New Shows Come to Broadway for the Fall 2023 Season

After some pretty dark days during the COVID-19 pandemic years, Broadway is seeing a rebound. Many Broadway shows are making their mark for the fall 2023 season and are expected to be met with success.

Fashion Reverie has grouped together shows we are excited to see and performances we can’t wait to experience. We took the time to gather some of our favorite selections so we can present for you a roundup of must-see Broadway experiences for the fall 2023 season.

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Merrily We Roll Along

“Merrily We Roll Along” is the story of how a composer’s idealism and friendship were corrupted by success. Not only that, but now the composer must tell his story backwards, starting with a tale that’s down and depressing, and ending with the optimism that came from his college years.

This is a fantastic show to add to your fall 2023 list, as it tells the story of a group of friends who are all artists gaining fame and how things eventually fall apart between them all. This musical was first directed by Maria Friedman at London’s Menier Chocolate Factory. The show is scored by Stephen Sondheim and has a book written by George Furth. The show will begin performances on Sept. 19 at the Hudson Theatre on 139–141 W. 44th St. “Merrily We Roll Along” features actors Daniel Radcliffe as Charley Kringas, Jonathan Groff as Franklin Shepard, Lindsay Mendez as Mary Flynn, and many others.

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Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Featuring esteemed stars Aubrey Plaza and Christopher Abbot in John Patrick Shanley’s play, “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea” is a portrayal of the near-indistinguishable space between joy and pain. The setting of this show takes place in a rundown bar in the Bronx, where two societal rejects, Danny and Roberta, hit things off after conversing over their drinks. Danny seems incapable of tender love and resorts to violence. Roberta is recently divorced and ridden with guilt over a teenage son she feels is too far gone to be fixed. Roberta naturally isn’t trusting or fond of men, as a sexual incident with her father happened to her in the past. Yet, these two find a way to connect and show compassion to one another while forgiving the wrongs of the world around them and choosing to be less bitter and lonely.

This drama is coming to New York for a limited time only this fall at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in Manhattan’s iconic West Village. With the show’s powerfully enduring message of human connection, it will surely be a show that is sought out.

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Purlie Victorious

If you love Broadway revivals, then you will love “Purlie Victorious.” Tony & Grammy Award winner and Academy & Emmy Award nominee Leslie Odom, Jr. will star in a new Broadway production of this classic American comedy. Purlie Victorious: A Non-Confederate Romp Through the Cotton Patch is the rousing, laugh-filled comedy by Ossie Davis that tells the story of a Black preacher’s machinations to reclaim his inheritance and win back his church. Preview for “Purlie Victorious” opens September 7.

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Is It Thursday Yet?

“Is It Thursday Yet?” is co-created and co-choreographed by Jenn Freeman and Sonya Tayeh. Performances come solely from Freeman, while it is directed entirely by Tayeh. Through dance, live music, and home video footage this show invites you into the unique complexities of a dancer and choreographer (Jenn Freeman) while she goes through her life following her autism spectrum disorder diagnosis at the age of 33. Since her original diagnosis, she has been able to examine memories from her childhood with a new lens and understanding.

Live music from composer and vocalist Holland Andrews and a set by Rachel Hauck, who won a Tony Award for “Hadestown,” make this show a must-see. It’s a testament to the abilities of the everyday human and is truly liberating. The show will take place at the Perelman Performing Arts Center (PAC NYC) from Dec. 8-23.

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Waiting for Godot!

Michael Shannon as Estragon and Paul Spark as Vladimir will be leading the cast and starring in this classic. Shannon has played multi-award-winning roles in hit movies like “Knives Out” andBullet Train.” In this show, two wanderers are waiting by a lonely tree to meet up with Mr. Godot, whom they believe holds the power to change their lives for the better. Keep in mind that the two men are supposed to have troubled lives, so they believe in their lives changing for the better when they finally meet Mr. Godot. While they wait for the man, they fill their time playing games.

Jeff Biehl will be featured as Lucky, with Ajay Naidu as Pozzo. The show is by Samuel Beckett and will be directed by Arin Arbus at the Polonsky Shakespeare Center in Brooklyn, NY. The show takes place starting Nov.4 and runs until Dec. 3.

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Jaja African Hair Braiding

This world premiere welcomes you into Jaja’s bustling hair braiding salon in Harlem where every day, a lively and eclectic group of West African immigrant hair braiders are creating masterpieces on the heads of neighborhood women. During one sweltering summer day, love will blossom, dreams will flourish, and secrets will be revealed. The uncertainty of their circumstances simmer below the surface of their lives and when it boils over, it forces this tight-knit community to confront what it means to be an outsider on the edge of the place they call home.

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Monty Python’s Spamalot

This is a hilarious musical comedy based on the classic “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” film and is making a return to Broadway. The show includes everything from flying cows to killer rabbits. The musical follows King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table on their quest for the Holy Grail.

Directed and choreographed by Josh Rhodes, the show will begin performances on Tuesday, Oct. 31, ahead of the official opening night on Thursday, Nov. 16. The work features a book and lyrics by Eric Idle and John Du Prez, which are rip-offs from the iconic 1975 film. Jeffrey Finn, the artistic director of the series, will produce the revival happening on Broadway.

