Editors’ Picks: With Homme+Femme’s Kentucky Derby Collaboration, Diversity Comes to Churchill Downs

With the Kentucky Derby happening this weekend, Drew Evans, founder of the streetwear brand Homme+Femme, has once again teamed up with Churchill Downs—the home of the Kentucky Derby. Homme+Femme has created an influential collection that includes signature varsity jackets, traditional workout blazer cardigans, crewneck sweatshirts, tees, and hats.

Homme+Femme is a streetwear brand doing its part to share not just any story, but the story of African American culture’s victories in the U.S. when it comes to the country’s oldest sporting traditions. Too often, these achievements are forgotten and rarely celebrated in modern America.

The Homme+Femme x Churchill Downs collection is a deeply rooted homage to the legacy of the Kentucky Derby and its prestigious history. This collaboration educates and illuminates the contributions of African Americans and their winning history as horsemen at Churchill Downs. In fact, 15 of the first 28 Kentucky Derbies were won by black jockeys.

The Kentucky Derby collaboration debuted May 1 and is available to shop at Churchill Downs and through HommeFemme.com. Pricing ranges from $65 to $600.

This year’s collection is focused on imbuing the prep school style of Southern culture that fans of the Kentucky Derby can appreciate. As a black-owned brand, Homme+Femme also worked diversity and inclusivity into this wonderful line of clothes and accessories. Most importantly, few brands are chosen to participate, so it’s considered an honor and privilege for Evans and his streetwear brand to be collaborating on a project for this derby for a second time.

Images courtesy of Michele Marie PR

“Being able to share our unknown African American history that our community may not have known about through expression and creativity means the world to me,” Evans said. “So much history from the past goes forgotten and we are still impacting the Derby to this day. Our collaboration brings pride to our heritage, promotes winning, excellence and pushes Homme+Femme further in the prestigious luxury market that we are building towards.”

Unfortunately, we often see some elements in society stoking the flames of hate, instead of leading with love and choosing unity over division. The Homme+Femme x Churchill Downs partnership aims to separate itself from other streetwear collaborations by bringing to light the idea of coming together and breaking down cultural barriers. By intersecting eye-popping pieces with a historic American sport, the brand has succeeded in paying homage not just to the Kentucky Derby, but to Churchill Down’s African American horsemen.

—Ryan Salfino



Beauty Alert: Avoid these Wedding Day Beauty Mistakes

Be not only the most stunning, but the most prepared bride by avoiding these common wedding day beauty faux pas.  Fashion Reverie spoke with expert makeup artists Tory Kuivanen and Janae Niles, with MAC and pro artists Rhona Samuels and Rafael German, with Valentino Beauty on all the do’s and don’ts of getting glam for your wedding day. 

From what products to keep around for touchups, to what not to do the day of the ceremony, these tips will ensure you look amazing and can spend more time enjoying your wedding with your guests.

Images courtesy of Anna Shvets

Do Focus on Skincare

“On your wedding day, what you really don’t want to see is makeup on the skin. It’s all about being romantic. If you’re drawn to the skin because there’s so much makeup, it takes away from the beauty of the day,” Samuels shares. “Which is why it’s important to prep the skin properly with good skincare … making sure [the products are] absorbed into the skin nicely. It’s like whoever is doing your makeup [should be] pretty much giving you a facial with the skincare.”


Image courtesy of pexels.com

Don’t Forget to think of the Weather

Different seasons or climates make a big difference to your skin and even subtle changes to the conditions, temperatures and humidity, can make or break your look. “I highly recommend a setting spray so that the makeup will last all day,” Samuels explains. Ideal for all brides running around and dancing the night away, but a setting spray is even more important in warmer temperatures.

German shares a few tips while explains, “I like to use matte for the summer but for winter weddings, I like to use a base oil. For the summer weddings, I like to use the Armani face balm, because when I put it on, it makes your skin dewy and radiant. When you put on the makeup [on top] it’s just more natural and more youthful.”

