Fashion News Alert: Supermodel Liya Kedebe’s First Harper’s Bazaar Cover, “Emily in Paris” Fuels Interest in Chanel, and Asia’s Largest Store

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For her first Harper’s Bazaar cover as the magazine first woman of color to helm the esteemed magazine, Samira Nasr chose a model blast from the past, Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kedebe. This is Kedebe’s first Harper’s Bazaar cover.

“Welcome to my first issue as editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar,” Nasr wrote to readers, as reported in “This isn’t my first issue of Bazaar, though. I was a fashion editor at the magazine 20 years ago. My job was to edit and produce the shopping section of the magazine, and the section always opened with a model. Our bookings editor at the time told me that there was a new model who was ‘going to be a star.”

“A few days later, I styled Liya Kebede for the April 2001 issue, marking the first time she appeared in Bazaar, and the start of our friendship. In the years since, she has walked for every major designer and covered every major fashion magazine except this one. I’m thrilled that my first issue as editor in chief is also Kebede’s first cover for American Harper’s Bazaar, photographed in Paris by Christopher Anderson. The accompanying cover story by my fellow Montrealer Durga Chew-Bose unpacks Kebede’s decades-long career in an industry that has historically not made space for women of color and is often guilty of aging women out.”

Liya Kedebe, 42, has had major contracts with Gucci, and Estee Lauder with major campaigns for Revlon, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Escada, and Victoria’s Secret. She has appeared on the cover American, Japanese, Italian, French, and Spanish Vogue.

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Chanel gets a boost

The verdict is still out whether Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” is a great show or will evolve into a hit. However, the fashion in “Emily in Paris” is fueling interest in an iconic French fashion house, The House of Chanel.

According to online fashion shopping platform Stylight, they have seen an increase of 30% in global clicks to Chanel following the premiere of the show earlier in October. “Emily in Paris” follows the meandering of a young American woman in Paris as she attempts to navigate life in a foreign city while working at a prestigious French marketing firm.

“Emily in Paris” broke streaming records immediately after its premiere episode. The series also caused much consternation from cultural critics who were turned off by the series stereotypical portrayal of Parisians and French culture.

Iconic fashion designer Pat Fields serves as wardrobe manager for “Emily in Paris.” The series features several scene-stealing garments from recent Chanel collections.

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Asia’s biggest store

Zara has opened another store in China and this new store is the largest store in Asia. Last Friday, Zara opened a store that spread over 3,500 square meters across four floors. The megastore is located on the busy Wangfujing Street, one of the most famous shopping streets in Beijing.

This new megastore will integrate new technologies that reduce energy consumption by 20% and water usage by half. This new store also emphasizing design elements with smooth and circular shapes. There is so much space in this new store that the brand’s latest collections can be displayed, as well as standalone space for cosmetics, footwear and clothing personalization labs.

Interesting, Zara closed two stores in China in 2019 with the parent company, Inditex, announcing in June 2020 that they have plans to close 1200 Zara stores in Asia and Europe. Because of COVID-19, Zara experienced its first quarterly loss in the first quarter of 2020, reaching a 480-million-dollar loss because of the pandemic. Zara currently has 191 stores in China including the autonomous regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

—William S. Gooch

Fashion News Alert: Selena Gomez’s Fashion Film, Emily Ratajkowski’s New Job, and German Amazon Workers Strike on Prime Day

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Pop star Selena Gomez has been cast in a new film. The horror film, “Dollhouse,” uses the fashion industry as its backdrop. Not only is Gomez starring in “Dollhouse,” she is also one of the producers.

“Selena’s involvement is an exciting direction for this project. She is supremely talented as both a star and a producer,” said STXfilms Motion Picture Group chairman Adam Fogelson, as reported in “Teaming Selena with [co-producers] Shawn and Dan’s expertise in the horror-thriller genre will elevate Dollhouse and we couldn’t be more thrilled by the way this is being developed.”

Selena Gomez has been named one of TIME’s 100 most influential people of 2020 and has over 194 million followers on Instagram. No director has named for “Dollhouse.”

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Prime Day is not prime for Amazon workers

German trade union, Verdi, called on German Amazon works to strike on Amazon’s global Prime Day. Amazon’s Prime Day, which is traditionally held in July, is Amazon’s massive two days of sales. Prime Day took place this year on October 13 and October 14.