—Ryan Salfino




BAAND Together Dance Festival Is a Celebration of the Future of Dance

Alvin Ailey American Dance Company in “Dancing Spirit”/Photo Credit: RICHARD TERMINE

In this third season of BAAND Together Dance Festival at Lincoln Center, dance companies Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre (AAADT), American Ballet Theatre (ABT), Dance Theatre of Harlem (DTH), New York City Ballet (NYCB), and Ballet Hispanico presented dance works that demonstrated the breadth and depth of the respective companies.  “The BAAND Together Dance Festival is a testament to the vibrancy and diversity of the New York City dance community. We are thrilled to be returning with a spectacular program that features the city’s most internationally revered repertory companies. This year’s program highlights the innovative visions that have made New York City our nation’s dance capital,” as stated by organizers of BAAND.

BAAND Together Dance Festival was created during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to spark continued interest in dance in New York City as dance performances were shut down due to the pandemic. This five-day, free dance festival, held at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park, has grown over the past three years with attendance increasing every year.

This season ABT, DTH, NYCB, AAADT, and Ballet Hispanico performed works that not only define these esteemed dance companies but project the next iteration of these dance companies. Ballet Hispanico, Alvin Ailey, and New York City Ballet scored the bonafide hits of the evening, with American Ballet Theatre and Dance Theatre of Harlem performing to lesser effect.

Ballet Hispanico in “Linea Recta”/Photo Credit: RICHARD TERMINE

Ballet Hispanico opened the evening with Anabelle Lopez Ochoa’s “Linea Recta.” Though this masterpiece is set to flamenco music Eric Vaarzon Morel, Lopez Ochoa goes beyond traditional flamenco steps and choreography to interpret Morel’s music.

As one of the most popular choreographers on the dance scene, Lopez Ochoa demonstrates in “Linea Recta’—which has been Ballet Hispanco’s repertoire for a few years now—why she is at the top of her choreographic game. With Lopez Ochoa there is also something unexpected. And with this element of surprise, Lopez Ochoa whets the appetite just enough to keep audiences wanting more and more.

In “Linea Recta” there is very little reference to Spanish dance or movement. This dance work is heavily intertwined with Graham contractions and high leg extensions and undulations; movement that at times is a far cry from traditional flamenco dance. Yet, Lopez Ochoa finds a way to make it work and work brilliantly. And Lopez Ochoa expertly uses the red ruffled train to grand effect as a prop and exclamation point to the sharp, dramatic movement.

What stands out most about this ballet is Lopez Ochoa’s intricate partnering where the male dancer is so much more than a porter presenting the female dancer. The dancers weave themselves around, dramatically punctuating the strong flamenco music in the background.

New York City Ballet in “The Times Are Racing”/Photo Credit: RICHARD TERMINE

Another strong work of the evening was Justin Peck’s “The Times Are Racing” with music by Dan Deacon. This sneaker ballet, slightly reminiscent of Jerome Robbins’ “N.Y. Export: Opus Jazz” from the late 1950s, uses casual streetwear and sneakers, not unlike Robbins’s work. Still, Peck’s work is a lot less binary than Robbins’ work. Men partner men, women partner women with the real star of Peck’s ballet being the ensemble, who though dancing as a unit, each individual dancer stands out and has their moment in the sun.

Gone are the pointe shoes, tutus, and even the black and white unitard and tights ala Balanchine abstract ballets of the 20th century. In its place are urban streetwear garments that can be seen on any young consumer. Also absent is the stylized ballet lexicon. But who needs that ballet reference for this modern-day urban hodge podge of dance idioms.

What is taking place on stage is a commitment and focus by each dancer on an expressive interpretation of Deacon’s rock-inspired music. And this focus presents the New York City Ballet in a new and streamlined projection toward the future.

Peck proves in this work that this is the New York City Ballet of the 21st century. Just as Balanchine pushed the proverbial dance envelope in the 20th century, Peck is pushing that same envelope in the 21st century. And evolving ballet in a way that can be more appealing to younger audiences.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Company in “Dancing Spirit”/Photo Credit: RICHARD TERMINE

The highlight of the evening was the Ailey Company’s “Dancing Spirit,” choreographed by Ronald K. Brown with music by Duke Ellington, War, and Wynton Marsalis. If you are not familiar with Ronald K. Brown, you should become acquainted with his work.

What is so endemic of Brown’s dance works is the dancers’ abilities to dance with their entire body. Everything needs to be aptly coordinated with the music. And the Ailey dancers rise to this challenge, ever surpassing this requirement. In other words, they brought the party to BAAND!!

As with most of Ronald K. Brown’s choreography, Brown borrows heavily from African dance styles, house club social dancing, as well as the modern techniques of Horton, Dunham, and Graham. All combined into a magical frenzy of rhythmic interpretations of the music and human experience.

The Ailey Company proves with this work they are as relevant as ever, and that are continuing to evolve the black dance experience for young audiences. Ailey artistic director Robert Battle has continued to demonstrate modern dance as seen through lens of the black experience is a valid and ever-evolving commentary on world culture.

The two disappointing performances of the evening came from American Ballet Theatre and Dance Theatre of Harlem. Both outstanding companies failed to deliver noteworthy performances for different reasons.