Image courtesy of Cottonbro Studios

Do Practice Self Care

Take care of your skin, drink enough water, and get some sleep the night before.  Weddings can be stressful, but you don’t want that to show on your face.

“Rest is the number one thing to keep in mind.  Makeup is meant to enhance you … but it won’t cover if your eyes are puffy,” explains Niles who recommends a whole face mask to hydrate, refresh and plump the skin. Kuivanen also recommends applying eye patches the night before or the morning of.

Don’t Experiment with New Products

 Your wedding day isn’t the day to try out anything new.  “Don’t use any new products.  No new skincare, no new makeup,” explains Niles, as It could cause breakouts or irritation. Not only should you try out any products way ahead of time, but you should also take some photos to be sure you love the look in the camera and not just in the mirror.


Images courtesy of Anna Shuraeva and Cottonbro Studio

Do Keep the Camera in Mind

“Honestly, do your makeup for the camera because anytime a professional photographer is taking your picture, the makeup you have on kind of disappears,” Kuivanen explains.

“Go a little more than you think you need; most makeup artists know to do this already.”


Images courtsy of Valeria Boltneva and Antonio Guerra

Don’t Forget Touch Ups

Kuivanen recommends keeping some lipstick or lip gloss on you as well as keeping some powder on hand for quick touchups. You don’t need much. But having these two or three beauty staples on hand will allow you to look your best all night long.

 Do Trust Your Makeup Artist

“Always trust your gut,” Samuels advises.  “You find a good artist then you feel like that is the artist for you. Then trust the artist. It’s your vision, but they will bring your vision to life.”

Janine Silver







Oh, the Joy of Celebrity Spring Weddings

Wedding season is upon us and at Fashion Reverie, besides weddings, there is something Fashion Reverie loves even more celebrity weddings! Right after a busy New York Bridal Week and lots of champagne, we are super inspired to predict some of our top five celebrity brides-to-be looks predictions. 

Images courtesy of people.com and Atelier PR

Lana Del Rey and Evan Winiker

Lana is engaged to music manager Evan Winiker. Though they were engaged after a short dating period, their engagement comes as a very happy surprise. Both Lana and Evan are in the music industry, so their wedding should be lots of fun. The stylish singer could look amazing in the Madeline collection with an A-line skirt, puffy sleeves and floral print. This bridal look is different, romantic, and fitting for the star. 

Image courtesy of eonline.com and Atelier PR

Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma

Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma announced their Disneyland engagement on February 19, 2023. “We said YES,” Rebel captioned her post. Now this wedding can inspire same-sex weddings. Rebel and Ramona are both stylish and stunning, so will they both wear a gown? Ines di Santo gave lots of options for the spring 2024 bridal season and she even presented some designs in pairs. Fashion Reverie thinks an option of a bustier with a cape and a more feminine, flower-embellished long train dress would be a vision of two beautiful brides. 

Image courtesy of eonline.com and Atelier PR

Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker

After more than two years of dating Vanessa and Cole Tucker are engaged. These two radiate passion and love and we can’t wait to see what the wedding will be. As for Vanessa, Fashion Reverie suggests newly presented to the New York bridal market Nardos. Nardos has several options, especially for all types of bridal celebrations. That said, Fashion Reverie would love to see Vanessa Hudgens in a mini, bell-shaped dress with a long veil. 

Image courtesy of people.com and Ese Azenabor

Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa

Kate Hudson has been engaged since 2021 so we are anticipating her wedding very soon. Dallas-based, Nigerian fashion designer Esé Azénabor has a gown in her spring collection that would speak to Kate Hudson. Esé Azénabor’s dramatic shoulders, volumized skirt and deep decollate accessorized at waist would be a great choice for Kate Hudson. Not just anyone can pull off this look, but Kate can! 

