New York Fashion Week Spring 2021 Sketches

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To say that 2020 has been a difficult is an understatement. 2020 has probably been the most challenging and uncertain year in recent history. Every industry has experienced dramatic shifts with the fashion industry, perhaps, experiencing the most amount of change.

The retail industry is tanking with major retail stores—Century 21, Lord & Taylor, J. Crew, Neiman Marcus—in bankruptcy restructuring mode or totally shuttering business. And with the COVID-19 pandemic not totally under control in the US, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is going digital.

With all the changes in the retail and fashion industry many fashion designers are abandoning the way they typical do business. Major US fashion designers are opting out of the NYFW spring 2021 season, and others are presenting digital collections or having private appointments. Despite all these changes, Fashion Reverie, true to form, curated a few collection sketches that gives a sneak peak into the upcoming collections. This new normal doesn’t mean throwing out the baby with bath water.

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Bibhu Mohapatra spring 2021

Bibhu Mohapatra’s spring 2021 collection is inspired but the works and life of Amrita Shergil and her fundamentally Indian spirit. “As the 20th century rolled in, India witnessed many changes in its artistic activities. The Bengal school of art produced many artists of repute, some artists in the quest for a change, distanced themselves from the Bengal School.  Amrita Shergil is one such change-maker who revolutionized and challenged the Indian art scene, albeit way ahead of her times.  With her bold and daring approach towards her life and her artistic milieu, [Shergil] charted the path for the future generations of artists who pledged to continue her legacy of change and challenged the norm.”  

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C+plus Seris spring 2021

Inspiration: Inspired by the sci-fi film, Annihilation, the biologist embarks on a dangerous and secret journey to explore time, life, nature and humanity.

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Private Policy

Inspiration: The quest for the modern-day Aphrodite

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Inspiration: Modern city woman, working, aware, relevant


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