Rock It or Leave It: 2021 Trends to Embrace or Abandon in 2022

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We survived 2021!! Remember when we used to look forward to the New Year rather than breathing a sigh of relief that we survived the previous one? Well, not all of us made it—Betty White you were 99, yet you managed to die too young. 2021 was quite different from 2020 due to vaccines. (Fashion Reverie implores you to get vaccinated. More than 500 million people have been vaccinated and only a handful have had serious reactions. It’s SAFE.) We saw some celebrity red carpets come back—well, kind of. And with a renewed ability to leave the house, trends did emerge. Some were awesome, some, not so much. Here’s what you should embrace and what should be on the trash heap for 2022.

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Knee High Boots – Rock It

Knee high boots started strong as a trend for fall 2021 and it’s such a fun one; hopefully, this trend will stick around for a while. Knee high boots are so versatile and a practical way to keep one’s legs warm in winter, even when wearing skirts. A tip: When you take off your boots and put them in your closet, don’t let them fold over. Over time the leather or fabric can wear and peel. If you don’t have boot stays, put a tall empty water bottle in the boot to keep it standing upright.

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Bra tops with Jackets – Leave It

In 2021 Rosanna Getty, Jason Wu, and Tom Ford all put outfits on the runway that featured bra tops with jackets aka the “I forgot my blouse” look. But the truth is very few women would feel comfortable showing that much skin nor would that look be appropriate for most of their day-to-day lives, particularly if you have work in an office. This one is a hard pass.

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Ecofashion/Upcycling – Rock It

The past few years have made it clear that climate change is very real. This forced the fashion industry to take a hard look at the number of resources it consumes and consider ways to reduce it. Entire companies are now devoted to using sustainable resources for their clothes. Some are finding ways to utilize fabric from discarded clothing. Consumers are realizing that it doesn’t take much effort to reduce their carbon footprints. Onward and upward.

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Comfortable footwear – Rock It

When the pandemic started, and we couldn’t leave the house, women everywhere abandoned their high heels for chunky sneakers. While the chunky sneakers craze has died down, women still want flat, comfortable footwear. Now sleek oxfords and chic loafers are all the rage. These shoes look and feel good. Let’s keep the comfy trend going.

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Shoulder-length earrings – Leave It

Holy Cow, who decided to start this trend? Well, we know it was all over the runways in 2021 including JW Andersen, Dolce & Gabanna, and Ulla Johnson. Yes, consumers are willing to be uncomfortable for fashion but there are limits! Not only would shoulder-length earrings make it difficult to move around, but it could also be very dangerous. If it catches on something a woman could end up needing surgery! Nobody wants to become an actual fashion victim.

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Skinny Jeans – Leave It

The demand for comfort claims another victim. Skinny jeans aren’t just uncomfortable; a few medical professionals are now saying wearing them regularly can cause nerve damage and advise patients to wear them once a week, at most. Or maybe you could just stop wearing them, period!!

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Gender Neutral Fashion – Rock It

Great strides have been made with society and communities becoming more accepting of gender nonconformity. A big leap has been the trend of clothes labeled masculine or feminine are being looked at as gender neutral, free to be worn by anyone who feels comfortable in them. People are realizing it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Candace Owens received HUGE backlash when she criticized Harry Styles for wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue saying she preferred “manly men.” The fashion industry agrees; wear what you like!

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Knits – Rock It

Another fabulous trend. Oversized knit sweaters were a cozy, warm, comfortable—is the trend for 2022 just going to be feeling comfortable in your clothes—practical trend for fall 2021, so let’s keep this up! Knits are going to be huge in 2022 and it’s great. While their popularity goes up and down, knits are chic and practical. If you care for them properly, they will last for years.  

—Cameron Grey Rose

New Year’s Eve 2021 Styleout

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With all the chaos on the planet, we all need something to look forward to. If we’re not looking forward to 2022, at least we’re looking to get away from 2021. If you are going to attend a New Year’s Eve celebration, please do so safely, responsibly, and fashionably.

If you need help putting together your last look for 2021, and your first look for 2022, look no further. Fashion Reverie has put together a few outfit ideas that are festive and timeless. From classic color themes to new, relaxed approaches, we’re covering all fashion bases so that you are snazzy and comfortable at midnight. Cheers!

Jacket: 12 Storez $304
Blouse: Open Edit $55
Pants: Federica Tosi $378
Shoes: Dee Ocleppo $356
Earrings: Maria Black $81
Ring: Federica Tosi $164
Purse: Salar $334

2021 New Year’s Eve Outfit – Black and Gold

Nothing is as stylish as a black and gold outfit. The color combo oozes class and sophistication. And isn’t that how you want to be remembered in 2021 and seen in 2022? For a little flair, add an animal print and watch everyone take notice.

Dress: Diane von Furstenberg $469
Earrings: Tory Burch $195
Ring: : Forte Forte$195
Bracelet: Fendi $390
Boots: Giannico $389
Bow purse: Red (V) $304

2021 New Year’s Eve Outfit– Blue and Silver

Blue and silver are the traditional colors of the New Year, so of course it should be the theme of your midnight outfit. The color pairing is both elegant and festive, and by combining chic items with more edgier ones, you are stepping into the new year aiming to claim “best dressed” honors.