Dance Theatre of Harlem in “Nyman String Quartet No. 2″/Photo Credit: RICHARD TERMINE

In DTH’s case, it was the choice of Robert Garland’s choreography, “Nyman String Quartet No. 2.” At first it seemed that DTH’s new artistic director Robert Garland was creating a work to the abilities of his dancers. However, at further examination it was obvious that Garland’s choreography missed the talent and depth of DTH’s current crop of performers.

Though some of Garland’s choreography sat well on the women of the company, unfortunately the men looked like unwanted guests or crashers at the party. And the sight level of the Damrosch Park stage didn’t help matters, preventing audiences from seeing the footwork of the dancers.

Another distraction was the costumes that did not show off the dancers’ bodies to good effect. In years past, DTH dancers were known for having some of the most beautiful bodies in the dance world with great stage presence to match.

American Ballet Theatre in “Other Dances”/Photo Credit: RICHARD TERMINE

American Ballet Theatre performed Jerome Robbins’ iconic “Other Dances,” set on ballet legends Natalia Makarova and Mikhail Baryshnikov. While the ABT dancers performed the pyrotechnical aspects of the ballet well, many of the Russian/Slavic folk dance steps—mazurka, czardas steps—were lost on the dancers.

What fit so beautifully on Baryshnikov and Makarova looked dated and forced on the current crop of ABT dancers. While it is laudable that ABT’s new artistic director Susan Jaffe is giving her dancers this great jewel of a work, some education and better coaching would have served this performance well.

—William S. Gooch


Love Is in the Air in Some of These 2023 Summer Reads

With summer in full swing, something about the warm weather makes you want to dive deep into a book with hopes that it may be your new favorite read. You can just get lost in the pages of a book for hours while sitting by the pool or on the beach. Fashion Reverie has curated a list of titles that we are excited to share. From a groundbreaking memoir from an Academy Award-nominated actor to a novel based on the life of a remarkable Black woman from history, you are sure to find your next summer read here.

Pageboy by Elliot Page

In this non-linear memoir of actor Elliot Page, he divulges never-before heard details on gender, love, mental health, relationships, and Hollywood. As one of the most famous trans advocates of the current times Page tells intimate stories of his life from childhood to present time and how thirteen years after his Oscar nomination for Juno, he came out as a trans man. He also eloquently sends home the message of the contentious experience of living a life as a trans man.

Happy Place by Emily Henry

The newest book from New York Times best-selling author Emily Henry, tells a story of a couple who have been together for months and have yet to tell their friends. They end up having to fake their relationship during their annual weeklong summer vacation with their friend group in Maine.

It is hard for the couple, Harriet and Wyn, to deny how desperately they still want each other while simultaneously lying through their teeth as the cottage is being put up for sale their last week in Maine. Make sure to add this vibrant novel to your summer reads list as Emily Henry always produces a fantastic summer read,

 The Whispers: A Novel by Ashley Audrain

Ashley Audrain’s page-turning thriller perfectly depicts the experience of four women and what occurs the following week after a horrific accident that happened to one of their children in the middle of the night.  This novel explores many themes revolving around motherhood and the quiet sacrifices, complexities of friendships, and what happens when intuitions are silenced.

The Wind Knows My Name by Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende presents a gripping novel that traces two stories, past and present, through war and immigration. In 1938 Vienna, six-year-old Samuel Adler was put on the last Kindertransport train going to the United Kingdom the day after Kristallnacht after the disappearance his father.

In Arizona in 2019, Anita Diaz, a blind seven-year-old girl, boards a train with her mother as they are fleeing from the impending danger in El Salvador. This is at the time of El Salvador’s new family separation policy, and Anita finds herself alone without her mother at a camp in Nogales. Through these two stories that are testaments to the sacrifices that parents make and the unfathomable dangers that these children survive, Allende creates another gripping novel.

Same Time Next Summer by Annabel Monaghan

This is the ultimate summer nostalgia read with the backdrop of the main character’s Sam’s parents’ beach house on Long Island. Sam is an engaged women to a successful doctor with a great job in Manhattan. She finds out that Wyatt is vacationing in Long Island—the Wyatt she spent every summer with from five to seventeen years old until he broke her heart. The presence of Wyatt makes her question everything about what happened between them in the past, and about herself in the present, including her engagement.

The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston

This new novel comes from New York Times Bestselling Author of the Dead Romantics. Ashley Poston has created a story of love and what happens when your perfect plan gets derailed. The main character Clementine, who is an overworked book publicist finds a strange man standing in her late aunt’s kitchen with a kindness that she can’t quite explain, however the catch is that he lives seven years in the past. Just her luck! The novel shows how they navigate their love for each other while not living in the same time period.

Queen of Exiles by Vanessa Riley

Queen of Exiles by Vanessa Riley is a tale of a remarkable black women of history who was Haiti’s Queen Marie-Louise Coidavid.  Coidavid escaped a coup during the Haitian Revolution and then goes on to build her own royal court in Regency Era Italy. She manages to flee to Europe with her daughters. By finding their place and acceptance in society, they discover more about themselves and their blackness, and what they can possess in world that is European and male dominated.

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Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood

In the newest novel by New York Times best-selling author Ali Hazelwood, theoretical Physicist Elsie Hannaway finds that experimental physicist Jack Smith, who ruined the career of her mentor, is standing in the way of her dream job at MIT. As she is vying for her dream job, she finds herself not having to be anything but her true self with Jack. Those long looks from Jack that she receives as she is preparing for scholarly sabotage may mean more.

