Albright College Fall 2023

The Albright College fashion now, now a regular feature during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) featured six graduates or students from the Pennsylvania college. The show presented what the future of fashion will look like. After being educated at the acclaimed college, the design students were ready to show their talent during NYFW.

Each of the young creatives held their own with unique designs and striking details. With each runway look, it was easy to see the hours of hard work that were put into the designs. The distinct looks of each designer made it easy to place the pieces into separate collections with an understanding of the story the designer was trying to share. By the end of the show, there was little doubt that the different styles and tastes of the up-and-coming young women and men dazzled the minds of their audience. Read a bit more about each designer below:


Alfredo Diaz

After graduating in 2016, Alfredo Diaz has now worked with industry insiders such as Anna Sui and Dzines Tex. You can see the impact that these companies had on his collection, as well as influences from his Dominican Republic heritage. These influences led to the colorful prints and details that gave the collection a tropical feeling. With a spotlight on floral patterns and loose fits that focus on comfort as well as fashion, the collection was a traveler’s dream. When Diaz creates his label, it will be sure to dominate the luxury resort-wear market.

Susan Benitez

Like something out of Sofia Coppola’s rock n’ roll biopic “Marie Antoinette,” the models flaunted garments made from jacquard and feathers. Using classic lines and delicate detailing, it was easy to see Benitez’s costuming background. After graduating in 2015, she went on to produce costumes for puppets that appeared on both Netflix and Apple TV, along with garments for special events.

Jasmin Burton

Using inspiration from iconic African American fashion designer Stephen Burrows of the ‘70s and an image of her grandmother in a yellow negligee, Burton created a collection filled with nostalgia. The opening two pieces were swimsuits in timeless cuts, with modern details. Think layered ruffles and color-blocked garments with trailing ties. As the collection continued, you could see the influence of past trends with modern takes continuing. Considering the resurgence of the love for the ‘70s after the release of Daisy Jones and the Six, we’re ecstatic to see Burton’s growth in the fashion industry and how she might influence this continuing trend.

Nicholas Kedge

Graduating in 2023, Nicholas Kedge made his fashion week debut last season and returned this year for what could only be called a grand finale. The garments hit every note with cutout details, asymmetrical elements, and cascading ruffles. Playing with this femininity, even for the menswear piece of the collection, Kedge proved himself to be a visionary who will easily capture the Gen Z market’s interest.

Victoria Aquino

With inspiration coming from Harajuku street fashion, couture runway shows, and experimental designs, Aquino brings a fantasy world to life. With draping details and asymmetrical designs as the centerfold of the collection and neutral colors in order to strike a balance, Aquino proves that everyday outfits should be fun.

All images courtesy of VERY New York

Zyaire Valentine

A senior at Albright College, Valentine’s creations look like they walked out of the new “Addams Family” show. This makes sense, given that his professors at Albright mentored him on costume construction and surface embellishments. This education was continuously brought to life on the runway through black hologram fabrics, striking textures, and extraordinary detailing. Netflix? We’d recommend adding a few pieces to Jenna Ortega’s next fitting!

—Sydney Yeager


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