Blouse: MGSM $231
Pants: Kiki de Montparnasse $210
Slippers: Sophia Webster $228
Earrings: Loveness Lee $213
Necklace: Forte Forte $208
Bracelet: Salvatore Ferragamo $255

2021 New Year’s Eve Outfit – Winter White

Gone are the rules that dictate white can only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Walk into the New Year in your winter white. Clean, simple, and streamlined, it is an easy way to enjoy the celebration without all of the hassle of getting done up for the occasion.

Sleeveless turtleneck: Cushnie $303
Skirt: Karl Lagerfeld $345
Earrings: Roxanna Assoulin $116
Necklace: MGSM$126
Ankle boots: Sam Edelman $242
Purse: Saint Laurent $375

2021 New Year’s Eve Outfit – Sparkle

What is a New Year’s Eve party without a little bling? Light up the room with some sparkle in your outfit. But don’t overdo it. One show-stopping garment is all you need. Let the other elements of your outfit enhance and highlight your featured piece; don’t make them fight for the spotlight.

Pajama top: Soma $33
Pajama pants: Soma $33
Slippers: J. Crew $25
Blanket: Lands’ End $18
New Year Glasses: Party City $8
Happy New Year mug: Wayfair $15

2021 New Year’s Eve Outfit – Pajamas

Spending New Year’s Eve at home? There’s nothing wrong with that. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to dress for the occasion. If you’re safely turning the clock from your couch, you can still look the part in your pajamas. And if it’s a family affair, you can buy matching sets or let everyone go rogue and put together their own at-home ensemble.

Sweater: Tee Shirt Place $35
Leggings: Koral $92
Boots: Mou $297
Bag: Pinko $298

2021 New Year’s Eve Outfit – Ugly Sweater

Ugly sweaters are a good time laugh that deserves more credit. They are usually reserved for Christmas, but you can extend the party for a week with an ugly sweater for New Year’s Eve. You won’t need to add much more to your outfit; the sweater will be more than enough. So just throw on some pants and shoes and head out the door in your faux ugly chic attire.

—Carl Ayers

Fall 2021 Styleout

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In fashion, we often look to see what the big style trends will be for the fall and winter months. Lush garments, big boots, heavy coats … The September issue of most magazines is often dubbed their “fashion issue” for good reason. It’s frequently the largest issue of the year, filled with scores of pages of high-end advertisers, aspirational editorials, and wishful shopping guides.

While these autumn magazine issues enlighten us of the latest fashion crazes, you can almost predict them yourself … if you’ve been paying attention months before. Although fall fashion trends are often revealed on the January and February runways, shoppers are given a slight preview during the late spring months. That is when the pre-fall collections hit the stores, and the pre-fall collections often give us an idea of what the designers and retailers have planned for us when the weather dips.

Fashion Reverie previously published our pre-fall 2021 trend shopping guide, but now we’re taking it one step further. As we have stepped into fall, this style-out shows how your pre-fall wardrobe can make the same seamless transition, bringing its style trends along with it into the colder months.

Fall 2021 Womenswear Trend – Cutouts

Dress: WeWoreWhat $125 Coat: Kaos $194 Shoes: Laura Biagiotti $124 Purse: Isla $261 Shell Earrings: Nach $52 Star Ring: First People First $65

The temps may be slightly dropping, but you don’t always want to be fully covered up. You can still play peek-a-boo with your wardrobe, just have something to cover yourself up when you get a little chilly.

Blouse: Relish $54
Skirt: Berna $134
Boots: Lola Cruz $184
Bag: Yuzefi $406
Earrings: Fossil $47
Watch: Fossil $126

Fall 2021 Womenswear Trend – Soft Leather

Leather is always a go-to material for the cold. But you don’t have to reserve the material just for jackets, boots, and gloves. You can get in on the stylish action with a leather shirt, skirt, or pants. And venture away from the traditional black. Experiment with some color, whether bright or subdued.

Dress: Chinti and Parker $294
Boots: Dr. Martens $340
Bag: Marc Jacobs $333
Earrings: Jennifer Behr $236
Watch: Bering $224
Ring: Wilhelmina Garcia $104

Fall 2021 Womenswear Trend – Rainbow

Rainbows are not just for the summer. They are year-round pick me ups. We don’t see many rainbows in the fall and winter, so you may have to be your own bowl of sunshine. Let that good energy radiate from within, but literally wear it on your sleeve. Don traditional rainbows or play with color blocking options for a cheerful vibe on the dreary days.

Dress: MSGM $620
Boots: Stuart Weitzman $363
Purse: Shrimps $420
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban $180
Earrings: Federica Tosi $131
Ring: Voodoo Jewels $151

Fall 2021 Womenswear Trend – Midi Dress (Calf Length)

You don’t have to go from summertime miniskirts directly to full length dresses for the fall. Have fun with a midi dress—that comes midway down your legs. Show off your calves and your boots for a subtle flash of style. To really make your outfit pop, opt for a contrasting footwear color.