Image courtesy of eonline and Rami Al Ali

Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey

On April 7th Olivia announced that the NFL star had popped the question. Christian McCaffrey got down on one knee and Olivia said yes! Now it is easy to get a gown to fit a model, so Olivia will have many choices. Perhaps, something from Rami Al Ali, in the choice of a strapless A-line dress with a beautiful, ruffled neckline.

Congratulations to the beautiful couples! 

Tijana Ibrahimovic

Breaking Fashion News: Sayonara Issey Miyake

Image courtesy of skynews.com

Iconic Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake has died.  Often thought of as the Asia designer who opened the proverbial fashion door for Asian designers, Miyake was known for his origami-like designers that featured pleated skirts, dresses and pants that facilitated more freedom of movement.

Issey Miyake was one of the first designers who thought of clothes as pieces of design art and from that conception he collaborated with many architects and photographers. Miyake was one of the first designers to appear on the cover of Art Forum, unheard in 1982 and do have in fashion designs in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. He was also the first Japanese designer to present a collection during Paris Fashion Week. And this showing in Paris opened the doors for other Japanese fashion designers, namely Yohji Yamamoto, Junka Watanabe, and Rei Kawakubo.

Image courtesy of bbc.com

Miyake is best known for his micro pleating which he began experimenting with around 1988. His micro pleating design aesthetic enjoyed a huge popularity among younger consumers and new consumers to this new direction in fashion.

His Pleats Please line, launched in 1993 contained garments that had no zippers, buttons, or snaps. There were no delineated waistlines or armholes and could be easily slipped into, requiring very few underpinnings. The garments ranged in color from blue, green and crimson—or fabrics printed with flowers or tattoos. Issey Miyake also used a proprietary heating system that facilitated his garments never losing their shape and never wrinkled.

Issey Miyake’s Bao Bao bag was also a very popular item. The Bao Bao bag is made from mesh fabric layered with small colorful triangles of polyvinyl, has long been an accessory of choice for creative industries. 

Image courtesy of torontostar.com

Issey Miyake was born in 1938 and walked with a noticeable limp, the result of being of radiation poisoning—that caused bone marrow disease—of the Hiroshima bombing in his hometown. He graduated with a degree in design from Tama Art University in Tokyo in 1963. While living in Paris he worked as an assistant to Guy La Roche and Hubert de Givenchy.

After working in New York, Miyake founded the Miyake Design Studio in Tokyo in 1970. Miyake did not see himself as a fashion designer because as he stated, “Anything that’s ‘in fashion’ goes out of style too quickly … I don’t make fashion. I make clothes.” 

Image courtesy of newyorktimes.com

“I am most interested in people and the human form,” Mr. Miyake told The Times in 2014. “Clothing is the closest thing to all humans.”

Issey Miyake died on August 9 of liver cancer.

—William S. Gooch

Editors’ Picks: 2022 Traditional and Nontraditional Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a time to show love and appreciation to your spouse, close friends, or family members. Even though the holiday has a romantic tone, the gifts you give love don’t need to be.  Though things like chocolates and flowers are the gifts that come to your mind when you think of Valentine’s Day, there are many other gifts out there that show the same appreciation. At Fashion Reverie we have gathered a mix of traditional and non-traditional Valentine’s gifts.

Godiva Valentine’s Day Fabric Heart Chocolate Gift Box, 14 pc. $49.95

When one thinks of chocolates, it is hard not to think of Godiva. They have delivered yet again with a beautiful 14-piece chocolate gift box that is adorned in red satin. With a mix of milk, dark, and white chocolates, everyone is sure to find at least one chocolate that they enjoy. There is nothing like receiving a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day and this one is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Deanna First “Matchbook” Illustration $100-$475

This customized piece of artwork by NYC-based artist Deanna First is a great way to show your adoration for your relationship with your significant other. First takes your favorite restaurants, bars, and bakeries to create a keepsake that you will cherish forever. This is a great sentimental gift that will be admired by you and yours for a long time.

