NARDOS Bridal Spring 2025

For her spring bridal 2025 collection Nardos Imam looked to the Victorian Era for inspiration. The new collection captures the grace of the Victorian Era, creating timeless elegance for the modern bride,” explained Nardos Imam.

Each garment in this collection reimagines the opulence and intricate designs that reflect the Victorian era. This spring collection also reflects the wide color that can be found during the spring. Aptly, Nardos Imam has created a spring collection that resembles a walk through her garden. And as during the Victorian Era, gardens were symbols of wealth, propriety, and culture.

Nardos Imam’s wearable garden art collection where the color hues one would find on an early spring morning, or the kaleidoscope of color found in the rays of an evening sun correspond to modernized lace overlays, corseted bodices, and flowing skirts. These pops of color that are sprinkled throughout this collection help keep this otherwise vintage collection fresh and current.

What Nardos Imam always does so ingeniously is creating a bridal collection that forces a conversation. A conversation that makes the viewer consider how bridal garments reflect that change around us and can be wearable art. Something that is usually associated with ready-to-wear collections at their best.

Standout garments in this collection include, but are not limited to, short-sleeved, low back, wildflower degrade gown with soft A-link skirt, regal Victorian jacquard strapless gown with corseted bodice and metallic degrade fringe skirt, strapless mini dress with cascading crystal and ruby beading, vintage bloom embroidered lace corseted off-the-shoulder ballgown with overskirt, and V-neck silk Mikado mini dress with oversized rosette detail.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

With the collection, Nardos Imam continues prove that not only does she have a place in the New York bridal market, but that is also bringing something unique and glamorous. Bravo NARDOS!!

—William S. Gooch


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