Fashion Reverie’s Most Stylish People of 2020

2020 was not the year anyone asked for, nor expected. With the globe being a ball of confusion, most of us did our best to stay separated and stay healthy. Part of that included canceling, postponing, or altering most major events—including red carpets. Even though there were far less red carpets for entertainers to walk down, they still made an effort to have fun with fashion whether by social media or simply in their private lives.

Even during a pandemic, there are fashion dippity do’s and don’ts. As there has been enough negativity this year, Fashion Reverie wants to focus solely on the fashion favorites, not the dippity don’ts and milquetoast fashion. We’re not talking just about public appearance; we also want to highlight personal style and flair even when away from the spotlight. With that, here is our list of the most stylish celebrities of 2020.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

With the turmoil surrounding the recent 2020 election, it’s only right that we begin with a political figure. New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC, if you’re hip) has been making her mark verbally and visually this year. She’s laying down the law in Congress and slaying the cover of Vanity Fairs December issue (in suffragette white, may I add). She’s a two-for-one deal, beauty and brains.


Technically, K-pop group BTS is comprised of seven members, but how can you separate them when talking about a best dressed list? Yes, they all have their individual styles. Making seven different looks come together is challenging, but they flawlessly make it work every single time.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has been a fashion doll for a decade, and each year we see her grow and flourish more. She did not let the pandemic slow her down. She launched her own cooking show, “Selena + Chef,” on HBO Max, collaborated with South Korean girl group Blackpink, and announced a new project, “Only Murders in the Building,” which she will executive produce and star in for Hulu. She is currently filming in NYC, and those outfits may land her on next year’s list, too.

Lil Nas X

The world was taken by storm when Lil Nas X rode onto the scene at the end of 2018. Not resting on his laurels, he made appearances often outfitted in western attire associated with his first single, “Old Town Road.” In 2020, X made the rounds collecting award after award, letting his personal fashion flair come through. This year, he has written a children’s book, worked on his debut album, and released a single, simply called “Holiday.” Whether in music or fashion, Lil Nas X is showing us that he is not a one-trick pony.

Dua Lipa

Singer. Songwriter. Activist. Philanthropist. Dua Lipa is the full gamut. And through it all, she is ever-changing, but always 100% true to who she is. Her style is fun and eclectic.  She can go from Hollywood glam to sexy neighbor to tomboy, all without batting an eye. She has the range, and she has the intrinsic style to pull it off.


2020 has been kind to Maluma, the Colombian prince of Latin Pop. Aside from releasing his fifth studio album, “Papi Juancho,” he is awaiting the release of his upcoming film, “Marry Me,” co-starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. Aside from music and acting, Maluma collaborated with Dior Homme creative designer Kim Jones to create the costumes for his postponed 11:11 world tour. The concert, and Jones’ designs, will be pushed back to 2021, but we still got to see Maluma flaunt his style in Balmain on the VMA stage and in Pyer Moss for the Latin Billboards.

Joey King

Joey King is one to watch. Only 21 years old, she has been an actress for ten years, but she is starting to come into her won and wow us on the red carpet. She is an award winner, and has a lengthy resume on the both the big and little screen. She’s no newbie. Her style tells us that she is grown (not too grown), confident, and knows where she is going. Far. Keep an eye out for her.

Timothée Chalamet

Timothée Chalamet is the embodiment of relaxed coolness. He doesn’t try hard, and always looks good. He is the boy next door that knows how to step it up when the time comes. That is what style is all about—knowing who you are on the inside and, and different times, letting different aspects show on the outside. Magazine covers, TV appearances, award shows, or just walking down the street—he is put together. Not pretentious, not over the top, but a well done, relatable style every time.

Cardi B

What’s a best dressed list without Cardi B? Incomplete, that’s what. Year after year, Cardi B knocks it out of the fashion ballpark. Even in a pandemic, 2020 was no different. From her many outfits during Paris Fashion Week, to her Grecian corset birthday outfit, to her Billboard Woman of the Year double cover, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar has literally taken us around the fashion world and back. There is no sign of her letting up, and, frankly, we don’t want her to.

Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan (MBJ) has been a menswear icon for some years now, and he has finally been named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. We’re sure the honor was bestowed upon him because of his innate talent, charisma, humility, and charm. But we cannot neglect that his outside is just as great as his inside. His style really sets him apart and above his counterparts. Seemingly fond of combining turtlenecks and suits, he makes any man want to dress up and stand out. He looks equally as dashing in a tee shirt, jeans, jacket, and sneakers. His affinity for sneakers is so great that he has partnered with GOAT for a custom sneaker raffle to benefit GirlTrek, the US’s largest public health nonprofit for African American women and girls. Topping a best dressed list is about fashion, but being named the sexiest man alive has a lot to do with passion and compassion. MBJ exemplifies that true style is not just about clothes, but about how you carry yourself in your day to day life. And that comes from the inside.

—Carl Ayers

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