International Bridal Week: Spring 2022 Pre-coverage

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When the birds start to chirp and trees and plants to start to bud, you can rest assured that spring has arrived. Another indication of the season of rebirth and rejuvenation is the arrival of International Bridal Week.

Though International Bridal Week occurs twice a year, it is perhaps the spring bridal collections that are the most dreamy and glorious. This year the bridal spring collections are digital and a week earlier than usual.

Once the COVID-19 health pandemic somewhat subsides, hopefully, bridal week will be back to runway shows and presentations. Bridal gowns need to be experienced in person with the current virtual presentations a vague, slim comparison to seeing those gowns flow and excite pulses in person. But what is an industry professional to do? Hmm, adapt!!

Fashion Reverie will be front and center, virtually, bringing our viewers great coverage of all things bridal for the spring 2022 bridal season. And maybe by the time brides are ready to show off their bridal choices in spring 2022, this crazy pandemic will be over!! Hope springs eternal.

William S. Gooch

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