Fashionable Face Masks for Your Health and Wellness

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COVID-19 has made relevant a safety trend that was already a standard in Asia: personal protection face mask. Personal protection face masks began becoming part of Asians’ daily lives due to extreme pollution and ensuing health crises. However, in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, international fashion designers have turned safety masks from personal protection equipment into a fashionably stylish, protective accessory. If you need to know where to buy your face masks, Fashion Reverie has you covered, literally!!

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Johnny Was

Johnny Was has launched a one-for-one program, donating a free mask to hospitals and charities for every purchased mask. To date, they have already donated over 10,000 masks. Their shoppable masks feature floral designs—we know, we know, florals for spring, groundbreaking. The masks are made from 100 percent repurposed fabrics and prints, in the spirit of the sustainable fashion movement. Materials include washable silk on the exterior and cotton on the interior.

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Shakatime Hawaii

 Shakatime Hawaii island collection fashion cloth masks are 100% cotton fabric, lightweight and breathable. You can wash and re-use them, and some are reversible. One size fits comfortably because of the side elastics and are available in different colors and designs.

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Victor Herrera

Artist Victor Herrera, known for his playful cartoon images, is using creative verve to create a special series of masks. For consumers who have always wanted one of Herrera’s prints, you can now get them at an affordable price. You can literally wear his art on your face.

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Winnie Couture

Winnie Couture has launched a series of face masks for brides and grooms, a great choice for those getting married post-COVID-19 quarantine. In addition, Winnie Couture is also donating masks to those healthcare professionals working on the frontlines and those in senior-living communities.

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Giftgowns has added to the many stylish ways to cover your face with face masks that complement their hospital gown offerings. The brand is no stranger to designing great medical equipment, so this was right in their wheelhouse.

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Maceoo has launched a one-for-one mask program. For every mask bought, Maceoo donates a mask to those in need. Maceoo’s face masks, purchasable on their website, are reversible and made from Italian fabrics. With summer coming, the moisture wicking capabilities of these will also help stave off perspiration.

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Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is currently working with their global supply chain to source medical-grade face masks for frontline healthcare workers, and the brand has also partnered with local health officials to provide masks as quickly as possible. The VB Healthcare Collection, which is typically sold at specialty retailers, is now available at, and includes the brand’s colorful patterned face masks. Healthcare professionals even get a discounted rate.

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  1. Stephanie Lambert says

    Your vera Bradley masks are good to be making at this time when everyone is looking for masks
    If you could let us know some are available it would be very much appreciated!
    Your doing a great service to our country and our citizens!
    God Bless you all for your hard work!
    Stephanie Lambert

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