Fashion Reverie’s Fall 2020 Outerwear Styleout

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Coat, bag, shoes, and a mask. The four core essentials for your cold weather accoutrement. We’ve spent the past eight months in various stages of lockdown and social distancing. As we’ve begun to emerge from our bubbles of isolation, here comes winter to send us right back inside. Well, not all of us.

If you are going to brave the dropping temps, please do it the right way. In this month’s style out, we’ll let you get creative with your own outfits, but we are giving you the final touches to pull it all together. So bundle up, duh. Wear a mask, of course. And K.I.S.S.—keep it smartly stylish.

Coat: Burberry $1,250
Mask: Ralph Lauren $39
Bag: Bally $682
Boots: Jimmy Choo $995

Winter Blues

The winter blues doesn’t have to be sad. Blue, whether royal, navy, or sky, has always been a smart and classy color option. When worn head to toe, other colors can be overpowering, yet full-on blue can be powerful. So go ahead and assert your fashion dominance with this tonal look.

Coat: Love Moschino $525
Mask: VPL $16
Bag: Nº21 $573
Boots: Sies Marjan $995

They Are Green with Envy

We all want others to appreciate our sense of style. Appreciate, … not copy. There’s a little extra pep in our step when we know our clothes look good; even more so when we see people do a double-take to get a second look. Everyone can’t look this good, but thankfully, you can.

Coat: Jejia $781
Mask: Baobab $22
Bag: Bulgari $669
Boots: By Far $585

The Icewoman Cometh

What’s winter without fur? (Faux or vintage, please!) Animal prints are always in season and we are seeing them carryover from the pre-fall collections. Combine that with your winter white, and you’re set for a chic walk about town or night on the prowl.

Coat: Parosh $514
Mask: Vida $18
Bag: Pinko $495
Boots: Guiseppe Zanotti $600

Leave Him on Red

The cold weather months are known as cuffing season. But sometimes you don’t want to cuff because the chase can be more fun than the catch. Or, you may just want to keep your options open. Either way, live your life and enjoy the thrill. And when you’re done, move on to the next one.

Coat: Marc Jacobs $795
Mask: Christy Dawn $21
Bag: Elleme $455
Boots: L’Autre Chose $480

Working In The Trenches

Your attire doesn’t always have to be punched up. Simplicity goes a long way. Classic, timeless styling can be just as appealing as flashy ensembles. Maybe you work in an industry where an understated wardrobe is de rigueur. With a few thoughtful accents, your attire can elevate from basic business to big boss!

Coat: Stand Studio $501
Mask: Bielo $20
Bag: Kenzo $346
Boots: Baldinini $635

Apres Ski Avec Moi

Whether relaxing in the ski lodge in Aspen or running the streets in Brooklyn, you want to be warm, and, of course, stylish. And what’s more city chic than a bubble coat and combat boots? Add a brushed cotton mask to keep your face safe and warm, and you’re ready to face whatever the elements throw at you.

—Carl Ayers

Fall 2020 Styleout

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It is officially fall. What a year it’s been, and we’re not even done yet!

We can’t spend time wishing for more summer days or dreading the oncoming cold. Heck, some of us are excited for the frostier months. Either way, there are errands to run, people to see, and outfits to be seen in! The COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed things down, but it hasn’t completely stopped fashion. Even though many of us have not gone shopping for new fall wardrobes, there are still some autumn fashion trends to look out for.

If you like the trends that Fashion Reverie has assembled below, shop the look. Or better yet, shop your closet and use the looks as inspiration to create new outfits that you already own. Fashion is not all about buying. It’s also about creativity and ingenuity. Have fun. Fall in love all over again with what you already have in wardrobe. But if you still have the shopping bug, maybe pick up a few new pieces here and there.


Autumn has arrived, but you may not be ready to fully jump into your fall wardrobe. Ease into the mood with clothes that give you that autumn feeling without making the full commitment to the seasonal changeover. This sweater dress is the perfect piece to help you slowly transition into the end of 2020.