Top: 8 By Yoox $49
Skirt: Vicolo $63
Boots: Tila March $215
Bag: Verdi $205
Earrings: Kurshuni $39
Necklace: Lauren Ralph Lauren $77

Fall 2021 Womenswear Trend – Pinks and Prints

The ultimate style finesse is when you can wear two trends at once. Shades of pink paired with printed designs are a beautiful touch of feminine sophistication. You can accentuate the look with neutral-colored accessories so that the blush tones can shine through and take center stage.

Top: 8 By Yoox $49
Skirt: Vicolo $63
Boots: Tila March $215
Bag: Verdi $205
Earrings: Kurshuni $39
Necklace: Lauren Ralph Lauren $77

Fall 2021 Womenswear Trend – Dark Florals and Leggings

Another two-for-one look is combining dark florals with your leggings. We know you’re not ready to give up your leggings, so instead of looking like you’re going to spin class, look like you’re going to brunch. You don’t have to do a full head-to-toe look, opting for a dark floral top and solid color leggings, or vice versa, is perfectly fine. Just step it up from athleisure to head turner.

—Carl Ayers

Pre-fall 2021 Trend Shopping Guide

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Though it doesn’t feel like it, summer is almost over. As seasons change, so does our wardrobe. But not everyone is ready to change over their closets for the autumn weather. Luckily for us, there are the pre-fall collections—the bridge collections that help us gently transition from summer to fall. The pre-fall collections usually give us a sneak peak of what designers and retailers have in mind for the colder months, but these collections also give consumers a jump on the upcoming fall trends.

So, to prepare you for your seasonal style makeover, Fashion Reverie has put together our seven favorite fashion trends from the pre-fall collections. These tips will give you a head start on your friends, and these items will serve you well into the spring.

Images courtesy of the respective brands

Rainbow Sweaters

This year has been a doozy, and we can all use a pick me up. Brighten up your day with a little rainbow of fun. We know outfits can help elevate our moods, so why not give yourself an extra boost with multi-colored rays of sun. You can opt for just a little shine with this sweater from Boden, or you can go full out with an all-over color explosion by The Elder Statesman.

Images courtesy of their respective brands

Dark Florals

In “The Devil Wears Prada,” Meryl Streep’s character Miranda Priestly famously says “Florals … for spring. Groundbreaking.” But who knew that florals for fall could actually be so exciting? But we’re not talking about bright, beaming florals. No, we’re talking about dark florals that are just as vivid and vibrant as their radiant counterparts. A clear standout are these silk floral pants by Escada and equally surprising is the gray Dries Van Noten trench with pink roses.

Images courtesy of their respective brands


Speaking of pink, it seems to be the color of the season. Interestingly, about a century ago, pink was associated with boys and blue was associated with girls. In the 1920’s that changed as people started to buy more pink clothes for little girls. Now, pink isn’t just for little girls, anymore. Women are seemingly replacing some of their vibrant reds with dainty pinks to express their demure side. Don’t get it twisted, these pinks may be toned down, but they can be just as sexy as red and as impactful as blue. You’re guaranteed to get a few double takes when you walk by in this body-hugging Chiari Boni dress or this dazzling Naeem Khan top.

Images courtesy of their respective brands

Cutout Details

It’s not just the color of your outfit that gets attention, but the subtle details also make someone take a second glance. Cutout details lead the eye to where you want people to focus. Maybe you want to show off your sexy belly button, like with this Burberry tee. Maybe your back is your strong feature, and you want everyone to know it in this Alice + Olivia dress. Or maybe you want to play a little skin peekaboo with this Gabriela Hearst jacket. With cutouts, you can choose whether to show a little, or show a lot. You can even layer them over other items (including a bodysuit) if you just like the illusion, but don’t want to show your skin.

Images courtesy of the respective brands

Midi Dresses

Not everyone wants to show skin. Miniskirts isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and some women don’t want to wear a maxi dress. The midi dress is a wonderful compromise. The hem of the dress comes down to your calves, the dress still accentuates your shape, and you’re comfortably covered up as much as you want to be. Some midi dresses cover your legs and let you highlight other parts of your body, like this dress from Farm Rio. Others cover you from neck to knee, and let their beautiful design speak for you, like this Teri Jon by Rickies Freeman dress.

Images courtesy of the respective brands

Eye-catching Leggings

What if you want your legs to be the star of the show? You’ve been putting in extra work in your spin classes, and you want to celebrate your efforts. Forego the skirts and dresses, and put your yams and gams (butt and legs) on display. You’ve earned it! We’re not saying walk around in your gym tights. No. In all things, be stylish. So turn heads with leggings that make a statement. Tell people you’re haute without saying a word by sporting these logo’d leggings by Balmain. Turn your outfit up a notch in these latex stirrup leggings by Wolford; they are slick and sexy, and make Sandy from “Grease” look like an amateur.

Images courtesy of the respective brands

Soft Leather

Leather is for lovers, and you’ll fall in lust with these soft leather items for the fall. Save your thick moto-style jackets for November. Until then, style and profile in soft leather tops and bottoms. The Gestuz shorts feel great on your skin, as does the cropped top by St. John. Whether you opt of real leather or vegan leather, you will looks and feel amazing. And as sure as winter is coming, this aesthetic will aid your style transition into the new year.

