Men’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and oh what a year we’ve had. Tis the season for giving, and, more importantly, for being thankful and thoughtful. So instead of giving generic gifts this season, let’s put a little more thought and intent on how we share our love.

Instead of a general men’s holiday gift guide, we have curated a list of presents for the different types of guys in your life. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. And this year, a little more thought and love means so much more.

The Outdoorsman: Sun Joe Backyard Fire Pit $219.99

As winter begins a few days after Christmas, it makes sense that we begin the list with a gift that is appropriate for the season, that he can use right away. For the guy that likes to be outdoors when there’s a chill in the air, get this Sun Joe wood burning fire pit. This cast stone fire pit is an eye-catching addition to your outdoor space and a great way to enjoy the backyard year-round, from summer s’mores with the kids to winter nightcaps with friends.

The Music Enthusiast: LuguLake Record Player $235.99            

If he prefers hosting guests indoors, he may also prefer a record player. This LuguLake record player is designed to resemble a vintage gramophone turntable, but it is loaded with modern technology. Not only does it play vinyl records, but it also plays FM radio, can play music from other devices via Bluetooth, USB, or Aux input, and has a remote control. It also has two built-in full range speakers, an independent subwoofer, and the copper horn is built with a tweeter that maximizes the realism of sound. Not bad for a replica, huh?

The Zen Master: Scented Little Moments Candle $20.00

If music doesn’t take him to his happy place, maybe aromatherapy is his mood stabilizer. Scented Little Moments is a Dallas, Texas-based small business that specializes in hand-crafted scented candles. Made in small batches, they offer a range of scents from light and airy to sultry and sensual. Additionally, if you want something more personal, they can help create a custom candle just for him … or you.

The Student: Rocketbook Smart Notebook $32

Speaking of advanced designs, who needs smart tech more than a student? Even though he may be attending class from home, some things remain the same—like the need to take good notes. Some people take notes on their laptop or smartphone, but most of us still use notebooks. Why not combine the ease of handwritten notes with the convenience of digital filing? Rocketbook Core notebook pages are made of special material let him write, scan, and send his notes to be saved in any of his cloud services. He can then wipe the notebook pages clean with a moist cloth so it can be used over and over. This one notebook becomes a hundred notebooks, and sorting, filing, and finding notes has never been easier.

The Professional: Xebec Duo Laptop Monitor $399.99

If your guy is not studying from home, but rather working from home, he may still be in the market for tech that eases his workload. In the office, a lot of us have two computer monitors. However, most people working from home use a single monitor from their laptop, and often, a single monitor just won’t do. Xebec has come up with a solution to add not just one, but two monitors to your laptop display. The double monitor quickly mounts onto your laptop, you slide the two screens into view, connect the screens via the included cables, and you’re ready to go within seconds. Now you have three screens to simultaneously view spreadsheets, emails, and any other applications you need. Fifteen seconds to set up, easy to use, and light enough to take with you anywhere.

The Gamer: Playstation 5 $499.99

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. We all need some downtime from what’s happening in our world, and the newest way to escape reality is with the recently released Playstation 5 gaming console. This is the hottest item of the year. With its onset of new technology, the system is faster, the colors are brighter, and your game immersion is next level. There are two versions—one that uses discs and is backwards compatible to play PS4 games, and an all-digital version that only downloads games from the Playstation network. You can play with virtual reality, watch movies, and control your streaming devices. The Playstation 5 may become his new all-around home entertainment station.

The Cook: Lodge Chef’s Collection Cast Iron Skillet $40

Maybe video games are not his thing. Maybe he finds his sanctuary in the kitchen. If so, he can cook to his heart’s content with a Lodge Chef’s Collection skillet. The cast iron skillet is one of the most versatile and durable tools in a chef’s kitchen. Gentle enough to create light and fluffy omelets, yet sturdy enough to endure barbequing ribs, this pan is essential. This skillet comes pre-seasoned and ready to go. He can unwrap it Christmas morning and start using it Christmas night.

The Sophisticate: Amerigo Gold Whiskey Stones & Uncle Nearest Whiskey $29.99 and $49

Every good meal should be accompanied by a good beverage. Sometimes, the beverage is all you need. And if the beverage is whiskey, then you know that good whiskey can stand alone—no chaser. He may want his drink chilled, but he probably doesn’t want it diluted. These gold whiskey stones by Amerigo address both matters. After being chilled, these stones take the place of ice—they cool down, but won’t water down, your drink. And you can’t give him the cubes alone. You must include a bottle to enjoy them with. We suggest Uncle Nearest whiskey. Uncle Nearest is the man who taught Jack Daniels how to make whiskey. Yes, that Jack Daniels. Now his family has their own operation, and they’ve already won 20 awards in the past 2 years. Grab a bottle if you can.

