Editors’ Menswear Pick: blú swimwear Keeps You in Style

Man, it is hot and humid. And humid, hot weather means one thing. It is cool off beach time!!

But what to wear. Ladies always have a wide range of choices when it comes to beachwear or pool parties. But guys usually go for the tried-and-true swimsuit they have been wearing for several season. Even if the swimsuit doesn’t fit that well or looks like something out of the 1980s cult classic “Weekend at Bernie’s.” (Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy did have some great swimwear.)

Ditch the old swimsuit and show out your style and great fashion sense in blú swimwear.  blú swimwear has something for all of your poolside and beach needs.

Inspired by a conversation with her son on a Caribbean vacation, blú swimwear designer Keri O’Shea, when returning to the states, searched for a suit that would check all the boxes—body conscious, but not overly revealing, fashionable yet still functional, colorful but never garish, versatile yet still clearly swimwear.  She immediately called up her dear friend, fellow mom and like-minded creative, Heather Durst, and the duo set about to rethink the modern American swim aesthetic. 

The collection consists of two silhouettes, The Bather, a slim to the body, extended square-cut suit that embodies more of the European side of the range and their version of a Trunk, but with a liner that transports the wearer immediately into the world of luxury swim.  Each silhouette is available in a range of colors and patterns. Regardless of which silhouette you choose; you’ll be glad you did.

Images courtesy of VERY New York

And like all things at Fashion Reverie—because we tried out blú swimwear—we can testify to the fact that you will love the fit, color and styles. In this time of recovery and feral summers, don’t be out of step and out of style with old garments, rev up your summer with blú swimwear.

—William S. Gooch

Editors’ Pick: Spring 2022 Men’s Fragrances That Celebrate Masculinity and Enchantment

Everyone likes making a great first impression, and when it comes to men’s fragrances, the options can be daunting. To help clear up the indecision, we are sharing three of our favorite scents that will narrow down your choices and set the mood to impress.

Image courtesy of Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander Thank You & Good Luck 50ml price TBD

The first fragrance from bridal designer Justin Alexander, the fragrance, Thank You & Good Luck (T&G), is a sophisticated eau de parfum providing hours of lasting aroma that lingers close to the body. Described as a “celebration of love,” T&G is an aromatic bouquet of flowers and sandalwood and is the perfect union of masculinity and femininity combining to create a signature scent that is versatile and unisex. www.justinalexander.com

Image courtesy of Vince Camuto

VINCE CAMUTO Homme Eau de Toilette 100ml $82.00

Vince Camuto’s Homme eau de toilette, creates a solid first impression characterized by a fresh aromatic scent that is unmistakably masculine. The fragrance evokes the mystery and allure of the Mediterranean and is intimate without being overbearing. Homme has a slightly trendy quality that is approachable for most men, fusing pressed citron and iced gin with blue cypress and finishing with dry notes of spruce, musk, and atlas cedar. www.vincecamuto.com

Image courtesy of Bvlgari

Bvlgari Le Gemme Orom Eau de Parfum 100ml $349.00

For the man looking for something a little extra with a bold profile! A new release, Bvlgari Orom is part of the Le Gemme collection and represents a journey for the senses from East to West, searching for nature’s rarest and most stunning gems. Relaunching 10 of its most loved eau de parfum’s, Bvlgari invites the wearer to find their unique expression based on their olfactory preferences. Bvlgari Orom will leave your senses delighted in luxury with top notes of bourbon vanilla, middle notes of siam benzoin, and base notes of agarwood. www. Bvlgari.com

Image courtesy of Byredo

Byredo De Los Santos 50ml $196.00

A gender-neutral scent from Byredo, De Los Santos is an aromatic fragrance harmoniously blending earthy musk and green sage, enlivening the senses in a cloud of deep aromatic bliss. The fragrance pays homage to familiar ceremonial scents of Día de los Muertos and All Saints’ Day, capturing the transcendent quality of what it means to come together in a ritual of remembrance. With top notes of clary sage and mirabelle, middle notes of orris and ciste oil, and base notes of musk, ambroxan, and palo santo. www.byredo.com

Image courtesy of K3 Collective

V de Robert Piguet 100ml $175.00

Originally created in 1947 for women when it was known as Visa, the recreation of this iconic brand now works perfect for both men and women.   V de Robert Piguet opens with an initial exotic sweetness of ylang-ylang that embraces luscious bergamot and pear. Sumptuous layers of rose, white peach and cinnamon unfold in the warm heart, hinting at the scent’s sultry demeanor. In an unforgettable finale, the juxtaposition of milky sandalwood and gourmand leather evokes a tempting delicacy.

Faithful to Robert Piguet’s original concept, but with a few new charms of its own, V de Robert Piguet is exciting and seductive like an unexpected romantic journey.