—Carl Ayers

Summer of Love – Style Out

Music is a universal unifier. Coupled with fashion, music is a language of love and expression. There are songs made about fashion from Elvis Presley’s “Blue Suede Shoes” and Paul McCartney’s “Vintage Clothes” to Run-D.M.C.’s “My Adidas” and Beyonce’s “Freakum Dress.” Even fashion editor Anna Dello Russo released “Fashion Shower” to promote her collaboration with H&M.  Music and fashion feed off of one another, and, together, they fuel us.

This style out features outfits inspired by popular love songs. Fashion allows us to dress up as the person we see ourselves as or whoever we want to be. Music is the hype man that provides extra encouragement and reassurance. However, one of the biggest motivators is love. Love has built empires and toppled kingdoms. Love has mended hearts and crushed souls. Oh, what you won’t do for love! (And fashion.)

Shirt: Jonathan Simkhai $195
Skirt: Marni $225
Shoes: Paul Andrew $398
Hat: Lack of Color $139
Sunglasses: Coach $140
Clutch: Isla $296

“Kiss Me More” – Doja Cat featuring Sza

In early 2021, Doja Cat and Sza teamed up for the bubblegum pop hit “Kiss Me More.” At a time when the world was still socially distancing, a song about kissing was a welcome respite.

Sampling Olivia Newton John’s 1981 hit “Physical,” MTV states the song has “romance, passion, bold sexual desires, and tenderness all at once.” A little flirting won’t hurt, and this sexy ensemble may land you a peck or two.

Dress: DSquared2 $518
Belt: Karl Lagerfeld $120
Handbag: Covers $301
Boots: GCDS $294
Silver bracelet: Gas Bijoux $202
Blue bracelet: Lizzie Fortunado Jewels $195
Ring: Loveness Lee $192

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” – Aerosmith

Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” from the soundtrack of the 1998 blockbuster “Armageddon,” was the rock bands first number one hit in the USA. The movie, which stars Liv Tyler (daughter of Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler), is about blue-collar deep-core drillers sent to outer space by NASA to stop a huge asteroid barreling toward Earth.

A trip to the heavens is what almost everyone dreams of, but not like this. It’s safer to stay planted on the ground, daydream about the skies above while in the arms of your loved one, and just dress like a fashionable sky traveler.

Dress: Love Moschino $212
Shoes: Tory Burch $274
Clutch: Giorgio Armani $307
Orange heart necklace: Seems $107
Silver heart bracelet: Shaun Leane $209
Silver sapphire ring: Monica Vinader $95

“My Heart Will Go On” – Celine Dion

“My Heart Will Go On” from the movie “Titanic” is one of the most memorable love songs ever written. What else is memorable from that movie is the Heart of the Ocean necklace, a blue diamond encircled by white diamonds. Many replicas and homage pieces have been created to celebrate the real necklace, which was actually a blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds and named the Love of the Sea. Throughout the years, the movie and remains near and dear to our hearts, and the song is a heavy karaoke favorite.

Bodysuit: Adidas Originals $40
Shorts: Levi’s $78
Belt: Emporio Armani $156
Socks: Marni $85
Sneakers: Diadora $290
Backpack: Bapy by *A BATHING Ape $410

“Peaches”  – Justin Bieber featuring Daniel Caesar & Giveon

Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” is a mellow love song whose lyrics talk about travel and spending time with the one you love.  It’s an easy listen while the two are you are just driving with no destination in mind.

No hype. No pretense. No need to get dolled up, you’ll look good even in your casual attire.  This is just about good vibes and having each other.

Mesh top: Ann Demeulemeester $382
Bra: Ernest Leoty $60
Necklace: Dannijo $129
Bracelet: Junya Watanabe $284
Black panther print jeans: R13 $276
Mesh boots: Stuart Weitzman $356

“That’s the Way Love Goes” – Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is known for being sexy and sultry, but she is also known for tempting us with innuendo. “That’s the Way Love Goes” is one of her tamer love songs, but she gets directly to the point.

Sometimes having a rough and tough exterior only masks the soft and sensual being underneath. With Janet, you can get the best of both worlds … and oh what a world that must be.

Jumpsuit: Lygia & Nanny $269
Necklace: Astley Clarke $207
Earrings: Valet $109
Bracelet: Gas Bijoux $218
Handbag: Themoirè $420
Shoes: Jimmy Choo $398

“Let’s Stay Together” – Al Green

Is slow dancing still a thing? Let’s take it back to the 70’s for some real baby-making music.

 Al Green is the epitome of smooth, and “Let’s Stay Together” is the epitome of groove. Fifty years after its release, this song still gets hips moving and crowds singing. They say what’s old will become new again, but this hit has never gone out of style.

—Carl Ayers



Spring 2021 Trend Styleout

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It appears that parts of the world are slowly opening and adjusting to their new normal. People are dining out, shopping, and traveling, all in hopes that we are rounding the corner on the COVID-19 pandemic. As we start to socialize again, our minds are turning toward that looming question, what am I going to wear?