Verdi organized a two-day strike against Amazon in Germany is a part of their long battle—since 2013—in relation to what Verdi claims is Amazon’s low pay and bad working conditions. Germany is the biggest consumer of Amazon goods after the US.

News site Reveal released a report that states Amazon’s Prime Day is one of the most hazardous workdays for Amazon workers because of the increased sales and workers having to work harder to meet quotas.

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Emily’s new gig

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has a new job, a big one. Ratajkowski has been named the creative director of Loops, an up-and-coming skincare brand. Loops specializes in beauty masks.

“Emily is a global icon and revered tastemaker,” said Loops co-founder Colin Peek in a release. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner together around a vision, a concept, that lifestyle beauty is simply how modern people take care of themselves today, how they look and feel their best.”

Ratajkowski duties as a partner and creative director will includes establishing Loops as a leader in skincare and helping develop content and skincare products. Loops, a New York City-based skincare company, launched in 2020 by Peek, Tushar Adya, and Aditya Julka. Loops is a skincare lifestyle brand that seeks to redefine daily skincare routines by introducing carefully formulating beauty masks with a range of benefits, from the anti-ageing “Weekly Reset,” to the detoxing “Clean Slate” and the moisturizing “Night Shift.”

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Fashion News Alert: June Ambrose’s New Gig, Nyle DiMarco’s “Deaf U,” and Kenzo Takada Transitions

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June Ambrose has a new job. Consumers will probably know June Ambrose as the stylist to hip-hop royalty—Missy Elliot, and Jay Z, well as celebs Zoe Saldana, Kerry Washington, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, and Alicia Keys. Consumers may also know June Ambrose for her short-lived reality show “Styled by June.”

Well, June has a new job. June has formed a new creative partnership with Puma, designing the footwear brand’s women’s and girl’s line. The collaborative collection is aiming for a summer 2021 release.

“Beyond the collections, it’s important to me that the collaboration is rooted in social impact, and Pumas work in the social justice space to empower youth through sport makes them the perfect partner,” explained Ambrose in an article on

“Having the opportunity to bring an individual with such talent into the world of sports is unique and we are excited to see how she can redefine what it means to create a sportswear collection,” said Adam Petrick, Puma’s global director of brand and marketing. In 2020, Puma has landed several important collaborations with popular celebrities—Selena Gomez, Rihanna, and Kylie Jenner.

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Nyle DiMarco puts on the producer’s hat

If you don’t know who Nyle DiMarco is, you should. First, Nyle was the winners of “America’s Next Top Model” cycle 22—he was also the first deaf model to win the reality model competition. And Nyle was the winner of season 22 “Dancing with the Stars.”

Besides modeling and acting, Nyle DiMarco is now branching into documentary production. “DEAF U” a new Netflix documentary, produced by DiMarco, centers on deaf students at Gallaudet University as they navigate life. Gallaudet University is a renown university for deaf students of which DiMarco is 2013 graduate.

“DEAF U” premieres on Netflix on Friday, October 9.

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A very important fashion designer bites the dust

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the fashion community. This time the COVID-19 casualty was iconic fashion designer Kenzo Takada.

Kenzo was a very important fashion designer in the Paris fashion world. He was the first Japanese fashion designer to establish himself in Paris.

Born in Hemeji, Japan, Kenzo came to Paris in 1965, and quickly established himself as a fashion force to be reckoned with. His first fashion line, Jungle Jap, helped Kenzo establish himself. Later in 1975, Kenzo merged Jungle Jap into his eponymous line which became extremely popular around the world. In 1983, Kenzo launched his menswear line.  Kenzo’s collections were known for their emphasis on graphic and floral prints.

Kenzo sold his eponymous line to LVMH in 1993 and resigned as creative director in 1999. At his death, Felipe Oliveira Baptista was serving as the creative director of the brand. In June of this year, the brand opened its first US store in the Soho district of New York City.

Kenzo Takada died from complications due to COVID-19 on Sunday in the American Hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine five days at the brand presented its spring 2021 collection in Paris. He was 81 years old.