—Phoebe Howard

George Michael, Portrait of an Artist: Getting to Know the Real George Michael

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Like so many people within the entertainment industry, George Michael would come to write a legacy that was inspiring, magnetic, and complex. A documentary, “George Michael, Portrait of an Artist,” that explores these elements of his history was released on June 25, what would have been Michael’s 60th birthday. Available on Amazon, Tubi, Peacock, Plex, and Xumo in the U.S. and Canada this film sets itself apart in the way it casts a light on George Michael’s legacy. Going beyond his issues with drug use and confronting his sexuality, we see the hidden layers of his intense love and fear of fame.

In the opening few minutes of the documentary, the viewer becomes aware that George Michael’s name was not George Michael, but a name that reflected his Greek heritage, Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou. To become the person he wanted to be, he built a new version of himself. While this person was somewhat based in reality, George Michael enhanced his personality with some well-placed stories, creating almost a caricature of himself. 

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Born in London in 1963, Michael would become the lead singer of the pop band Wham! Still known for the singles ‘’Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” and “Last Christmas,” the duo group took on the American Billboard 200 and hit #1 on the UK Album chart. Eventually selling over 120 million records worldwide and becoming one of the best-selling artists of the 1980s. 

During the years of Wham! Michael often surprised people with his enigmatic presence. Both Andrew Ridgley, the other half of the duo, and George Michael would complain about the unemployment they dealt with in the years before Wham! rather than discuss thoughts of them being destined for fame.

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In the years that followed the band’s breakup over musical differences, George Michael made a name for himself as a solo artist. As his singles and albums grew in fame, George Michael created a god-like image of himself. Part of his ability to create this larger-than-life persona was the way he used his sartorial influence and talent at being in front of the camera. Dancing and singing directly to the audience at home, whether in his solo performances or during the years of Wham!, his excitement and love of music was palpable.

“He was made to be a star,” was a version of the words many of those interviewed said in the documentary. Tom Robinson, a broadcaster and rock musician, talked about the signing of George Michael’s Innervision contract. Apparently, after signing, George would immediately head for a holiday in Greece, but flew back in the middle of his vacation to get his hair cut! When he became more famous, he threw away the standard protocols of dress codes and entered many formal restaurants in ripped jeans. This casual look largely pushed the trend of ripped jeans in the ‘80s, along with a few other celebrity endorsements. He would often appear to be an uncaring star in the spotlight, drunk on fame and fortune, yet he was fundamentally unhappy at the height of his stardom and wished for a quieter life. Despite his longing for anonymity, George Michael was recognized for his signature style as he moved along the streets.

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The infamous ripped jeans, a slouching leather jacket, and a singular cross earring dangling from one ear is an image of George Michael from the late 80s. Largely popularized by George Michael, it was a look that was both hedonistic, a bit homoerotic, and yet still masculine. This was a balance that Michael’s always seemed desperate to strike, particularly because of his intensely Greek and patriarchal father. After the release of the album, “Fast Love,” many fans came to be more aware of his sexuality. In 1998 George Michael would openly admit he was gay.

His being more open to his sexual orientation allowed fans to not only feel closer to him but also become inspired by what he wore. After the ‘Fast Love’ album, George Michael’s signature style choices would be worn by more people. But the real George Michael wasn’t just the man in slouchy jackets and ripped jeans, a fashion persona he created that made his sexuality ambiguous.

Ultimately, George was human. He loved, he lost, and he made some great music. And his personality beamed bright though his music and his fashion.


George Michael: Portrait of an Artist” is available on Amazon, Tubi, Peacock, Plex, and Xumo in the U.S. and Canada. 

—Sydney Yeager








Love, Kelly: Putting Vermont on the Map

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When you think about influential people in hip hop and rap in the last decade, highly rising music videographer and director Kelly Butts-Spirito needs to be included into the conversation. Butts-Spirito has found a way to be part of something much bigger than his name alone and he did so in a highly unconventional way. The hardships he endured in his life helped him form a community that is making a positive impact. His journey can be viewed in the film, “Love, Kelly: Putting Vermont on the Map,” which is available on YouTube.

The short documentary is directed by Owen Hammel and Sam Snowden, and was shot in both Vermont and New York City. The movie premiered in Soho, NYC, in partnership with Create More Studios.

This documentary takes you through Butts-Spirito’s entire life and demonstrates the bridge between music, fashion, videography, and other industries. Our theme this month for Fashion Reverie focuses on the intersection between fashion and music, and how their worlds are often intrinsically linked.

“Love, Kelly: Putting Vermont on the Map” engages the audience because it goes beyond a rags-to-riches story. It doesn’t just show how Butts-Spirito overcame his personal trials of battling addiction and going to a group home in Montana, but how he is “paying it forward” and helping others jumpstart their careers. We see how he shines a spotlight on someone if he sees something in them—a trait not typically associated with highly recognized musicians. In doing so, he’s unified people under one brand, which also happens to be his own event promotion, talent marketing and production company, lovekellyllc (@lovekellyllc on Instagram). His real love for everyone who supports what he does is the reason why he’s been able to impact his hometown of Burlington, VT, to such a high degree.

Image courtesy of Love, Kelly

The film goes into Butts-Spirito being a role model figure for the youth of Vermont who are growing up in his hometown. It also explores how he is proving wrong the people who picked on him or tried to write him off when he was growing up. He wants to show kids that they can rewrite their scripts all while being a little like him when it comes to resilience and perseverance.

