Givenchy Men’s Fall 2024

Like many fashion brands this season, Givenchy looks to redefine and reinvent masculinity.  Givenchy Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli wants to reinterpret masculine silhouettes as a tool in dismantling machoism and toxic masculinity. And his fall 2024 men’s collection reflects this sentiment.

In previous collections Piccioli was heavily influenced by youth culture, resulting in a more casual and ease of movement collection. That point of view was evident in the brand’s fall 2024 collection with Piccioli looking to reinvent the traditional men’s suit.

Instead of the ‘Brooks Brother-like’ suit in neutral tones with a skinny tie and white dress shirt, Piccioli redefined men’s suiting by taking streetwear/urban looks—hoodies, denim, oversized pants, and tracksuits—and creating those urban-inspired garments in luxury, soft fabrics, with chiffon linings and more feminine, rounded shapes. And Piccioli’s perspective on a softer masculinity works!!

This fall 2024 men’s collection proves that Piccioli has his fingers on the pulse of what young consumers want, even if some consumers don’t know that they want to go in this direction. No longer do young male consumers seek to affirm their masculine swagger with looks that are overtly masculine. As demographics shift and change, and cultures adapt and redefine themselves, so have male consumers.

And while some menswear brands and collections are struggling to keep up with this expansion of masculinity, other brands, like Givenchy, are already ahead of the curve. Piccioli sensitivity to changing perceptions is evidenced in a much more global approach to masculinity, taking this fall 2024 collection out of the limitations of how the Western world experience a menswear aesthetic.

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Though this collection is heavy on neutral tones—dark blues, black, greys, and white—there are some pops of color. And Piccioli keeps the clean, sleek lines that his design aesthetic is known for while pushing this collection into the next iteration of menswear. His customers will be very pleased.

—William S. Gooch



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