New York International Bridal Week Fall 2024 Pre-coverage

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If you live in New York City and you are a fashion industry professional, you are very aware of the fact that New York Fashion Week and Bridal Week are scheduled very close to each other. In fact, the two fashion weeks are only a month apart.

The close scheduling of these two esteemed fashion weeks gives industry professionals only a short breather between the hustle and bustle and the fabulosity. And though New York Fashion Week undoubtedly has more variety in terms of bold color, fashion-forward sensibility, and design aesthetic, Bridal Week does hold its own.

Several things have occurred in the bridal market that should be acknowledged. For way too long bridal design was the province of white bridal designers with a few Asian and Latin designers thrown in for good measure. That is no longer the case, The bridal market has expanded to include designers of color from not only the US, but designers that have deep roots in Eritrea, Nigeria, Syria, Egypt, and Haiti.

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Additionally, the bridal market has expanded to include more options for grooms and the wedding party in general. All these new directions have resulted in a bridal market that is more inclusive, diverse and ever evolving. And Fashion Reverie will be front center bring our viewers all the action.

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