Image courtesy of Guess

GUESS UOMO Eau de Toilette 100ml $68.00

A new edition to the brand’s fragrance pillar, GUESS UOMO is a celebration of the cool, confident, and collected man living presently in the fullness of his passions. The amber fougere fragrance is sensual with top and mid notes of citrus, fresh floral, and intense spice and followed up with a warm blend of dark woods and sensual amber for a sweet and lingering trail. www.guess.com

Kristopher Hoyle

Men’s Spring 22 Outerwear Roundup

Image courtesy of dresstrends.com

Hallelujah! Collectively, we can shout and rejoice that spring is upon us. That joyous time of year when we can slough off oversized coats in exchange for lighter versatile jackets to suit the new season. It is safe to say that winter fatigue is a thing, and the thought of suiting up inside an oversized puffer coat can be an emotional drain.

Enter the spring jacket, a lighter-weight option free from the emotional heaviness symbolic of winter coats. This year, the trend for spring points toward a laid-back aesthetic embodied by a carefree attitude and relaxed tailoring to suit every man’s tastes. It’s safe to say that you can start getting in the mood to dress up.

Images courtesy of Nautica. Striped Logo Print Jacket $43.98, Reversible Tampashere Overshirt $128.70

From classic nylon and denim jackets to more dressed-up fare, Nautica is a staple in every man’s closet, with day to evening options that never sacrifice style or comfort. For spring, Nautica’s lineup showcases stylish, lightweight options in bold colors and prints with an edgy sensibility that pairs well with any combination of pants and shirts.

Images courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger. Utility Shirt Jacket $349.00, Camo Hooded Jacket $229.00

Almost 40 years ago, Tommy Hilfiger charmed the American retail consumer with his eponymous line of preppy sportswear aimed at teens and young adults. In 2022 Hilfiger is reimagining classics in new fabrics and silhouettes to create a modern revival of American prep. Among Hilfiger’s outerwear lineup are relaxed pieces that mix well with knit cardigans and chinos for an overall look that is unquestionably cool.

Images courtesy of Perry Ellis. Color Block Waterproof Parka $225.00, Plaid brushed Wool Topper Jacket $237.00

An American classic, Perry Ellis and his namesake are credited with turning around the American menswear market in the 70s and 80s. This season Perry Ellis America continues a long tradition of blending sophisticated forms that transition from day to night with ease. Furthermore, spring highlights an array of colors and fabrics in outerwear that will work well with most any man’s wardrobe.

Images courtesy of Nobis. Mateo Men’s Bomber Jacket $495.00,
 Speck Men’s Tailored Mid Layer Jacket $495.00

For spring 2022, Nobis does not disappoint with its tailored utility tech-inspired apparel. The collection, dubbed Symbiosis, is inspired by the elements capturing the transitional essence of the natural world. Created with the unexpected in mind, their jackets and outerwear work double duty and move from mild to inclement weather without much fuss.



Images courtesy of Bugatchi. Solid Cotton Safari Jacket $299.00, Solid Cotton Bomber Jacket $259.35 

Bugatchi’s spring collection is a subtle line full of exceptional details found in classic luxury fashion intermixed with performance wear, suggesting a minimalist individuality that maintains a fresh modern appeal. Designed with the highest quality in mind and lightweight materials, Bugatchi delivers jackets and coats that are timeless among their contemporaries and crafted with the utmost care and excellence the brand is known for.

Images courtesy of Romeo Hunte. “It’s Just a Trench” $690.00, Hybrid trench/bomber $2995

Romeo Hunte is the kind of fashion brand that inspires and gets your creative fashion muscles in the mood to flex. After what has been a long winter coupled with a worldwide pandemic depressing mostly everyone, Romeo Hunte’s spring 2022 outerwear collection is a dramatic affair! Their outerwear is like a breath of air and leans into a design sensibility with a fresh perspective that makes you giddy with laughter and looking good doing it!

Images courtesy of KENZO, Cloud Camo’ windbreaker jacket $495.00, ‘Zodiac Tiger’ windcheater $565.00

Since its founding in 1970 by designer Kenzo Takada, Kenzo, under newly appointed artistic director Nigo, continues in a tradition of weaving energy and a zest for life into each garment, transmuting the ordinary into a modern interpretation of daring and borderless fashion. Kenzo’s spring ’22 jackets and outerwear are a mélange of prints and color in muted pastel hues and dashes of bright, bold colors that maintain the brand’s heritage while updating the fashion code for a new generation of fashion enthusiasts.

—Kristopher Johnson-Hoyle

TAFT’s New WFH Slippers Promote Comfort and Style

If you live on the East Coast or in the Midwest, one thing is certain, temperatures have dropped dramatically. From holiday temperatures that were temperate to unusually warm, 2022 is already proving to come in with a blast of very cold weather.

As most of us are still working from home, you can look great and wear fashionable garments even though there is no one’s eye to catch but your own. Who says comfort and style cannot go hand in hand, even if the only nods you receive is from the most important person in your life, yourself!!