Butts-Spirito connects to his audience throughoutLove, Kelly: Putting Vermont on the Map by humanizing creative people who don’t typically get support in their youth. He worked hard year in and year out by setting short-term goals as much as having long-term goals. His mindset is something people can appreciate because he stands for that dream of being on a big stage and going against the norms of society.

The film itself included a lot of themes that were important to capture when diving into the life of Butts-Spirito. The biggest theme was that of a sense of community for his fans and followers. The film dives into what is possible for someone who felt like nobody at times in his life, only to turn around and create sold-out shows and music festivals, something no one from Vermont had ever done to the scale he did. 

Image courtesy of Love, Kelly

“I just feel like sometimes we don’t understand the power of following through on certain things,” Butts-Spirito told “I think that a lot of times it can be seen as both negative and positive.

“I definitely think that something that we really like, pride ourselves on is not having limitation around what we’re capable of,” he continues. “I feel like that’s always been something that I’ve tried to carry over when we’re having conversations about events or about the goals. There’s not a lot of talk about, ‘Oh, well this is too ambitious.’ I look back on things in retrospect and I can’t believe we did a storefront in Soho with hundreds of people on Mother’s Day. That’s just kind of crazy. But in the moment, I feel like it was a lot of us coming together for one specific thing and one specific moment. So, of course you want to do it in a storefront because we want to do it the best way we can.”

Hammel, the movie’s co-director, began his film career in college, and has roots in Vermont. The film’s other co-director, Sam Snowden, is a freelance filmmaker based in New York City.

Hammel had the original idea to make a short film on Butts-Spirito. He wanted to draw the audience in with the story of how Butts-Spirito’s Vermont show and festival was shut down by the city. But then he wanted the story to evolve from there.

“We came to Kelly about doing a video about him,” Snowden told “It was great to capture a bunch of footage of Kelly. I think when you’re capturing someone like this you try not to think about what’s going to happen next. What they’re going to be like. Just (have to) focus on what’s possible and I think Kelly is really good at that.”

The film shows Butts-Spirito as an innovator who has both honed the ability to use his strengths while championing a new wave of creatives taking over social and digital media. “Obviously he’s a director, but what he does is more than just being known as a guy who makes cool videos,” said Hammel. “He’s essentially the backbone of this whole wave coming out of Vermont. And not to discredit anyone else, but without him, everything that’s happened to Vermont would not be at such a level that it’s at right now.”

Image courtesy of Love, Kelly

“I think when Butts-Spirito was first doing the house parties where there’s iconic moments like the OG ‘Eastside’ music video from North Ave Jax (Rapper from Vermont),” Hammel went on to tell “That was happening before I was even aware of what was going on. Something like what Kelly was doing for the music scenes, specifically hip-hop rap and to help pioneer its development in Vermont of all places? That fast? I know all the people and I’ve become a part of it. But even still, I sometimes sit back and I’m like what the hell just happened. Who would have ever thought that there would be a rap scene in Vermont?”

You can view the film at Create More Studios YouTube page.

—Ryan Salfino

2023 Summer Movies Inspire Fashion

It’s time for the round-up of all those summer movies that you’ll need to see on the big screen. Some are sure to be blockbuster hits and others might even end up getting nominated for the Oscars, but one thing that remains certain with this list of movies is that the costume designers certainly have talent! Each film in our summer roundup paid close attention to fashion.

This was particularly seen with “Barbie,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “Joy Ride.” However, other movies such as “Oppenheimer,” “The Marvels,” and “Mission Impossible” struck a balance between being both streetwear and fashion-forward sensibilities. Wonderful, right?

 It seems like this summer as you settle into your seat at the movie theater it won’t matter which film you decide on, you’ll still get a healthy dose of outfit inspiration. Scroll below to find the things   found most exciting about each of these movies.


The “Barbie” movie has been one of the most talked about films coming out this summer, particularly because of its fashion. Filled with glittering details and pink tones, along with more non-binary clothing for Ken. Since Greta Gerwig announced her plan for the film last summer Barbie-core has been inspiring celebrities from Megan Fox to Lizzo in how they dress with top fashion houses like Valentino creating dreamy pink collections.

The Little Mermaid

Already causing a stir with Halle Bailey starring as Ariel, changing the Disney Princess’ ethnicity—but when did mermaids really have an ethnicity—the film entered many people’s minds before it was even released. Fully entering the public realm on May 26th of this year, light green pastels, purples, and blues have been seeing a large resurgence. Along with that, mermaid-core has been getting more views on social media … right on time for summer!


If there’s a movie that everyone can unite around this summer, it’s “Oppenheimer.” Directed by Chris North and starring the easiest dilf to love Cillian Murphy, this movie doesn’t only contain a large amount of action but also some stunning fashion. Set during World War II, much of the fashion focuses on tailored suits, beautiful sets, and classic pieces. The fedora, for instance, is one statement item from this movie that could become big this summer. In part due to indie sleaze and perhaps this movie.

