New York Fashion Week Fall 2021 Sketches

All of us would like to get a jump of what some New York Fashion Week (NYFW) fall 2021 collections will look like this season. Well, that sneak peek is possible.

Every season, Fashion Reverie publishes a few sketches from some fashion designers that suggest the inspiration behind their upcoming collection. This season is no different, Fashion Reverie has a few designers that gives viewers a slight glimpse into their fall 2021 collections. And most of them a new to this sketch preview.

Image courtesy of Bibhu Mohapatra

Bibhu Mohapatra

Bibhu Mohapatra is no stranger to Fashion Reverie’s sketch preview. For his fall 2021 collections, Mohapatra looked to the sanguine spirt of the 1920s. “As we sanguinely enter the `20s of this century with hope and optimism, history is made,” explains Bibhu Mohapatra. High governing power is entrusted with the task of leadership of women who are no longer nameless or invisible. These women are the modern-day muses and role models of our time.

The quote melds perfectly to the time we are living in. With Kamala Harris, who is of South Asian descent, assuming her roles as Vice President of the United States, there is no wonder that Mohapatra, who is also South Asian, to be inspired by her ascent. Fashion Reverie expects this fall 2021 collection to contain a bevy of beautiful gowns that will combine a 1920s aesthetic and some South Asian influences. And wouldn’t it be great if VP Harris dons one of Bibhu Mohapatra’s gowns for some of those formal state dinners.

Image courtesy of Epperson


When we asked for details of his upcoming fall/winter 2021 collection, Epperson replied, “Each season is like another paragraph added on to my story. I am a smaller designer. I try to choose fabrics that are not complicated to get: wools, cottons, silk taffeta, and muslins, and treat them to wash and wrinkle. Mixing that with the shape I’m going to make them into makes them uniquely mine.”

Epperson notes that “Women are always wearing armor.” He’s created breastplates out of a lattice of interwoven woolens, much like an oversize vest on one side and several other pieces forming the other.  He likens these garments to a shield of honor. While the collection is basically black, it’s not somber. The designer describes his latest work as solid.

Image courtesy of ADEAM


As with every collection, ADEAM’s fall 2021 collection draws inspiration from Japan, designer Hanako Maeda’s home country. For this collection, Maeda is inspired by Japan’s contemporary art.

At the of 2020, Maeda visited the STARS exhibit at Mori Art Museum that showcased the works of six artists who shaped Japanese art from the 1950s to the present. This idea of bringing traditional Japanese artistry to the modern international audience inspired the fall 2021 audience.

This season, Maeda concentrated on craftsmanship which lead to the fabrication of crinkle-pleated poplin. As well as other pleated fabrics in the collection. The color palette this season is inspired by washoku—scarlet red, violet shades, muted rose quartz and ice blue—the traditional colors of Japanese nature.

Image courtesy of Thale Blanc

Thale Blanc Statements

Deborah Sawaf will be showing spring/summer 2021 this month, as she is a designer who shows to season. Deborah believes that women want to wear something simple yet beautiful. “They want to get out of the basic pants they’ve been wearing for months on end.” She opines that women, especially moms, are going to try to keep the model of working at home, if their children need to do the same. “A key piece that speaks to this aesthetic shift is a kind of track pant with a Euro/LA twist that I believe will be the piece of the season.” The collection this season is going to be different, yet not over the top and flashy. “This is a time when we need to be careful, mindful and real in our approach to fashion.” Deborah hopes to show live in September, but always wants to do something a little bit different. We can’t wait to see the ongoing evolution of this brand.

Image courtesy of APOTTS


Aaron Potts launched his eponymous brand in 2018 after graduating from Parsons School of Design and working Anne Klein, Emanuel Ungaro, Ellen Tracy, Kaufmanfranco, Badgley Mischka, and Escada. APOTTS embodies unisex sensibility and practicality while maintaining a focus on creativity and diversity.

This fall 2021 collection if for all genders, sizes, and ages. Real style is about spirit, not about physical differences, or trends. This collection is clean, modern trans-seasonal clothes that become a uniform.

—Vivian Kelly and William S. Gooch

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