Shaun Leon Bath & Body Moods & Vibrations Scented Candle $45

A Moods & Vibrations Scented Candle from Shaun Leon Bath & Body is a great gift to give to the person in your life who loves fragrances. The scents available include Sicilian Fig, Exotic Pear, Mancave, and English Floral. With a variety of scents, this can be a perfect gift for the special man or woman in your life.

Common Alloy Love Bracelet $75

The Love Bracelet from Common Alloy is the perfect gift to remind that person how special they are and how much you love them. This bracelet has the perfect amount of sparkle and shine, which makes it a great bracelet to wear alone or stacked with others. Made in gold vermeil, this bracelet is sure to become a favorite and will be a great reminder of the love that you and your partner share.

Robert Piguet Notes Eau de Parfum $185

Notes by Robert Piguet is a great scent to gift as a great gender-neutral fragrance. With notes of clary sage, bergamot, orange flower, and geranium, this scent is warm and luxurious. There is nothing better than giving the gift of perfume to your significant other as a gentle, long-lasting reminder of you.

Ariana Rabbani Five Dangle Diamond Heart Necklace $925

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like gifting a heart necklace to your loved one. This necklace from Ariana Rabbani is not your typical heart necklace as it includes five hearts with diamonds. It is a great piece on its own, but it is also great to pair with other necklaces. In 14 carat gold, this necklace is meant to stay with you forever and will remind you of the love that you share.

Voller “Smooched” Sand Shorts $75

These shorts from Voller are an ideal gift to show your love year-round. Voller sand shorts were developed for playing beach volleyball but are a great short for any type of activity. With the cheeky smooch design placed on the back, it makes the shorts versatile enough to wear whenever. Your significant other will love these.

All images courtesy of the respective brands

Bow + Sprig Everywhere Tray $60

The Everywhere Tray from Bow + Sprig is a useful gift for your partner who is all set on receiving a jewelry gift. It is the perfect spot for them to lay out their jewelry and is a great way to keep all their sentimental pieces in one place. Available in three classic and minimalist patterns, this is a practical and eye-catching gift. It may not be the most traditional, but it sure reminds your partner that you have put some serious thought into this Valentine’s Day gift.

Phoebe Howard

Editors’ Pick: 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies Uniforms Roundup

With the 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies just a few days away, there is always a lot of curiosity about the Opening Ceremonies uniforms of the athletes. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has made in-person viewership a bit tenuous, limiting attendance at the Opening Ceremonies, consumers still anticipate what the athletes will be wearing.

Fashion Reverie always presents to our viewers a wealth of information about all things fashion and that includes Olympic uniforms. Below you will find our roundup of some of the best 2022 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony uniforms.

Image courtesy of CNN


Canada is always a standout when it comes to Opening Ceremony uniforms, be it Winter or Summer Olympics. This Winter Olympics Canada has two uniforms, one for the Opening Ceremonies and another uniform for the Closing Ceremonies.

Lulemon, a Vancouver based athleisure wear brand, designed both Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the Canadian team. The uniforms are head-to-toe red and consist of vests, zip-ups, full parkas, down jackets, joggers, and trapper caps, among other clothing. The outfits can be modified, such as the down jacket can be carried like a backpack if the temperature rises. The material is breathable, insulated, sweat-wicking, bacteria-inhibiting, and resistant to water and wind.

Image courtesy of insidethegames.com


As the host country, you would expect the athletes’ uniforms to be spectacular. Well, you will not be disappointed. Dubbed ‘Champion Dragon Clothes,’ the Chinese team’s uniforms were designed by Hong Kong fashion icon Timmy Yip. According to Chinese state media CGTN, the design is inspired by the Chinese character “Zhong” and the culture of the country.

“The stand collar and knot button are distinctive and simple. The red lines on the two sides, together with the line in the middle form the Chinese character ‘Zhong’, giving people a mobile sense of climbing up,” Yip was quoted as saying by CGTN.