The Marvels

Marvel movies might not normally inspire fashion outside of Halloween costumes. However, the outfits in the upcoming Marvel film features a playful and adventurous side to the female superheroes the movie is focused on. Captain Marvel is among the heroes in the Marvel-verse that has inspired fashion in the past. At one point, the brand Hot Topic went so far as to launch a capsule collection inspired by Marvel female superheroes. So, get ready for a summer of aviator glasses and grunge shirts that make you question if you should join the Air Force … if only for the fashion inspiration you might gather.

Mission Impossible

The “Mission Impossible” movies are an action series that one might not normally pinpoint as fashion-forward, but just like ‘Bond girls’ have become a category of their own in fashion, some of the “Mission Impossible” outfits certainly make a splash. Apart from the fact that Tom Cruise seems to continuously wear either suits or a black tee shirt, the women in the film own their outfits.  Consider how Vanessa Kirby is dressed in this trailer and past films. Her simplistic and monochromatic outfits could have helped to inspire the stealth wealth seen in “Succession.”

Joy Ride

“Joy Ride” is the comedy you’ll want to take all your girlfriends to this summer. Just a tad raunchy and written with enough hijinks to keep you in your seat, laughing the whole time, there are no reasons to dislike this movie. Add in the colorful fashion choices and vivid patterns seen on some of the characters, for fashion’s sake that is a reason to watch. Most movies might have some fashion inspiration … but a film that isn’t afraid of flashy colors and bright patterns hasn’t been around for a little while. Cue the applause!

—Sydney Yeager

Music and Fashion Will Come Together in These 2023 Summer Concerts

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The hot weather of summer is officially upon us and with it comes an amazing lineup of show-stopping musicians. To embrace the intersection of music and fashion, Fashion Reverie has curated a list of musicians going on tour in the upcoming months that are known for both their talent and style.

As with most art, different mediums can be intersectional. Fashion and music, however, can be a balance that is extraordinarily hard to strike without a professional stylist’s help. While most of these musicians now have stylists that help them put together outfits for their performances, the image that they cast is quite obviously them.

What is the easiest way to tell that someone is being their authentic self? Look at their fashion.

 Over the years, there has been a progression in how musical artists’ dress. Some of the artists picked for this round-up that have some of the hottest upcoming summer tours are still relatively new to the industry, but others have become akin to the deepest roots in music and fashion. Scroll down to see the musicians Fashion Reverie cannot help but admire for more than just their talent.

Taylor Swift

The Taylor Swift Eras tour needs no introduction, after plenty of hype on social media and then plenty of issues revolving around purchasing tickets few have been left unaware of the upcoming Taylor Swift concert. With ‘Swifties’ everywhere uniting to create the perfect ‘Eras Tour outfits and Swift herself stunning in modified versions of her favorite looks over the years this tour is sure to not only shake up the music industry, but also the fashion world’s thoughts on concert outfits.

Taylor Swift’s performances began in the U.S on March 18th and will end on August 5th of 2023.




Queen Bey needs no introduction; her skills often extend outside of music and well into fashion. After dropping her “Renaissance” album, the next logical step was a tour. Performing in eleven different countries over the next few months, Beyonce is ready to serve up looks that will become cult classics. From custom items created by Alexander McQueen, Loewe, and Balmain, the ‘Beyhive’ is sure to follow her lead and add more metallic twists to their fashion choices this summer.

Beyoncé performs in the U.S. from July 12th to September 27th of 2023.

Harry Styles

Vogue’s first solo male cover star, Harry Styles has been shaking up fashion’s gender norms since he branched out post-One Direction. Often employing details and embellishments that are considered feminine, Styles uses this to create outfits that are not only stunning, but a way to make a statement about gender fluidity.

When it comes to dressing for a Harry Styles’ concert, most pay attention to the same fashion statements that Styles pays attention to, and that is fabrications and embellishments. So, whether you have a ticket for his upcoming tour or not, consider sequins, lace, frills, and plenty of sheer fabric.

Harry Styles performs in the U.S. on October 3 and October 15 of 2023, most of the Styles’ summer tour takes place in Europe.

Janet Jackson

This is the tenth tour by the American institution Janet Jackson. Long-time fans of this pop icon are certainly getting excited. Making her debut in ‘The Jacksons’ TV show in 1976, Janet would go on to appear in multiple other shows through the rest of the 1970s. By the early 1980s, Janet discovered the talent that she would become known for, her music and fashion taste. Signing with A&M Records in 1982, turning out albums and hit singles would prove to be her strength, just as much as her punk princess style.

The ‘Together Again’ tour is another chance for the world to see how her style has evolved over the years and given the all-black outfit and sheer top we saw her wear at Christian Siriano’s fashion show back in 2022. There is certainly reason to get excited.

Janet Jackson performs in the U.S. from June 9th to October 27th, 2023.

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Lana del Rey

This is the first time that Lana del Rey has performed in years, while the upcoming shows are all performances at different music festivals throughout North America, fans are purchasing tickets simply to see her. The release of her new album “Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd” earlier in 2023 has reintroduced her to the spotlight, and with that we are seeing new and more mature versions of her previous fashion sense that was so popular a few years ago.

Well-known at the start of her career for calling upon style inspiration from the ‘60s and ‘70s, del Rey seems to now be invoking nostalgia from the 2010s with her fashion choices, With all that said, Lana del Rey still calls on ‘the freedom land of the 1970s’ for a bit of added support.

Lana del Rey performs in the U.S from July 9 to October 1, 2023.