—William S. Gooch

Fashion News Alert: Lacoste Cuts Ties with Moha La Squale and Romeo Elvis, Ralph Lauren Cuts Staff, and Sean Combs Collaborates with Missguided

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Lacoste has ended its relationship with rappers Moha La Squale and Romeo Elvis after several young women has accused the rappers of sexual assault on social media. Lacoste started collaborated with French rapper Moha La Squale in 2018 and Belgian rapper Romeo Elvis in 2019.

“[Lacoste] would like to make clear that, when we associate our corporate image to a brand ambassador, the idea behind the operation is to open up new horizons for both parties. This is not what is currently happening in France with some of these [ambassadors], and we deeply regret this,” stated Lacoste in a press release sent to AFP, confirming information reported by French news channel BFM TV.

Moha La Squale has been under investigation since early September for “sexual assault,” “wilful abuse” and “death threats,” following accusations by three women, who all filed complaints. A fourth accusation was filed on September 11. And Romeo Elvis apologized on social media in September for having“used [his] hands in an improper manner on someone,” saying he thought he was responding “to an invitation that was no such thing.” He said that “something that is too often seen as a banal act is a mistake that should not be made,” adding “I’m not proud of this situation, and I hope to serve as an example that must not be followed,” as reported on

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P Diddy collaborates

Sean Combs, aka as P. Diddy, will collaborate with fast-fashion e-commerce company Missguided. This collaboration with Combs’ fashion brand, Sean John, will result in a streetwear women’s collection.

The collaborative collection will come out later this month. It has been revealed that the collection will be a 117-piece collection inspired by Sean Combs’ music history. Sizes will range from XS to Plus, retailing from £12-£80.

“Real disruption that resonates with customers, isn’t just about getting ranges and collaborations right, it’s about being prepared to break new ground,” said Missguided Founder and CEO, Nitin Passi, as detailed in a article. “And with Sean John x Missguided, that’s precisely what we’ve done—the first Sean John collaboration for women, built around how we know the Missguided customers want to look. And we’ll be unveiling additional Sean John x Missguided ranges as our partnership builds.”

Combs commented, ‘it’s an exciting partnership” for his label and that “we feel like the time is right to bring a strong, style-driven collection to market for women. We couldn’t think of a better partner than Missguided, because they get it. Over the years, women have supported the brand, worn our iconic velour tracksuits and have been asking for a collection, so here it is.”

The collaboration will be available online on September 29.

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Cuts at Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Corp. announced on Tuesday that it would cutting 15% of the company’s global workforce by the end of 2020. Ralph Lauren Corp. currently employs 24,900 employees, and these cuts could affect 3, 700 workers.

“The changes happening in the world around us have accelerated the shifts we saw pre-COVID, and we are fast-tracking some of our plans to match them,” Chief Executive Officer Patrice Louvet said. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused consumers to decrease their buying of luxury handbags, and other accessories.

“After stores reopened, the second phase of recovery for retailers is looking at their balance sheets and how to improve profitability, and for high-end clothing companies, that often means closing stores or letting people go,” said Jessica Ramirez, retail analyst at Jane Hali & Associates, as reported in

That said; online consumption of luxury goods has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. This surge has caused Ralph Lauren Corp. to invest more money and resources into digital platforms.

—William S. Gooch

Fashion News Alert: Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Sexual Assault, Raf Simons to Debut Signature Collection, and Kohl’s Layoffs

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In a recent, self-penned article for New York Magazine, Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski talks about being sexually assaulted by a noted fashion photographer before she became an established fashion model. The assault happened when Ratajkowski was booked for an unpaid editorial with a photographer in the Catskills.

Jonathan Leder, the photographer in question, the makeup artist, and a 20-year old Ratajkowski has been drinking some red wine, so some details of the assault are not quite clear. But Ratajkowski did detail what she did recall in the article in New York Magazine.

“Most of what came next was a blur except for the feeling. I don’t remember kissing, but I do remember his fingers suddenly being inside of me. Harder and harder and pushing and pushing like no one had touched me before or has touched me since. I could feel the shape of myself and my ridges, and it really, really hurt. I brought my hand instinctively to his wrist and pulled his fingers out of me with force. I didn’t say a word. He stood up abruptly and scurried silently into the darkness up the stairs,” detailed Ratajkowski in a article.