China also unveiled a uniform with self-heating thermal underwear and non-slip boots for presentation parties. The uniforms are in three types, named “Lucky Snow and Cloud,” “Great Landscape” and “Flying Snow in Tang dynasty.” Each of the sets is completed with a hat and a pair of gloves.

Image courtesy of asiantimes.com


When it comes to standout designs for the 2022 Winter Olympics, Kazakhstan hit the ball out of the park.  The blue and white colors of the uniforms represent water, ice, and snow, with black symbolizing good luck in Kazakh culture. The uniforms were created by Russian designer Dmitry Shishkin with Kazakh company ZIBROO.

Image courtesy of prestigehongkong.com

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic sent their largest contingent to the 2022 Winter Olympics, a contingent of 113 athletes, participation in all 15 Winter Olympic disciplines. The official kit for the Czech Republic has a white jacket with red and blue stripes forming geometric shapes. It is paired with a blue beanie with red and white stripes and matching gloves.

Images courtesy of Getty Images


This roundup would not be complete without including the Opening Ceremony uniforms of the USA. And true to form, Ralph Lauren is the design brand of choice for the USA. Of course, that is expected in that Ralph Lauren in the official outfitter of the USA Olympic teams.

Team USA athletes will be seen wearing hooded anoraks, beanies and gloves at the opening ceremony crafted by the fashion house, with boots in red and white colorways to complete the look. For Team USA’s opening ceremony appearance, Ralph Lauren uniforms have navy blue as the dominant color for the outfits for women and white for the men.

For the individual sports, various brands will design for specific sports. Columbia Sportswear for the curling team; Volcom for the snowboard team, and Spyder for the Alpine ski team.

Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS is the official undergarment outfitter for the USA Team. And for the medal podium Nike is the official outfitter. Athletes will be dressed in light-blue hooded jackets and darker blue shade tracksuit bottoms. The famous Nike Swoosh features on the right chest of the uniform and the “USA” logo, positioned vertically on the back, is stylized in a way that reads the same from any direction.

—William S. Gooch




“Fashion Reverie Talks” Season 2, Episode 4

Episode 4 is “Fashion Reverie Talks” fall 2021 Shopping episode. True to our format, we start each episode with our Fashion News Alerts. Co-hosts Carl Ayers, Cicily Daniels, and Tijana Ibrahimovic give voice to Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing’s admission of burn injuries suffered as the result of a home fire. There was also a discussion of Nordstrom’s collaboration with Dr. Marten’s, evidenced in a Dr. Marten pop-up shop inside of Nordstrom. Lastly, the co-hosts spoke to Ryan Gosling becoming a brand ambassador for TAG HEUER.

Tijana Ibrahimovic examined great fall 2021 ladies’ coats with associate editor Phoebe Howard that run the gamut of fall 2021 coats from the fashion disruptor Vivienne Westwood to plus-size brand Eloquii to the more traditional Burberry. Co-host Cicily Daniels also has an engaging conversation with co-host Carl Ayers about his fall 2021 Styleout which includes the fall 2021 trends of cutouts, soft leather, and midi skirts.

 This episode ends with a round table between the co-hosts as they break down fall 2021 fashion collaborations between Stella McCartney and Adidas, Target’s collaboration with Victor Glemaud, Sandy Liang, Nili Lotan, and Rachel Comey, and the iconic Iris Apfel and H&M. We always keep our viewers informed of the all the great movings and shakings in the fashion industry. All done with humor, charm, and interesting perspectives.


Weekend Fashion News Alert: Scarlett Johansson’s Beauty Brand, Skims Connects to US Olympic Team, and Kylie Cosmetics Relaunches

Image courtesy of people.com

Kim Kardashian keeps expanding her empire.  Kardashian’s her undergarment/loungewear/shapewear brand Skims has been named the official undergarment and pajama brand for the US Olympic team and the US Paralympic team for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

When Kim launched her Skims in 2018, few predicted that this brand would achieve the market saturation that has been achieved. Valued at 1.6 million dollars, Skims has become one of the go-to brands for consumers that are looking for undergarments that not only support the body but also has a shaping component.