Argyle knit dress: Semicouture $287
Oversized earrings: Alessandra Rich $327
Necklace: Loveness Lee $214
Ring: Federica Tosi $151
Purse: Kurt Geiger London $238
Boots: Del Carlo $270

Shades of Nude

Nude is general and relative. It’s also a neutral hue that is good all year long. Whether used for summer khaki or winter timberland, pinks, peaches, and browns are a safe color pallet that works well for almost everyone at almost any time.

Pinstripe sleeve knitted top: Monse $1150
Pleated flared trousers: Kirin $530
Trench coat: Marco de Vincenzo $1000
Sunglasses: Chloe Eyewear $434
Bag: Loewe $790
Shoes: Valentino Garavani $1245


Tartan. Glen. Buffalo check. Plaids are an evergreen essential to every wardrobe. Just because it’s a fashion staple doesn’t mean that it plaid has to look the same every time. Experiment and make it sexy.

Turtleneck sweater: Marni $510
Plaid dress: Moschino $1625
Beret: Undercover $240
Gloves: Gucci $1570
Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo $720
Boots: Casadei $586


Some like it real. Some like it faux. Either way, fur is a great way to go! Remember, it doesn’t always have to be chic and proper. Sometimes it’s more fun when it’s funky! Add a quirky fur piece to your wardrobe to add a bit of spice while battling the elements.

Turtleneck: Wins $164
Pants: Messages $160
Sunglasses: Michael Kors $95
Purse: Marc Jacobs $255
Coat: Apparis $195
Boots: Lola Cruz $173


For some, Fall is about returning to the basics. It’s about reconnecting to your homestead and communing with nature. If yours is an earthy vibe, you may dig the look of patchwork prints and groovy accessories.

Midi dress: Ganni $203
Antique resin necklace: Camila Klein $70
Black buffalo horn necklace: Isabel Marant $93
White Mother of Pearl horn necklace: Nialaya Jewelry $89
Bag: Zac Zac Posen $295

Caped Crusader

Not all superheroes wear capes, but you certainly won’t be committing a fashion crime in a stylish cloak this fall. Don’t fall victim to the cold weather. Wrap up and head out in style!

Sweater: Theory $296
Pants: Alice + Olivia $234
Cape: Ermanno Gallamini $506
Sunglasses: Chloe Eyewear $284
Bag: Louvre $328
Boots: Geox $225

—Carl Ayers


Trends to Expect from Digital Fashion Weeks

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Just like the rest of the world, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is adjusting to a “new normal,” thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. With the majority of this seasons’ fashion designers presenting their collections via computer screens and smartphones rather than live runway shows, fashion brands may now have to adapt their collections and design aesthetics to fit a digital audience. What might translate well on the runways may not always translate as seamlessly in a digital campaign. And though fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris are going forward with more in-person shows compared to New York, many designers are still opting for digital presentations in those markets as well.

The trends that editors, stylists, and customers can expect this year will be a little different. Fashion Reverie has curated some potential trends that you should be on the lookout for this Fashion Month.

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Bras that Pass as Shirts

With people having less of a reason to dress up, and work from home expected to continue for some companies through 2021, the bra as a shirt trend could be here for a while. 2019 became the year that celebrities re-energized the bra as shirts trend before it even had a chance to really hit the runways. Now, as consumers opt for comfort or luxury style, the trend is making its presence known.

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Heavily Patterned Face Masks

Designers are cashing in on the new essential fashion accessory, face masks. Of course, high fashion designers on the fashion week runways won’t be expected to produce your standard neutral-colored face masks or mundane cloth masks. Expect designers to give us everything from maximalist patterns, like florals and diamond prints, to bejeweled sequin fabrications.

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Statement Earrings

Designers are focusing more on accessories that can work those who choose to leave the house and those who are sequestering and communicating via Zoom and WebEx. Enter big statement earrings—a great look for those who live in places where they can be out and about, and still great for those safely working from home and trying to make a fashion statement on a video call.

Gucci Choker Necklace courtesy of Getty Images

Statement Choker Necklaces

Trends from digital fashion weeks continue to be about the accessories.  Designers can be expected to create statement choker necklaces to help customers accessorize and accentuate from the neck up. The headshot has never been more valuable than in a world where digital conference calls are the new water cooler hangout spot.  