We missed most of our social opportunities for 2020, so a lot of us are planning to double up in 2021. Twice as much traveling, twice as much time with family and friends, and twice as many lewks to be seen in. There are more than 25 projected fashion trends for spring 2021, so it may be a little tricky to stay on top of things this season, but Fashion Reverie has found a way to do it! We’ve taken the twelve best trends for spring 2021, broke them down into duos, and created an easy style out for each pair.

This guide will help you tackle the trends, get your money’s worth from your closet, and stay on your friends’ best dressed list.

Polo Ralph Lauren maxi dress: $243
Jonathan Simkhai cropped cardigan: $385
Gas Bijoux earrings: $109
Aurelie Bidermann bracelet: $252
Paris Texas shoes: $297
MLouye bag: $381

Maxi Dresses & Stripes

Maxi dresses are a springtime staple. They are an unceremonious way of sloughing off the winter layers, and allowing your wardrobe to give way to lighter, freer fabrics. They come in a variety of colors, prints, and patterns, but stripes are what spring 2021 is calling for. This season, don’t limit stripes to just your attire. Add striped elements to all parts of your outfit including your jewelry and bags … but don’t overdo it.

Heron Preston x Calvin Klein bra: $52
Liviana Conti wide leg pants: $167
Alo bomber jacket: $119
Maria Black earrings: $53
Nialaya Jewelry necklace: $99
Dee Ocleppo purse: $231
Patrizia Pepe heels: $201

Wide Leg Pants & Bralettes

This is like a game of peek-a-boo. Bralettes as shirts are a warm weather aesthetic. It shows how smoking hot your body is, but also keeps you cooler when the temps are too turned up. Wide leg pants also let air circulate and help you cool down quicker than tight, form-fitting clothes. Put it all together with a pair of statement heels, and you have a funky, artsy outfit that could have Rihanna taking notes.

Vanessa Scott sheer blouse: $64
Hanro bra: $59
Dry Lake sequin pants: $114
A.W.A.K.E Mode bag: $257
Estella Bartlett bracelet $38
8 By Yoox heels: $110

Sheer & Sequins

In another game of hide and seek, opt for the two trends of sheer and sequins. The sparkle will certainly catch their eye, but the transparency will make them do a double take. Sequined clothes can be fun and playful or chic and sophisticated, so try both ends of the spectrum. Sheer clothes are sexy, but be sure to wear under garments that match either your flesh or the outer garment. You don’t necessarily want to show all your goods, but you want to keep them guessing.

Alice + Olivia top: $141
LHD shorts: $188
Borsalino hat: $184
Missoni earrings: $111
Roger Vivier fringe bag: $378
Birkenstock shoes: $301

Folks-Inspired and Fringe Bags

Not everyone is ready to jump back into futuristic and fashion-forward attire. Some people want to continue taking life slow and easy. During this pandemic, a lot of us took stock of our place in the world. We learned more about various cultures around the globe, and we revisited our own heritages. There’s a resurging fondness for where we come from, and that appreciation also trickles down to fashion. There’s an uptick in interest in responsibly sourced clothing, and a lot of that clothing comes from small, local manufacturers whose design aesthetic comes from their indigenous culture. It’s always good to celebrate and support different cultures, but just make sure it is an appreciation, not an appropriation.

Alexis top: $253
Sportmax skirt: $375
Alison Lou earrings: $145
Ports 1961 ring: $182
Furla purse: $430
Sandro Paris sneakers: $245

Monochromatic & Pastels

What, on the surface, seems like the easiest trend can actually be one of the most difficult to execute. Monochromatic outfits look beautiful when well done, but they can look like a tragedy if done poorly. Luckily, pastels make it easier. The soft colors simplify the blending of hues, thereby allowing you a better chance of pulling off the monochromatic look. It is incredibly difficult to find an outfit where everything matches perfectly—you must take into consideration color, material, and sheen. But when you do find that holy grail of garb, it’s like a chef’s kiss. Pastels are an easy cheat code. Go for it!

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania shirt: $181
DSquared2 shorts: $249
Kasun London necklace: $248
Bering watch: $215
See by Chloe purse: $423
Amina Muaddi boots: $1,775
MM6 Maison Margiela bracelet (used as an ankle bracelet over the boots) $114

Screen Prints and White Thigh-High Boots

What used to be called ghetto fabulous would now be considered urban chic. The mix of downtown elements, like graphic tees and denim, with uptown elements, like accents of precious metals, is the beautiful melding of two worlds. When you add short shorts and tall boots into the equation, the result is a sexy outfit worth its weight in gold. Thigh high boots are a serious matter, and when they are all white, they are making a bold statement. That’s also what screen-printed shirts do. So, if you’re going to wear them, especially together, you might as well give the people something to talk about.

—Carl Ayers


Rock It or Leave It: Trends to Avoid or Embrace in 2021

Ah, 2020. The year that took decades. The Black Lives Matter protests; the overcrowded hospitals; a precarious and divisive election; almost no red carpets; Met Gala canceled, and New York Fashion Week online.

So many fashion houses collapsed. Century 21 went out of business when they were dropped by their insurers. And yet, somehow between celebs, designers, Instagram, and fashion magazines, believe it or not, some fashion trends came into vogue. Some were great! Some need to be left in the trash heap that was 2020.  Fashion Reverie is here to let you know whether you rock it or should you leave it alone?