For the US Olympic team, Skims has created an assortment of bralettes, tee shirts, briefs, tank tops, leggings, socks, and more—each of which flaunt a United States flag emblem and Olympic rings. And Kardashian has tapped current Olympians Alex Morgan, Scout Bassett, Haley Anderson, A’ja Wilson, and Dalilah Muhammad to model the Tokyo Olympic collections. This new collection is available for consumers at skims.com.

Image courtesy of newbeauty.com

Scarlett Johansson tips into the skincare pool

Scarlett Johansson is the latest celebrity to dip into the beauty brand pool.  Though there is no name for the beauty brand, the launch date is in early 2022. The skincare beauty brand will be backed by Najafi Companies—the same private investment beauty firm behind Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern—as well as Moon Oral Care, Johansson will chair the skincare line.

Johansson will be assisted in this endeavor by fashion executive Kate Foster, who has previously worked with Juicy Couture and Victoria’s Secret Beauty. With her co-founder Kate Foster and Najfi Companies, Johansson will operate independently, maintaining her creative input and vision.

Johansson has previously served as a brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris and Dolce & Gabbana. There is currently no information on the types of product that will be included in Johansson’s beauty brand.

Image courtesy of allure.com

Kylie Cosmetics goes vegan

Kylie Cosmetics is relaunching as a clean, vegan brand with new formulas. American beauty conglomerate Coty, Inc announced this change in direction for Kylie Cosmetics on this past Thursday. Coty, Inc bought a majority share in Kylie Cosmetics in November 2019.

“We are excited about the relaunch of Kylie Cosmetics with a reformulated range that is really at the forefront of everything Gen Z wants,” said Sue Y. Nabi, Coty’s CEO, as reported in fashionnetwork.com. “Kylie Cosmetics is followed by many millions of people across the world. Our new online platform, along with selected retailers, allows consumers to buy their whole beauty routine in one space, from the cleanser to the moisturizer, the highlighter, or the lip color.”

“I’m so proud to relaunch Kylie Cosmetics with all new formulas that are clean and vegan,” said Kylie Jenner. “Innovation has come far in the past few years. When creating this line, it was so important to me to commit to using clean ingredients across the board, but to never sacrifice performance. My new lip kit has 8-hour wear and is so comfortable on the lips, and all my new formulas are amazing. I’m excited for everyone to try the new products.”

The updated formulas have been created without the use of animal oils, parabens, or gluten, along with a long list of over 1,600 other potentially harmful and irritating ingredients. There will also be a new packaging, as well as a new way to shop Kylie Cosmetics.

The relaunched Kylie Cosmetics will be available to consumers on July 15 through a new direct-to-consumer website, as well as such stores as Harrods and Selfridges in the UK, Douglas in Europe, and Mecca in Australia. The brand will be available in the US in Ulta Beauty stores in August 2021.

—William S. Gooch

Editor’s Picks: Shades for the 2021 Summer Season, the Ideal Statement Piece for Your Face

Image courtesy of Instagram

Sunglasses are the face’s statement piece. Anna Wintour, the fashion industry’s queen of sunglasses, is a perfect example of how an accessory can come to function as much more than a simple utilitarian accessory. In a 2019 interview with Insider magazine, she brazenly stated that her iconic thick shades are “incredibly useful because you avoid people knowing what you’re thinking about.” Her sunglasses quite literally accessorize the mystique surrounding her elite status and camouflage her emotions under thick plastic layers (would Anna Wintour wear plastic?) Sunglasses act as a statement but also often make a statement about a person in their fashioning as a representation of anonymity, status, emotion, and individuality. It is then no surprise that shades have been the muse for countless songs, most notably in Corey Hart’s “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night,” with the title showcasing the accessories’ use for everything but shielding the sun. Below are Fashion Reverie’s editor picks for shades that are much more than functional!

