Fashion Tea with Kristopher: Month of June 2019

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If you live in New York City or the East Coast, you are probably feeling the hot, humid temperatures. That said; Fashion Reverie is prepared to serve you iced tea for the rest of the summer season, sweetened of course. Get your nice, tall summer glass of tea ready as Fashion Reverie keeps you refreshed and in the know.

The sale of W magazine is not looking too promising as the editorial staff is expressing dissatisfaction with the owner of Surface Media, who was in talks to acquire the magazine. Surface Media is known for a high staff turnover, and if W editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi isn’t willing to follow the magazine wherever it goes things won’t be looking good. Tonchi is key to W retaining its top advertisers and contributors.

One of America’s most beloved LGBT publications is in distress. Out magazine is facing controversies over unpaid freelancers, and their editor-in-chief Phillip Picardi has threatened to quit.  Out magazine is expecting an injection of capital to handle these things, but if that falls through, Out could be out; no pun intended.

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NYFW: Men’s (NYFWM) has become old, tired, and dusty. But with plans to move NYFWM to The Shed at Hudson Yards, this could change. Tongues are wagging that once the CFDA manages to lock in The Shed as the main venue for fashion week, they may want to hit the reboot button on NYFWM, giving it a second life.

A top model management company in New York might have some new job opportunities. Many of this agency’s bookers have moves to another top agency, and some models have jumped ship with them. This model management company better find some new booker talent and fast before their client base dries up.


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