The Family Man: DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Smartphone Gimbal $119

The holiday season is the most special time to be around the family. This is when we make memories that last a lifetime. With smartphones increasingly replacing cameras and video recorders of yesteryear, why not use the opportunity and technology to create the next generation of family movies? Everyone’s hands are not steady enough to produce cinema-quality videos, and he may not be able to get all of the angles he wants on his own, so get him this handy gimbal by DJI. He can easily capture photos and video while static or in motion in a number of shooting modes, reduce shakiness, quickly edit and share content, and more with the tap of just a few buttons. He may not become the next Martin Scorsese, but he may be your designated cameraman for all future family events.

The Newlywed: This Is My Year Gear Hubby Sweatshirt $34

If it’s your first Christmas together as a married couple, you already have the best gift—each other. But you can put your stamp on it with this “Hubby” sweatshirt from Etsy boutique retailer This Is My Year Gear. This is a fun, unique way to celebrate the beginnings of your new life together, and it’s a gift you’re sure no one else will get for him.

The Stylish Man: Romira Design Personalized Robe $68.35

A man’s home is his castle, and he should always feel comfortable at home. Let him strut around and be the king of the hill every day in this robe by Romira Design. It comes with a crown embroidered on the back, and has additional space for his name. The robe is plush with patch pockets, shawl collar, and matching belt. There are 10 color options for the terry robe, and 4 colorways for the velour robes. Romira Design has other designs you can have embroidered on robes, and, if you like, you can you can get a matching robe for yourself.

All images courtesy of their respective brands

The Sports Fan: Serge Ibaka x Nobis Collection $50-$850

For basketball fans, the walk through the tunnel has become the must-see pre-game fashion parade. Here, players walk from the arena front door to the locker room, showing off their sense of style while cameras record their every step, and within minutes, fashion experts breakdown every outfit and identify every item worn. With the NBA encamped in a bubble zone during the last half of the season because of COVID-19, there was no tunnel walk through, hardly any stylish outfits to be seen, and barely any player fashion to be coveted. Despite that, basketball’s love affair with fashion still pulls through, but now in the form of a limited-edition collaboration between former Toronto Raptor, now current L.A. Clipper, Serge Ibaka and Canadian outerwear and accessory brand Nobis. For Ibaka, who is known for his #BigScarfEnergy, this is first foray into fashion design. The collection consists of nine pieces, including a parka, anorak, bomber, vests, hats, and, of course, scarves, all of which can be laundered at home. Hopefully we will all be able to emerge from our COVID-19 bubbles soon. And when we do, it’s fashion game on!

Any guy on your list would be happy to have any gift from Fashion Reverie’s 2020 men’s holiday guide. It is the thought that counts, so think fun, think fly, and think fashionable.

—Carl Ayers

Fashion Reverie’s Men’s Fall 2020 Coat Roundup

With the onset of the colder months, it is time to start bundling up. However, with the weather being rather erratic, sometimes we need just a light jacket and other times we need heavier insulation. To help endure the wavering temperatures, Fashion Reverie has assembled a list of fall jackets and coats that will keep you styling and profiling before the heavy snow arrives.

Images of Woolrich, Pyer Moss, Wacka Maria, and Casablanca courtesy of their respective brands


After this year’s battle with COVID-19, we are making up for lost time. This fall, people are heading out to shop, dine, and hang with friends. For all of the missed brunch and OOTD summer selfies, we are going above and beyond for the fall flicks. Pyer Moss’ guitar coat is a statement within itself and will bring out your inner rock star. Woolrich’s gives us a two-for-one deal with their reversible buffalo plaid jacket—plaid on one side, and a black bubble jacket on the other. Wacko Maria’s reversible fleece jacket continues the animal print trend from pre-fall while Casablanca’s printed jacket with shearling collar and cuffs (and matching pants) will keep you warm and ready well into the winter.

Images of Pronounce, Suitsupply, Fear Of God Zegna, and TopMan courtesy of their respective brands


If you want a clean look, but don’t want to look too formal, opt for a long coat. Whether a trench or an overcoat, a long coat can dress up an outfit without making it too serious. TopMan’s peach-colored felt topcoat breaks up the monotony of khaki trench coats. SuitSupply’s dark red wool and cashmere overcoat is subtly textured with a herringbone weave. Why? Because the small details matter. Fear Of God teamed up with Ermenegildo Zegna for a collection of reimagined classic pieces, including this single-breasted wool coat. Pronounce hit the ball out of the park with their printed trench. Whether you think the print is chaotic or calming, wither way, it is definitely eye-catching.

