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Wasn’t this supposed to be over by now? We were supposed to be back in our offices, getting ready for the holidays just like we were this time last year.  2019 feels like 40 years ago. But there’s no point in wallowing as almost of us will be working from home for the near future. A lot of companies are considering making the change permanent as everyone is feeling the pinch and corporate office space is not cheap. So, now a lot of folks are creating a home office/workspace. But how?

Have no fear, Fashion Reverie is here! We have curated a bunch of great ideas on how to make your home office comfortable, functional, and chic. Money-saving tip; all these purchases should be deductible on your taxes! Check with your accountant.

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Ergonomic Chair

One of the first things you need when creating a comfortable home office is a good chair. The chair you sit in can have a considerable impact on your overall health. And more to the point, who wants to be uncomfortable all day? This Modway articulate ergonomic mesh office chair doesn’t just support your back; it will look good in your home and is affordably priced.

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Standing Desk Converter

One thing that the pandemic has really done is have consumers come off their diets and  gain weight. Snacking due to boredom, all the gyms are closed, and even that little bit of exercise people get walking around the mall is gone! But we need to keep active. One easy way is to get a standing desk converter. For a few hours a day, perhaps in 30-minute increments based on your fitness level, all that’s required  is standing up! You might think it’s a small thing, but little things add up.

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Wall Outlet Extender

So, you’ve chosen your home office and suddenly discover the room you’ve picked has exactly two outlets. Time to invest in a good outlet extender, not just because we all know the horror of realizing we unplugged our phone and never plugged it back in, but because overloading outlets can create shorts that fry our laptops and start fires! This extender is a multi-function USB Wall Outlet: 2 USB fast charging ports, 3-sided power strip, with 6 adapter spaced outlets, and LED night light around the edges.

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Door Sign

Working from home has created some tense moments. Not only is everyone having to deal with being together, All the time!! However, carving out moments to have a private Zoom call with your boss or colleagues can be difficult. None of us can forget when a man, who was being interviewed live on BBC Television, unleased an obscenity-laced tirade on his teenage son when he walked into his office. An easy way to ensure privacy is a door sign from Kichwit. The door sign moves easily between “Do Not Disturb” “Welcome Please Knock” or “Out Of Office.” Held into place by magnets, they won’t move until they are manually changed.

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Ring Light

Having to connect with our colleagues via Zoom or WebX, it can be disturbing to realize how ghastly the blue light of our screens can make us look. Not only that, but often the light can be very weak. Between the blue making you look sickly, and being hard to see, it doesn’t make a good impression! This clip-on ring light from Oternal is an inexpensive way to brighten up your Zoom appearance. Rechargeable through a USB port, it easily clips onto a laptop or phone to create a more flattering appearance on screen.

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Collapsible Green Screen Background

One of the major drawbacks of working from home is having to share our spare with spouses who are also working from home and children who are distance learning. If you live in a small space, sometimes you will have no choice but to have people moving around in the background. The problem is this can be extremely distracting to clients and colleagues, but what can be done? A green screen, that’s what!

This collapsible green screen attaches to your office chair, blocks out distractions behind you, and lets you choose your background. You can even amuse your coworkers by joining a conference call from the deck of the Starship Enterprise!

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Sun Lamp

As if 2020 hasn’t already been a difficult year, many experts are predicting, as we continue our march into winter, Seasonal Affective Disorder will collide with pandemic depression. An easy way to combat this is with a sun lamp. A sun lamp, sometimes called a light-therapy box, mimics natural sunlight.  It is believed that introducing sunlight can increase serotonin levels which helps reduce anxiety and depression.

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Adding a plant to your home office can remind you of the outdoors and really improve your mood, which is especially important as winter closes in. They can even create better air quality by removing toxins.  Fashion Reverie recommends either the Snake plant or an African Violet.  Snake plants don’t require much attention beyond water and minimal light. Just be careful what kind you get —some varieties can grow several feet high. African Violets can add a wonderful pop of color to your office. They do need light, but lamps will do fine.

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Wall Art

Now is the perfect time to indulge in a beautiful piece of wall art to decorate your home office.  Redbubble has thousands of images available in a variety of styles from posters to tapestries and more! It’s almost impossible not to find something you love at any price point. You may even find yourself overwhelmed with all the choices. But a beautiful piece of art that you love will make you happier and more productive. No rule says you can only buy one!

—Cameron Grey Rose

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