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Welcome to 2021. It is time for a fresh start, and we are all in need of a reset from 2020. New year, new you, right? Whether you want to drastically change things up or slowly slip into the new year, as a reader of Fashion Reverie, we know you want to stay stylish either way.

A great way to begin the year is by adding a few new pieces to your wardrobe. We know a lot of consumers are being more methodical and strategic with their spending, and that’s a good thing. A well curated closet is better than one which is overflowing yet void of personal style. To have your wardrobe speak for you, you may need to think small. Everyone knows the big brands and retailers, but small, newer brands tend to be more personal and nuanced. Also, during this current economic downturn, small brands truly appreciate the support of new and returning customers.

To help guide you smartly, expand your closet, Fashion Reverie has assembled a variety of brands to usher you along your journey of discovery. Not only are these brands diverse in the varied backgrounds of their designers, but the designers themselves are just as diverse in their approach to design. Where they all overlap is in the fact that they all should be on your radar in 2021 and for years to come.

Christopher Lowman

The vision of Christopher Lowman is to inspire the world by putting out a product that connects with genders of all races.


Utilizing his draping skills learned in Paris, Christian Juul Nielsen creates a collection that is inspired by the past while looking towards the future. The menswear-inspired silhouettes are simple, giving the person wearing them a sense of importance.

Mia Becar

The collection, meticulously handcrafted in Italy from the finest materials, reflects designer Betzabe Gonzalez’s love of color, bold silhouettes, her travels, and her passion for artisanal traditions and techniques.

Rinat Brodach

Rinat’s main goal is to make clothes for all and give her customer the power to be their true self. She says it is beyond making clothing; it’s giving you tools to feel and be your best self. 


Rodney Epperson seeks to celebrate the individual, mixing texture, prints, and shapes together through deconstruction, then reconstruction, to create avant-garde wearable pieces.

Ines x Ciner

Noted bridal designer Ines di Santo wanted to create collections of conversational jewelry that take women on a journey of visual chapters. Each piece represents fantasy and beauty, and each is handcrafted with the techniques used to create hand crafted jewelry.

Reese Cooper

The connection between the environment and the community can be seen throughout Reese Cooper’s work. He is inspired by everyday life, infusing nature with utility in his designs.


Designed by Tina Bhojwani and Jean Michel Cazabet, Aera’s mission is to make products that are considered in all aspects to encourage the consumer to buy less and buy better. They have created style inspired by iconic women which has timeless appeal and will remain relevant.


Designer Aaron Potts has ideated a way to respond to the ever-changing world that is questioning standards based on beauty, size, race, age, and gender. Climate change and world travel make trans-seasonal, gender-neutral clothes a necessity. Customers want effortless dressing options, quality, and fresh, thoughtful inspiration.  APotts proposes solutions.

YGN – You Go Natural

As a young mother, Monique Little created YGN out of her own need for a head wrap option that was easy and didn’t dry or break her hair. Monique created these head wraps so she could look and feel good every day.


Born into a family of art collectors and fashion entrepreneurs, Soonil Kwon’s journey to becoming a designer was paved experiences from his early life. He is inspired by global travel and the continued inspiration of his surroundings.


The vision of founders Leslie Fong and Kaycee Houchin is to make gendered clothing the exception. This design duo is less moved by the immaculate newness of the runways, but drawn to the complicated relationship an object will have with its owner over the course of its lifetime.


Melissa and Kim Bentz seek to unite high fashion, unique style, and hope. Their love of celebration and design makes a go-to brand for all. The Bentz spirit is “imagine hope.”

Victor Li

Presenting cross-culture inventions and techniques through design is paramount as Victor Li draws inspiration derived from his travel adventures. The end result is a collection of signature pieces that combine timeless tailoring with a fresh, inventive palette.

Images courtesy of their respective brands

Sai Sankoh

West Africa meets the glamour of old Hollywood. Sai Sankoh blends vintage style and modern fashion, highlighting vibrant colors and prints from her collection.

Cheers to a new year of discovering new brands while continuing your great sense of style.

—Carl Ayers

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