Idan Cohen Bridal Spring 2025

New York International Bridal Week has become a hotbed for bridal brands that originate outside of the US seeking to capture an American bridal market and consumer. Within this pantheon of bridal brands there are several Israeli designers that have achieved a significant market traction within the US. Idan Cohen is one such bridal brand.

Culturally, there very little market within Israel for sweet sixteen or cotillion-like events as we have in the US. What would be the equivalent to a sweet sixteen event in Israel would a young ladies’ bat mitzvah. Which does not require an elegant white gown.

That said and understood, absent cotillions or sweet sixteen parties, in Israel a wedding is one of the few big occasions that a women get to feel like an elegant fairy princess or an imperial courtier. All of this is reflected in her choice of bridal design which in many cases reflects opulence and grandeur in one ceremony.

Many Israeli designers create bridal gowns with that in mind. Idan Cohen has brought that bridal aesthetic to his bridal collections.

Imagine opulent bridal collections with expert craftsmanship imbued with exquisite details and embellishments. Throw in a splash of sassy sensuality and you have an Idan Cohen bridal garment.

This spring 2025 bridal collection was no exception. Idan Cohen’s spring 2025 bridal collection is for that bridal consumer who is the market for elegant, sophisticated gowns that are sexy and alluring. This collection is not for the shrinking violet, but for that bridal consumer who loves to be the center of attention.

Interestingly, this collection contained several trends that married nicely with the brand’s sassy sensual aesthetic. Detachable trains and overlays, as well as high slits paired well with sheer skirts and bodices with dipping decolletage.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

And though the collection was inspired by Idan Cohen’s travels, the inspiration did not veer too far away from the brand’s DNA. Still, there were hints of cultural references throughout the collection.

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