Ratajkowski did not report the incident at the time; however, revealing images from the photo editorial did pop up in a book of Leder’s photography, and on Leder’s Instagram account. When Leder was sent a cease and desist letter, he produced a signed consent form which Ratajkowski contends she never signed.

Leder released two more books of photography that included Ratajkowski’s revealing images. “Years passed, and Jonathan released a second book of my images, then a third. He had another show at the same gallery. I looked him up online occasionally; I almost felt like I was checking in on a part of me, the part of me he now owned. For years, while I built a career, he’d kept that Emily in the drawers of his creaky old house, waiting to whore her out. It was intoxicating to see what he’d done with this part of me he’d stolen.”

When contacted by The Cut of New York Magazine Leder stated, “You do know who we are talking about right? This is the girl that was naked in Treats! magazine and bounced around naked in the Robin Thicke video at that time. You really want someone to believe she was a victim?”

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Raf Simons debut women’s collection

Raf Simons has announced that he will debut his women’s collection on October 23 in Antwerp, Belgium. This showing will happen 25 years after Simons started his brand. The debut will take place a month after Simons will show his debut collaboration with Miuccia Prada on September 24 on Milan Fashion Week.

Simons launched his fashion house in 1995 and has been the creative director of the fashion houses of Jil Sander, Christian Dior, and Calvin Klein. Both Simons’ men’s and women’s collection will be available for sale online on October 26.

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Trouble for Kohl’s

On Tuesday, Kohl’s announced plans to cut 15% of its workforce due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kohl’s will layoff employees at its Menomonee Falls headquarters, as well as at its corporate offices in New York and California. Kohl’s hopes to save $65 million dollars with these cuts. In 2019, Kohl’s employed 122,000 associates.

“Through prudent management, disciplined investment in key areas, and smart long-term strategic planning, we are well positioned to capitalize on evolving customer behaviors and the retail industry disruption. The organizational changes we’ve made and keen focus on our strategic business priorities will continue to support our long-term success,” explained SVP of communications Jen Johnson. 

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Fashion News Alert: Trouble for Paris Fashion Week, Edward Enninful’s TIME Cover, and Phillip Plein Cuts Back

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In this year of change history continues to be made, particularly in the fashion industry. First, there was the appointment of CaSandra Diggs as the first black president of the CFDA. And now British Vogue’s editor-in-chief Edward Enninful has acquired a cover on TIME magazine. This makes Enninful the first black fashion magazine editor on the cover of TIME. To that effect, TIME named Enninful “the most influential black man on the fashion landscape.”

Edward Enninful is the first person of color to helm British Vogue. And since taking over the reins of British Vogue Enninful has had 12 women of color on the cover of the esteemed fashion magazine.

“I wanted to reflect what I saw here growing up [in London], to show the world as this incredibly rich, cultured place. I wanted every woman to be able to find themselves in the magazine,” he said in an article in

“I was always othered … you know, gay, working-class, black. So, for me it was very important with Vogue to normalize the marginalized, because if you don’t see it, you don’t think it’s normal.”

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A distressed Philipp Plein

COVID-19 strikes again!! Philipp Plein has been forced to downsize his eponymous fashion brand due to diminishing revenue attributed to the COVID19 pandemic lockdown.

Founded in 1999, Philipp Plein was one of the most popular new European luxury brands. A go-to brand for hip-hop artists and millennial luxury consumers, Plein’s fashion shows had become one of the most coveted fashion shows in Europe and the US.

With the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown hitting luxury brands hard, Plein has had to layoff 200 employees and close his luxury headquarters in Milan. Plein will maintain his two stores in Milan while keeping his home base is Lugano, Switzerland.

Plein launched his first fragrance in early 2020 but shut down his sportswear line in 2019. Like many designers, Plein will introduce his spring 2021 collection via livestreamed video.

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Some designers/brands opt out of Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week will occur this season on schedule. Still, there is some controversy and trouble brewing for one of the most esteemed fashion weeks on the global fashion calendar.

