Editor’s Pick: Modern Vice Goes Patriotic

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Image courtesy of EFGPR

Most of us celebrate Independence Day by going to barbeques, watching fireworks, and waving Ole Glory at parades. Modern Vice has gone one step further by partnering with Fiona Byrne, founder of the Byrne Notice to create a handsome pair of distressed leather boots that feature the American flag.

Jenson and Jordan Adoni

Jenson and Jordan Adoni

Brothers Jordan and Jenson Adoni launched Modern Vice, a collection of luxurious, premium quality shoes and sneakers targeted to men’s and women’s footwear and fashion enthusiasts. “We all have our vices.  Some unwillingly, most unknowingly, but it’s these vices that make us unique,” say Jensen and Jordan Adoni.

This exclusive collaboration with Fiona Byrne, noted lifestyle, music and fashion journalist follows in the tradition of the Adoni Brothers’ continued quest to create handcrafted, leather goods in the Adoni factory, located in the heart of the garment district.  The limited edition boots retails for $400 and is now available at modernvice.com.

—William S. Gooch

Editor’s Pick: Camila Alves’ MUXO Bags for the Holidays

Beyonce, the Olsen Twins, Jessica Simpson, Kanye West, J-Lo; hmm the list goes on and on. And you have to ask yourself, does the fashion industry need another celebrity brand? Maybe not, but then again, after closer examination some celebrity brands have merit.

Though some fashion pundits canned Kanye West’s two collections, others found his foray into fashion design an interesting, but still viable addition to his market saturation. And say what you may about Jessica Simpson’s looks-for-less, Simpson has found a way to create garments that have a fashion sensibility at price points that consumers can easily afford.

Images courtesy of fashionmodeldirectory.com

Enter Camila Alves. Most of us know Camila because of her matinee idol hubby Matthew McConaughey. But lights, camera, and action are not foreign concepts to this Brazilian model. Photographed by Bruce Webber, David LaChapelle and Nick Knight, Alves has appeared in Elle, Glamour, and Ocean Drive magazines, as well as modeled for Giorgio  Armani, Carolina Herrera, Mango, and Christian Dior cosmetics.

With her handbag collection MUXO, Camila Alves is combining her years in fashion with her Brazilian heritage to create a practical handbag line that meets the needs of modern women on the go. ”Because I travel a lot, I found that there weren’t any handbags available that were strong and sexy enough at the same time … So I wanted to create a handbag that fit my lifestyle,” explains Alves.

MUXO’s Ms. Kate $325, Victorian $325, and Black Courtier $640, respectively. Images courtesy of fullpic.com

Just in time for the holidays, Alves has released a limited-edition preview of MUXO’s 2013 collection. “Releasing this limited-edition preview is a small gift to my MUXO fans,” says Camila Alves. “It’s a small sampling of what’s to come in 2013, which will include bags that mix materials, neutrals and vibrant colors, one-of-a-kind vintage brooches that I collected on my travels,  and reversible and stylish handbags that transform from day to night. The idea is to offer a product that incorporates many trends creating a timeless piece. When you purchase these pieces, you will know you will use it forever. It’s for the woman who loves to mix and match these elements with everything she has in her wardrobe and everything she has yet to buy!”

Price points for the 2013 collection ranges from $3500 to $245. For more information, go to mymuxo.com.

—William S. Gooch

Spring 2013 Trend Report: High Stepping in High-Fashion Sneakers

Though sleigh bells, stuffed stockings and gifts in shiny wrapping may be on the minds of holiday shoppers, in a just few months retail stores will be packed solid with all types of spring footwear. With that thought in mind there was a noticeable continuing trend on runways during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that made models a little less tall.

High-fashion sneakers have been featured on the fabulous catwalks of Marc Jacobs and Lanvin for the spring 2013 season. High-end designers Giuseppe Zanotti, Givenchy, Prada, Isabel Marant, and Jeremy Scott also have reinvented this normal causal wear item into cutting-edge, high-end footwear with innovative designs with contrasting themes of glamour and edgy fashion. Alexander McQueen also gives a creative interpretation of the perfect high-end footwear with an exclusive collection collaboration with sneaker giant, Puma.

Givenchy spring 2013 images courtesy of highsnobiery.com

Unlike the plain, standard fare simply used for the gym or the more rugged-edged footwear collections of athletic superstars, for spring 2013 high-fashion designer continue to combine a more glamorous approach with comfort and ease. Expect to see more sneakers with wedged heels, knockout studs, neon bright colors, and lavish high top dipped in metallic shades.

