Fashion Reverie’s Top Ten Stories of 2020

Saying that 2020 was a difficult and challenging year is an understatement. There was much uncertainty and so much to fear. Yet, we soldiered on. And in that will to survive and in some instances triumph, Fashion Reverie produced some incredible content in 2020.

As we do every year at Fashion Reverie, we look back at the best content on the site for the past year.  Surprisingly, after all that we went through this year, there was some incredible content. Which proves you can power through adversity to do your best work.

This top ten list in not in any particular order. The order is based on the most intriguing and well-written, consumer friendly content of the year.

1) Vivian Kelly is new to Fashion Reverie; however, Vivian hit the balls out the park with her first few articles for the site. Her last article of the year, “Fashion Reverie’s 2021 Retail and Fashion Predictions” was extraordinarily well researched with great quotes and insight into the new Pantone colors for 2021, the possible expansion of virtual New York Fashion Week, the retail market rebound, as well as some interesting and unusual 2021 predictions. Job well done, Vivian.

2) As I was celebrating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris triumphant victory over Donald Trump with all the other revelers in Philadelphia, I paused to reflect what a Biden presidency would mean to the fashion and retail industries. In my article “Will the Election of the Biden Have a Positive Effect on Fashion and Retail Industries,” I examine the pros and the possible of cons of President-Elect Joe Biden’s administration on fashion and retail industries. There are some facts and speculations in this article that are a given, however, there are some surprises. Though there are no definite conclusions in this article, this article gives readers lots to consider.

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3) Kristopher Fraser has moved on to other editorial opportunities and will be much missed at Fashion Reverie. That said; in 2020 Mr. Fraser penned some very interesting articles for the site. Perhaps, his most interesting article was in interview with stylists Danny Santiago and Carol Cutshall about their work on the show Filthy Rich.”

Filthy Rich,” starring Kim Cattrall and Gerald McRaney, spins an elaborate tale of wealth, faith, and fashion all rolled into one. McRaney plays Eugene Monreaux, a mega-rich TV minister who owns a Christian TV network, and Cattrall plays Margaret Monreaux, his Oprah-like southern belle wife. The show focuses on the death of McRaney’s character and the drama of Monreaux’s estate, as he wrote three illegitimate children in his will.

4) Associate Editor Cameron Rose Grey gave readers lots of choices in her article Loungewear That Also Works as Work-From-Home Attire.” From brands NakedCashmere to Nadaam to Reformation, Cameron gave our readers lots of options on how to look comfortable and stylish while working from home.

5) Fashion Reverie’s Managing Editor Carl Ayers came up with the idea to do monthly styleouts. And his End of July Biweekly Styleout Tribute to Janet Jackson was perhaps his best styleout of 2020. Carl produced style options a la Miss Jackson at every juncture of her career based on her hit songs. This styleout was a real winner!!

6) In her second article for Fashion Reverie, Vivian Kelly examined fashion and beauty brands that had gone out of business in 2020. Her article Fashion Reverie Investigates: Six Brands that Closed Their Doors in 2020 gave an in-depth look at some of the reasons these brands shuttered. Some went of business due to the COVID-19 pandemic; other brands were on the verge of extinction before COVID-19. Whatever the reason, Vivian Kelly expertly researched the rise and fall of these fashion and beauty brands.

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7) The summer of 2020 proved to be a summer of unrest, uncertainty, and social protest. On the heels of George Floyd’s assassination, civil rights groups and many US citizens took to the streets to protest police brutality and racial injustice. Editor-in-chief William S. Gooch chose this summer of protest as an opportunity to reflect on how social protest has influenced fashion. From the Vietnam War protests to Black Power Movement of the 1960s to Britain’s punk revolution, William Gooch in Fashion Flashback: Social Protests Through the Lens of Fashion examined some of the great fashion that came out of these social movements.

8) In Carl Ayers’ article “Fashion Reverie’s Fall 2020 Men’s Coat Roundup,” great fall 2020 coats from the collections of Pyer Moss, Casablanca, Wacko Maria’s, and Suit Supply to Fear of God, Lacoste, Brooklyn Circus, and Theory were thoughtfully explored. And as always, Carl demonstrated incredible range in his selections, from high-end to affordable to household brands to emerging designers.

9) One of the more unusual interviews on in 2020 was William S. Gooch’s interview with supermodel Cameron Parker. Cameron Parker has continued her career as a model despite suffering from MS. Parker has suffered from MS for over 25 years. The adversities and triumphs are all revealed in Gooch’s heartfelt interview, Cameron Parker: Turning Lemons into Limoncelli and Champagne.”

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10) It is such a joy when a once-popular fashion brand attempts to regain market traction. Imitation of Christ is doing just that. One of the go-to fashion brands for that downtown fashionista, Imitation of Christ disappeared from the fashion landscape a few years ago; however, they have returned. And Fashion Reverie associate fashion editor Cameron Grey Rose was right there, sharing in her review of Imitation of Christ’s spring 2021 return how the brand is strategizing to pick up where they left off.

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