Trends you need to rock!!

Image courtesy of

Tie Dye

This trend was just delightful and was perfect for 2020. While it appeared on celebs and on runways, the enjoyable thing about this trend is it’s a project you could do at home! Grab your honey or your kids and make it a fun afternoon. Perfect for dyeing sweatpants which become the unofficial uniform of the pandemic. It’s a great way to bring rainbows to dark days.  Let’s keep this going in 2021. We still need enjoyable home crafting projects and bursts of color during these interesting times.

Images courtesy of

Comfortable Footwear
With all of us stuck at home due to lockdowns, sexy heels were quickly abandoned. Why bother with heels when you can’t go anywhere? Heck, why bother with shoes at all? Admittedly, some designers took it way too far, with Jason Wu presenting his spring 2021 collection on models wearing sliders. Sliders on a runway? Hey Jason, this is one step above going to the bodega in your bathrobe.  Many predictors are saying sneakers will be the next big thing for 2021 and Fashion Reverie is saying awesome!

Image courtesy of

Protest Clothing

No, no, no, we’re not talking about those wackjobs and howdy doody insurrectionists at the Capitol a few weeks ago. But last year, the death of George Floyd and the election that defeated Donald Trump, resulted in waves of protest clothing. Let’s keep this going in 2021. Not only did the pandemic expose horrifying holes in public safety and welfare, the pandemic also shined a light on continued police corruption. Christian Siriano and other designers showed protest clothing can be as chic as it is inspiring. Climate change and the pandemic remain very real dangers. The price of freedom is constant vigilance.

Image courtesy of


Cashmere has never gone out of style and exploded in 2021. It began with Katie Holmes appearing in a bralette made from cashmere and expanded as people were looking for ways to stay comfortable while stuck at home. Cashmere is so wonderful, not only is it soft and cozy, but well-cared for cashmere pieces can last for years. We’re not going anywhere anytime soon in 2021. Let’s live in luxurious comfort!!

Trends that should be abandoned

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Right before lockdown happened in winter 2020, luxury leather harnesses worn over clothes were all over the runways. That trend was embraced as it looked great on Instagram. Okay fine, but it’s time to let it go. It was fun while it lasted but now it looks like you’re trying too hard. Toss it into the back of the closet with the belt bag we gave up in 2017 when we realized Kylie Jenner had just rebranded fanny packs.

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Animal Prints
When March 2020 rolled around and we were suddenly working from home, furloughed, or simply fired (sorry), we all comforted ourselves thinking, “this can’t last long.” What’s on Netflix?” Then Tiger King burst on the entertainment scene and the popularity of animal prints shortly after.  Carol Baskin—still not in jail, but long since kicked off “Dancing with the Stars”—endlessly decked out in tiger prints was no doubt delighted, but for the rest of us the novelty wore off fast. Okay, time to put this trend to BED. Animal prints are so difficult to wear and now they are just so dated!

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It seems like every year a trend pops up that has consumers going “Ummm, no thank you.” Despite appearing on several runways at fashion week and being sported by a few celebs—Emme Roberts sporting not one but two 2020 trends the above outfit—ringe never took off. While fringe genuinely does have practical applications—helps coats dry faster)—this trend now just looks desperate. It was barely a trend in 2020. It will be nothing in 2021.

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Belly Chains

Where do designers get their ideas for the next big thing? Occasionally, you’ll hear them talk about famous models that ‘inspire’ them. No one would begrudge fashion designers their muses, but it may cloud their judgment to the needs and wants of the average consumer.  If you’re looking at Coco Rocha or Kaia Gerber for ideas, you may forget that very few women have the genetic gifts that give them flat muscled stomachs.

That said; with most female consumers not sporting six packs why popularize belly chains? A handful of celebs wore belly chains, but consumer with their pandemic pounds just rolled their eyes. Let’s throw this baby out with the 2020 bathwater. 

—Cameron Grey Rose

Resort 2021 Travel Style Out

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2020 was certainly not the year to globetrot. With some countries restricting admission to foreigners, travel was at times virtually impossible.  If you are a savvy traveler who plans ahead, you may have postponed your 2020 trips to 2021. This has given you more time to decide the details of your trip—what sites to see, where to eat, and what outfits to wear.

In the fashion season cycle, “resort season” comes right after the holiday season, and leads into the spring. This is the time when people leave their cold weather residence and vacation in a warmer climate until their hometown climate is suitable for their return. Some travel the world to locales like South America, the Caribbean, or cruising around the Mediterranean. Others use this time to extend their holiday vacation and take a small cross-country trip.

No matter whether you travel across an ocean, across the country, or across the state, you’ll want to look your best while on vacation. We’ve created 6 wonderful looks for trips around the world (or around town) so you remain chic while hitting the streets.

Caftan: MC2 Saint Barth $162
Long Shorts: Wins $95
Slippers: Blue Bird Shoes $175
Sunglasses: Chimi $149
Bracelet: Swarovski $99
Bag: The Jacksons $105

Mediterranean Cruise

Everyone dreams of taking a Mediterranean cruise. Marbella. Nice. Monaco. Venice. Athens. Some of the most luxe ports in the world. Part of the fun of cruising is disembarking and exploring the coastal towns. No one will mistake you for a local in this outfit. But when you’re this chic, you’re never out of place.

