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 Fall is slowly creeping upon us which means it will be time to tuck away those summer clothes and transition into a chic, new fall/winter wardrobe. As fashionistas hunt for the trendiest ensembles and begin to reinvent themselves for the new season, Fashion Reverie has found the perfect boot to move into the fall/winter season courtesy of our northern neighbor. Aboriginal-owned Canadian brand, Manitobah Mukluks produces the finest in mukluks and moccasins footwear and it is the most comfortable trend-setting boot you will ever wear this season.

 The brand comes from humble beginnings originating from Aboriginal traditions in the small, quiet town of Winnipeg, Canada. “I started in the tanning industry in the nineties and began trading tanned leather skins and furs for handmade artisan mukluks and moccasins. I saw the demand rise every year until I decided to go into business for myself as a manufacturer” says Sean McCormick, founder and president of Manitobah Mukluks.

Image courtesy of Burton.com

Image courtesy of Burton.com

Instead of incorporating the flash and wow that burgeoning brands adopt to get the attention of consumers in an over-saturated market, Manitobah Mukluks has chosen to stay true to its roots by embracing the Mantiobah heritage of sophisticated craftsmanship that is unique to that community. “ I think the mukluk has all the qualities to become Canada’s iconic winter boot. It has the rich history and functionality that consumers are looking for nowadays. I wanted to design something that could simultaneously celebrate my culture while being modern and functional for urban use” explains McCormick.

The collection reflects that history in its beautiful designs featuring suede, rabbit skin, and genuine sheepskin, all harvested from the local community with detailed embroidery you won’t find anywhere else. “… We are continuing the artistic tradition that our ancestors have passed down to us and by doing so, I feel like we’ve really borrowed these designs from the Aboriginal people that created them thousands of years ago … Our success as a brand also contributes to a sustainable economic future for all Aboriginals in Canada” says McCormick,

Image courtesy of Burton.com

Image courtesy of Burton.com

Manitobah Mukluks utilizes the artistic history of the community and channels it through their ‘Storyboot Project’ that commission original handcrafted footwear with a limited collection of replicas called Storyboots. All the indigenous artisans are offered a share of the profit to create a business that holds a solid bond with their culture.

Manitobah Mukluks is expanding the brand and its aesthetic with their recent collaboration with snowboard giant, Burton Snowboards by producing‘Memento’ boot, a mukluk-inspired women’s snowboard boot for Burton’s upcoming 2014 winter collection. “Manitobah’s deep heritage and incredible craftsmanship complements Burton’s design ethos and brings something completely new to our women’s boot line…” says Greg Dacyshyn, Chief Creative Officer of Burton Snowboards.

Image courtesy of Burton.com

Image courtesy of Burton.com

Manitobah Mukluks is available through their online store and at select retailers for the fall/winter 2013 season.


—Dana Givens

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