Comfortable stylish slippers can be underestimated. That said, nothing feels better, particularly when temperatures are frosty, and you shuffling between your laptop, the kitchen, the bathroom, and back again then warm, stylish slippers that your feet can luxuriate in.

Images courtesy of Michelle Marie PR

TAFT’s new slip-on silhouette offers casual convenience, effortless style, and supportive comfort all in one. The pairs have a full-grain, Spanish woven leather exterior for easy cleaning while the sole and interior is lined with fluffy faux fur that will make your feet feel like they’re engulfed in a cloud. What makes these slippers sought after is their versatility! The WFH Slipper is thick and durable, so you can easily transition these beauties from home to the streets and beyond. The ultimate shoe for comfort is here. 

Price points for these new TAFT slips-on are slightly pricey, $295, but, oh so worth it. And even though you can’t see these fabulous slip-ons during your ZOOM or Google team meetings, that smile on your face will be a testament that your feet look good and feel good. It doesn’t get any better

—William S. Gooch

Men’s Winter 2022 Grooming Guide


Image courtesy of chicagotribune.com

Don’t wait until spring to clean out your medicine cabinet and begin a new ritual of self- care. Fashion Reverie has created a list of personal care products that will not only help you survive the winter but will also give you a head start on being brightened, toned, and rejuvenated. The man who stays ready doesn’t have to get ready, and these products will have you ready to combat the winter elements as easily as a snowplow through fresh snow.

On The Go: Artistry Renewing Solution Mini-Set

Being active and busy is no excuse to not address the fundamentals of self-care. Sure, you may not have time for a deep tissue massage, acupuncture, or a trip to the men’s spa, but you can take 5 minutes out of your day to make sure that at least your face is on point. Artistry has created their Renewing Solution Mini-Set so that you can put your freshest face forward no matter where you are—at home, at the office, or at the gym. Compact enough to fit into a small dopp kit, the set includes a foaming cleanser that conditions the skin, a toner that revitalizes and hydrates, and a cream that nourishes your face. In two weeks, you’ll see a more youthful-looking face in the mirror.

Head: Karamo Mantl (for balding men)

Excuse me, sir. Your epidermis is showing! In cold weather, exposed skin is susceptible to drying out, flaking, and even cracking. That’s bad enough if that happens to your hands, but it’s particularly troublesome if it’s happening on your face and head. Bald men may be more prone to the effects of cold weather, so they should take steps to take extra care of their skin. Reality television star Karamo Brown co-founded Mantl, a skincare line that helps cleanse, moisturize, and protect your whole head from environmental stressors.

Though the product line is inspired by balding men, you don’t have to be bald to use it. Everyone needs to protect the skin they’re in. With Mantl, you can keep your head and face covered with their individual products, you can try out a starter kit, or replenish your full routine every three months with their subscription service.

Face: Givenchy Le Soin Noir

When science learns from nature, it can result in some of the best outcomes. Givenchy’s Le Soin Noir line is inspired by Vital Black Algae Sap, a concentrate extracted from sea algae which has the power to regenerate itself. That is combined with the golden sap of another alga to create an advanced formula that optimizes cell reconstruction, increases skin hydration, and stimulates oxygenation. Infused into a range of products from cleansers and serums to cremes and lotions, Le Soin Noir uses millenia-old natural biological processes to develop modern approaches to combat aging.

Eyes: Kiehl’s Age Defender Eye Repair

The cold winter days and long winter nights take a toll on our body, but no one wants to look tired and weathered all the time. Kiehl’s Age Defender Eye Repair is a men’s anti-aging cream that lifts, firms, and visibly reduces dark circles. It firms the skin around the eye to reduce the appearance of crown’s feet and under-eye wrinkles. It also brightens the skin for an age-defying visage.

Teeth: vVardis

Winter is the “get ready” season. This is the time when we prepare ourselves for the “big reveal” in the spring. We hit the gym, we take care of our face and skin, and we work on whitening our smile. vVardis has the last part covered. vVardis’ Whitening Collection is a four-piece oral care set that includes their Edelweiss whitening toothpaste, Rheinholz wooden toothbrush, Weiss bad antibacterial mouthwash, and Aletsch teeth whitening gel. Collectively, this set is engineered to strengthen, whiten, and protect your teeth while providing a long-lasting, healthy-looking smile.

Hands: O’Keefe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

Our hands may be the most exposed and used parts of our body, and with that comes a lot of wear and tear.  Often, we want the newest product that boasts of vitamins and miracle properties that are “guaranteed” to change our lives. And other times, we want what’s tried and true. Enter O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream. No fuss, no muss, just old-fashioned good stuff. This hand cream creates a protective layer on your skin which increases hydration and helps prevent your hands from drying out. It is guaranteed to bring your hands relief, or you get your money back.

