Fashion Reverie’s Fall 2021 Fashion Collaborations Roundup

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The “Fendace” show during Milan Fashion Week garnered a huge amount of attention and praise in the world of fashion. “Fendace” is essentially Versace by Fendi and Fendi by Versace, as Kim Jones and Donatella Versace link together by golden chainmail. The pair make it very clear that “Fendace” is not a collaboration as Versace writes, “This is not a collaboration. The coming together of two iconic fashion brands in this way presents a unique moment in fashion and a first for the industry. Both a celebration of Italian fashion and a disruption of the established order of things, the swapping of roles stands for freedom, fun and friendship.” Fashion collaborations have snowballed, starting with Karl Lagerfeld’s line with H&M in 2004 as designer luxury and accessibility met. As collaborations became more popular, they also became less unique as “logomania” took over and brands simply slapped a designer logo on a lower price point clothing piece. Now, as it has been over 15 years since the H&M x Karl Lagerfeld collection, the fashion landscape is changing.

The “Fendace” show marks a shifting gold, Italian-printed landscape wherein sincerity in fashion trumps competition. Similarly, Balenciaga “hacked” Gucci earlier this year for Gucci’s 100th anniversary “Aria” show. Max Grobe for commented on the shifting competitive landscape: “the brands [Gucci and Balenciaga] would frequently edge one another for the spot of world’s hottest fashion label, but now they have realized they don’t necessarily need to compete.” Consumers are no longer looking for a simple luxury logo, they are looking for unique designs and carefully curated collections which arise from these fashion “swaps” and “hacks.” Below are Fashion Reverie’s list of fashion swaps that demonstrate this shift in the fashion world!

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Adidas x Marimekko

Marimekko is a Finnish design house founded in 1951 following WWII. Marimekko writes, “Much like the rest of post-war Finland, much of women’s fashion in the 1950s was monochrome and uninspired. Clothes were physically restrictive and stylishly subdued, but underneath it all, there was a bubbling desire for change. The abstract patterns, architectonic shapes, and vibrant colors of the Marimekko dress proved a perfect recipe for free-spirited women of all ages and sizes.” The brand’s specialty is in printmaking, specifically bold-colored florals, stripes, and checks designed by artists. The brand recently hacked Adidas to create a collection that is “built for movement by Adidas, designed for joy by Marimekko.” Marimekko’s iconic 1964 Unikko (poppy) grows in a new garden on sportswear as it blooms across the collection. Adidas x Marimekko is carefully curated to represent a lifestyle of happiness, light, and fitness going into the fall season! The collection officially dropped on September 30, 2021 and is available here!

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Mulberry x Richard Malone

Mulberry and Richard Malone’s pairing grew out of a shared love and care for ethical fashion and sustainability. In an interview between journalist Laura Jordan and Richard Malone at the Mulberry headquarters, Malone shares that he often turns down collaborative projects, but he wanted to work with Mulberry as they have had an ethics manifesto in place for over 50 years. The collection’s bags are constructed with Scotch-grain which has a leather-like texture made from waste from the cereal industry. Malone is an Irish fashion designer and re-interpreted iconic Mulberry pieces like the “Bayswater” and “Darley” bags to reflect his aesthetic vision to then present the Mulberry X Richard Malone pieces alongside his collection at London Fashion Week. The collection’s palette is rich and perfect for fall in hues of red, blue, green, and white, encompassing Malone’s aesthetic. The full bag collection dropped on September 19th and is available here!

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Target x Victor Glemaud, Sandy Liang, Nili Lotan, and Rachel Comey: 4 Fall Designer Takeovers

Target recently teamed up with four designers to create a “fall essentials collection” that is linked by bold prints but is also representative of four distinct aesthetics. Each designer was tasked with translating their aesthetic and style to Target’s everyday-wear clothing range. Victor Glemaud’s designs for the collection “pair his love of multicolored stripes and color blocking with thoughtful details to create vibrancy within the everyday for his wearers.” The color palette is mostly made up of lime green, pink, orange, and purple in striped and polka-dot patterns on knit silhouettes. Nili Lotan’s pieces “bring her sophisticated, minimalist approach to Target by blending European simplicity with ’70s Americana cool.” Her designs are the most tailored and classic with a neutral color palette adding a chic element to the fall capsule. Rachel Comey’s designs present “a modern take on femininity with her understated, everyday glamour. At once, both urban and elegant, her thoughtful designs are universally loved for their sculptural silhouettes and playful details.” Her pieces add a high fashion element to the collection with marble prints, dip dye, quilted fabric, faux leather, and tailored pants. Finally, Sandy Liang brings “updated ’90s hometown nostalgia to Target with a sweet-meets-sporty approach, Liang mixes fun style with wearable comfort to create iconic pieces with a sense of luxury and wit.” Her pieces are made for the chillier days of Fall with sherpa and heavy quilted cargo pants representing much of the collection. To shop the full collection, visit Target’s website here!

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Adidas by Stella McCartney

Adidas has allowed Stella McCartney to hack them for quite some time now, with their long-term relationship being born in 2004! McCartney is known for being one of the first American fashion brands to champion sustainability. Her recent collection with Adidas is called “EARTH EXPLORER” which offers “a versatile range of multifunctional, sustainable pieces supporting next-generation change-makers as they reconnect with nature and the outdoors.” The collection includes a bright orange multi-purpose sleeping bag puffer jacket made from 100% recycled fabric and drying technology. To view the full collection that infuses McCartney’s activism into Adidas activewear, visit their site here!

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GCDS x OnePiece

GCDS, or God Cannot Destroy Streetwear, is a luxury streetwear brand known for unexpected collaborations, intense graphics, and a ‘90s vibe. The brand focuses on youth culture and first became popular in the celebrity sphere at its launch in 2015 with designs being worn by Hailey Baldwin and Rita Ora. In 2019, GCDS debuted a collection inspired by manga and cartoons, which makes their 2021 upcoming partnership with OnePiece intriguing yet appropriate for the brand. Collection previews have been shown on several celebrities, especially Dua Lipa. Textured skull and emerald crochet pieces, sequined anime designs, printed signature sweaters, and pink sequined floral pants are just some of the pieces that have been unveiled. Fashion Reverie is looking forward to this gorgeous collection set to launch in early 2022! If you like the preview pieces, GCDS also recently created a Fall Looney Tunes collection that can be shopped here!

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H&M x Iris Apfel

A designer partnership article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning H&M. H&M has always sought-after high-end designers that would make their creations accessible to a large number of consumers. It was recently announced that the brand created a collection alongside Iris Apfel, fashion icon, to celebrate her 100th birthday. In a quote for H&M’s magazine, Ann-Sofie Johansson describes the collection as “playful, opulent, and rich with vibrant colors, vivid prints, and opulent fabric choices. The looks are indulgent with a more is more attitude and crowned by over-the-top jewelry, which is very signum of Iris.” While the collection is set to drop in early 2022, there will likely be collaborations coming out in the meantime, so keep an eye out!

—Tessa Swantek

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