Images of Brooklyn Circus, Amiri, A Cold Wall, and Lacoste courtesy of their respective brands


Keeping busy? You would want a coat that blends into your active schedule and enhances the vibe, not restricts it. For the man who likes to be relaxed, but is always on the go, there are a number of options. The wool body and leather sleeves of the Lacoste color block varsity jacket gives you the ease of a young man, with the nostalgia of a mature one. The Brooklyn Circus’ Triple Black Moto is all-black, all serious, and all bad ass. Amiri’s scarf patchwork bomber merges an American silhouette with the reviled silk scarves of Italy. For the outdoorsman, there’s the Clay Compression flight jacket from A-Cold-Wall. Outfitted with cables and pockets galore, you won’t have to worry about carrying your daily gear, even if it is just your cell phone.

Images of Ralph Lauren, Schott, Brett Johnson, and Theory courtesy of their respective brands


If there’s one quintessential coat for the cold months, it is the peacoat. Originally designed to protect sailors on the high seas, the peacoat has become a citizen staple. Schott NYC is one of the most well-known peacoat brands with its traditional broad collar and streamlined welt pockets. Brett Johnson offers a slightly more relaxed version which is softer and more pliable, but just as warm. Ralph Lauren turns up the fashion notch by giving his peacoat a beacon pattern. Theory turns the design on its ear with its plaid pattern and faux shearling collar.

Images of All Saints,Tods, Paul Smith, and Save the Duck courtesy of their respective brands


What’s fall without the puffer, or bubble coat? All Saints has a traditional padded coat in all black. Tod’s has created a high-collared version in military olive green with orange piping. Paul Smith stays true to their sustainability statement and recycled jackets to create their printed puffer. Save The Duck wants to catch everyone’s attention with their duckling yellow version.

—Carl Ayers

A Blast from the Past: New Fall 2020 Men’s Fragrances

Image courtesy of

D-19 pandemic has left us all a bit rattled and unsure. While we are looking forward to a brighter future, some of us are turning to familiar things from our past to give us a sense of normalcy. Maybe it’s an old tee shirt that brings you comfort, or a familiar blanket that gives you solace. Perhaps there are sights, sounds, and smells that help calm your nerves—reminiscing over family photos, putting in your headphones and listening to the sounds of the crashing waves, or turning to aromatherapy.

It is well documented that scents can help alleviate stress. Traditionally, people have relied on scents like lavender, bergamot, and yuzu to sooth tension and anxiety. No wonder they are popular ingredients in some of the best-selling colognes. If you’re into aromatherapy, coupled with retail therapy, Fashion Reverie has assembled a list of the best fall 2020 colognes that are modern versions of fragrances that have made us smell good and feel good.

Image courtesy of Armani

Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio, released in 1996, was created to evoke a sense of freedom, full of wind and water. This original scent has notes of bitter citrus, salty sea water, and spicy woods via Calabrian bergamot, sweet persimmon, and Indian patchouli. The latest version, Acqua di Gio Profondo, builds upon the original marine, citrus, and woody chords, and introduces lavender, rosemary, and musk to take you from an aquatic Mediterranean voyage to a deep dive into the profoundness of the soul.

Image courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier

Every decade has its reverential fragrance, and the 1990’s were ruled by Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male. It is described as a duality of contrasts—traditional and bold, fresh and mild, strong and sensual. The base of the cologne is vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, and cedar, which is the layered with cinnamon, cumin, and orange blossom. It is topped off with fresh mint and lavender. In 2020, consumers received not one, but four new entries into the Le Male product line.

Le Male Aviator is an aromatic blend of mint, violet leaf, and woody notes. Le Male Eau de Toilette Airlines is a retail travel limited-edition fragrance consisting of lavender, mint, bergamot, orange, cinnamon, tonka bean, and woods. Le Mâle Pride Collector is an oriental scent like the Eau de Toilette Airline, perhaps with heavier notes of vanilla and cardamom. Le Male Le Parfum is another exotic fragrance, but this one has notes of cardamom, lavender, iris, vanilla, with woody undertones. The house of Gaultier may be scaling back their fashion product lines, but their fragrance collection is going full steam ahead.

Images courtesy of Gucci

In 2011, Gucci released its’ alpha male scent, Guilty Pour Homme. The charismatic scent, made for the man who knows what he wants, has top notes of lemon and lavender, followed by orange blossom, and grounded with cedar and patchouli. The 2020 intense version, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum, ramps up the heat with accords of chili peppers, but soothes out with fresh roses.

