Fall 2023 Men’s Jewelry Roundup

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With the fall season in full swing, men may find it difficult to style themselves when it comes to adding jewelry pieces to their everyday wardrobe. When it comes to men’s accessories, the less is more dictate always applied.

But times have changed, men no longer need to shy away from accessories, or stress over wearing too many bracelets or necklaces. In recent years, men’s fashion has been given a major boost with the help of accessories that help people more easily express themselves. This is mainly thanks to the Gen Z and Gen Alpha markets that have popularized streetwear and hype beast culture—which is defined by making statements and showing allegiance.

This fall, Fashion Reverie has curated men’s jewelry and accessories that can make your clothing selection stand out. These items are perfect additions to your wardrobe long after fall, with each item to be worn year-round. These accessories are bold while appearing casual.

Each selection is built with lasting luxury and sustainability. Labels big and small have put men in a position to adorn themselves with a variety of styling possibilities.  

Homer Cerra Link Chain Gold Necklace

For the person who doesn’t pay attention to cost, this necklace is the pinnacle of luxuriously sleek fashion. Made from 18k yellow gold material, it was made with a crescent moon shape machine that cut and repeated on each sphere of the ball chain to make a subtle and impressive sparkling effect with the iconic Homer link engraving. It’s perfect for a man who doesn’t exactly know if a necklace would be too long or too short as it comes with jump rings to help tighten the necklace and a ring clasp closure. Any man can wear this with a turtleneck sweater, dress pants and dress sneakers. It can also be attached to a pendant for a different look. It’s up for you to decide.

$4,100 available at homer.com in select sizes

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Bleue Burnham Chlorplast Sapphire & Gold Necklace

This necklace explores the wonderful beauty of nature and exploration. Embellished with three oval-cut, bezel-set fancy sapphires in different colors, the design is meant to resemble plant cells. It’s a great piece for any business casual look or streetwear fit that could benefit a flare of color and pop. Made from recycled 9kt gold, this beautifully subtle piece sports a polished finish with a DNA-link chain and spring clasp feature.

$1,786 available at matchesfashion.com

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Gabriel & Co. Gold Dog Tag Pendant

Since its earliest origins, the dog tag pendant has been an iconic essential to any man when it comes to personalization. Recognized by the iconic rounded rectangle design, this piece is extremely customizable through engraving. Anything from name, date or message of choice can be inscribed onto the brushed surface of the tag. They work well both with a tee shirt or button-up shirt for going out. Not only is a great accessory, but it’s an accessible perfect first piece for your men’s jewelry collection.

$1,700 available at gabrielny.com

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Ring Concierge Cuban Chain Gold Bracelet

This beautiful Cuban link chain bracelet is cast from 14k yellow gold. Its width comes at 6.5 mm with an 8-inch length. For the man who focuses on simplicity and comfort, this is an ideal piece to add to your wardrobe. You can easily and effortlessly transition from wearing the bracelet with a casual look and transition to a dressy fit for a night out. Adding the swagger seen in this bracelet is a definite confidence booster.

$1,078 available at ringconcierge.com

Rick Owens FW23 Luxor Ring

The modernized palladio-colored crystal pyramid ring comes crafted in brass and rock. It features a thick band that extends into a geometric pyramid shape ornamented with one rock crystal at the center. The ring is also engraved with the Rick Owens logo along the back. It’s great for any man who wants to add a fitting accessory while not being too flashy. It makes a true masculine statement, no matter what you choose for your clothing selections.

$435 is available at rickowens.eu in select sizes

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David Yurman Box Chain Necklace

Inspired by classical and original motifs, and crafted by highly proclaimed artisans, the concept behind this chain’s design is that it can be worn alone or with other pieces— whatever works for the individual wearer’s style. It’s 4 mm sterling silver with stainless steel material and comes with a gray-colored acrylic, and push clasp. The chain can also be complemented with unique pendants or charms from other David Yurman collections.

$360 available at davidyurman.com in select sizes and colors


Shop GLD Rope Chain

The rope chain is truly symbolic of both strength and endurance. This is proven in the detailing of the chain, whose durable construction will make it a long-lasting accessory. You can wear this with a casual outfit or add it to any business formal event. It’s not too flashy or excessive, and its price point makes it ideal. The 26” yellow gold chain is great by itself, but you can also add a pendent as well. Specifications include a 4 mm width as well as 18k yellow gold plating. Who said luxury had to come with an outrageous price tag? This chain is competitively priced without skimping on quality.

$84.50 available at thegldshop.com


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