Image courtesy of proenza

Oversized Handbags         

These days, your purse has to hold more than your standard wallet, phone, and keys. Everything from spare face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes have become part of the morning purse check before you leave the house. Designers are expected to accommodate for these extra needs with XXL-sized handbags that will have both the usual compartment for your cell phone and room for a Costco-sized bottle of hand sanitizer.

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Camp Shirts

Somehow, out of the fashion trends that emerged during the COVID-19 lockdown, the one that might be the most surprising is camp shirts. Camp collars have long been a part of leisurewear, but with the options from neutral colors to bold patterns they come in, a lot of people are loving this shirt more than before. As people are more casual with fewer days spent in an office, the camp shirt has become the relaxed trend that we may flock to.

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The Shirt Vest

The menswear vest, sometimes referred to as a waistcoat, is finding popular traction again. The trend originally came about in the mid ‘00s thanks to Kate Moss, and has recently been seen on the runways of Saint Laurent and Victoria Beckham. The vest-as-a-shirt’s return to glory was brought on by an increased need for comfort and a simple piece that can be dressed up for a digital meeting or dressed down for your walk in the park. The shirt vest is poised to be the next spring/summer wardrobe staple.

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Righteous Reds

Red is one of the first colors that stands out to the human eye. At the recent digital fashion shows in Milan and Paris, many designers from Casablanca to Etro worked to incorporate red in some form into their collections. Red is an attention grabber whether it’s on video, at a physical presentation, or in a photo. Red also adds some fiery flare to spring/summer collections from the runway to your wardrobe.

—Kristopher Fraser


Fashion Reverie’s Biweekly Styleout Looks Back at Iconic VMA Moments

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Summer is winding down, so that means one thing, the MTV Video Music Awards! The 2020 VMAs are being hosted by one of our favorite multi-hyphenates, Actress/singer/Author/Talk show host Keke Palmer. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic this year’s show will be different. Instead of being inside a physical venue, the show is taking place at various outdoor spaces across New York City. There will be no live arena audience, and therefore, no red carpet.

What’s an award show without a red-carpet fashion review? Dreadful! We always look forward to seeing the style of our favorite music artists, so Fashion Reverie has created a little fashion retrospective and fashion inspiration for you! Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic VMA fashion moments, and see how you can turn those outfits into looks of your own.

Corset top: Burberry $699
Full length tulle skirt: Loulou $1,278
Gold necklace: Saks Fifth Avenue $270
Earrings: Latelita London $100
Stoned necklace: Ela Rae $328
Belt: Moschino $295
Shoes: Francesco Russo $242

Madonna (1984)

At the first MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna performed her hit “Like a Virgin” wearing a combination bustier/wedding gown, including her “Boy Toy” belt. Later, while performing, she rolled around on the floor, revealing her lace stockings and garter beneath her dress.

Asymmetrical jumpsuit: David Koma $1,465
Earrings: Yvonne Leon $1,154
Ring: John Hardy $495
Skull necklace: Alexander McQueen $450
Purse: Philipp Plein $1,700
Shoes: Saint Laurent $1,695

Lil Kim (1999)

In 1999, Lil Kim had tongues wagging with her purple asymmetrical jumpsuit that exposed a pastie-covered breast. What made everyone’s jaw drop to the floor was when icon Diana Ross unabashedly jiggled Kim’s exposed breast on stage.

Dress: Rotate $284
Earrings: Gigi Clozeau $300
Necklace: Alighieri $253
Ring: Mulberry $225
Bag: Little Liffner $448
Shoes: L’Autre Chose $332

Aaliyah (2000)

Sadly, 2000 was Aaliyah’s last appearance at the MTV VMA’s. That year, she changed out of the simple black dress she wore on the red carpet, and donned a fur-trimmed yellow tiger-print dress to accept her two awards for Best Female Video and Best Video From a Film.