Coat: Goldbergh $598
Pants: Peak Performance $429
Gloves: Rossingnol $120
Sunglasses: Italia Independent $201
Bag: Off-White $592
Boots: Moncler $695

Skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado

Not everyone wants warm weather. And not everyone wants to travel to Europe to hit the slopes. Breckenridge, Colorado is one of the most ideal ski towns in the United States. Brave a black diamond run, if you dare. But if you just want to take it easy, pull up to the toboggan slopes in this ensemble, and then relax by the campfire with a hot toddy.

Vest: Philosophy di Lore $391
Turtleneck: Balenciaga $495
Jeans: D2Squared $720
Boots: Chloe $700
Sunglasses: Garrett Leight $336
Bag: Golden Goose $578

Southwestern Dude Ranch

Sometimes a city slicker wants a change of scenery. If the rustic life is for you, head to a dude ranch. But don’t leave all of your big city sensibilities at home. You don’t have to look like a ranch hand while down on the farm. Let your wardrobe say “I’m here to vibe, not to work.”

Bathing suit: Versace $650
Sarong: Amir Slama $476
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik $975
Sunglasses: Sestini $420
Necklace: Monies $1,134
Bag: Valentino $1,116

Destination Trip – Port Antonio, Jamaica

If you want isolation in close proximity to great food, music, and culture, there’s no place like the 5-star resort Trident Villas in Port Antonio, Jamaica. It’s so serene that you may not want to go home. Look your best as you live your best life alongside your private infinity pool or the private beach. If you want to head to town, put on your sarong and go. Simple, yes, but simple can also be sexy.

Jacket: Alexis $682
Shirt: Natori $174
Pants: Sportmax $525
Head scarf: Emilio Pucci $294
Bag: Mansur Gavriel $495
Shoes: Stella McCartney $560

Cultural Trip – Petra, Jordan

Full of history (dating back as far as 7,000 BC), Petra is one of the most reverential cities in Jordan. When visiting, most people respect the Jordanian culture and dress accordingly. The temperature can rise and fall quickly, so it’s smart to wear layers.  This outfit provides a mix of layering and modesty for you to enjoy the sites with the respect that they deserve.

Loungewear set: Rails $89
Robe: Vivis $50
Socks: Marni $51
Slippers: Emporio Armani $70
Necklace: Kurshuni $39
Sleep mask: Morgan Lane $110


Sometimes the best vacation is a staycation. Put your feet up and relax in the confines of your own space.

No packed airplanes. No pricey hotels. No language barriers. The most you have to travel is from your bed to the kitchen to the couch—I doubt you’ll get lost. For an extra assurance of peace, put your phone on do not disturb. Enjoy.

—Carl Ayers

2020 Fall/Winter Ladies’ Coat Guide

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The coat you choose to wear is the single most important purchase you’ll make this fall. Factor in social distancing and outdoor dining, and your coat is everything. As this is the case, splurge and deck yourself out in more than just one fall coat. 

In addition to watching countless fashion shows, Fashion Reverie polled a dozen of our fashionable girlfriends and others of different ages and walks of life and asked them to participate in a game of fantasy fashion. We posed a simple question. “If you could order any coat right now, what would it be?” The response was overwhelming and came in at a rapid-fire pace. Almost every single woman included a long camel coat as her dream coat, and everyone had more than one coat on her respective list. Also making the ladies’ lists were puffers, the updated trench coat, fun furs, plaids, and wool coats in varying citrus tones.

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The Eternal Classic

The camel coat has been a longtime staple of minimalist fashion houses such as Max Mara, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren. Favorites range from long belted ones to sporty double-breasted car coats such as the one Ali McGraw wore in “Love Story” (1970) and Marilyn Monroe wore in “Let’s Make Love” (1960). No matter which of these you choose, this coat makes a statement of quiet, classy luxury. Shades run the gamut from classic camel brown to the palest of beiges.

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Sporty Spice

Puffer coats have always been popular for their warmth and as of late, for their great style. The new crop of puffers makes a statement in punchy pink, pristine white, and bright red. Moncler makes the ultimate puffer coat, the padded front jacket, in a delicious sherbet pink.  The North Face’s white label free Move Down coat will have you looking like a snow angel. Last, but not least is Amazon’s runaway smash hit, the Orolay thickened down jacket, aka the “Amazon Coat.” This puffer has been an internet darling since 2017. This season, it’s been updated to include a feminine fur-lined hood.

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The Trench Coat

As American fashion couturier, Ralph Rucci, once told consumers, “If you’re just starting to build your wardrobe, the trench coat is a must.” Burberry practically owns the patent on this item. This fall, they’re offering it in with a flirty tulip hem. Also, from Great Britain, is the upcycled trench from Colville, an eco-conscious brand co-created by former British Vogue Editor, Lucinda Chambers and Molly Molloy. The Colville upcycled trench has a unique twist that British fashion designers are renowned for. If you’re floral obsessed, ModCloth’s set for the rainy days at Kensington Gardens trench coat is your go-to.