Images courtesy of YSL

Y for Men is a relatively new product line for Yves Saint Laurent, launched in 2017 with the fragrance Y. Created for Generation Y, hence its name, the scent aimed to capture the spirit of youth, representing a balance between freshness and strength. On top, you will notice bergamot and ginger, but its base layer is outlined by ambergris and musk. Three years later, the new Y Eau Fraiche still meets the cool factor. The icy and spicy aspects of fresh lemon, ginger, pepper, and frankincense are cooled by geranium, peppermint, juniper berries, and lavender. The Y family of fragrances may be young, but it has a promising future ahead of it.

Image courtesy of Burberry

In the early 2000’s, almost every guy had at least one bottle of a Burberry cologne. One of the cult favorites was Touch for Men. A woody-floral-musk scent, the fragrance had a sharp air of young sophistication. Formulated of violet leaf, mandarin orange, white pepper, and vetiver, this scent let everyone know that you had arrived, literally and figuratively. The newest fragrance from the house of Burberry is Mr. Burberry Element. The Mr. Burberry fragrance family line is one of classic, traditional British perfumery. The original Mr. Burberry fragrance, which was released in 2016, incorporated elements of grapefruit, tarragon, birch leaf, and vetiver. The 2020 Mr. Burberry Element release encapsulates the modern, masculine, fresh aspects of outdoor life. The scent represents the elements of the outdoors with its ingredients of oak moss, juniper, and green almond.

Images courtesy of Tom Ford

The penultimate fragrance for fall 2020 is a Tom Ford fragrance. The Private Blend collection debuted in 2007 and consisted of twelve unisex eau de parfums that could be used alone or in conjunction with one another. With such a wide selection, a bottle of Tom Ford cologne was on every guys’ Christmas list.

Also launched in 2007 was Tom Ford for Men. This fragrance was a fresh citrusy scent that was also warm, woody, and spicy. It harked of notes of Tunisian orange, lemon leaf, grapefruit, amber, patchouli, pepper, and tobacco leaf.

In 2020, Tom Ford released his latest unisex scent, Black Orchid Parfum. The original Black Orchid scent is a 2006 floral-spicy women’s perfume, highlighted by black orchid, black truffle, black currant, ylang-ylang, incense, amber, and sandalwood. The new iteration is an intensified unisex version of the old, with the addition of black plum and heavier notes of black orchid and ylang-ylang. There is a reason why Tom Ford fragrances are so coveted, they are truly decadent, in a manner where luxury meets indulgence.

—Carl Ayers

Menswear Fall 2020 Pick: TAFT’s Fifth Avenue Sneakers

Though we are still in the lazy, hazy days of summer, autumn is quickly approaching. And with the onset of Autumn, consumers are starting to think about footwear.

As much as we love the freedom of sandals and comfortable sneakers or slides, in a month or so it will be time to abandon summer footwear and embrace footwear worn during the fall and winter. And that footwear can be stylish, fashion-forward, and comfortable.

TAFT footwear was developed in the tiny two-bedroom apartment of Kory and Mallory Stevens in 2013. In a world of poorly made shoes, TAFT products are built to last. Every pair is hand-cut and Blake-stitched using vegetable-tanned leathers from top European tanneries and mills. Your shoes will look beautiful right out of the box, and for years to come.

The quality of product and craftmanship applies to the brand’s new line of sneaker footwear. These new sneakers feature a split upper mixed with a unique side paneling. Named after the iconic Fifth Avenue in New York City, these will be an instant head-turner. You can get a sneaker anywhere; you can only get the Fifth Avenue from TAFT.

  • Black is matte black leather upper with a patent leather panel
  • Honey is full honey leather, including panel, hand painted
  • White is white leather upper, with the honey leather panel
  • Yellow is a yellow leather upper with a forest green wool panel, hand painted yellow
  • Orange is an orange leather upper with a forest green wool panel, hand painted orange
  • Navy is a wool upper with honey leather paneling
  • Lavender-scented soles (really!)
  • Suede and leather heel accents
  • Stitched construction
  • Eco Rubber Sole
  • Handmade in Spain

Images courtesy of Michele Marie PR

If you are interested in something other than fall sneakers, TAFT has you covered with its incredible line of boots. Whether you are in the market for something casual or you are looking for something sophisticated and classy, TAFT has the answers for all your fall 2020 footwear needs.


Menswear Pick: MACEOO Sneakers

If you are familiar with MACEOO as a menswear clothing brand, hold on to your horses, MACEOO has branched into footwear. And footwear that make your pulse race a little faster.

Known for his mathematically engineered precise designs, creative director and founder Mehdi Raad, the great fit of MACEOO clothing is the result of innovative algebraic algorithm based upon data from 30 million North American men. The extrapolated data ensures that all MACEOO pieces fit like custom-tailored garments. All of the garments in the collection are designed in Paris using the highest quality Italian fabrics and reflects that stylish, relaxed lifestyle of the YOLO West Coast.