Thigh-high romper: Boohoo $25
Necklace: Effy $268
Tennis bracelet: Swarovski $177
Ring: Gucci $205
Waist bag: Supreme x Lacoste $309
Boots: Superga $143

Lady Gaga (2010)

The famous meat dress. Using raw meat to create her dress, headpiece, and to wrap her boots, Lady Gaga continued to push the culture forward with her fashion and performance art.

Jumpsuit: Versace Jeans Couture $364
Oversized earrings: Alessandra Rich $311
Sunglasses: Christian Roth $276
Ring: Marni $95
Bag: Alexander Wang $446
Shoes: Sergio Rossi $481

Amber Rose (2015)

In 2015, Amber Rose hit the carpet in a bodysuit covered in the derogatory names she’s been called, bringing awareness to slut-shaming. She has continued to embrace her sexual liberty, and proudly embraces the curves of her body.

Blazer: Norma Kamali $174
Shirt: Fenty $590
Pants: Goen J. $476
Earrings: Vetements $350
Ring: Sophie Buhai $1785
Shoes: Saint Laurent $895

Beyonce (2011)

After Beyonce announced her pregnancy on the 2011 MTV VMA’s red carpet, she performed her song “Love On Top” later in the show. At the end of the performance, she literally dropped the mic, unbuttoned her Dolce & Gabbana blazer, and showed the world her baby bump.

—Carl Ayers

Pre-Fall 2020 Bi-Weekly Styleout

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When most of us think of change, we think of the spring. Snow melts, flowers bloom, birds chirp, and we clean out our homes in anticipation of fresh beginnings. However, we often fail to think of the opposite change that occurs six months later. The sun begins to set earlier, we feel a slight nip in the air, and we start looking to thicker, heavier clothes.

In the fashion landscape, the change in seasons is even more gradual. We don’t simply go from summer to fall. We enjoy a micro-season called Pre-Fall. This is a bonus designer collection that is, generally, too warm for the dog days of summer, but is right on time for a chilly breeze. This bridge season is often used as a prelude to the fall-winter collections, giving us a peak of what to expect from designers and retailers in the following months. However, you will often find pieces perfect for midsummer, as the collections reach the retailers beginning as early as May.

In this week’s style-out, inspired by the best pre-fall 2020 trends, Fashion Reverie has assembled a few looks that will help you ease into your autumn style.

Dress: Patrizia Pepe $77
Earrings: Eshvi $94
Necklace: Nialaya Jewelry
Bracelet: Aym $42
Purse: Danse Lens $263
Shoes: Dorateymur $295

Fly Me to the Moon

How can you not feel flirty in chiffon? Every woman feels girly in a bit of tulle. This season, designers such as Prabal Gurung and Carolina Herrera have paired down their larger, heavier gowns into light and airy dresses, perfect for those warm summer nights.

Dress: Alex Perry $1063
Earrings: Miu Miu $380
Necklace: Alexander McQueen $550
Bracelet: Maison Margiela $274
Ring: Annoushka $917
Purse: Alexander McQueen $1990
Thigh high boots: Iro $906

Who Wears Short Skirts?

If you’re on trend, then you do! And you wear short skirts with thigh-high boots. Hemlines are once again on the rise, so you better keep up. Micro skirts, like those from Balmain and Gucci, paired with ultra-long boots don’t show as much skin as you’d think, but it still gives (and gets) the look that you want.

Jacket: Anouki $425
Pants: Anouki $435
Blouse: Cynthia Rowley $295
Sunglasses: Chloe $345
Earrings: Natasha Schweitzer $335
Watch: Vivienne Westwood $361
Purse: Zac Zac Posen $177
Shoes: Sergio Rossi $348

If it Suits You

Smart suiting is always in fashion. Sometimes the trend is more fitted, other times the trend is more relaxed. With all that’s going on in the world, we don’t need any extra pressure. If you’re going to wear a suit, wear it your way. As seen with Stella McCartney and Thom Browne, the new rule is that there are no rules.

Blouse: La DoubleJ $735
Pants: Stella McCartney $925
Sunglasses: Fendi $380
Earrings: Undercover $308
Ring: Rosa de la Cruz $907
Purse: Saint Laurent $1850
Shoes: Malone Souliers $492


Do animal prints really ever go out of style? NO! But the fashion industry always find a way to make it new. This season, you can stick with the traditional cat prints, or you can upgrade your purr to a roar with reimagined designs à la Adam Lippes or Ulla Johnson.

