Beauty Alert: Avoid these Wedding Day Beauty Mistakes

Be not only the most stunning, but the most prepared bride by avoiding these common wedding day beauty faux pas.  Fashion Reverie spoke with expert makeup artists Tory Kuivanen and Janae Niles, with MAC and pro artists Rhona Samuels and Rafael German, with Valentino Beauty on all the do’s and don’ts of getting glam for your wedding day. 

From what products to keep around for touchups, to what not to do the day of the ceremony, these tips will ensure you look amazing and can spend more time enjoying your wedding with your guests.

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Do Focus on Skincare

“On your wedding day, what you really don’t want to see is makeup on the skin. It’s all about being romantic. If you’re drawn to the skin because there’s so much makeup, it takes away from the beauty of the day,” Samuels shares. “Which is why it’s important to prep the skin properly with good skincare … making sure [the products are] absorbed into the skin nicely. It’s like whoever is doing your makeup [should be] pretty much giving you a facial with the skincare.”


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Don’t Forget to think of the Weather

Different seasons or climates make a big difference to your skin and even subtle changes to the conditions, temperatures and humidity, can make or break your look. “I highly recommend a setting spray so that the makeup will last all day,” Samuels explains. Ideal for all brides running around and dancing the night away, but a setting spray is even more important in warmer temperatures.

German shares a few tips while explains, “I like to use matte for the summer but for winter weddings, I like to use a base oil. For the summer weddings, I like to use the Armani face balm, because when I put it on, it makes your skin dewy and radiant. When you put on the makeup [on top] it’s just more natural and more youthful.”

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Do Practice Self Care

Take care of your skin, drink enough water, and get some sleep the night before.  Weddings can be stressful, but you don’t want that to show on your face.

“Rest is the number one thing to keep in mind.  Makeup is meant to enhance you … but it won’t cover if your eyes are puffy,” explains Niles who recommends a whole face mask to hydrate, refresh and plump the skin. Kuivanen also recommends applying eye patches the night before or the morning of.

Don’t Experiment with New Products

 Your wedding day isn’t the day to try out anything new.  “Don’t use any new products.  No new skincare, no new makeup,” explains Niles, as It could cause breakouts or irritation. Not only should you try out any products way ahead of time, but you should also take some photos to be sure you love the look in the camera and not just in the mirror.


Images courtesy of Anna Shuraeva and Cottonbro Studio

Do Keep the Camera in Mind

“Honestly, do your makeup for the camera because anytime a professional photographer is taking your picture, the makeup you have on kind of disappears,” Kuivanen explains.

“Go a little more than you think you need; most makeup artists know to do this already.”


Images courtsy of Valeria Boltneva and Antonio Guerra

Don’t Forget Touch Ups

Kuivanen recommends keeping some lipstick or lip gloss on you as well as keeping some powder on hand for quick touchups. You don’t need much. But having these two or three beauty staples on hand will allow you to look your best all night long.

 Do Trust Your Makeup Artist

“Always trust your gut,” Samuels advises.  “You find a good artist then you feel like that is the artist for you. Then trust the artist. It’s your vision, but they will bring your vision to life.”

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  1. These are such practical and helpful tips! We might know it all, but it is handy to have a checklist ready to remind us before the big day or any important function, for that matter. And going a little more with the make-up is very accurate. I always like being the plain Jane but end up looking very pale and dull in photographs!

  2. These are all great tips and I wish I had read them before my big day! What really helped was that I did a few trial make-up events and tried the products WAY before my big day and it made a difference.

  3. These tips are so useful for a bride to be, which can take away the uncertainty of what could happen.

  4. I can vouch for not testing new products close to your wedding day! Thankfully, my reaction was small/really not too noticeable, but it definitely would have ruined the photos had it been closer to the day for me. Great tips! Love your content.

  5. Summer weddings are a double edged sword. Too much sweating what with the shape-wear, yet. It’s a great time for the outdoor ceremony… I love the practical reminder not to try something new. Things can backfire quickly. Yikes! .Your websit has great content! Book marking for sure. – Henri

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  10. Practical and important tips on wedding beauty ‘dos and don’ts’. I was guilty of not letting the makeup artist put enough make up on me – and I regretted it when the photos came back. I should have read this before my wedding!

  11. These are all great tips. And I so agree about the weather you always have to take the weather into account.

  12. Many wonderful and practical tips and I thknk it will help a lot of bride-to-be since there are so many things to pay attention to while they are planning a wedding!

  13. Hhhhmmm….to be honest, our skin pores do need to breathe on our wedding days. The less make up applied on us, so much the better for all.

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  15. love these tips! It’s so important to remember that your photos are what’s left after the wedding, so doing makeup (and touchups) with that in mind will be super valuable.

  16. Yes, BAD weather can ruin EVERYTHING. Better to avoid CITIES with lots of RAIN?

  17. Self-care is a must in everything you do. specifically planning your wedding or on your wedding day. Definitely take as many pictures as you can.

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