The Celebrity Status Shades

Image courtesy of @vogueeyewear on Instagram

“You got designer shades just to hide your face and you wear ’em around like you’re cooler than me, and you never say hey or remember my name, and it’s probably cause you think you’re cooler than me” —”Cooler Than Me,” Mike Posner

Celebrities are known to use sunglasses to conceal their identity while out in public. Their status paired with shades gives a look of mystique, prestige, and attempted anonymity. It is then appropriate that celebrities have been tied to particular shades or styles since they are seen wearing them quite often. Here are Fashion Reverie’s celebrity favorites picks!

Image courtesy of Crap Eyewear


Crap Eyewear x Emma Chamberlain The Prima Donna $89

Image courtesy of Oliver Peoples


Oliver Peoples O’Malley Sun $511

Image courtesy of Farfetch


Vogue Eyewear Gigi Hadid Capsule Low Frame Sunglasses $70


The “Seeing the World through Rose-Colored Glasses” Shades lyrics

Image courtesy of Nicole Nodland

“I put ’em on to keep it positive. Don’t mean to tell you how to feel. But I’m a firm believer in the power of the plastic. Positive plastic in my pink sunglasses” —”Pink Sunglasses,” Miranda Lambert

With the US adjusting back to normalcy, many are enthusiastic about the summer that we seemed to have lost last year. With masks gone and the summer sun moving in, many would like to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Fashion Reverie has curated a list of shades that will help to put this summer in a positive, rosy light!

FENDI $250

Image courtesy of sunglass hut

GUCCI Chain Square Embellished Sunglasses $513

Image courtesy of Moda Operandi

The MVMNT Biz The DRIP Sunglasses $14.99

Image courtesy of Etsy

Celebrity Favorite Highlight: Lana Del Rey

Music artist Lana Del Rey has been known to wear a variety of heart-shaped sunglasses over the years and even included a lyrical nod to her love for them in her 2012 song “Diet Mountain Dew. Heart-shaped sunglasses were most popular around 2015 and are now making a resurgence in more avant-garde shapes. Below is Fashion Reverie’s top 2021 Lana Del Rey-esque pick!

Saint Laurent Loulou Heart Sunglasses $420

Image courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

The “Feeling Brand New” Shades

Image courtesy of @oliviarodrigo on Depop

“I feel like new sunglasses, like a brand new pair of jeans, I feel like taking chances, I feel a lot like seventeen. I feel like windows rolled down, new city, streets, and cabs” —”Brand New,” Ben Rector

Sunglasses often transform a look, and many are wanting to experiment with new (and riskier) shapes and colors this season. These picks are for those who are feeling like they want to switch up their style and try something new and exciting!

Remo Tulliani POWER $165

Image courtesy of Remo Tulliani

Don’t be Shady Theo Circle Sunglasses $30.98

Image courtesy of Don’t be Shady

Celebrity Favorite Highlight: Kaia Gerber

Image courtesy of @lexxola on Instagram

American model and actress Kaia Gerber is coming for Anna Wintour’s title as sunglass queen. Unlike Wintour, she does not necessarily have a signature look, rather she tries a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Gerber, like many other GenZ-ers, is obsessed with Lexxola glasses, which is a unisex brand that became extremely popular on TikTok. Below is Fashion Reverie’s favorite Lexxola pick!

Image courtesy of Lexxola

Lexxola Damien $267.54

—Tessa Swantek



Kpop Artists’ Duality Exemplifies a Current Juxtaposition of Fashion and Music

Image courtesy of koreanfashiononline.com

Bright colors explode across the screen as fantastic and intricate dances perfectly meld with the honey tones of the singer’s voices. The eye is pulled from one amazing scene to the next, each more stimulating than the last. K-pop is enthusiasm personified and its huge following over the past few years is a testament to that. “A maximalist dreamland full of color” is how Maria Sherman for NPR describes K-pop, or Korean pop, in its aesthetic focus and high-powered performances. K-pop is a genre unlike any other as it reflects Korean culture. as well as influences from other cultures that fuse into an art form that is far from being solely about music. Sherman writes that “K-pop is music that is stuffed but never bloated; music that is fun and meant to elicit joy when listened to and seen (K-pop is designed to be enjoyed visually as much, if not more, than it is meant to be heard) with performances and music videos that double as art films.” K-pop groups even have a designated “visual” who exemplifies Korean cultural beauty standards, which is problematic, but demonstrates the visual focus of K-pop. The importance of aesthetics in the music genre translates to the fashion realm as well with many K-pop group members also doubling as fashion influencers and models.