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Citrus Crush

 It’s impossible not to fall in love with activist/actress, Gabrielle Union, all over again when she’s wearing her forever or never lemon yellow peacoat by Japanese designer, Mira Mitaki. Happily, for Fashion Reverie, Mackage has one that comes very close. For the budget conscious, Jenkoon’s peacoat is a deeper tone of yellow and perfect as an easy car coat.  For those who loved the vibrant green Chanel Lily Collins wore in “Emily in Paris,” Amazon has you covered with a version by Tanming for $48.

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Fun Furs

Furs made the list as well, but in 2020, they’re as far removed from your grandmother’s mink coat as could be.  The late great Karl Lagerfeld can be credited for making fur fun during his tenure at Fendi. His longtime collaborator, Sylvia Fendi, has continued the tradition, and showed statement-making, oversized cheetah print fur. Other designers have taken note and delivered their version of fun furs both real and faux. While they’re not “a basic,” they’re certainly a mood-lifting indulgence, well worth having.  Hipsters will fall in love with Stockholm based Stand Studio’s zippy patent leather and green faux fur Fay jacket.  Also, from Stand Studio, there’s the Nino coat, in an eye-catching black and white checkerboard pattern. If you’re experimenting with fur, Lulus’ cozy slate blue long faux fur keeps the chill away and channels your inner diva.

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Plaid Princess

Plaids typically look either super preppy or can verge on the frumpy side. These beauties do neither. Isabel Marant Etoile has the Elayo, a Parisian chic long coat with a large, soft plaid pattern, perfect for windy city nights. AllSaints and Old Navy round-out the group for more casual interpretations, all ideal choices for a weekend in the country.

Images courtesy of VERY New YORK PR

Eco Love

American designer, Deborah Sawaf, didn’t even show the Chicago Denim Coat in her New York Fashion Week video, but she didn’t have to. Fashionistas found this great Thale Blanc coat online themselves and have made it her top seller this season, and it’s no wonder why. The ethically sourced denim does not use any chemical dyes and employs minimal water usage. Stylistically, it’s classic chic with a twist, thanks to the organic fringe detailing. This beauty goes with anything and is made in Los Angeles to reduce shipping waste.  Available in full and knee length. What’s not to love

—Vivian Kelly

Fashion Reverie’s Fall 2020 Outerwear Styleout

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Coat, bag, shoes, and a mask. The four core essentials for your cold weather accoutrement. We’ve spent the past eight months in various stages of lockdown and social distancing. As we’ve begun to emerge from our bubbles of isolation, here comes winter to send us right back inside. Well, not all of us.

If you are going to brave the dropping temps, please do it the right way. In this month’s style out, we’ll let you get creative with your own outfits, but we are giving you the final touches to pull it all together. So bundle up, duh. Wear a mask, of course. And K.I.S.S.—keep it smartly stylish.

Coat: Burberry $1,250
Mask: Ralph Lauren $39
Bag: Bally $682
Boots: Jimmy Choo $995

Winter Blues

The winter blues doesn’t have to be sad. Blue, whether royal, navy, or sky, has always been a smart and classy color option. When worn head to toe, other colors can be overpowering, yet full-on blue can be powerful. So go ahead and assert your fashion dominance with this tonal look.

Coat: Love Moschino $525
Mask: VPL $16
Bag: Nº21 $573
Boots: Sies Marjan $995

They Are Green with Envy

We all want others to appreciate our sense of style. Appreciate, … not copy. There’s a little extra pep in our step when we know our clothes look good; even more so when we see people do a double-take to get a second look. Everyone can’t look this good, but thankfully, you can.

Coat: Jejia $781
Mask: Baobab $22
Bag: Bulgari $669
Boots: By Far $585

The Icewoman Cometh

What’s winter without fur? (Faux or vintage, please!) Animal prints are always in season and we are seeing them carryover from the pre-fall collections. Combine that with your winter white, and you’re set for a chic walk about town or night on the prowl.

Coat: Parosh $514
Mask: Vida $18
Bag: Pinko $495
Boots: Guiseppe Zanotti $600

Leave Him on Red

The cold weather months are known as cuffing season. But sometimes you don’t want to cuff because the chase can be more fun than the catch. Or, you may just want to keep your options open. Either way, live your life and enjoy the thrill. And when you’re done, move on to the next one.

Coat: Marc Jacobs $795
Mask: Christy Dawn $21
Bag: Elleme $455
Boots: L’Autre Chose $480

Working In The Trenches

Your attire doesn’t always have to be punched up. Simplicity goes a long way. Classic, timeless styling can be just as appealing as flashy ensembles. Maybe you work in an industry where an understated wardrobe is de rigueur. With a few thoughtful accents, your attire can elevate from basic business to big boss!

Coat: Stand Studio $501
Mask: Bielo $20
Bag: Kenzo $346
Boots: Baldinini $635

Apres Ski Avec Moi

Whether relaxing in the ski lodge in Aspen or running the streets in Brooklyn, you want to be warm, and, of course, stylish. And what’s more city chic than a bubble coat and combat boots? Add a brushed cotton mask to keep your face safe and warm, and you’re ready to face whatever the elements throw at you.

—Carl Ayers

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