along the bride’s silhouette.” — Inbar Freiman

Image courtesy Code Agency

The Atelier Couture, by Professor Jimmy Choo Fall 2023

“The Divine Comedy love is a pure and elegant love which every one of us think that’s how love should be, but it is actually obnubilate with our very own yearnings. The Bridal by The Atelier’s new collection [Paradise] is surrounded in the light of The Divine Comedy, Dante once said: express the love and affection to your dearly beloved. We constructed and spliced each fantasy image with different textured fabrics and create the beautiful creation of The Divine Comedy on each design with metal threads in different shades of [colors]. The celestial astrological patterns are also added with a strong art deco style which creates a mysterious, noble, sensual, and ethereal aura to the collection.” — Jimmy Choo

Image courtesy of thebridalcouncil.com

Ines di Santo Bridal Fall 2023

“For my [fall] 2023 collection, ‘Illuminated Soirée’, Murano Chandeliers are the centerpiece of my inspiration as I’ve long admired their unparalleled craftsmanship, sophisticated yet whimsical use of color, and ability to spark imagination. The ability to trigger a childlike sense of wonder is why I looked to them to inspire the opulence of this season’s collection.” — Ines Di Santo, founder and designer

Image courtesy of thebridalcouncil.com

Justin Alexander Bridal Fall 2023

“The Justin Alexander Signature Fall/Winter 2023 collection, Garden of Love, draws inspiration from Italian Renaissance gardens. Known for their beauty, these gardens exude romance, sophistication, and attention to detail, in the same way our new collection was crafted. The season begins with our signature modern styling with unexpected elements, such as sheer backs and sides, sculpted exposed corsetry, thigh-high slits, and sultry low backs. It then builds into romantic couture craftsmanship with fashion-forward floral appliqués, bold textures, and opulent hand-beading that emits a subtle sparkle. This collection marries romance and modern sophistication in a style that embraces the elegance of these Tuscan gardens.” — Justin Alexander Signature

Image courtesy of thebridalcouncil.com

Nadia Manjarrez Studio Bridal Fall 2023

“To celebrate our new home in Mexico, my husband and I went up to the rooftop to enjoy a glass of wine. We were met with the most incredible sorbet-colored sunset, which was the starting point for this season’s collection. I incorporated subtle ombre colors and textures inspired by nature into the Fall 2023 collection.” — Nadia Manjarrez, founder and designer

 William S. Gooch

New York International Bridal Week Fall 2023 Season Pre-Coverage

Image courtesy of brownsbride.com

On the East Coast when temperatures begin to cool, fashion industry professionals know that New York International Bridal Week is on the horizon. This year New York International Bridal Week takes place on October 11 through October 14. And like the spring 2023 bridal season, the bridal industry is on the comeback trail as we move into a COVID-19 post-pandemic era.

As there are move in-person presentations and runway shows, there are several brands that returning to the New York bridal market. Those brands include, but is not limited to, Monique Lhuillier Bridal, Eisen Stein Bridal, Vivienne Westwood Bridal, Romona Keveza Bridal, Juno Vino Bridal, Pnina Tornai Bridal, Kelly Faetanini Bridal, Rivini by Rita Vineris Bridal, and many others.

Standouts this season will be some tried-and-true bridal brands with the addition of some new bridal brands to the New York bridal market—Ines di Santo Bridal, Naeem Khan Bridal, Jimmy Choo Bridal, Vivienne Westwood Bridal, Mark Ingram Bridal, Badgley Mischka Bridal, Monique Lhuillier Bridal, THEIA Bridal, and Anne Barge Bridal. And Fashion Reverie will be front and center bringing our viewers all the bridal news and great collections from New York International Bridal Week.

This season follow Fashion Reverie on our new TikTok channel and our bridal coverage on “Fashion Reverie Talks.” Happy Bridal Week!!

—William S. Gooch

New York Fashion Week Spring 2023 Pre-Coverage

Image courtesy of Getty Images

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is upon us. As a tried-and-true New York City tradition, stiletto heels and the hustle of bustle of fashionistas will be more front and center in the Big Apple over the next six days (September 9-September 14).

For those who are familiar of NYFW of yore, gone are the 10-day plus extended fashion weeks; gone is the centralized locations; gone are the many faces of celebrities sitting front row, and unfortunately gone are a lot of the fashion industry professionals, replaced by influencers and the posed and prepped Instagram folks who are only experts in their own lives. Faking the funk seems to be the order of day for many of the attendees, who can now buy their admission into the top shows.

That said, NYFW needs a real facelift. Still, many of the diehard industry professionals still soldier on, bringing their audiences coverage of this once-hallowed event.

What has not changed is the incredible collections by many of the designers/bramds that continue to present at NYFW. Though the COVID-19 pandemic put a dent in the distillation of incredible fashion presented bi-annually, the fierce and fabulous designers are back!!

Fashion Reverie will be front and center, bringing our viewers all the incredible spring 2013 collections from NYFW. Stay tuned!!