Body: Buttered by Kenya

We’ve all heard the song “Get Me Bodied” by Beyonce, but have you heard of Bodied by Kenya? This all-natural skincare line is custom made to order, created with no toxins, but loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. The body butter also can be used to fade dark spots, scars, skin discolorations, stretch marks, and wrinkles. On top of being healthy for your skin, it smells great! The Red Bamboo scent delivers a unique blend of spicy woods, fresh notes, and sensual accents to create an irresistibly fresh scent. The Late Night scent is addictive and seductive; it is a steamy combination of spicy notes and sensual undertones—perfect for a midnight hour rendezvous.

Images courtesy of the respective brands

Feet: Roots & Bloom

We give our feet a rough time year-round, but even more so in the winter. Often tightly trapped in dense socks heavy boots, our feet just don’t get the care they deserve. And when we neglect our feet, they can become hard, dry, and cracked. To keep yourself trotting along, get the Foot Therapy Trio by Roots and Bloom. The set comes with a multi-acid, exfoliating pads, BHA resurfacing toner pads, and an Ultra Hydration oil. They even throw in a free natural volcanic pumice stone to slough off the dead skin. With consistent use, cracked feet can become soft, smooth, and cured to babysoft condition.

—Carl Ayers

Stylish Men’s Fall 2021 Coats

Image courtesy of excellencemagazine.com

Menswear often plays a second fiddle to women’s wear. Just observe any red carpet. There is so much emphasis at what the female celebrities and very little attention is paid to what the male celebrities have on.

That is not the case at Fashion Reverie. Though there is more coverage of ladies’ fashion, we do give adequate voice to menswear. And if you are living on the East Coast and parts of the Midwest, it is time to start thinking about men’s outerwear, in particular fall and winter coats.


Image courtesy of Nordstrom.com

BUGATCHI’s three-quarter navy coat $599

Depending on where you live a very heavy winter coat may not fit your fall/winter needs. Though temperatures are dropping, a heavy coat is just bit too much. Fashion Reverie has just the right coat for you!!

Founded in Montreal in the 1980s, this Canadian brand prides itself on its expertise in prints and colors gives the brand a unique place in today’s fashion market. BUGATCHI’s desire to incorporate innovative and novel fabrications has led to the development of the revolutionary OoohCotton® Technology. This technology has revolutionized performance shirting precisely because it combines sought after performance and functionality with the additional comfort of cotton. 

Bugatchi has some transitional coats to tie you over until it gets very cold. Or perhaps, you live in a climate where a lighter coat will serve you just fine. Bugatchi three-quarter navy coat with hood, plaid check lining, patch pockets and zipper and snap closure is the perfect men’s outerwear coat that fits the bill if you are in the market for a stylish coat that is not too heavy.

Image courtesy of gq.uk

Rick Owens’ Puffer Coat $1450

Rick Owens has set a standard for his avant-garde designs and expanding the fashion industry’s design aesthetic. While many of his collections are comprised of garments that appeal to the consumer who has a palette for non-traditional look, Rick Owens does have some garments that can appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Owen’s puffer coat is a must for that male consumer that wants to make a statement while staying insulated from the cold. Owens ingeniously taps into an ever-growing trend of male consumers who embrace bold color. Owens’ puffer coat come in a bold orange hue. This puffer coat comes with a full satin lining and rib knit cuffs, and has a parachute, sleeping bag aesthetic.

If this fall/winter coat is your coat choice, you are going to have dig deep into your pocket. It retails for about $1450.

Image courtesy of dappered.com

Banana Republic’s Grey Herringbone Melton Topcoat $399

Everybody loves a topcoat. And if you are in the market for a great topcoat that is not going to break the bank, Banana Republic has the topcoat for you!! This topcoat is a blend of textiles, 72% wool, 21% nylon, and 7% polyester fabric. Linings are a blend of rayon/poly for the back, rayon/cotton for the front, and poly/cupro for the sleeves. The Herringbone pattern is noticeable, but it’s not a full black versus white pattern.

And this topcoat is a great investment. Because of the various fabric blends this topcoat wears well and can be worn a lot. You can also dress this coat up or dress it down. What more could you ask for!!

Image courtesy of dappered.com

J. Crew’s Ludlow Car Coat in Wool Blend $368

J. Crew is another household name brand that is offering a great coat this season at an affordable. Though J. Crew’s Ludlow Car Coat comes in a traditional menswear silhouette, the fabricated pattern incorporates a great blend of color that will appeal to the modern male consumer.

This coat is 42% wool, 41% polyester, 17% acrylic fabric is super soft, and the checkered pattern is eye-catching and is sure to get you noticed.

Images courtesy of gq.uk

Sacai x Kaws $2,000

Who says that your winter coat has to be the traditional colors of black, grey, brown or blue? Why not a risk this season and add lots of bold color. If you are adventurous, then Fashion Reverie has the perfect for you.