Paris Fashion Week’s spring 2021 season is scheduled for September 28 through October 6. However, due to rising COVID-19 infections in France and in Europe overall, many fashion designers/brands are opting out of showing at Paris Fashion Week. Additionally, many fashion industry professionals are also not attending with many fashion events cancelling as well.

Plaza Athénée and Le Meurice, both Parisian luxury hotels, are down in hotel bookings from their usual 1,250 bookings to about 250 bookings. Italian distributors, which usually attend Paris Week, are also opting out.

“Our office on the Champs Elysées remains closed. We will stay in Milan to avoid unnecessary risks, and also a likely quarantine, a prospect that has been floated insistently in the last few days,” said the owner of the Studio Zeta showroom, Mauro Callegari, speaking to MF Fashion, as reported in

“We won’t travel to Paris because, apart from a few European buyers, no one will go there. And Paris is prohibitively expensive,” said Riccardo Grassi, of the eponymous showroom. “We had everything set up to showcase 15 collections at our Paris offices, but our clients themselves are now telling us they won’t go to Paris, to avoid taking risks,” Daniele Ghiselli also explained in MF Fashion

For those Parisian showrooms that will remain opened during Paris Fashion Week, most will operate on a very limited schedule, allowing online appointments, and limiting their in-person appointments.

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Fashion News Alert: Michael Kors Gets Political, Sephora Launches Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, and COVID-19 Makes Local Fashion the Order of the Day

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The upcoming 2020 presidential election is one of the most important elections in the history of the US. This election is so important that Michael Kors is putting in his more than two cents.

To encourage voter registration and voting in the US, Kors has released a tee shirt and sweater as part of the  Your Voice Matters campaign. One hundred percent of the proceeds of the sales of the tee shirt and sweater will go to the NAACP Legal and Defense Fund.

“Our greatest right and privilege as Americans [are] the right to have our voices heard,” Kors said in a statement. “Voting is the ultimate way to make sure that your voice is not lost. These  [tee] shirts and sweaters are a reminder for all Americans to vote and not let their voices be extinguished. It’s also an opportunity to raise money for legal and social justice.”

Kors has partnered with LA-based black-owned business FKSP, operated by African American fashion designer Folake Kuye Huntoon. The tee shirt features the phrase “Your Voice Matters” on the front and “Vote” on the back. The Michael Kors Collection cashmere intarsia sweater, states, VOTE on the front. The tee shirt is $40 and the sweater is $850.

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Global fashion brands may stay home

Because of COVID-19 international fashion brands are deciding to show collections closer to home. Before the COVID-19 pandemic it was standard practice for fashion designers to show at major fashion weeks in New York, Milan, Paris, and London. That’s all changing.

With New York Fashion Week (NYFW) being mostly a virtual experience for the spring 2021 season and recent outbreaks of COVID-19 in some European countries, international fashion designers are starting to cancel fashion shows in fashion capitals, staying closer to home.

Valentino, who always shows in Paris, is opting to only show in Milan for the spring 2012 season.  “We feel that it is more ethical to present the new show in Milan. We strongly believe that this project will help emphasize the importance of being part of a fashion system represented by both the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, said the brand in a recent article.

Victoria Beckham always shows in NYC—the city she launched her eponymous brand 10 years ago. This season, however, there is a change. Beckham will present her spring 2021 location in London where she resides.

Because of Japanese travel embargoes on European travel, requiring travelers to undergo a 14-day quarantine after European travel, many Japanese brands—Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto—will not show in European fashion capitals this season. Travelers will also be monitored by government mobile app for the length of the quarantine.

Because of COVID-19 readjustments, the French fashion federation (FHCM) ahs not released its lineup for Paris Fashion Week.

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Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez is not letting any grass grow under feet. Despite the COVID-19 slowdown, Gomez is going ahead with launching her beauty brand, Rare Beauty, in Sephora on Thursday, September 3.

“I’m so excited to release beauty products that not only feel great, but also celebrate what makes each of us rare,” said Gomez in a press release. “These products aren’t about being someone else, it’s about being who you are, whether that’s rocking a full face of bold makeup or barely any makeup at all.”

The brand’s debut offering includes 150 SKUs spread over 14 categories, including a calligraphy-inspired Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner, a Blot & Glow Touch-Up Kit, a Brow Harmony Pencil & Gel, and a range of foundations, primers and concealers. And giving a nod to inclusiveness and diversity, the brand’s foundation will come in 48 shades.

