Self-care in Times of Protests and Uncertainty

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2020 is officially more than half over, thank goodness. 2019 feels like a decade ago and 2021 feels so far away. With social justice protests, a looming presidential election, rampant unemployment, and COVID-19 claiming more than 130,000 American lives, many people are finding themselves suffering from anxiety and depression.

Under these circumstances, taking moments for self-care can seem monstrously self-indulgent. Fashion Reverie is here to tell you that is simply not true—it’s really the opposite. Setting aside time for yourself will make you a more relaxed and peaceful person to be around. Stress can literally make you sick.

Fashion Reverie has curated a list of fun items that promote self-care during this taxing moment in history. Of course, a big issue right now is economics. Unemployment hasn’t been this high since the Great Depression, and the fashion industry has been hit particularly hard. With that in mind, we’ve included a number of items that are less than $20!

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Baseline-Wellness CBD Products

Regular readers of this site know Fashion Reverie LOVES CBD products. During these times of social unrest, stress can make it difficult to sleep. Not sleeping can negatively affect many aspects of your life. Baseline-Wellness makes a number of different CBD products that we truly love. We recommend REM Ritual which combines CBD oil, melatonin, and magnesium to ensure a good night’s sleep.

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Supermud GlamGlo Clearing Treatment

One of the few benefits of being on lockdown is taking a break from makeup and having time to really take care of your skin. One way to demand your family leave you in peace for a good 15-20 minutes is to do a mud mask! One of our favorites is Supermud Glamglo clearing treatment. The mud formula includes a blend of six acids and activated charcoal to help life away dirt, dead skin and excess oil. Perfect for oily skin or if you have combo skin your T zone. 

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Bota Skin

Your skincare routine for summer 2020 is going through changes as the summer heat continues to increase. Whether you’re treating sunburn or simply want moisturized skin, BOTA is on a mission to provide gentle, yet effective, skincare that’s free of the harsh chemicals used by other brands. Certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, BOTA identified the best elements nature has to offer for plant-based skincare. Fashion Reverie recommends their Ultra Rich Body Crème and Warming Muscle Melt Crème. Your skin will glow and your muscles will feel so relaxed.

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Coconu Personal Lube

Has being in lockdown created some tension in your romantic relationship? Well, nothing eases tension more than passionate lovemaking. Check out Coconu personal lube, coming in both a CBD oil version and, if you’re using condoms, a water-based version.  Soothe your body before, during, and after play with Coconu massage body oil. This silky, lightweight oil is the perfect multi-tasker. Use it with massage to help nourish your skin, soothe pain and discomfort, increase sensation, and ease tension. Whether you use it for sports massage, intimate massage or to unwind after a long day, Coconu Massage Body Oil has you covered! 

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 Mychelle Dermaceutials

With restrictions easing, it’s finally possible to go to a park or the beach and catch some rays! But you still need to protect your skin. Mychelle Dermaceutials repairs and protects your skin from UV rays and sun damage by using reef-friendly, mineral-based SPF sun care enriched with antioxidant fortified ingredients. This line is also the only sun care brand named with the prestigious Clean Label Project(R) Certification this year!

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Calm the F**k Down Adult Coloring book

In the past few years, many adults have rediscovered the calming nature of coloring books. Calm the F**k Down, an irreverent book by Sasha O’Hara, combines humor with the meditative nature of coloring. Grab your colored pencils and don’t forget your pencil sharpener. Coloring is a fun relaxing hobby, and you don’t have to be an adult all the time.

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URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser 

People sometimes fail to realize how scent can impact mood. This inexpensive diffuser can really improve your attitude when combined with your favorite essential oil. It can also be used as a humidifier.

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The Stress-Proof Brain by Dr. Melanie Greenberg

In these intensely worrying times, we all need tools to cope. In this book, Dr. Melanie Greenberg teaches you mind-calming techniques while providing you with a scientific understanding of how the brain works. It gives you practical advice for overcoming trauma, silencing your inner critic, and getting a good night’s sleep with easy to learn techniques.

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Divine Botanicals Bath Bombs

Taking a bath is a wonderful way to take some time for yourself and just relax. Bath bombs will make the experience much more luxurious.  Divine Botanical Bath Bombs are made from vegan, organic, natural, and  gluten-free ingredients, and are paraben and sulfate-free. They do not contain artificial colors to avoid staining your tub. Detox, relax, moisturize your body, and soothe your senses with the perfect blend of essential oils.

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The Calm App

There is a new term called “Coronacoaster.” Stuck at home, unemployed, some days are good. We workout, bake banana bread, clean out that closet we’ve been saying we’re going to clean out since 2007. Other days, we’re drinking gin at breakfast and desperately missing people we can’t stand. On those days you need to find a way to calm yourself. The Calm App is an easily affordable app that presents you with 1000’s of guided meditations, and a wonderful sleep mode feature, which are bedtime stories for adults. These relaxing stories (there are hundreds to choose from) will lull you into a deep sleep. New stories are added every week because, right now, adulting is really hard. In years past, it has been voted one the best apps available by Apple users.

Be kind to yourself, readers. The world is in a state of change and flux. So what if you haven’t learned to speak Japanese or finished your novel or anything else you said you’d do while in lockdown. Just surviving right now is an accomplishment. Wash your hands, socially distance, wear a mask, and register to vote! We’ll get through this!!

— Cameron Grey Rose



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