New York International Bridal Week Fall 2021 Pre-coverage

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Are digital fashion weeks working? Well, the verdict is still out on the effectiveness of this new approach to fashion week. While some fashion industry professionals feel that digital presentations are a waste of time, others see the cost savings and the potential expansive inclusiveness of digital fashion week.

That said; it appears that because of the current health pandemic, digital fashion weeks may become the industry’s new normal. And New York International Bridal Week has come on board.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York International Bridal Week switched to a digital format last April. Though it was a pale comparison to bridal shows that had runway presentation, it did go on.

Things have not changed very much since last April. New York International Bridal Week will again use a digital presentation format. And as more and more bridal designers are forced to adopt digital presentations one wonders about the effectiveness of this new format. Like New York Fashion Week and other global fashion weeks, it is important to see collections up close and personal. It is next to impossible to experience how a garment moves watching a video or browsing through a look book. However, right now that is all industry professionals have.

We must soldier on until this global health crisis passes and though this will never go back to the normal of yesterday, perhaps, the new normal will have some shades of the old normal. It’s necessary!!

—William S. Gooch

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