Fashion Reverie’s Fashion Quiz: The Intersectionality of Fashion and Music

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Fashion Reverie’s fashion quiz was such a huge success that we have decided to bring it back. In this month of celebrating the intersectionality between fashion and music, Fashion Reverie’s staff editors submitted fashion and music questions that will not only educate you about how the sometimes disparate worlds of music and fashion are intrinsically linked, but will also enlighten our viewers that the links between fashion music go back over one hundred years.

Test your knowledge and take the quiz. Give us a shout out on Instagram page,, and let us know how you fared!!

  1. Which fashion designer started his career designing stage costumes for The Jacksons and Earth, Wind, and Fire?
  2. Who designed Whitney Houston’s tracksuit for her singing of the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXV in 1991? 
  3. Who were the supermodels in George Michael’s “Too Funky” video?
  4. What music artist who is often regarded as a fashion icon created her own fashion label under LVMH in 2017? 
  5. Which fashion designer is responsible for designing muse Madonna’s iconic corsets for the Blonde Ambition Tour?
  6. We all know that Vivienne Westwood is associated with the British Punk fashion revolution. What other British fashion designer was also a major force in the British Punk fashion revolution in the 1970s?
  7. Who designed the famous dress worn by Jennifer Lopez to the 42nd Grammy Awards in 2000?
  8. Which pop star from the pop band No Doubt launched her fashion brand in 2004 and became one of most sought-after shows during New York Fashion Week?
  9. Which celebrity’s fragrance, though they have a short shelf life, are the highest grossing fragrances of any celebrity?
  10. Which supermodel appeared in Billy Joel’s video “Uptown Girl”?
  11. Which hip-hop artist launched his men’s sportwear collection in 1998 and won the CFDA Men’s Designer of the Year Award in 2004?
  12. Which R&B/pop 70s musical group had the lyric in their hit song “Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci, he looks like a still, that man is dressed to kill”?
  13. Who was the first fashion designer to use music with their fashion show?
  14. Who designed Beyoncé’s bustier with over 30,000 Swarovski crystals for the 2013 tour?
  15. Which 90s pop group had the lyrics “Armani, Armani, ah-ah-Armani
    Versace, cinque in their 1986 song?


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1)Tadashi Shoji was born in Sendai, Japan and came to the US as a fashion design student at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. While a student he apprenticed with costume designer Bill Whitten and eventually designed costumes for The Jacksons, Earth, Wind, and Fire and many other musical stage acts of the 1970s.

2)The tracksuit was by Le Coq Sportif with matching Nike Cortez sneakers. She was going to wear a sleeveless black cocktail dress, but when the Miami temperatures dropped, she opted to wear the tracksuit. The tracksuit would have been her post-performance outfit she would have worn to watch the football game from her stadium box.

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3)The supermodels in George Michael’s “Too Funky” video was Linda Evangelista, Tyra Banks, Nadja Auermann, and Emma Balfour.4)Rihanna’s Fenty brand and its many spinoffs is the only brand by a black artist that is under the auspices of LVMH

5)Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, who Madonna personally requested to create the costumes for the tour (she even handwrote him a letter to express her admiration for his humorous take on fashion), the look was the product of many months of collaboration, with fittings taking place both in New York and Gaultier’s ateliers in Paris.

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6)British fashion designer Dame Zandra Rhodes played a huge part in the evolution of punk fashion in Great Britain in the 1970s. She made her biggest splash in 1977 with the establishment take on punk which she called Conceptual Chic. She created dresses with holes and beaded safety pins—10 years before Versace—to form a sort of embroidery, mixed with loosely drawn figures screen-printed on silk jersey, or on the newly developed Ultra suede fabric.

7)Versace designed the very low decolletage, tropical print dress that Lopez wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards. In September 2019, Lopez made a surprise appearance wearing an updated version of the dress down the Versace spring/summer 2020 show, which was centered around its tropical print.

8)Gwen Stefani launched her fashion brand L.A.M.B. with a runway debut in 2004. L.A.M.B. is an acronym for Los Angeles music baby. L.A.M.B started as a two-week design project in Stefani’s kitchen as a collaboration with LeSportsac. At its height, L.A.M.B was a major “It” brand for that stylish fashionista. However, the brand has not had fashion shows since 2015 and currently you can only find the L.A.M.B brand on sunglasses.

9)The celebrity fragrances that have grossed the most amount sales are Jennifer Lopez’s fragrances. Lopez’s Glow fragrances are her best-selling fragrances.

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10)Supermodel Christie Brinkley appears as the main character in Billy Joel’s 1983 video “Uptown Girl.” In an interview with Howard Stern, Joel had originally named the song “Uptown Girls” after an encounter when he was the company of Whitney Houston, Elle McPherson, and Christie Brinkley. When Joel wrote the song, he was currently dating Elle McPherson who the song was originally about. By the time, Joel filmed the video he was dating Christie Brinkley, who would later become his wife.

11)Sean Coombs launched his men’s sportwear brand Sean John in 1998. Sean John showed at New York Fashion Week for the first time in 2001. To date the brand has enjoyed critical and commercial success with revenues now exceeding $525 million annually. 

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12)Sister Sledge had the hit song “Greatest Dancer” in 1979 that contained the iconic lyrics that referenced Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci. “Greatest Dancer” hit number 9 on the Billboard 100 chart in May 1979. Bernard Edwards and Nile Rogers originally wrote the song for the R&B/Disco group Chic; however, Atlantic Records felt that Sister Sledge needed a disco-sounding song on their album “We Are Family” that was produced by Edwards and Rogers.

13)Lady Lucy Duff-Gordon is believed to be the first fashion designer to have music accompany her fashion shows in the 1920s. Lady Duff-Gordon was also the first fashion designer to use professional models in her fashion show. She is recognized for launching slit skirts and low necklines, popularized less restrictive corsets, and promoted alluring and pared-down lingerie.

14)The Blonds designed Beyoncé’s Swarovski embellished bustier with over 30,000 crystals. It took over 600 hours to apply the 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

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15)The Pet Shop Boys used the lyrics “Armani, Armani, ah-ah-Armani
Versace, cinque” in the 1986 song “Paninaro.” “Paninaro” was on the B-side of the 1986 single “Suburbia.” “Paninaro” is one of the few Pet Shop Boys songs in which Chris Lowe provided most of the lyrics.


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