Editors’ Pick: Jewelry That Aligns with the Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

With the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic becoming a large trend through the social media channels, this is the current spin off of the coastal grandma trend that was big last spring and summer. If you are interested in this trend and transforming your closet from coastal grandma to coastal cowgirl, it is easy. You can easily update your aesthetic to coastal cowgirl by adding accessories such as a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and the roundup of jewelry that Fashion Reverie have gathered up for you below. It is all about taking inspiration from the coast and western aesthetics.

Smart Glass Jewelry Small Wave Earrings Ocean Colors $48

These earrings are simple and chic with two waves of glass that catch light and make heads turn. Every pair is unique as they are created from old glass bottles. Specifically for this style, the colors include Clear which is made from Beer or Wine bottles, Antique Clear which comes from Coca-Cola bottles, and colors Aqua and Periwinkle both come from Sake bottles.

Easily paired with simple outfits, these earrings effortlessly pair with many items in your closet. The glass element of the earrings brings the coastal elements of the aesthetic that is coastal cowgirl. Pair these with your favorite pair of jean shorts and a billowy white blouse, and you will have a perfect outfit.

MING YU WANG NY Yu Bracelet Jade Bangle $288

This limited-edition Jade Bangle created for AAPI Heritage Month by Taiwanese American jewelry designer Ming Yu Wang celebrates the long history of jade being a highly honored and precious stone in Taiwanese culture. This bangle is a great accessory for those wanting to update their jewelry collection and is also a great piece that blends well with the coastal cowgirl aesthetic.

Smart Glass Jewelry Cube Gold Ring $56

Everyone loves a statement ring, and this cube gold ring from Smart Glass Jewelry comes in a myriad of colors from different types of glass bottles. The bold chunky glass mixed with the adjustable band that is made from 22k gold-plated pewter is a beautiful combination. It is a great choice to pair with easy, breezy outfits.

Gabriel & Co. Diamond Cut 18-inch 14K Yellow Gold Textured Diamond Medallion Hollow Chain Necklace $1875

This chain necklace with a diamond medallion from Gabriel & Co is a gorgeous addition to any outfit. This award-winning fine jewelry brand has created a necklace that is so effortlessly beautiful that pairing this necklace is an easy accomplishment. It is a great showstopper piece for those simple and romantic outfits.

Smart Glass Jewelry Simple Cube Necklace Gold Fill $46

Smart Glass Jewelry has created this necklace that is alluring, yet simple and is easy to wear. The matte finish brings out the color of the glass and the gold fill chain is a great complement to the glass. As this recycled glass is made to look like sea glass, this is a fantastic option that aligns with the coastal cowgirl aesthetic.

Images courtesy of their respective brqnds

KIL N.Y.C Dentata Ring $150

This ring by KIL N.Y.C is inspired by the Pro-Choice movement, specifically the chastity belt which symbolizes empowerment and pride. Made to order in your choice of sterling silver, 18k yellow gold over sterling silver, or 14k yellow gold, this will make a great addition to anyone’s collection while also representing female empowerment.

—Phoebe Howard


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