Kaftan: Care Of You $58
T-shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren $78
Shorts: Diesel $89
Hat: 8 By Yoox $70
Earrings: Natia x Lako $101
Necklace: Taolei $36
Bracelet: Years Mon $76
Boots: Strategia $164

Fringe Benefits

Poetry in motion. Dressed up, it can add flair. Roughed up, it can add attitude. Dressed down, it can feel homely. Elie Saab, Philosophy, and Hellessy demonstrate that fringe is truly the fashion accent for everyone.

Dress: Paul Smith $494
Sunglasses: Chimi $150
Earrings: Prada $320
Bracelet: Gas Bijoux $270
Ring: Ports 1961 $130
Bag: Isla $255
Shoes: Malone Souliers $451

Not-So-Mellow Yellow

Yellow is the color of choice for pre-fall. Its brightness is not being sidelined as just an accent detail; yellow is the full-fledged star of the show. Seen in the collections of Valentino, Versace, and Bottega Veneta, this bright hue is reclaiming its time in the spotlight.

—Carl Ayers


End of Summer of Love Date-Night Dresses

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Think twice before canceling date night because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distance dating may be our new normal, but there is nothing wrong with getting all dolled up for a digital date. Keep the fire burning as love is only one phone call away; especially as we take a turn through dating apps. Fashion Reverie is here to help you keep them cuffed to the cam.

Image courtesy of Selfie

Selfie/Andes Puff Sleeve Key-Hole Back Dress Beige $64.99

Catch all the feels in this summer nostalgic dress. This short-sleeve mini dress is both pretty and practical for any indoor dates you may have scheduled. Never mind the weather forecast, you can still fulfill your summer needs as you raise the temperature in this girly go-to.

Image courtesy of Lionne Clothing

Lionne Clothing/Moremi Maxi $209

Every fashionista’s go-to, this classic silhouette is a wardrobe must-have. Elegantly chic, this maxi style dress is effortless fashion, to keep your date wondering if you got all dressed up just for them. Try pairing this relaxed number with a pair of drop earrings to elevate this look from chill to couture.

Image courtesy of LemLem


LemLem/Tigist Tier Dress $545.00

Just because the date is via video chat doesn’t mean you have to be covered up. This off-the- shoulder tiered maxi dress is simply sweet, yet flirty. Don’t be afraid to show off your work-from-home glow as social distancing makes the heart grow fonder.

Image courtesy of TOBI

TOBI/Fool Around Sage Multi Satin Floral Midi Dress $39

You’re blooming with love in this slip midi dress. Give them a taste of summer in this sultry flowing dress that has a floral print all over. Daring but delicate, satin dresses are a romantic dream; you’ve got a lot of love to give, babe, so share it with the world.

Image courtesy of TOBI

TOBI/Every Breath Red Surplice Midi Dress $59

This summer 2020 of love, wrap dresses shall and will always be the most popular dress. Show off your figure in this body-hugging dress that accentuates your curves in all the right places. Remember ladies, confidence is your best accessory.

Image courtesy of TOBI

TOBI/Sami Red Multi Ruffle Midi Dress $54

Now don’t get me wrong … I know facetime dates can seem a little boring. But, who doesn’t love a game of dress-up? Replace your old boring wall with string lights and add this flirty ruffle dress to give the illusion of a night out under the stars.

Images courtesy of Vivienne Tam

Vivienne Tam/Summer of Love Frocks $267 to $300

Let your boho chic shine through is these summer frocks from Vivienne Tam. And the good news, they are on sale. Demonstrate for fancy for whimsy and great style with these colorful florals. You will be unforgettable!!

Image courtesy of Laquan Smith

Laquan Smith / Animalia Dress $594

Slip in this hot mini dress and I bet they will be calling for a second date. Designed for the iconic risk-takers, Laquan Smith’s fashions will ensure they keep their eyes on you and only you. Pair this long sleeve bodycon with a strappy bustier to give in to your wild side.

