Dippity Don’t Says: October 2023

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Fashion Reverie would like to take this moment to wish you all a happy fall. Halloween season is upon, and October fashion also includes moments for great costumes. While you were at the Spirit Halloween store trying to figure out what to dress as, Fashion Reverie was gathering scandals and getting the behind-the-scenes dish in the fashion industry. Dippity Don’t is prepared with your October treats.

This designer, who was known for being on a reality fashion competition series, was originally one of the headlining acts for this New York Fashion Week (NYFW) event. However, after this scandalous lawsuit against this reality star, he had to pull out. The case is currently making its way through court, and it’s unclear as to when he’ll return the runway in the wake of his legal woes.

This designer, who had a spectacle of a fashion show during NYFW, was almost a few sponsors shy of his fashion show not occurring. At the eleventh hour, his sponsors pulled out, leaving him high and dry, with the venue asking who was going to pay the bills. While the show went on, payment on those bills was delayed.

A fashion designer, who was profiled by the New York Times, has been dropped by her PR firm. She was reportedly increasingly difficult to work with and was become known for her volatile social media persona. While the designer has talent, it looks like her attitude is setting her brand behind the eight ball, so to speak.

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This top fashion designer is set to launch a new line; however, they are now in hot water. Clips have resurfaced discussing how she once complained about using Black models. In this day and age and with Black consumers being major drivers of luxury fashion sales, it’s not a good look for her amid a brand launch.

One top fashion editor’s sitting placements and early show departures caused quite a scandal during Paris Fashion Week. She reportedly expressed disdain at being seated next to this major celebrity and also left one major designer’s show during the finale walk. What happened to fashion show etiquette?

The new creative director’s first collection for this major luxury brand just landed in stores … but it doesn’t look like they are seeing the sales rebound. After sales fell to the depths of Hades under their last creative director, this brand is desperate for a rebound. Is it possible they’ve lost too many of their old customers to reclaim their once coveted status?

—Mr. Dippity Don’t 

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