The outlandish Sacai x Kaws coat, emblazoned by a multi-colored print and employs sumptuous luxe fabrics such as satin and shearling for the trim of its hood. This colorful down coat is weatherproof with PrimaLoft fillings. Again, you are going to have to dig deep into your pockets, but this coat is worth it!!

—William S. Gooch

Men’s Fall 2021 Watches with Style and Heritage

Time is one of the few constants in life, but, as the adage goes, it waits for no one. From the earliest obelisks and sundials in ancient Egypt, to 14th century European hourglasses, to today’s tourbillons, man has been trying to keep up with, and keep track of time. At Fashion Reverie, we like to do everything fashionably. So, if you’re looking for some new wrist candy, we’ve assembled a list of timepieces guaranteed to keep your eye on the clock.

Talley and Twine

Since launching in 2014, Talley and Twine have the recognition of being the largest Black-owned luxury watch company. Named after a formerly dangerous intersection in Virginia, the brand represents the new vision of that revitalized neighborhood—a bright future. The brand has partnered with a number of organizations across the nation in an effort to promote health and well-being, and strengthen local communities.

The moderately priced timepieces (ranging from $135-$235, and up to $410 for a couple’s set) come in metal, leather, and canvas band selections. You can even buy additional bands to give your watch as many options as your mood or wardrobe will allow. The watch faces are distinctly void of any numbers on the dial, except for the number 7. To company founder Randy Williams, the number seven represents completion, as there are seven days in the week. Seven also serves as a reminder to finish what you start. Now in its seventh year of existence, Talley and Twine is off to great start, and they are nowhere near finished yet.


Bucherer is more than just a fancy watch company. They also specialize in fine jewelry, and since acquiring the Tourneau brand, Bucherer has become a retailer of other high-end and luxury watch brands. Founded in 1888, and still completely owned by the Bucherer family, the Carl F. Bucherer company is one of Switzerland’s oldest watchmaking brands continuously operated by the founding family.

With almost 150 years of longevity, Bucherer has made innovative strides in the advancement of chronometers. The brand offers simple quartz movement wristwatches as well as watches with advanced floating tourbillons. With prices ranging from $1,850 for their Adamavi to well over $400,000 for a limited edition, white gold and diamond encrusted Pathos, you have a wide range to select from, whether you’re just entering the luxury watch market or if you’re an avid collector.

Verdure Watches 199.99-574.99

Verdure Watches was founded by Eddie Johnson in 2012, but his love for timepieces has comes from observing that same adoration within his father and grandfather. Johnson became intrigued at an early age, and soon began sketching his own watch designs. His motto for Verdure is “Time Well Spent,” and it has been a proven mantra. Johnson has spent his time honing the three values of his company—beauty, precision, and longevity.

One of Verdure’s most popular pieces is the Brown Excellence watch from its Sophomore Collection. Outfitted with a brown leather strap and gold case, this watch evokes the vibe of an old school businessman. This is coupled with a partially open face allowing you to view the mechanisms below. This watch, priced at $349.99, is perfect got the gentleman who has a classic sense of style and an affinity for fine workmanship.


Sometimes the decreased sunlight and chilly air of autumn can affect our mood. But you can begin to turn that around with little pops of color in your wardrobe, including on your wrist. Doxa offers a plethora of color options for their watch faces and rubber wristbands. Starting at $950, and with interchangeable watch bands and bracelets, your outfit color coordination is unstoppable.

Christophe Claret

Christophe Claret is a maverick of watch design. The company always seeks to create new ways of displaying time in an artful way. From watches that have hidden messages to watches that also play card games, this watch brand designs some to the most innovative timepieces you’ll ever see. One of the most mind-blowing creations is the X-TREM-1, a watch that defies the conventional framework of watches. Rather than use a digital or analog display, the X-TREM-1 tells time via two magnetic balls encased in clear tubing on either side of the watch face—one side for the hour, the other for the minutes. What makes this even more interesting is that magnets usually interfere with the accuracy of watches. For a watch that cost over $265,000, I’m sure the brand figured out how to keep everything running smoothly.


Asorock is another watch brand with community at heart. Named after the breathtaking mountains in central Nigeria, the company was started by two young entrepreneurs, Nigerian-American Ben Iroala and Zambian-American Andre Mutale, with the aim of providing customers with watches made of high-grade components at a price point less than half of their competitors. At the same time, a portion of each purchase is put towards the construction of a library within their anticipated youth complex in a village in Nigeria.

Owning an Asorock watch is a commitment to style and an investment in Africa’s youth. Their SpeedRacer watch is far from a cookie-cutter minimalist design. With a distinct look and quality you can feel, and an affordable price tag of $125, its rugged design is made to match the round-the-clock hustle of the man on the go.


Simple and classic, Carpenter Watches specializes in timepieces that are timeless. Their watches are not overly fussy, and the watches give you a sense that it will someday make a great family heirloom. With each subcategory limited to 250 pieces, and priced at $895, you are guaranteed to have a stately watch that will garner attention and admiration.