—Courtney Wilkins

End of July Biweekly Styleout Tribute to Janet Jackson

“Put me on the planet, dammit, where all the sistas look like Janet”

—”It’s On”  Naughty By Nature

This year, the globe has been in flux. From a viral pandemic to killer hornets to global civil rights protests, the world is getting rocked. However, through it all, we’ve seen people come together in love and unity.

This July, Fashion Reverie has trained its lens on two of the most powerful forces on Earth, love, and protest. While we are witnessing how both are changing our world, we are realizing that we need both now more than ever. During times of change, the voice of the people has often come in the form of music, and one musician who has always been on the forefront of social justice and love is Janet Jackson.

From asserting herself in Control and tackling global issues in Rhythm Nation to exploring sensuality and sexuality in her janet. and Velvet Rope albums, Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty) has been a universal force du jour. Fashion Reverie recognizes her as a game changer who has lent her voice to the struggles of the world—the battle for equality, the fight for education, the need to feel loved, and the agency of freedom (physical, mental, sexual, or otherwise.)

In addition to her record shattering music, Janet is visually stunning! She has always complimented her albums with extraordinary music videos. From her limber dancing in “The Pleasure Principle” and zoot suits in “Alright,” to synchronized military moves in “Rhythm Nation,” and a toned bare midriff in” If,” Janet Jackson is our style icon, now and forever. Her music and fashion sense serve as the inspiration for our style-out in this month’s themes “Summer of Love” and “Summer of Protest.”

“Rhythm Nation”

“Join voices in protest
To social injustice
A generation full of courage
Come forth with me”

Jacket: Berna $144
T-shirt: Y-3 $54
Jeans: Dondup $144
Boots: Liu Jo 2005
Chest Harness: 1017 Alyx 9SM $225
Sunglasses: Le Specs &104
Earrings: Camila Klein $87
Chain ring: Federica Tosi $86

“State of the World”

“What is happening to this world we live in
In our home and other lands

Drugs and crime spreadin’ on the streets
People can’t find enough to eat
Now our kids can’t go out and play
That’s the state of the world today”

Dress: Marcia $233
Earrings: Sylvia $264
Ring: Marchesa $225
Bracelet: Lizzie Fortunato Jewels $195
Bag: Cult Gaia $320
Shoes: Yeezy $197

“New Agenda”

“Because of my gender
I’ve heard “no” too many times
Because of my race
I’ve heard “no” to many times
But with every “no” I grow in strength
That is why
African American women
I stand tall with pride”

Blouse: Givenchy $1,255
Pants: Alex Perry $1,410
Jacket: Alexander McQueen $1,294
Earrings: Valentino $333
Bracelet: Emilio Pucci $408
Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham $467
Bag: Christian Dior $1,345
Shoes: Valentino Garavani $995

“Young Love”

“Young love, ring around the roses
Young love, searchin’ for a heart so true
Young love, a pocket full of posies
Young love, all adds up to me and you”


Cropped T-shirt: Fiorucci $79
Shorts: Vicolo $48
Sunglasses: Coach $166
Earrings: Kate Spade $73
Watch: Skagen $115
Bag: Love Moschino $224
Sneakers: Giulia N $47


“If I was your girl
Oh the things I’d do to you
I’d make you call out my name
I’d ask who it belongs to”

Demi Bra: Fleur du Mal $118
Lace Thong: Fleur du Mal $58
Garter belt : Fleur du Mal $75
Choker: Area $288
Stockings: Maison Close $50
Feather Tickler: Maison Close $60
Feather Handcuffs: Maison Close $50
Ponytail Attachment/Flogger: Something Wicked $67
Shoes: Alevi $453

“Anytime, Anyplace”

“Strangers all around
With the lights down low
I was thinkin’ maybe we could
Well … you know”

Bustier: Marco de Vincenzo $555
Leggings : Marine Serre $355
Waist bag: Off-White $770
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi $995
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana $410
Earrings: Ef Collection $598
Choker: Atelier Swarovski $554
Watch: Salvatore Ferragamo $1,190
Gloves: DSquared2 $468


—Carl Ayers


Summer of Love Date Night Accessories

Image courtesy of

The world might be in peril, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a summer of love. Socially distanced dating is becoming a part of our new normal. That said; you can still enjoy a nice outdoor dinner or date in the park. Of course, with every hot date comes the age-old question, “what do I wear?” Let Fashion Reverie help you sort that out in this new normal.