Sydney Yeager

“Journey to the UFC”: A Triumph Over Adversity

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The world of sports has always brought with it the support of fans and spectators. Individuals grow a connection with the teams they follow. Many people have athletes that they look up which can inspire motivation for various aspects of their lives. But if they inspire us so much, why are some of their stories never mentioned.

What is often rarely talked about is the tremendous amount of adversity and perseverance it takes for these athletes to come up from their beginnings.  And UFC fighter Joe Pyfer is someone proving that anyone can take their story and hone it in a way that shapes their future outcome. As someone who overcame trauma, his story is so much more than another athlete’s success story. And the documentary “Journey to the UFC,” directed by Chandler Henry, is a testament to the willpower of the human mind and body all while giving us an inside look into the difficult path UFC fighters undergo to make their name high profile.

Joe Pyfer had an extremely difficult upbringing dealing with an abusive relationship with his dad, as well as being abandoned by his family. Not only that, but in his career, he has endured injury after injury that could have ended his career. The main focal point of this “Journey to the UFC” is centered around Pyfer’s ability to persist and persevere amid a sea of hardships in his life.

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This documentary is a must-see because of the relatability of Joe Pyfer. Sometimes we think these star athletes we follow regularly on TV have it all figured out. That simply couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that athletes are like us; they are human and are sometimes dealt unfortunate hands, just like all of us.

“Journey to the UFC” premiered May 4 and is led by Disruptive Sports Group and CEO/Founder Alex Davis. It was screened for the first time at Dream Live at American Dream, in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  The red-carpet event was attended by UFC color commentator and ESPN MMA Analyst Laura Sanko as well as UFC fighters. Following the screening was a Q&A with Pyfer and director Chandler Henry on how Joe’s career has transformed since filming for the documentary first began.

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Ryan Salfino

Love, Kelly: The Brand and the Person Behind It

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was in lockdown and daily activities quickly became far more restricted. However, many embraced the ability to be home and have time to work on their passions. Kelly Butts-Spirito (@itslovekelly on Instagram), a Vermont Native, embraced these by doubling down on his work with videography and directing. He wasn’t deterred. In fact, it would be the start of his journey to bridging the gap between music and fashion.

His ability to form close relationships and tight bonds with local talent have given him an edge in his career, as has his successful battle with substance abuse that led him back to his home base of Vermont. He is now in the heart of New York City and quickly embracing the Big Apple’s intensity and fast-moving pace with every unique project he’s tackled.

Although his Love Kelly LLC is fairly new, Butts-Spirito has a proven resume when it comes to selling out music shows in Vermont. In a recent sold-out March clothing drop, he dropped a heavy-weight material, puff print hoodie collection with seven colorway options that generated just under $13,000 in sales.

Image courtesy of Instagram

In December, Butts-Spirito sold out a show that featured Burlington-raised rapper North Ave Jax and 99 Neighbors. That followed the release of a video he directed for North Ave Jax and his song titled “Eastside,” later remixed and featured by American rapper and singer-songwriter Lil Tjay. He’s since been asked by U2 to create a video for “If God Will Send His Angels” off their new album “Songs of Surrender.”

In light of this ever growing and increasingly impressive resume, fans are excited for what’s next. But followers of Butts-Spirito and his brand have come to understand how he levels up every time you think he’s hit his peak. He still plans on carrying out exciting projects in videography, music, and fashion.

Fashion Reverie:  When did you realize that you could take this to something a lot larger in terms of scale?

Kelly Butts-Spirito: Looking back on everything I think the moment that I realized it could really turn into something incredible and scale much larger into a festival is when we sold out higher ground (the largest indoor venue in Vermont) for the first time a year ago. That was a huge turning point for us and was really the beginning of the brand.

FR: Can you tell us a little about how special it is to have your home state backing and supporting you?

Kelly Butts-Spirito: The only word to really describe my feelings for Vermont and the support that uplifted me is “grateful.”

Image courtesy of Instagram

FR: Seeing that you have done work with everyone from North Ave Jax to directing music videos for Trippie Redd and U2, can you give everyone an idea of what you’re planning for your next big project?

Kelly Butts-Spirito: Three things that I can speak of—BUTTSFEST (Vermont music festival), a summer clothing line, as well as a NYFW Show in September. Plus, two things I can’t speak on quite yet—a collaboration with the city of Burlington and a video series.

FR: One thing that separates you from other videographers is your ability to embrace connection with the artists you work with. Explain your connection to North Ave Jax, interning with Roc Nation and being exposed to notable artists.

Kelly Butts-Spirito: Jax and I have been working together since we first started so it’s been special to grow together. We elevate each other and push each other to be better. I’m very fortunate to have him in my life and to get the opportunity to work alongside an artist who is as talented and as generous as him.

FR: When you came to New York City, it almost felt as though everything in your career catapulted. Can you describe your relationship with Kevin Garrison and just how dynamic you guys are when it comes to the work you have done in years past and more recently?

Kelly Butts-Spirito: Moving to New York City helped me take that next step into the industry by being able to access the creatives who live here and just be a part of the creative culture of New York elevated my mind and taste. Working with Kevin is a blessing because he is so consistent and hard-working. We share a similar vision and that allows us to always keep the end goal in sight rather than getting sidetracked by disagreements or outside pressure. He’s an incredible businessman, collaborator, and friend.