Rare Beauty will be sold in Sephora exclusively in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

—William S. Gooch

Fashion News Alert: Andrew Cuomo Comments of NYFW, Jennifer Lopez’s New Beauty Brand, and Under Armour Delays Sneaker Launch

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Jennifer Lopez’s empire continues to expand. J Lo recently hinted on her social media that her own beauty line is in the works and will soon be unveiled.

J Lo is no stranger to the world of beauty, having had several fragrances in the past—her fragrance ‘Glow” launched in 2002. J Lo is now primed to take on the beauty market. In 2018 Lopez collaborated Inglot Cosmetics for a 70-piece makeup collection.

On her Instagram account, Lopez announced, “Sunset glow…#JLoBeauty coming soon.” No other details about the beauty line is known at this time.

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Cuomo gives nod to NYFW

Unless you are living under rock, you must be aware that the COVID-19 pandemic is changing life as we know it, even the fashion industry. The upcoming New York Fashion Week (NYFW) spring 2021 season will be a digital fashion week. And though many fashion pundits expressed the need to cancel the upcoming NYFW, IMG and the CFDA has decided to go on with the event.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently commented on the upcoming NYFW in The Cut. “New York City is the fashion capital of the world and New York Fashion Week celebrates the ingenuity of this city, and our unmatched creative talent. The pandemic is far from over, but we’re proud to support event organizer IMG in moving forward with NYFW, in adherence with strict state public health guidance.”

That said, though NYFW will be a digital fashion week, there will be a few outdoor fashion presentations. However, these outdoor presentations must follow COVID-19 guidelines. There can be no more than 50 people gathered at these presentations at any one time, face coverings are mandatory, social distancing is non-negotiable, and tests and health screenings, such as temperature checks, will also be required for attendees, models, and staff. 

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Police shooting delays Under Armour sneaker launch

Under Armour has delayed the launch of its new sneaker collaboration with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The cause of the delay is the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a black resident of Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

“Out of respect for Jacob Blake & his family we’ll postpone our @projectrock @underarmour PR3 launch today,” Johnson tweeted. “Unbelievable we’re here again. Shot 7xs. In the back. In front of his kids. There’s no progress without humanity.”

Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by Kenosha, Wisconsin police while his three children watched from inside Blake’s car. He is now paralyzed from the waist down.

Blake’s shooting has caused widespread protests in Kenosha and around the US. In protest of Blake’s shooting, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and Major League Soccer refused to play their respective sports on Wednesday. “We support all of those in sport who are currently demanding societal change across the United States and the globe,” Under Armour said in a statement, as reported on

Johnson has been collaborating with Under Armour since 2016.

—William S. Gooch

Fashion News Alert: Jay Manuel’s New Book, Michele Morrone’s New Gig, and the High Cost of Air Jordans

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Though Anna Wintour may not have pleased with Andre Leon Talley’s recent tome “The Chiffon Trenches,” wagging fashion tongues contend that Supermodel/entrepreneur Tyra Banks is even more perturbed by Jay Manuel’s novel “The Wig, the Bitch & The Meltdown.” The novel details the behind-the-scenes and goings on of a reality model competition, Model Muse.

According to, “Tyra is not happy about the book,” explained a insider. “There was some kind of meeting with Tyra [and] some sort of message was sent out regarding the book coming out. A couple of months ago, she asked a lot of the “America’s Next Top Model” family to not interact with Jay and to not support the book.”

We’re told “ANTM” coach Miss J had been appearing on Manuel’s Instagram Live show “Jay’s Chat,” but “all of a sudden, Jay received a call that Miss J can’t [do the chats]. He pulled out without an explanation and hasn’t returned calls. They have a close relationship and now all of a sudden he disappeared.”

Tyra’s discontent or not, “The Wig, the Bitch & The Meltdown” sales are pretty good. The original publication date of “The Wig, the Bitch & The Meltdown” was August 3.

