Editors’ Pick: In Praise of Big Hoop Earrings

Fashion_Reverie24The higher the hair, the closer to God, or so they say—remember 60s beehives and the big hair of the 1980s.  And the larger the earrings, the louder the praise; well, that is Fashion Reverie’s estimation.

Last September at New York Fashion Week: The Shows, big hoop earrings were seen on the runways of designers from Proenza Schouler to Nicholas K to The Blonds to Tibi. The trend is not new, dating back to the 90s when hoops earrings were the go-to urban look in the Latin community. Musician, actress and fashion icon Jennifer Lopez is credited with popularizing them in the mainstream with the look becoming wildly popular among female consumers under 30. (Remember, Jenny from the block.)

Images of Nicholas K fall 2017, Proenza Schouler fall 201, and The Blonds fall 2017 courtesy of fashionreverie.com, tomandlorenzo.com, and fashionreverie.com, respectively

Images of Nicholas K fall 2017, Proenza Schouler fall 201, and The Blonds fall 2017 courtesy of fashionreverie.com, tomandlorenzo.com, and fashionreverie.com, respectively

Like all things 90s, right now, big hoops have made a comeback, and everyone from H&M to David Yurman has hopped on the trend. Once Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Kendall Jenner were donning big hoop earrings, it was only a matter of time before everyone had to show their sense of style by wearing big hoops.

That said; big hoop earrings are a subset of an even larger trend: fashion maximalism. For those not familiar with the maximalism movement, maximalism is a reactionary response the minimalist theory of ‘less is more.’ Maximalism is all about excess, in other words ‘more is more.’ For the past several years, designers have been showing how larger than life they can be, now even more so than ever in the face of rebellion against right-wing politics.

In_Praise_Big_hoop_earringsAs maximalism movement continues, it is worth noting that this was also fashion’s response to coming out of a period of subtlety and understatement—a response to the Great Recession of 2008. Fashion designers played it safe and stuck to garments that would sell. Once the luxury sector rebounded, designers unleashed with everything from avant-garde styles to statement jewelry that made big statements.

The less-is-more approach went out the window, and jewelry designers took notice. Big hoop earrings also let us know that women are now looking for statement pieces aside from coveted ‘It’ bags or high-priced stiletto footwear.

Fashion_Reverie23Still, don’t purchase any old big hoop earrings thinking you’re in the fashion know. Jewelry selection is an art form, one that isn’t to be taken lightly. Keep in mind how big is big when considering your own face shape. If you have a more petite face, don’t go too oversized. If you are opting for stones, diamonds are a simple, classic choice, and it might be best to stay away from colored gems and semi-precious stones. The size and boldness of your earrings are already making a statement; there is no need to draw any more attention to yourself.

The great thing about big hoop earrings is they can go with almost anything. They can be paired with tee shirts, dresses, gowns, even suits. While this isn’t something we at Fashion Reverie would recommend for the courtroom or boardroom, it’s a versatile look to go from casual Friday to the cocktail party.

Images of Halle Berry courtesy of D'Orazio and Associates

Images of Halle Berry courtesy of D’Orazio and Associates

If you dare to go really out there with your style, try the one earring look, but make sure it is something that is beautifully ordained and designed. It has to be the kind of thing that says “I have style,” not “I just bought a medieval doorknob for my ear.” Find yourself the perfect ear catching pair, and let them speak for themselves.

—Kristopher Fraser

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