Image courtesy of Instagram

FR: Love Kelly LLC has been able to grow tremendously from something small and you bring to the table a successful merchandise line that sold out in its first drop recently. What can people expect next in terms of merchandise/products?

Kelly Butts-Spirito:  Folks can expect new clothing, a short film with the clothing, a documentary in May, lots of new music videos, a fashion show during fashion week and a festival in Vermont.

FR: What is the one thing you want people to understand when they come to discover your work, your merchandise, your festivals, and your vision?

Kelly Butts-Spirito: To believe in yourself and not accept what society has told you have to be but instead define yourself through your own passion and work. I am not a special person in any way. But I believe my brand is something special. I want people to see me as an example of an average small-town person who created something spectacular and inspired, plus impacted lots of lives by believing in the vision and leading with love.

—Ryan Salfino




“A Snowy Day in Oakland’s” Claudia Zevallos: This Is Her Time


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Urban movies conjure up a variety of different images. In past decades those images reflected inner city violence, rebellious youth, urban decay, and dysfunctional family life. And though those themes of isolation and neglect prevailed, that was not all that urban films were about. There were love stories, hope, inspiration, and redemption.

“A Snowy Day in Oakland” reflects the latter. This magical urban tale about an upscale psychologist who breaks up with her longtime boyfriend and opens a private practice in Oakland, turning the predominantly African American and psychologically ignored neighborhood on its emotional ear.

Claudia Zevallos stars in this urban comedy alongside Loretta Devine, Marla Gibbs, Nicole Ari Parker, Kimberly Elise, Jackee Harry, Evan Ross, Michael Jai White, Keith David, and Deon Cole.  “A Snowy Day in Oakland” is produced by Kim Bass. Claudia is a newcomer to the Kim Bass film family.

Fashion Reverie was fortunate to speak with Claudia Zevallos on the day of the premiere of “A Snowy Day in Oakland.” In this interview, experience her energy, her joy, and her passion for her craft.

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Fashion Reverie: How did you get your start as an actress?

Claudia Zevallos: I am originally from Peru and my parents were divorced so I stayed with my grandparents, while my mom worked. I was the only child in my grandparents’ home so I would watch Spanish novellas. Because I was home alone while my grandparents ran their businesses and my mother worked, I developed this incredible fantasy life.

I would sit as close to the television as possible and memorize all the lines of the characters on the television novellas. That’s how I spent my downtime. I fantasized that the main character in the television novellas was me. I made a whole production out of it. I did my makeup, I found clothing that matched the main character, and no one in my family knew I was doing this.

FR: How did you transition from your fantasy performing life to working on Spanish novellas?

Claudia Zevallos: After my grandfather passed away, I followed my aunts who were studying in the US. While in the US, I was working in Century City at the Westville Mall, right outside of Beverly Hills. I was approached by someone to model jewelry. I didn’t take it seriously at first, but eventually I did pursue modeling. From there, I started working as an assistant at Telemundo. While there I worked on my English and started acting on Telemundo.

FR: What was the transition like from Spanish novellas to acting in mainstream films in English?

Claudia Zevallos: Well, one thing is you have to roll back the passion and animated gestures. However, the transition was not that difficult because as an actor you have to be very honest and open, no matter if you are acting in Spanish novellas or in American cinema. As long as you are projecting truth and your English is pretty good, it is not that much of a stretch.

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FR: Talk about your character in “A Snowy Day in Oakland.”

Claudia Zevallos: I am so honored and blessed to be a part of this urban, magical comedy. “A Snowy Day in Oakland” is about love, hope, desires, and dreams. Though this movie has a mostly black and brown cast, it is a film that everyone can relate to.

I play Anjelica, a young Latina women, who is hard-working and passionate. She loves her community and will do anything for her parents. Most importantly, Angelica value the sacrifices her parents made to bring her to the US so she can take advantage of the opportunities in the US.

FR: It sounds as though your character in “A Snowy Day in Oakland” is your story.

Claudia Zevallos: In many ways, it is my story. Kim Bass, the director of this film, made sure that I felt and Hispanic folks felt heard in this film. Me and the other Hispanic actors in the film would sit around and talk about how Kim Bass made us feel important and made our voices important. It was a warm hug, like being enveloped by positivity.

FR: There are some big names in the film, namely Loretta Devine, Nicole Ari Parker, Deon Cole, Michael Jai White, and Kimberly Elise. What was it like working with these actors?

Claudia Zevallos: It was amazing. Loretta Devine is a powerhouse. She is a queen. Kimberly Elise is primed and ready to work. She is so good. Deon Cole is very giving and so funny.

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FR: What do you hope audiences get from this film?

Claudia Zevallos: I know that audiences will feel inspired by “A Snowy Day in Oakland.”

They will leave the movie theatre feeling hopeful, as though they have received a big warm hug. Audiences will also laugh out loud. Remember, this is a magical comedy.

FR: Do you think this time is your time?

Claudia Zevallos: If I don’t sound too egocentric, this time, right now, is my time. When I wake up in the morning, I feel like my grandparents are with me all the time.

I understand now why some things in my life worked out the way that they did. And it is my time!!

FR: What is next for you?

Claudia Zevallos: I am working on a project about three priest and a nun. Of course, I play the name. I can’t say much more about it. The next time that I talk to you, I will be able to tell you how bad ass this nun is!!

William S. Gooch

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