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Out of my price range

If you love expensive sneakers, the price of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordans that recently sold for $615,000 might be too rich for your blood. That’s right, Michael Jordan’s 1985 game-worn Air Jordans’ High 1 that were worn by Jordan during a 1985 exhibition in Italy when he dunked the ball so hard it shattered the glass backboard were sold at Chrystie’s for $615,000, making the sneakers the biggest price tag for any sneakers ever sold for by an auction house.

“This is the original shoe with an actual piece of the backboard, a piece of glass, in the sole of the shoe,” said Caitlin Donovan, head of handbag and sneaker sales at Christie’s—which organized the auction with Stadium Goods, as reported in At the exhibition, while wearing the 13.5 size Air Jordans, Michael Jordan racked up 30 points.

Jordan’s auctioned items have been getting and going beyond top price at auction houses since the release of his Netflix/ESPN documentary, “The Last Dance.” This documentary chronicles Jordan’s years with the Chicago Bulls.

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Guess has a new guy

Italian actor/singer Michele Morrone has a new job. He is the global face of Guess Men’s. Morrone is a star of Italian and Polish films and television series.

“It’s an incredible feeling being able to have fun on set doing what I love, while having a sense of comfort that I’m now part of such an amazing family. Family and loyalty are important to me, and I want to take this brand and treat it as my own,” said Morrone, as detailed in a article.

“Michele is an extremely hard worker, and a very ambitious and decisive man and these are all qualities I deeply appreciate. In a matter of minutes, we knew we were going to work together and a few weeks after that very first meeting, we met again in Lake Como to shoot these spectacular images,” added Guess chief creative officer Paul Marciano. 

—William S. Gooch


Fashion News Alert: Martin Margiela Documentary, CaSandra Diggs’ New Gig, and Cardi B’s Elle Cover

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Is the CFDA serious about diversity? Hmm, the verdict is still out; however, with the promotion of CaSandra Diggs to president of the organization, perhaps, the CFDA is more serious about diversity than previously assumed. This appointment is groundbreaking and history making; CaSandra Diggs will be the first African American to helm the CFDA.

“Expanding her role will provide the CFDA with more opportunity to meet the needs of the membership in a broad and diverse way,” exclaimed CFDA CEO, Steven Kolb in a statement. “It is a critical time for our industry, and she is the right person with the right ideas to help lead CFDA into the future.”

Diggs came to the CFDA in 2001 and the last position she held was that of Chief Administrative and Financial Officer. In her new position of president, Diggs will be tasked with developing strategy, championing, educating, and supporting its membership and the fashion industry-at-large.

“I am delighted to join Tom Ford and Steven Kolb as we continue to advance and evolve the CFDA into a modern, [forward-thinking] organization that is reflective of our times,” concluded Diggs in an article. You go, girl!!

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Martin Margiela revealed

What happened to Martin Margiela? That is question that many fashion insiders have been pondering for years. Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

 “Martin Margiela: In His Own Words” reveals and details Margiela’s drawings, notes and Margiela’s own reflection on his place in the fashion industry. This 90-minute documentary also has interviews and commentary from Carine Roitfeld, trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort, fashion critic Cathy Horyn, fashion historian Olivier Saillard, and Jean Paul Gaultier—whom Margiela once assisted.

Named the best fashion documentary of the decade by The Hollywood Reporter, “Martin Margiela: In His Own Words” is written and directed and produced by Reiner Holzemer.

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Elle anoints Cardi B

Most fashion magazines’ September issues use fashion models on the cover; however, 2020 September issues are not following that tradition. Rihanna has 26 global covers of Harper’s Bazaar’s September issue, and Cardi B is on the cover of Elle’s September issue.

The announcement that Cardi B has been chosen to be on the cover of Elle’s September issue was timed with the release of Cardi B’s music video for her new single “WAP.” The music video went viral and broke the internet.

In the Elle 2020 September issue Card B talks about everything from politics—Trump, Cuomo—her relationship with her husband, Offset, and of course, music.  “My music is always going to make a woman feel like a bad b**ch,” she told interviewer Marjon Carlos, as reported in “When you make a woman feel like she’s the baddest b**ch in the room, to me, that’s female empowerment.”

Steven Klein photographed Cardi B for the Elle 2020 September issue, and Cardi B was styled by her own stylist Kollin Carter. The Elle 2020 September issue hits newsstands on September 8.

—William S. Gooch


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