Though this new footwear venture contains some traditional formal footwear, it is the sneakers that stand out. Crafted by skilled artisans from premium quality Italian leather and other fine materials, each pair is enhanced by amazing details and designed for maximum style at accessible prices. The footwear follows the brand’s commitment to the precise fits and cuts. 

Medhi Raad uniquely understands that in order to get traction in the casual footwear market, he must appeal to a younger male demographic. This demographic is accustomed an expansive array of styles, silhouettes and fabrications. And to catch their fancy, so to speak, particularly sneakers must be of the highest quality with innovative styles that will make the consumer stand out. MACEOO sneakers fit that bill.

Images courtesy of Mannfolk PR

Additionally, there is a bit of whimsy to these sneaks. In some ways, these sneakers have an abstract art aesthetic. Think Jackson Pollock and Rothko!!

Must-haves include: casuals such as Honey Brown ($198) in Italian Leather, stitched bottom, textured side and rubber soles; BlackSplash ($198) with artsy black splatter design, textured side panels, stitched bottom and rubber soles; and Skull White ($198) with the skull head design, with the brand’s Royal Blue signature insole, textured side panels and rubber soles; the Artisan Blue ($225) with contrasting braided leather details, the Royal Blue signature insole and stitched rubber soles.

—William S. Gooch

Menswear Alert: Three Men’s Activewear Brands That Should Be on Your Radar

Image courtesy of

What is the  COVID-19 pandemic reopening phase in your city, state or country? If you live in New York City, you are experiencing Phase 2—hair salons, barbershops have a limited reopening; department store limited re-openings, and restaurants facilitating outdoor dining. If you are located in other cities and states, gyms and more public spaces may be opening soon.

Whether you are in a city, state or country with severe restrictions on your mobility and interactions or you live in a place where things are easing up, summer is here, and the time is right to get in shape. Spring into this new motivation to be healthy and show off those newly acquired abdominals in three special men’s activewear picks curated by Fashion Reverie.

Images courtesy of Michele Marie PR

Proud is an ethically sourced activewear collection with a mission to give back. With the brand name boldly emblazoned across all the activewear, Proud will not only express your sense of confidence and assertiveness, but also demonstrate your unique style even when it comes to activewear.

Any purchase made from the website, 10% (pre-tax) will be donated to your charity of choice: Off The Street Club, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Pink Ribbon Girls, Baby2Baby or the Rezvan Foundation. PROUD’s ethos is to create a brand that unifies people beyond the current political divide in America and awaken the philanthropist in each of us. The idea is no matter where you come from or what you do, we all have something to be proud of.  The brand has been recently worn by Jason Derulo and Mario Lopez to name a few!

Images courtesy of Michele Marie PR

Ultracor, the popular tech-first athleisure brand, is proud to announce the launch of their inaugural men’s collection! Now available on their website, drop one contains sub- collections: Mesh Camo and Men’s Essentials. Following the initial launch, Ultracor plans to drop new styles bi-weekly with sub-collections Brush Strokes, Storm Brushes and Stormy on deck. Following in the footsteps of their cult followed women’s line, the made to order garments are constructed of Ultracor’s signature luxury and breathable fabrics which are built for medium-high impact activities including cross training workouts, cycling, running, boxing, rowing, hiking and more. The launch ranges in price from $90 – $198.

Images courtesy of Michele Marie PR

Daniel Patrick recently launched a collaboration with James Harden and adidas Basketball. The elevated-streetwear designer brought his passion for style and sport to the footwear and apparel collection that also draws inspiration from adidas’ heritage and Harden’s style. Pushing the boundaries of both fashion and performance, the collaboration features a unique colorway of the Harden Vol. 4 x Daniel Patrick sneaker, the lightest Harden signature shoe to-date, featuring LIGHTSTRIKE midsole cushioning. “Daniel Patrick has been setting trends with his use of bold looks and bright colors, so partnering with Daniel was the perfect way to highlight the design of the Vol. 4 and bring sport, fashion and culture together,” says Harden. Patrick, Harden and adidas worked closely together to make sure the swagger and style that James carries was brought to life through the collaboration. The 6-piece apparel collection & 2 sneakers will be available at select Chicago retailers and Prices range from $75-$380. 

— Staff

Fashion Reverie’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020: COVID-19 Edition

Memorial Day has passed, so you know what that means, the official beginning of summer is a few weeks! And with the arrival of summer comes the first major celebration of the season, Father’s Day. With the coronavirus pandemic still affecting the country, continuing into summer, and thus Father’s Day, that special celebration day for Dads will be a little different from what we’re used to. We may still have to socially distance, and we may be wearing masks when outside our homes, but the one thing that will be stronger than ever is our love and admiration for our fathers.