Giuseppe Zanotti spring 2013 images courtesy of WWD.com

Now that that some of the runway amazons have traded in their Jimmy Choos and Blahnik stilettoes for trendy sneaks, will fashion-conscious consumers follow suit? And don’t be left out in the cold by waiting for the pile-up this spring. Remember, the fashion bird is always ahead of the curve.

Mark Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and Isabel Marant spring 2013 images courtesy of nordstroms.com

All styles can be found in exclusive fashion-forward departments stores like Nordstrom, Barney’s, and Bergdorf Goodman just in time for the holiday season.

–Dana E. Givens

Editor’s Picks: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Must-Haves

In just under three weeks, editors, bloggers, stylists, photographers and fashionistas will scurry between Lincoln Center and other fashion show venues as they blog, write, document and get a glimpse of all the fashion trends and glorious collections that will parade back and forth over hallowed runways. In spite of all the hustle and bustle that accompanies this biannual deluge of fashion and beauty, it is still important to be on trend and look your best. Fashion Reverie has come up with a few hot items that may set you apart from all the other trendsetters. After all, fashion is more than the style of the day, but what is happening next.

Though everyone wants to get noticed and look their best, if you are a fashion journalist who is hurrying from runway shows to presentations, comfort as well as style is important. For fall 2012, Snob Essentials, a collaboration between DL1961A Premium Denim and BagSnob, has launched a line of fashion-forward skinny jeans that will not only attract attention but is also promotes ease of movement and comfort. The collection has seven fashion forward styles for every day of the week and is made with DL1961’s signature X-FIT 4-way stretch denim. These limited edition styles are currently available at Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, as well as their respective e-commerce sites.

Image courtesy of Collaterals

Fashion Reverie never leaves out the guys. So, for the male fashion industry professionals that may be attending such prestigious events as the very exclusive 7th Annual Fashion Award Benefit Luncheon or the very-hard-to-get-into Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein shows, Collaterals has just launched a revolutionary selection of foldable, cuff links that not only dazzle, but have an automatic locking component. The only foldable cuff links of its kind, the Prometheus-inspired cufflinks are made of hand-polished, premium steel and feature a locking capability that fastens your cuffs in place, eliminating baggy shirts cuff that usually found with conventional cuffs. The Prometheus-inspired cuff links come in mother-of-pearl, black onyx with a leather centerpiece and retails for $125

As you are chatting on your IPhone or rambling through your bag for your IPad or taking notes the old school way, remember that there is a deep connection between pop art and fashion. The confluence of fashion and pop art is no more evident than in the pop culture icon Andy Warhol. Warhol started his career as a fashion illustrator at several fashion publications and founded the fashion and entertainment magazine, Interview.

Incase believes that everyone can have a better experience through design. And their mantra is put to good use in their new designs for IPhone, IPad and Macbook and shoulder bags featuring Warhol iconography. Remember, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week you want to stand out and with these new products from Incase, you will not only grab attention, but also be noted as a trendsetter.

You will definitely make a statement with the Warhol shoulder bag for your computer. This great item retails for $149.00. You can also be fashion-forward with IPhone covers that retail for $39.95.

Fashionable on the outside, as well as being good at what you do. What more could you ask for!!

—William S. Gooch



Monica Cruz Steams it up for Agent Provocateur


Monica Cruz “shows her true self” for British lingerie giant, Agent Provocateur‘s fall/winter 2012 collection. The Spanish actress, dancer, and younger sister of Penelope Cruz has become the face of the new steamy collection. The designs were Victorian inspired and returns to its signature rich, dark color palette layered with elegant lace and ruffles,perfectly defining a woman’s curve . The collection portrays an intense femininity wrapped in glamour and mystery through its stunning pieces.

 Along with a fabulous campaign, Monica Cruz is also featured in the brand’s promotional video titled “Wilhelmina: Show Your True Self” that captures the sultry dark essence of the campaign through the vision of Director Tim Pope. The video starts off with a seemingly innocent Cruz who evolves into an enigmatic, fiery spirit exploring her inner sensuality through a magical camera lens while donning the brand’s signature pieces. The video proves to be as memorizing as the designs and Cruz most certainly does not disappoint viewers while teasing the audience with her sexy and unfathomable presence on screen.