All watch images courtesy of their respective brands


No watch list would be complete without the Rolex. Its name recognition seems to epitomize the pinnacle of luxury watches. Highly regarded by world leaders, titans of industry, and celebrities alike, the brand has become synonymous with wealth, stature, and success. It’s somewhat prohibitive cost also makes it a rare purchase for the average person.

Recently, a US Air Force veteran appeared on “Antiques Roadshow” with a Rolex he bought for $345 while stationed in Thailand in the 1970’s. He kept the watch, and all of the original paperwork, in a safe deposit box for nearly 40 years. On the show, he found out that his watch could be sold at auction for up to $700,000. Now that’s what Fashion Reverie calls a return on your investment! If you’re not ready to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a Rolex, you can start with an introductory piece—the Oyster Perpetual. Starting at under $6,000, it’s a solid way to affirm your affinity for quality timepieces.

—Carl Ayers

Men’s Fall 2021 Fragrances

Slowly but surely, the world is adjusting to a new normal. As vaccination rates increase, also increases the frequency of people coming together, hanging out, and enjoying the company of friends and family. And as we get together more often, most of us are ditching the sweats and tees, and starting to put more thought and effort into our outfits again. But as most guys know, no outfit is complete without just the right scent. Just in time for our transition into autumn, Fashion Reverie has compiled a list of the newest men’s fragrances to lead your fall line-up.

A Midnight Stroll by Gucci

Within the world of Gucci lies The Alchemist’s Garden, their haute perfumery line. It consists of unisex eaux de parfums, perfumed oils, and acque profumate (“scented waters”) that can be layered, magnified, or muted to create unique olfactory concoctions. They are housed in black lacquered glass bottles with porcelain effects and gold accents, inspired by the earliest perfumery containers found in antique apothecaries. The latest addition to this luxe fragrance line is “A Midnight Stroll,” an incense-scented fragrance blended with smoke cade wood and fresh cypress. The result is a deep, dark eau de parfum that celebrates the allure of the night, drawing you in, and putting you under its spell.

Mixed Emotions by Byredo

Byredo is a portmanteau of “By Redolence,” meaning “in memory of.” For their latest release, they’ve named it “Mixed Emotions,” which “[reflects] the tumultuous nature of our times.” Byredo explains, “Mixed Emotions presents an olfactive sketch of our current, collective state of mind. Comforting notes of maté and the sharp sweetness of cassis sit within a wooden framework; the reassuring scent of black tea [is] disturbed by violet leaf synthetics.”

Viking Cologne by Creed

First things first. Do not confuse Viking Cologne with its predecessor Viking. Viking is a fiery and daring woody/citrus scent. Viking Cologne is its juxtaposed counterpart. Viking Cologne is crisp and aromatic. It is made with an international smörgåsbord of ingredients— Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, mandarin, French lavender, Egyptian geranium, Indian sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli, and Haitian vetiver. It is a breathtaking elixir that harkens to the Vikings penchant for travel and discovery.

Pegasus by Parfums de Marly Paris

Classified as a woody oriental scent, Pegasus by Parfums de Marly Paris is comprised of distinct tones of fruit, wood, and spice. The natural top notes of cypress, bergamot, and heliotrope give way to a powdery body of jasmine, lavender, and bitter almond. The base chords of vanilla, amber and sandalwood provide a subtle balance that is long lasting, but not overpowering.

With a combination of mate, blackcurrant, Ceylon black tea, violet leaves, birch woods, and papyrus, there’s a slightly sweetened oud-like aroma to this fragrance. And to draw you even more into the world of Mixed Emotions, the company collaborated with Fenn O’Meally on a cinematic short film that serves to be a reflection of the philosophies of Mixed Emotions.

Gentleman eau de toilette Intense by Givenchy

Continuing their Gentleman collection, we now have Gentleman Givenchy eau de toilette Intense. A slightly sweet and spicy blend, the scent envelope opens with bergamot, basil, and cardamom, followed by a gentle touch of blue iris. It is rounded off with the power of cedarwood and smoothed with coumarin. Addictive as it is fresh, this fragrance is made “for a man [who is] as confident as he is kind.”

Chicago High by Vilhelm Parfumerie

Chicago High is a time-traveling scent that takes you back to the 1920’s. Vilhelm Parfumerie wants you to envision a Great Gatsby era filled with lavish decadence and intoxicating celebrations despite prohibition regulations. Owner Jan Vilhelm says, “I wanted to express the idea that there were hidden depths to this effervescent, yet soon vanished glamorous time. A rhyme and reason for such luxurious pursuits, not just a decadence of society.”

With top notes of champagne, pineapple, and bergamot, mid notes of honey, and tobacco, and base notes of leather, patchouli, and amber, this fragrance roars like the 1920s. Everything about it is a good time. Cheers to that!