We can’t let the coronavirus stop us from showing Dad how much we value him, especially during these times. So, Fashion Reverie has assembled a special Father’s Day Gift Guide: The COVID-19 Edition. We’ve put together a list of thoughtful and safe presents for fathers. Whether he’s in a city that has fully reopened, or if he lives somewhere where they’re still taking safety precautions, Fashion Reverie has found gifts that any father can appreciate.

Courtesy of Hue for Every Man

Dad may have been cooped up in the house for a few weeks, so with nowhere to go, he may have let his hair and beard get a little out of control. Help him get his follicles back into shape with Hue for Every Man grooming products. Co-owned by NBA champion Matt Barnes, Hue for Every Man’s products are especially helpful for textured, curly, and coarse hair, but they work perfectly with any hair type. Men’s grooming supplies were usually made with petroleum, silicon, and synthetically based ingredients, until now. Hue for Every Man’s products are made with ginger root, argan, mango, avocado, and Baobab seed oils, shea butter, jojoba beads and volcanic minerals. These ingredients deeply cleanse, hydrate, infuse, and nourish your hair and help it look its best whether sitting at home on the couch or taking a night on the town.

Image courtesy of nugg

What good is good hair if you don’t have the face to match it? Get Dad’s face right with his own mask … an old-school mud mask. nügg (pronounced like nugget) offers a Bright Mud Tightening Whipped Clay mask (infused with vitamin C, rich maca root extract, skin cleaning salicylic acid and antioxidant-packed Pomegranate), a Miracle Mud Skin Detox mask (formulated with vitamin C, cleansing kaolin clay, detoxifying charcoal and purifying salicylic and lactic acids), and a Double Detox Charcoal mask (made with charcoal, kaolin clay, tea tree and oatmeal). All three masks are suitable for all skin types—they’re 97% natural, vegan, and free from parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, synthetic colors, and fragrances. As a bonus, you can get 30% on from 6/8 to 6/21.

Image courtesy of HoMedics

Every man likes to feel good from his hear down to his toes, so don’t forget his piggly wigglies. The HoMedics Shiatsu Air Max Foot Massager has toe-touch controls that offer both a deep-kneading rolling massage and an air compression massage. He can control the air intensity to select the perfect amount of pressure for an ideal massage. And. It’s. Heated. We’re sold!

Image courtesy of Samsung

Everyone needs some quiet time to themselves, and Dad is no exception. Help him tune out the world with Samsung AKG N60 Noise Cancelling Headphones. Sleek and wireless, these headphones are ideal for lounging around the house or sneaking away to the backyard, and are compact enough to slip into your bag while traveling. The AKG technology provides a smooth balance of multidimensional tones, allowing you to hear the music the way it was meant to be enjoyed, even in noisy surroundings.

Don’t let dad fool you. No matter how stern or serious he may sometimes seem, he likes to escape and have a good time. Bring him into the tech future via virtual reality and the Oculus Quest. The all-in-one system allows you to lose yourself playing games and watching videos via the VR headset or connected to your computer. Use the handheld controllers to work on your putt putt game, practice your Tai Chi, or binge watch Netflix. With the built-in headphones, or via the headphone jack, you can visually and sonically tune out the world and enjoy your own special bubble.

Image courtesy of TMY

No matter what size television he has, every guy wishes he had a bigger TV. Whether to watch sports, play video games, or to just watch a movie, when it comes to televisions, guys usually think bigger is better. TV screens can get but so big, so what’s the next best thing? Your own movie theater? Close. How about your own projector?

The TMY V08 720P native projector packs a big bang for your buck. It projects a screen size ranging from 32 to 180 inches, has built in dual speakers, connectivity to an external speaker, has flexible multimedia connectivity including smartphone plug and play, and comes with a foldable/portable projection screen. You really can’t beat this!

Image courtesy of Ralph Lauren

If Dad is a classic kind of guy, get him something from a heritage brand. Almost every guy has a polo shirt in his wardrobe, whether from the Polo brand or from another company. But how many guys have polo pajamas? Ralph Lauren has a sizable range of lounge and sleepwear, and the highlight is their Allover Pony pajama pant.

Emblazoned with their signature logo, the pants have an elastic waistband, side on-seam pockets, a single-button fly, and are available in a colorways and prints. These pajama bottoms are truly classy and classic, perfect for sleeping at night or lounging around during the day.

Image courtesy of Banned Goods

If Dad is a sneaker fanatic, he’ll go crazy for these sneaker slippers. Banned Goods has recreated some of the most popular sneakers into oversized, plush slippers. You can select from Jordan’s, Yeezy’s, Mag’s and more! The slippers come in one size, but are filled with foam to fit feet from size 4 to 13.