Images courtesy of Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur continues not to disappoint its adoring fan base and their fall/winter collection will be available soon in Bloomingdale’s and specialty worldwide.

—Dana E. Givens

G-Shock is Still Awesome and Shockingly Strong after 30 Years

We all remember that classic line uttered by Dorothy Gale in the Wizard of Oz, “People come and go so quickly here;” and in today’s retail market nothing is more true to fact. Fashion brands that seem to have gathered some traction in the market might survive a couple of seasons, while others never seem to get a solid foothold.

After 30 years G-Shock is proving that market viability, a great product and keeping a pulse of what customers want equals staying power. As the go-to, durable sports watch for the very active consumer, G-Shock continues to provide durability, innovation and fashion-forward sensibility.

G-Shock athlete Nigel Sylvester concurs, “I am a BMX rider, so just being tough, durable and consistent is something you have to have as a BMX rider and it is something that G-Shock prides itself on.  For me, the marriage makes so much sense. G-Shock moves when I move. G-Shock has so many features on the watch that I use on a daily basis. Take the world time piece, I can jump on a plane, push a few buttons, and have the correct time wherever I am.  It has an amazing stop watch … The watch is a tool I use every day.” Snowboarding pro Kazuhiro Kokubo also sings G-Shock’s praises, “I love the look of the watch, its toughness and it fits whatever I am doing in my extreme sport of snowboarding or other outdoor activities.”

Images courtesy of Ernest Green

In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, G-Shock has a variety of new products in the works that will be released in late 2012 and early 2013. One of the most innovative of all the new releases is the Blue Tooth G-Shock watch that syncs up with Bluetooth on your cellular. This new phone sends out a tone signal when you are too far away from you cellular and details how far away you are from your phone. This amazing item is now available in Australia and will be available in the US in 2013.

Let the Shock and Awe continue!!

—William S. Gooch


The Kardashians Add Eyewear to their Fashion Empire

The Kardashians have already dominated the aisles of Sears’ stores with their latest venture, The Kardashian Kollection that ranges from stylish handbags, intimates, and home décor to fashionable ladies’ garments. Now the prolific Kardashians have added fashionable trendy eyewear to their ever-growing empire at Sears, targeting a young fashionable female consumer who isn’t interested in breaking the bank.

The Kardashian Kollection Eyewear comes in five trendy styles for both optical and prescription frames reflecting the three individual personalities of the Kardashian sisters—Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe. Each frame has soft details ranging from studded temples to fierce animal prints. From vintage retro styling reminiscent of Kourtney to the glamorous sexiness of Kim and the rocker laidback style of Khloe, there is a fabulous pair of glasses for every woman in this collection that will please their legion of fans at an affordable price.

Images courtesy of Fingerprint Communications

The Kardashian Kollection will retail for $139.99 for both optical and prescription frames and will be available at 300 Sears Optical stores nationwide.

—Dana E. Givens

Editor’s Pick: ICU Olympic Eyewear

Sadly, the 2012 Summer London Olympics is almost complete. Who will forget Gabby Douglas winning back-to-back gold medals in the women’s gymnastics team and individual all-around final. Michael Phelps proving naysayers wrong that, still shining like gold in his fourth Olympics.  Usain Bolt ranking as the best sprinter of all times with gold in the 100 and 200 meter race in consecutive Olympics. And the list of London 2012 Olympic shining moments goes on and on.

Memories of London 2012 will bring smiles and stimulate conversation.  And you can now keep the USA Olympic spirit alive with affordable shades from ICU Eyewear. The brainchild of Patricia Kesten who was driven by her desire for affordable, fashionable reading glasses, ICU Eyewear has been in the forefront of reading glass fashion.

ICU Eyewear’s Crystal Eye Cat

“Reading glasses are so much more than a necessity, they have become a great accessory, the ultimate finishing touch to any outfit,” Kesten says of her fashionable eyewear.  “I travel extensively and am constantly inspired to update colors, styles and shapes, refreshing at least 40% of the line every year.  Just like any other accessory, it is critical that we continue to appeal to our customers as trends evolve,” she added.

ICU Eyewear’s Classic Bifocal Sun Reader

ICU Eyewear captures the USA Olympic spirit in red, white and blue patriotic colors. From ICU Eyewear’s Eco-friendly Classic Bright Temple in blue to Classic Bifocal Sun Reader in red to Crystal Eye Cat in white, ICU Eyewear will keep those Olympic fresh and fashion forward.