Image courtesy of Instagram

The colorful vision of the music video set is easily transferred into the pearls, rhinestones, and intricate patterns of the artists’ outfits. Blackpink, one of the most popular K-pop girl groups with international fame and recognition, are often symbols of modern K-pop fashion with many others trying to emulate their style. In their music video for their single “How You Like That,” members Rosé, Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo don high fashion luxury pieces from Chanel, Marine Serre, Alexander McQueen, AREA, and Dior among many other brands. Apart from being sonically appealing, the video is so aesthetically appealing that it practically replicates a high fashion runway show. The styling is filled to the brim without running over with stacked jewelry, rhinestone hairpieces, body chains, and metallic boots.

Image courtesy of Instagram

Fashion choices in K-pop music videos are based on K-pop’s identity as a genre and a visual culture rather than trends. In NCT U’s “Make a Wish,” Taeyong, leader and group visual, sets the tone for the fashion in the video as he appears in swinging pearl stacked chains, a Gucci jacket over top a yellow silk button down paired with sparkle trousers. Members hang from intricate chandeliers and look just as, if not more, beautiful than the diamonds dripping from the ceiling. While members in K-pop videos are often wearing designer pieces, the looks are fresh, exciting, and distinct mirroring the music genre.

Image courtesy of ezuphotomobile.com

While K-pop is often synonymous with maximalism, sonically and visually, artists are also well-known for their minimalist style that more closely reflects South Korean street and ready-to-wear fashion. This style is often seen in airport photos and more casual settings. In a Vogue 2021 Seoul Fashion Week street style rundown, it is noted that many are opting for “darker, pared back looks” with photos depicting black tailored blazers, leather boots, oversized trousers, sweatpants paired with leather jackets, lace-up combat boots. and white sneakers. K-pop idols wear these types of looks which exemplify their personal style that is seemingly effortless and chic, emphasizing body proportions which play a major role in South Korean beauty standards.

K-pop idols’ images are extremely malleable with this being one of the trademarks of the music genre. Music videos often showcase maximalist fashion while street style images capture a minimalist appeal. Before a new “era” for a K-pop group, fans often look for signs of new hair colors that would indicate the filming of a new music video. Due to the artists’ duality, it is no surprise that many K-pop idols have become the face of many luxury fashion brands showcasing ready-to-wear pieces as well as haute couture pieces. 

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Every member of Blackpink fills the role of brand ambassador for a particular luxury fashion brand; Jennie is the face of Chanel often dubbed “human Chanel,” and went viral when seated next to Anna Wintour for Chanel’s Summer 2020 Paris rooftop presentation; Lisa is Celine’s global ambassador; Jisoo acts as Dior’s global ambassador, and Rosé acts as YSL’s global ambassador. EXO and SuperM’s Kai is Gucci’s first-ever Korean global ambassador with the brand even creating a capsule collection with him as the muse.

K-pop artists are muses to their fans as well which is one of the many reasons why we are seeing the “Korean wave” sweeping the globe with influences in skincare, makeup, fashion, television, and of course music.  One look at the #kpopfashion tag on TikTok shows a variety of fans in chains, leather, pleated skirts, and intricate layers and accessories. This is just one of the many demonstrations of K-pop’s influence and unique style that has captured the attention of a global audience that is willing and ready to be taken on a kaleidoscopic journey of excitement through music and fashion.

—Tessa Swantek

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