Image courtesy of

Is your Dad a big sports fan? Does he know all the stats of his favorite team for the past two decades? Does he have every team collectible that he can find? We doubt he has this. This wearable blanket with sleeves, from, is a fun gift for any sports enthusiast. Printed with the team uniform, dad can look like the new armchair mascot. He can wear at home, on the porch on a cool night, or to the stadium. No matter when or where he dons it, you both will know who’s number one!

Image courtesy of

We don’t think anything would warm Dad’s heart more than a memento of what truly makes Father’s Day special for him, his children. In the past, Dads may have gotten a mug with their kid’s picture on it, but now you can take this a step further. makes jigsaw puzzle out of pictures! Simply go to the website, upload an image, and create your own jigsaw puzzle from 30 to 1,014 pieces. For added interactive fun, sit down with your father and put the puzzle together, and then frame it. It’s a gift he’ll never forget.

Image courtesy of Chronicle Books

Dad is the king of his castle, and a lot of guys like to wield their power in the kitchen. There are tons of cookbooks for guys on the market, but there’s only one from the top dog himself, Snoop Dogg.

From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen delivers 50 recipes straight from Snoop’s own kitchen. Undoubtedly, you’ve seen Snoop and Martha Stewart mix it up in the kitchen either on her talk show or on their joint show, VH1’s Emmy-nominated Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. Now Dad can bring the party to his own kitchen with an array of fun, remixed recipes from baked mac & cheese to orange chicken to Lobster Thermidor. If you want a good cookbook, get one written by someone who always has the munchies.         

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A lot of us are missing the gym. With most fitness centers closed, some Dads are devising creative ways to stay fit while staying at home. Last year’s craze was resistance band workouts, but the next fitness wave will be suspension workouts. TRX has revolutionized the fitness world, athletes, and the Marines with suspension training. Suspension training is borne out of the Navy SEALs and uses your bodyweight and padded straps to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability, simultaneously.

Usable indoors and out, Dad can work out in the living room, the garage, or the park. He can have a simple set up of just the straps, or he can develop an elite system with add-ons such as an agility ladder, battle ropes, medicine balls, and more. There’s even an app to guide you through your workouts. And if Dad still likes his resistance bands, they have those, too.

Out of all the Father’s Day gifts we can find, no gift compares to the love and adoration of a child. COVID-19 has brought a lot of us closer together and made us realize and understand that everyone is special. This Father’s Day give your Dad an extra tight hug and let him know how much he means to you.

—Carl Ayers


Men’s Hoodies and Jackets for Spring 2020

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Spring has been here for a few weeks and the weather is slowly warming up. Despite the necessary six-week shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some states will soon reopen businesses. New York City in a few weeks will attempt to resume operations for manufacturing and construction companies.

With the month of May just around the corner, it still cool outside, and consumers with need a good spring jacket or hoodie. Jackets are great for layering when taking a walk outside or when you return to work, while hoodies are great for those working from home. Fashion Reverie has curated some great spring jackets and hoodies for our dedicated male viewers.

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Balenciaga Eiffel Tower Print Hoodie $1020

It might be a while before anyone can visit the Eiffel Tower if you aren’t in Paris, but you can wear your travel inspirations on your sleeve. Balenciaga has created an homage to its home city of Paris with this Eiffel Tower print hoodie. Viva la France!

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Deus Ex Machina Men’s Banzai Tie-Dye Pullover Hoodie $108

Let tie-dye fashion take you back to a time of freedom and harmony, the 1960s. The kangaroo pocket on the hoodie can also make for good quick access to your cell phone or keys. The surf- inspired inspiration also makes for a laid-back feel for those West Coast cool cats.

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Palm Angels Butterfly Patch Hoodie $995

Palm Angels designer Francesco Ragazzi has created some of the most in-demand hoodies for the urban streetwear chic consumer. This butterfly patch hoodie with tie-dye sleeves is a look fitting for the LA skate scene. The skate parks might not be open yet, but this hoodie will make for unique work from home attire.

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PRPS Cherub Stamp Graphic Pullover Hoodie $148

Cupid’s bow has loaned it stamp to this PRPS hoodie, quite literally. This hoodie would be great for virtual date night or that zoom party for your friend’s birthday.

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Polo Saranac Color Blocked Windbreaker $118

One great way to keep sane for those of us still quarantined is to get some outdoor exercise. For those windy days on a jog, this color-blocked windbreaker from Polo Ralph Lauren will come in handy. Spring is the time to start bringing more color back into your wardrobe after months of dark coats and boots.