Image courtesy of

Fvermuelen Lake Double Twig 18K Gold-Plated and Porcelain Earrings $175

Start off red hot in this summer of love with some fiery-red accessories. These gold-plated earrings will help your face pop on a sunset stroll along the waterfront. These earrings will coordinate well with coral blouses. Remember, summer is one of the best seasons to include color in your wardrobe.

Image courtesy of

Brandon Maxwell Patent Leather Waist Belt $595

If you need a belt to make sure that waist is snatched, go for a waist belt. Waist belts will accentuate the smallest part of your waist to create more of an hourglass figure. Let’s make sure all eyes are on you.

Image courtesy of Net-a-Porter

Sarah & Sebastian Buoy Gold-Plated Pearl headbands $600

If you’re in a rush and don’t want to go through the muss and fuss of doing your hair, a good hairband will tame those locks. Get a little fancier than your old schoolgirl headband with this luxurious number from Sarah & Sebastian. You’ll feel like a gem in these pearls.

Image courtesy of

Gucci Horsebit 1955 Wallet with Chain $980

Instead of carrying your wallet in your purse or pocket, there’s the option of a wallet with chain. For the polka dot lovers, this will satisfy your pattern fixation. The chain strap is also detachable in case you’d rather use it as a clutch purse.

Images courtesy of

Marni Leaf Motif Bangle $220

 In this 2020 summer of love, let your fashion accessories reflect nature. A Marni leaf motif bangle will pair well on a date to your neighborhood botanical gardens. Show off your intentionally unusual style to charm the lover of your dreams.

Image courtesy of

Love Stories Bibi Sheer Body

Of course, one of the best summer date night accessories—if you plan on “hitting a home run” that night—is sexy lingerie. Show off in lingerie that has frill trim, glitter details, and a dotted pattern to make a sultry fashion statement. Remember, if your love isn’t making you feel like a supermodel, leave him at home.  

Image courtesy of

Junya Watanabe Off-White and Silver Flake Edition Pearl Necklace $153

A pretty girls has to have her pearls!! Flake has collaborated with Junya Watanabe on this faux-pearl necklace in off-white and silver-tone foil detailing that will elevate your date outfit. Pair this with an off-the-shoulder blouse or something with a low neckline to balance your outfit.

—Kristopher Fraser

Fashion Reverie’s “Summer of Protests” Biweekly Styleout


If you think you can’t look fashionable in this summer of protests, you are mistaken. Though these social protests are not about showing your fashion style, that does not mean you can’t demonstrate your disgust of social injustice and police brutality while looking good!! Granted, social protests and Manolo Blahniks don’t go hand in hand—and there are several reasons why—but you can have a sense of style while you are doing something good for humanity.

Fashion Reverie has curated a few looks that won’t cramp your style, but also don’t spell capitalist pig.

Shirt: Cinq a Sept $51
Jeans: John Richmond $116
Sneakers: Cariuma $119
Hat: Karl Lagerfeld $69
Scarf: Cavalli Class $99
Bag: Zadig & Voltaire $281
Watch: Bering $193

In the Streets

If you’re out protesting, you need to travel light and stay protected. Sometimes, all you need are the basics.

Top: Splits59 $72
Pants: Derek Lam 10 Crosby $158
Earrings: Camila Klein $100
Watch: Timex $139
Bag: Tubici $310
Shoes: Steve Madden $126

Brunch in Protest

Not all displays of solidarity are loud; some are quiet, but still strong. Even at a relaxing brunch, you can show your connection to your African ancestry with a subtle nod to your culture.

