Ines di Santo Bridal Spring 2025

Every season Ines di Santo reminds fashion industry professionals why she is one of the fashion industry’s premier bridal designers.  And di Santo’s craft was in full display at her bridal spring 2025 collection.

What industry professionals who are new to the bridal market may not be aware of is that Ines di Santo also has a ready-to-wear collection. Some of those looks were on display in this spring 2025 bridal outing.

For her spring 2025 bridal collection di Santo was inspired by romanticism. And for di Santo this is romanticism from all angles, including romanticism as seen through the lens of modern technology.

“In this digital age of algorithms, AI, and an abundance of screens, I wanted to explore the expression of my imagination and the very essential human aspect of creativity amplified by modern technology, blending the two worlds as seamlessly as possible. It was our goal to use technology as a tool to enhance the viewers’ experience, so we designed an immersive environment utilizing projection mapping to showcase our collection of gowns that celebrate heritage craft and construction.

Our fabric developments this season led us to adapt and push the limits of modern embroidery and laser cutting machines to create new layered fabrications, pairing them with both hand painted and hand beaded details, a level of craft and artisanship that can never be fully substituted by machines.

Showing this collection in an immersive space really allows the audience to feel my intention of emotion on a grander scale and exhibits my vision for how the future of fashion can marry the art of hand craft, storytelling, and technology,” explained Ines di Santo in a press release.

That said, with Ines di Santo there is always an incredible bridal journey. And this particular journey takes bridal consumers through every part of the bridal event and beyond.  There were bridal party garments, bridal rehearsal garments, bridal ceremony garments, as well as bridal reception fare.

Ines di Santo always stays current with what modern brides want to wear. This collection includes the glitz and glam trend, the dropped waist trend, and high slit trend.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

Standout garments in this spring bridal 2025 collection include, but are not limited to, strapless ruched baby doll mini with ruffled skirt and detachable off the shoulder cape with streamers, strapless corset with light and airy embellished tiered skirt, strapless sweetheart beaded sheath with low back and detachable off the shoulder sleeves and flowing watteau train add to the glamour, and crystal chainmail blazer with matching shorts featuring a stunning beaded floral motif and a bandeau adorned with frosted bugle beads.

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