H24 by Hermes H24 (sage, rosewood)

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to wear a heavy scent when you step out of the house. Some of us prefer a light, fresh scent year round. H24 by Hermes is the first fragrance expressing the contemporary man as seen by Hermès. It is a bright and sensual fragrance that leaves you smelling as if you’ve just walked out of the shower. Consisting of sage, rosewood, narcissus, and sclarene, the composition is uncomplicated. But sometimes the simple things in life can be the best.

All images courtesy of their respective brands

Code by Giorgio Armani

Emporio Armani is celebrating its 40th year anniversary, but it’s big sister Giorgio Armani that is celebrating a banner year with its new release, Code Eau de Parfum Pour Homme. The original Armani Code was released in 2004 as an amber spicy scent for men. In 2006, it won the FiFi Award for Men’s Luxe Fragrance of the Year. Now in 2021, it has reemerged in its 34th rendition as an amber fougere (fern-like, i.e., floral, woody, citrus, etc.), ready to steal the spotlight once again.

It is described as an intense, sensual, woody scent. Its top and middle notes of lemon, lavender, bergamot, and tonka bean layered upon base notes of vanilla, suede, musk, and cedar evoke magnetic seduction. When you think of Armani, you think of a sexy and elegant lifestyle, and this is the code you should strive to live by.

—Carl Ayers

Cult of Individuality Demonstrate Their Love of Music in a Hard and Soft Rock n’ Roll Aesthetic

Although it’s not quite true, it feels like we are in a post-COVID-19 pandemic period. Lots of businesses in the US have completed their reopening processes and if you are doubly vaccinated you can go without your mask outside. As we appear to be rounding the corners of lockdowns and self-quarantines, most folks are ready to celebrate life and get their party started, even if the bank account is a little low and financial resources ae not what they used to be.

Since 2009, Cult of Individuality has represented that consumer that makes his mark on his own terms when it comes to fashion. Never waiting for general approval by fashion elites, Cult of Individuality builds on its unique set of standards which stems from the brand’s love affair with music. “Sometimes it’s more based in punk, more based in rap, or rock … it’s what we are feeling.  “Our sense of the times then makes its way onto the clothes through the cuts, colors and graphics with the result being the collection we show,” says Ron Poisson, Cult of Individuality’s creative director. And it is primarily for their obsessive love of music that Fashion Reverie has decided to highlight this menswear brand.

Cult of Individuality uses denim as its primary fabric; however, unlike other denim brands, Cult of Individuality always find something innovative and fresh to bring to its consumer base. The brand borrows from the old uses of denim and injects fresh ideas, interesting design silhouettes, and crafting techniques which not only satisfies the ever-changing tastes and palettes of its loyal fans but excites and entices new consumers into its tribe.

In an ode to the brand name, Cult of Individuality is all about creating garments that aligns with the individual taste and personal style of their consumer base, in other words, a cult of individual style. “There’s a DIY aspect to our collection as well.  It’s a street meets [Rock n’ Roll] vibe that never, ever looks mass produced.  It’s a balancing act that we feel reads at authentic.  Authenticity is very important to us,” explains Ron Poisson.

And the Cult of Individuality’s tribe is aptly served in the brand’s fall 2021 collection. You may ask yourself why comment about a fall 2021 collection during the summer? Ron Poisson explains that Cult of Individuality is driven more by inspiration and design aesthetics than seasonal outputs. Each collection contains garments that are trans-seasonal and work well at any time of the year.

For the current collection, Cult of Individuality was obviously inspired by Rock n’ Roll, and a more casual approach to rocker fashion with an injection of edge and modernity.  And that edge and innovation comes to the fore with interesting combinations of embellishments and unusual pairings.

When speaking of their music inspiration, Poisson comments on that fact that the brand attempts to tie in their collections into the current music culture. This concept is well evidenced in the current collection with moto leather jackets with metal epaulets, denim jackets embellished with plaid accents, plaid shirts that give a nod to genderless slacker and skateboard grunge culture, as well as rock n’ roll biker culture. And though these expressions of rock n’ roll and grunge have been done before, Cult of Individuality adds interesting touches and new embellishments that elevated this collection from a homage to vintage looks to something that can be embraced by younger consumers and their dedicated base.

Images courtesy of Cult of Individuality

Now that so many COVID-19 restrictions are down, Fashion Reverie cannot wait to see what comes next from Cult of Individuality. And we are confident that upcoming collections will excite fashion pulses and keep us wanting more!!

Father’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

Image courtesy of expess.co.uk

It’s almost Father’s Day, one of the most under-rated holidays on the calendar. Often times, dad is expected to pull out the grill and barbeque for the family, and in return, he gets poorly thought out gifts like socks, ties, and golf tees. This year step it up and show the man in your life how much you truly appreciate him. Fashion Reverie has assembled a list of fun, useful, and thoughtful gifts that will remind him of how much he is loved.