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Ksubi Sign of the Times Oh G Borg Faux Shearling Denim Jacket $210

This oversized trucker jacket works well for transitional weather period May is shaping up to have plenty of below 70-degree days. The faux shearling trim on this coat also makes for a luxurious accent.

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Stüssy Navy Check Track Jacket $170

Whether you are running to the bus, sprinting back to work, or running to maintain your health and wellness, do it in style. It’s a plaid, plaid world with this long sleeve rayon-blend jacket from Stüssy.

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Liam Hodges Black Ellesse Edition Fade Jacket $225

Liam Hodes has collaborated with Ellesse for this technical satin jacket. If you want an investment piece, collaboration pieces are always a good place to start, as these garments are more likely to hold onto their value. The logo bonding in orange and purple almost has an LA Lakers vibe to it for the basketball fans.

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Rick Owens Bauhaus Bomber Jacket $1840

For those who still prefer neutral colors for spring, consider this Rick Owens jacket. It’s an approachable mahogany color that is still sure to get you some attention. Neutrals can be exciting, too.

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The Elder Statesmen Whirlwind Tie-Dyed Denim Jacket $600

This blue denim jacket was tie-dyed by hand in Los Angeles. Its bohemian chic aesthetic is just what needed to lift spirits. It’s also a more colorful take on the standard denim jacket.

Kristopher Fraser

Men’s Spring 2020 Fragrances

As we sit at our windowsill expecting April showers to bring May flowers, it’s time for male consumers to take stock of men’s fragrance collections. Some US cities and states in the coming weeks may slowly begin to lift their stay-at-home orders in the wake of COVID-19. These lifted restrictions mean that there will be more circulation, and you don’t want to smell like you’ve been hibernating. So, what men’s fragrances gets Fashion Reverie’s motor going for spring 2020?

Proraso Grooming Azur Lime Cologne
For a man who likes a subtle, but citrus smell, this cologne can provide a finishing touch to your morning or pre-date ritual. This cologne features fragrances of lemon, orange, and mint, along with juniper berries. It’s a refreshing fragrance for the senses.

Creed ‘Royal Mayfair’ Fragrance
Royal Mayfair is considered one of Creed’s most coveted fragrances due to the limited quantities. Named after London’s Mayfair neighborhood, which is home to many luxury brands, the middle notes of the fragrance have a royal projection featuring the scent of Duke of Windsor roses.

Valentino Uomo Born in Roma Eau De Toilette
When in Rome, there is nothing more Italian than donning Valentino. And if you cannot afford a Valentino garment, try on a Valentino fragrance for size. Valentino Uomo Born is a celebration of Valentino’s Italian heritage and is infused with essences of sage, violet, and ginger to give this masculine scent a bit of edge.

Boadicea the Victorious Blue Sapphire-Pure Perfume
Royal inspiration is abundant this year. Boadicea the Victorious has created a scent inspired by the 65th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. The air qualities of this fragrance include top notes of lemon, orange and green accord, along with rose, cardamom, and Indian jasmine to give it a scent of indulgent luxury.

Sweet Tobacco Spirits

Sweet Tobacco Spirits is a signature oil blend that will leave a lasting impression with classic aromatics. Citrus, spicy saffron, and dried fruits reveal hints of tonka bean, manuka honey, and dark-toned vanilla that sweeten undertones of tobacco, exotic woods and musk. 18.21 Man Made’s cologne comes furnished in an elegant glass bottle that sports a fine-mist atomizer. It creates a sleek, polished aesthetic that won’t leak. This is a parfum-grade scent that is made in small batches in a niche barrel house. It contains a 20% oil blend, 80% denatured alcohol, and no water, for a sweet, unmistakable depth of fragrance that transcends gender.

Richard James Savile Row Eau de Toilette
The British are contributing so much to the fragrance industry right now, whether it’s inspiration or home-grown fragrances. Richard James Savile Row might be known for their well-tailored men’s suits, but they can also fulfill your cologne needs. Their Eau de Toilette features notes of Tuberose and Leather for a classic, masculine scent that can go from the boardroom to date night.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood Eau de Parfum
Grab some takeout, curl up with your significant other, put on your favorite movie, and don’t forget a spritz of Maison Francis Kurkdijian Oud Satin Mood. This evening fragrance is infused with notes of violet and rose has that garden-fresh finish. Be smooth as satin with this sweet scent.

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Azzaro Chrome Eau de Toilette
Azzaro’s Chrome cologne can easily be described as easy, breezy, and beautiful. The fragrance was inspired by Loris Azzaro’s relationship with his grandson and features scents reminiscent of the beach and summer. This will be a great cologne for your collection as summer nights start approaching—we’ll probably be back outside by then.

—Kristopher Fraser

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