Free Your Mind

As we move into 2022, one thing is for sure, what was once traditional and taken for granted, no longer applies. And in some respects, that is a good thing!!

The COVID-19 health pandemic has caused all of us—particularly progressive-thinking folks—to re-examine everything about our lives. There is significant reflection on careers, passions, relationships, and even consideration of what it means to be a human being. This is especially relevant when life is so tedious and fleeting.

This reflection on our humanity can cause us to look closely at our lives and how we express ourselves. And from this deep thought, we may conclude that the only opinion that matters is our own. How freeing is that?

In this latest fashion editorial, Fashion Reverie examines and highlights a more expansive perspective on masculinity. After all, a real man knows who he is and marches to the beat of his own drum. Be that a masculinity that is expressed in bold color, lots of jeweled embellishments with a nod toward glitter and glitz.

2022 is on the horizon, so free your mind and the rest will follow. Did En Vogue say that?

—William S. Gooch

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Holiday Groove

The holidays are always about having fun. In this 2019 holiday editorial, electronica dance music artist Mystina shows her unique fashion style through a wide range of holiday looks.

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Everyone loves a good fairy tale. Whether you like the subtly, frightening Grimm fairy tales or the moral-based fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson, fairy tales always distill great truths about society and the moral condition. And these great truths evoke memory and imagination because these stories are wrapped in the shroud of fantasy, magic, and glamour.

In this editorial Fashion Reverie examines five all-time favorite fairy tales—Cinderella, Rapunzel, The Three Little Pigs, The Emperor’s Clothes, and Little Red Riding Hood—seen through the lens of 80s street style. Fairy Tales, after all, can teach you a lot of life. And if you add in some great fashion, there is no better way to celebrate style and fantasy!!

—William S. Gooch

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Jeremy Carver Epitomizes Fall 2018 Style

If you haven’t watched “Empire,” you should. “Empire” is a megahit for FOX Network, starring the incomparable Taraji Henson, Jessie Smollett, and of course Terrence Howard as the maniacal “Lucious Lyons.”  Also in the mix is Jeremy Carver, who portrays a young “Lucious Lyons” in flashbacks.

While Jeremy Carver is always presenting an 80s street style on “Empire”—remember his character is 16 years old in late 80s Philadelphia—in real time Jeremy’s style is a lot more contemporary and on trend.  In this recent editorial, Jeremy demonstrates the depth and range of his personal style, witnessed at every jointure of his day.

Fashion Reverie believes he has never looked better!! Enjoy!!


The Nina Sisterhood

A great legend deserves homage and respect. And no one deserves accolades of honor and gratitude more than the late, great Nina Simone. 

No other musical artist of her generation detailed the joy, pain, struggle, and triumph of the African American experience as brilliantly as Nina Simone. In our “Nina Sisterhood” editorial, Fashion Reverie captures the beauty, depth, and poignancy of Simone’s “The Four Women” in a modern interpretation of this great work.

May Nina Simone and her genius continue to inform, inspire, and illuminate the human experience. Viva Nina!!

Free Your Mind

Night Life Unplugged

Night life in the city that never sleeps has evolved. Where some decades back, urban night life revolved around going to a flashy dance club and letting the music take your to heights unknown.

Now, New York City night life consists of intimate lounges, perching on banquettes and bar stands showing off your fabulous ensemble and luxury accessories. Whether it’s the night life of the 1980s or the current evolution, night life in urban cities and still vibrant. Let your stilettos be your guide!!

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The Future Is Now

The Future is now. As societal norms, political structures, and demographics evolve, fashion rises to the challenge and celebrates the tides of change and the vicissitudes of life. Change is not tomorrow, change and evolution has modern currency. And Fashion Reverie is prepped and primed to document this shift in consumers’ palettes. Come celebrate with us.

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The Perfect Summer Beauty Combo: Grace, Freedom, and Charm

Every woman is looking for that special combination that gives her an edge. This summer stand out among the crowd with unfettered beauty that reflects grace, sophistication, and natural charm. Remember, this combination never goes out of style. This summer’s  trend of soft, natural beauty, loose  braids, and relaxed grace will get you noticed.

Just as Botticelli’s iconic painting of “The Three Graces” validated a woman’s beauty in it’s natural state, this beauty editorial revisits that iconic work of art seen through the lens of modernity and liberated, feminine charm.

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Photographer: Ken Jones

Beauty Editor: Janine Silver

Stylist: Renessta Olds

Makeup & Hair: Jacqueline Terrero

Models: Colette Laporta, MSA Models

                        Aava Ducayne, Margret-Louise

Grace, Charm, and Beauty

Grace, charm and sensuality never go out of style and in this re-interpretaton of “The Three Graces” image from Sandro Botticelli’s masterpiece “Primavera,” Fashion Reverie examines sensuality, charm and grace through a modern lens set against a stunning sylvan background. All the elements of nature, modern femininity, and beauty come to gather in this editorial, demonstrating that some virtues are eternal.

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Art Director: William S. Gooch III

Photographer: Ken Jones

Stylist: Renessta Olds

Makeup & Hair: Jacqueline Terrero

Styling Assistant: Stephanie Green

Models: Colette Laporta, MSA Models

                 Aava Ducayne, Margret-Louise

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