Hawthorne Personal Care Bundles ($85)

You may not know exactly what to get dad for Father’s Day, but you can’t go wrong with giving him options. Hawthorne isn’t your average personal care company. Instead of telling guys what they need, they help guys discover what works best for them. For Father’s Day, Hawthorne has a special “Dad Quiz” that pairs you with one of their four curated bundles based on a couple of Dad-friendly questions.  Each bundle includes 3 products including a scent-specific cologne, candle and deodorant, and through June 20th, you will get 20% off.

Food52 Natural Liquor Infusion Kit ($32-$49)

For the DIY imbiber, nothing can compare to an at-home liquor infusion kit. Created by Food52, these kits come with two 16-ounce glass jars with a filtering spout and packs of pre-measured all-natural fruits and spices from an organic and sustainable farm. There are flavor packs curated for gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and whiskey, as well as a special kit made for spring. Don’t fret if you run out of ingredients, you can always order refills, and join a monthly subscription. That’ll certainly keep your spirits up.

Raycon Headphones ($99.99)

He may have been known for being Brandy’s brother, but Ray J has become a force of his own. We can’t forget that he is also a musician, so sound quality is very important to him, and it should be equally important to you. RayCon has released their Everyday Headphones which block out unwanted noise and elevate the sound quality from the speakers. With the latest technology features, these headphones are water-resistant, use active noise cancelling, and have up to 22 hours of battery life.

Nobis Huron Anorak ($425)

Made from technical taffeta nylon, the Huron pullover anorak protects you from the rain and wind, with a sporty, half-zip look. A drawstring hood provides added protection against the elements, while elasticized cuffs help keep warmth in and water out. With sealed seams and finished with a durable water repellent, this light jacket is windproof, waterproof, and yet, still breathable. This jacket is optimal for those inevitable chilly evenings.

Naked Cashmere Floral Musk candle ($40)

A man’s home is his castle, a place where he should reign in peace and luxury. Sometimes it’s the smallest things, like a candle, that invoke calmness. Naked Cashmere offers two coconut wax candles from their home collection—in floral musk or cedar. The floral musk candle is a combination of a spicy, rosy, musk fragrance. The cedar option is a woody scent highlighted by light fruits and florals overlaying a musky vanilla scent. Each candle creates a fragrant oasis of tranquility.

Retrospec ($14.99-$1,399.99)

Social distancing may have helped dad explore his solo fitness journey. Help him continue to meet his fitness goals with a range of gear to match his active lifestyle. From bikes and e-bikes, to skateboards and paddle boards, and even alpine and home equipment, there’s something here that will keep dad’s bod in check.

Samsung The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV ($999.99-$2,799.99)

Does dad gush over the kids’ art work? Now he can turn your home into their own mini art gallery with The Frame smart tv by Samsung. Ranging in size from 43” to 75”, these slim TVs double as art frames. When not used as a television, the screen displays art images selected by you. Choose your favorite personal images, select images pre-loaded onto the device, or sign-up for a subscription of images. The television can be suspended on the wall, set atop a mantle, or mounted onto its own studio stand for a real gallery feel. You can even add a variety of bezel edges and colors to match your décor. It is truly a customizable experience.

Porsche Limited Edition Shake Pen ($229)

We may not be able to buy dad a Porsche 911, but we can help him enjoy the Porsche lifestyle with this limited edition shake pen. The shake pen is a simple marvel of technology. With the flick of your wrist, the writing tip emerges from the body. With another flick, it disappears inside its case. When not in use, the pen is displayed in a shiny silver-white holder shaped in a Porsche 911 silhouette. This is a stylish and classy addition to an office desk. Not only is it a conversation starter, it is also a collector’s piece, limited to 911 pieces worldwide. It comes with its edition number laser-engraved at the top, as well as a certificate of authenticity.

Tactical Baby Gear Diaper Bag ($19.99-$699.99)

When on daddy duty, most guys like to be practical and tactical. For the no-nonsense Joe, Tactical Baby Gear makes a variety of military-style baby carriers, diaper bags, and accessories to survive a quick trip to the grocery store or an all-day excursion. Mix and match your pieces to your own configuration to protect your young soldiers and ensure your outdoor missions go off without a hitch.

Dior and Rimowa Luggage ($3,080-$4,620)

For the jet setting dad, help him travel in style with Dior and Rimowa travel gear, available in three sizes and three colorways. Designed for the luxe jaunter, the luggage features standard travel necessities such as TSA-approved locks, internal dividers, telescopic handles, but has an exterior accented by the Dior Oblique design embedded in the aluminum skin. There’s little chance that someone will mistake your luggage for theirs at baggage claim.

Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera ($649)

Not all guys want to take pictures with their cellphone. Some still prefer an old school point and shoot camera. The Sony Alpha a6000 mirrorless digital camera sports a 24.3-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor, captures HD video, and comes with a 16-50mm lens. This camera is light enough to easily carry around, has built-in WiFi and NFC to control the camera via your cellphone, and easily share photos.

—Carl Ayers

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