William S. Gooch

Kerry Parker: Vive Le Difference

There is no doubt that we are in a fashion recovery. Just look around!! After two years of lockdowns and restrictions, it is evident that lots of folks are getting their fashion sassy back.

The current “Feral Girls of Summer” fashion trend is a manifestation of young consumers’ desire to get their sexy fashion back. Still, there is yet much to be done and Kerry Parker is a UK-based brand that is primed and ready to bring a much-needed fashion oasis to a market ready for change and fashion brilliance.

Started as a fashion project for fashion marketing students, the brand still maintains its core fashion DNA of richly embellished garments that reflect the ever-evolving aesthetics of high-end streetwear. And though Kerry Parker initially concentrated on the accessory market, the brand has now evolved into producing ladies’ ready-to-wear dresses and wardrobe staples.

The brand’s core design team—Arpita Sarin and Bobo Meitei—have remained with the brand since its inception, other team members may stay for a collection or come and go as projects and collections morph. And since the brand focuses more on custom-made product over mass production, the ebb and flow of design staff works perfectly for Kerry Parker.

One of the directions that has set Kerry Parker above and ahead of other brands that have recently entered the fashion market is the brand’s dedication to sustainability. The brand’s focus on primarily custom-made product cuts down on the brand’s global energy footprint and carbon emissions. Additionally, Kerry Parker is also establishing itself as a vegan brand.

“Kerry Parker is a zero-waste project that uses solely vegan and cruelty free materials to manufacture its collection. A plethora of customization possibilities for anything and everything helps us blend pret-a-porter and haute couture into a segment that ensures a greater level of customer involvement. I feel that alone sets the young label apart from its closest competitors,” explains co-founder Arpita Sarin.

All these elements are a great storyline to this emerging brand, still, what makes Kerry Parker really stand out is its fashion products. With Kerry Parker, gloves are not just gloves, stockings are more than other pair of stockings, and shrugs, statement belts, and luxury graphic tees are not just accessories and staple items. All of their product is made with stunning attention to detail and embellished with whimsical, yet thoughtful details that not only makes the accessories statement pieces, but also brings that je ne sais quoi quality that defies trends, shifts in the economy, and the peripatetic tastes of fashionistas.

Images courtesy of CLD Style PR

In a market that is flooded by milquetoast product that is made more for mass consumption than unique perspectives on style and glamour, Kerry Parker is filling a much-needed void of fashion sensibility and panache. Arpita Sarin says it best,” Why be like everyone else, why not let your personal style reflect your desire to be different and stand out from the rest … We attempt to represent that consumer that is ready to go out and conquer the world and who is fearless in their fashion choices.”

Well, Kerry Parker, you are doing just that. Let the fashion gods be praised!! Vive le difference!!

—William S. Gooch

Be Yourself in Awkward Souls’ Whimsical Sneakers

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”—Oscar Wilde

We are solidly in the lazy, hazy, very hot days of summer. That said, these very hot days can influence you to wear very comfortable, unencumbered clothing. That is one way to beat the heat.

Still, the extreme heat should not cause you to forget about your style. And one way to demonstrate your summer style without layering is to beauty your feet with some stylish sneakers.

Introducing Awkward Souls, a female founded, socially conscious, and vegan brand of high fashion street sneakers. They have a Vans meets Balenciaga vibe, but with a soul rooted in welcoming whimsy and weirdness.

Award Souls prides itself on being a footwear brand that balances the importance of self-expression, inclusion, and community through its product and stunning creative direction. Even the name “Awkward Souls” is a whimsical play on the physical product and the emotional intent.

Image courtesy of Nouvelle Noir PR

In this summer of love, love yourself and the environment by including Awkward Souls sneaks into your summer wardrobe. With price points at $85 for all sneakers, you cannot go wrong. And these price points will not break the bank, like some luxury sneaks with a similar design aesthetic can do.

Fashion Reverie’s favorites are the ‘The Scoop’ white and pink sneakers. Let whimsy be your guide in this summer of love, adventure, and recovery.

And like Oscar Wilde so beautifully explained, “be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Hmm, I guess we don’t have a choice. And that is a good thing.







Hasta La Vista, Sweet Sister

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Fashion Reverie arts and lifestyle editor Cameron Grey Rose. Cameron was an integral part of the Fashion Reverie team, bringing insightful and well-conceived arts and lifestyle articles to our online publication for five years. Cameron’s snarky, well-written “Rock It or Leave It” trend and style reports were always avidly followed by our readers who loved Cameron’s take of fashion trends.

Though she sometimes referred to herself as the funny, fat girl looking at the world of entertainment and fashion from the outside, at Fashion Reverie Cameron was always front and center. Her wit, charm, and ebullient spirit will be solely missed at Fashion Reverie and thoughout the fashion industry.

The race is not to the swift, but to the ones that endure to the end. And Cameron endured and triumphed until her very end. She finished her race!!

We love you, sweet sister!!



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