All eyewear is under $30. For information, go to ICUEyewear.com.

—William S. Gooch

Kara Ross Resort/Holiday 2013

As the resort market continues to grow, accessories designers are not only standing up and taking notice of this continuing, expansive segment of the fashion industry, but finding innovative ways of taking advantage of this boom. From an early age Kara Ross has had a love affair with gemstones and jewelry making. For her 2012/2013 collection Ross looked to a kaleidoscope of vivid colors and hues and the great art movements of the past for inspiration.

Tapping into the continuing trend of animal prints in vibrant colors, Kara Ross ingeniously combines the rich color palettes of blazin’ pink, turquoise and green with the exotic reptile skins of alligator, lizard, and python. This resort season for the first time Ross utilized tortoise resin, as well as clear crystals. “We were using the python before in other collections for our handbags and we had all this scrap leftover, so for this collection to be more thrifty and cost-conscious we used the leftover scraps from our handbags and made some interesting jewelry,” details Kara Ross.

Expanding upon the color trend, Kara Ross looked to the Fauvist tradition in art, particularly the work of Georges Braque, evidenced in colorful pieces that  produce a strong emotional reaction.  “We took very bright pictures from fashion magazines and collaged it onto wood. The result is lots of bright color and jewelry that is very lightweight. Also, the beauty in these items is that you don’t know exactly what the jewelry is made of,” explains Ross.

Again looking to Georges Braque in his Cubist period, there are several pieces in the resort collection that express a Cubist aesthetic through rounded geometric form and repetitive patterned shapes. Ross enhances these pieces by employing crystals and animal skins which plays on the shadow and silhouette of each item.

Kara Ross 2012/2013 resort collection images courtesy of AtelierPR

Kara Ross’ 2012/2013 resort/holiday collection would not be complete without the gem-shaped clutch bags that she is known for. She expands upon her signature gem-shaped clutch bags by incorporating pantone-colored fabrications of python, lizard, and alligator. Ross has even included a clutch large enough for an I-Pad and small laptop.

For more information about Kara Ross’ 2012/2012 resort/holiday collection, go to kararossny.com

Editor’s Pick: Perrelet Turbine Dragon Watch

Most men love a great watch. And with the sudden boom in men’s accessories there is a plethora of new watch brands attempting to tap into this burgeoning market. However, most male consumers tend to stick with the tried-and-true brands, unless the upstarts are endorsed by a major sports figure.

Since 1777, luxury Swiss watchmaker Perrelet has been on the cutting edge of innovation.  Founder Abraham-Louis Perrelet and his son Louis-Frederic left an indelible mark with their inventions of split-second chronograph and the automatic winding movement.  With the new, limited edition Turbine Dragon Watch, Perrelet extends the brand’s heritage and commitment to elegance and creativity by combining innovation with fashion-forward sensibility.

Image courtesy of Benali Consulting

This special edition turbine watch, made in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Dragon, comes with natural white mother of pearl dial, set off by a black leather alligator strap. The dragon symbol, made of hand-colored, Polynesian mother-of-pearl, is ingeniously and subtly embedded in the dial, only is illuminated when the turbine starts spinning. The dragon symbol in Chinese culture represents happiness and harmony. “The Dragon Turbine Watch comes a respect piece with one rotor on top and another underneath. The two rotors working together will wind the watch 40% faster.” …. “Our customer base has changed, we have a lot more affluent Asian who live and visit the US. They love luxury products, so, it was important for us to come with a special edition watch that celebrated the things Perrelet is known for—elegance and refinement—while culturally tapping into this growing demographic,” details Perrelet Managing Director Michael Goldstein.

Though the Turbine Dragon is a luxury watch, it will still appeal to that discerning male consumer who wants luxury and sportiness as complimenting elements. “Though the Dragon Turbine looks very sporty, we found that our Asian customers wanted a more high-end strap than you would find on most sports watch. So, we opted for a leather alligator strap. The watch is water resistant to 300 feet, so you can still take it in the water” confesses Goldstein.

A tried-and-true brand, cutting-edge innovation, sophisticated elegance, and great value; what more could the discerning customer in the market for a luxury watch want. Abraham-Louis Perrelet would be so proud!!

For more information, go to perrelet.com.

—William S. Gooch

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