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Happy, Happy Halloween! Halloween is happening this year! Last year, everything was cancelled. It really was a shame as Halloween was on a Saturday and it was a full moon—a rare occurrence. But this year the haunted houses are open and the East Village Halloween Parade will take place. Randy Rainbow is the Grand Marshall and isn’t that just awesome?!

But if you’re going to go out this Halloween, you’re going to need a good costume. Fashion Reverie has curated a list of some of 2021’s hottest costumes. Get them before they are all sold out.

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Black Widow

The smash hit of the summer is now one the hottest costumes for Halloween. You can choose between the white jumpsuit from her self-titled movie or the black jumpsuit from Avengers.  Don’t forget your red wig and “don’t eff with me” glare!

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Olympic Gymnasts

Looking for something super comfortable? Get a red track suit, slick back your hair, pin it in place with barrettes and apply eye shadow with a putty knife. Too much is never enough! Don’t forget your Olympic medal! If you can safely throw in a few cartwheels, go for it.

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Cassie from “Promising Young Woman”

Looking to take the classic “sexy nurse’ costume up a notch? Add a rainbow wig and you’re the vengeful Cassie from the Oscar-winning film “Promising Young Woman.”  If you decide to include a scalpel, make sure it’s not sharp!

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Daphne from “Bridgerton”

The Netflix hit “Bridgerton” will no doubt inspire a lot of outfits for Halloween. Daphne will probably be the most popular one and it’s not a difficult look to recreate. A pale blue dress with an empire waist and a red wig is really all it takes.  You’ll be ready to start dancing with Simon in no time!

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Harry Styles at the Grammy Awards

Pop star and style icon Harry Styles made an appearance at the 2021 Grammys singing his hit “Watermelon Sugar High,” but his Gucci designed outfit really stole the show. You can get the look by donning a leather suit minus the shirt and rocking a long feather boa!

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Cruella Devil

You’ll have a lot of looks to pick from if you go with Cruella this Halloween. Going all the way back to the 1961 original, the live action reboot with Glenn Close, up to the most recent version released this summer with Emma Stone. As long as you have a black and white wig to pull the look together, you can let your imagination run wild!

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Bernie Sanders from Joe Biden Inauguration

Worried about being cold this Halloween? Why not go as Bernie Sanders at the inauguration of Joe Biden? Heavy Brown coat, bald cap and of course those famous mittens! You can buy them from the original source Vermont Teddy Bears. If they are sold out (they are hard to keep in stock), replicas can be found on Etsy.


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Meghan and Harry

They are arguably one of the most controversial couples of the year. Replicate their famous look from their now infamous Oprah interview with a long black dress and a casual grey toned suit. Add a baby bump for true authenticity.

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Wanda and Vision

“Wandavision” was the runaway hit that shot Disney Plus into the streaming stratosphere. Plenty of costume companies have several versions of this attire ready and waiting for the ultimate power couple. Looking for something to make this extra special? Find a friend to be brother Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver!


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