Top: Ganni $97
Pants: Josie Natori $149
Earrings: Maria Nilsdotter $79
Ring: Aym $53
Bag: Cult Gaia $223
Shoes: Meaning $109


Animals have tough skin to help them endure nature. Some people see animal skin as their own armor, a way of telling the world that they are resilient and can survive whatever life throws at them. Fashion Reverie is always down for the cause, so, these animal skins are faux skin!!

Blazer: Pinko $255
Pants: Dion Lee $335
Top: Pinko $123
Hat: Rebellious Creatures $35
Earrings: Etsy Ethnic Earrings $10
Bracelet: Josie Natori $200
Nail Polish: Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture $28
Purse: Furls $292
Shoes: Le Silla $417


Be proud of your culture in all that you do. You don’t have to rely on tee shirts to display that you’re black and proud. Wearing the Pan-African flag in a chic way shows that you are down for the cause no matter your attire.

Shirt: Marlies Dekkers $54
Jeans: Levi’s $135
Sunglasses: Saint Laurent $149
Earrings: Em $61
Bracelet: Kate Spade New York $44
Watch: Fossil $149
Scarf: Moschino $71
Bag: MM6 Maison Margiela $270
Mules: Cafenoir $119

Light Feminism

Advocating for your rights can be a tiring, daily duty. Sometimes, you just have to let your clothes speak for you.

Shirt: John Richmond $93
Jeans: Boyish Denim $152
Visor: DSquared2 $99
Watch: Helmstedt x Skagen $169
Backpack: Marc Jacobs $187
Sneakers: Adidas Originals $100

LGBT+ Rights

Be out! Be proud! Live your best life, unapologetically!

Carl Ayers

Summer 2020: Biweekly Styleout

We are less than a week away from the official start of Summer, And that many of the sequestering restrictions have been lifted in most states—New York City goes into Phase 2 on June 22—it is time to demonstrate your chic style with some cool summer 2020 ensembles. Fashion Reverie has curated some great combinations to start off your return to normal, well the new normal. Enjoy!!

MGSM (pink) shirt $326
Dolce & Gabbana shorts $1145
Aurelie Bidermann earrings $360
Goossens green ring $369
Valentino Garavani purse $1175
Salvatore Ferragamo shoes $595

Fun and Flirty in Florals

Spring may have sprung, but florals are still the bees’ knees for the season. Here’s cute outfit for a weekend stroll in the park or an al fresco brunch with friends.

Eres swimsuit $455
Emilio Pucci kaftan $725
Emilio Pucci sandals $495
Jacquemus raffia hat $260
Fendi shades $544
Prada bracelet $650

Lounging Poolside

For most people, spending the summer by Prathe water is a favorite retreat. However, getting in the water is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here’s how you can look chic while you beat the heat, especially if you don’t plan on getting wet.

Haney top $650
Anna Quan knee-length shorts $308
Casadei heels $570
Okhtein purse $434
Giorgio Armani hat $1227
Gaj Bijoux earrings $252

On The Prowl

As we re-emerge from COVID lockdown, we have to make up for lost time. Hit the streets and turn heads in this suburban safari number.

Adam Lippes top $445
Simone Rocha skirt $1842
Saint Laurent earrings $595
Saint Laurent bracelet $1095
Midnight 00 shoes $606
Sabry Marouf purse $982

Black is the New Black

We’ve missed out on the spring social scene, but we are starting to add fancy dinner plans back onto our calendar. For your first night out, be chic and glamorous. Nothing says stylish like all black everything!

Bruno Cucinelli shirt $875
Thom Browne shorts $1,190
Fendi watch $875
Roger Vivier bracelet $250
Jacquemus belt bag $777
Common Projects $424

Running Around Town

We don’t always want to be done up when we leave the house. But here’s how we plan to dress up while being dressed down, and running around town.

Adriana Degreas bikini $393
Talbot Runhof kaftan $695
Francesco Russo sandals $489
Eliurpi hat $660
Balenciaga shades $325
0711 woven straw beach bag $436

Sexy at the Beach

We are READY for a vacation. Take me somewhere sunny, sandy, and exotic. If that’s your next vacation destination, even if just in your head, here is how you can look the part!

Carl Ayers

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