Dippity Don’t Says: September 2023

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Happy start of Fashion Month, darlings!! As Fashion Month nips at our heels, Fashion Reverie has the tea pot hot and ready. Prepare your teacups, as Mr. Dippity Don’t have some treats for you.

A designer known for his blinged-out streetwear is currently in a battle with his building’s co-op board over his desired renovations. Many of his customers wonder why they have seen no changes to the store’s interior in months. Maybe they should talk to the co-op board, ha ha!! Let’s see how this battle between the designer and the co-op board goes.

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A top fashion executive, who recently departed this top Italian fashion brand has been rumored moving to a top French luxury brand. This would be a shocking move because the family that owns this brand has a tight grip on the reins. What’s brewing in the succession tea leaves?

This longtime American fashion designer is giving up his CFDA membership after a spat with the organization’s president. The powers that be would do well to treat these American fashion brands better, especially during these turbulent economic times in the fashion industry. Nevertheless, the show must go on.

A certain haircare brand owned by this top influencer is allegedly expanding beyond their haircare business in some good news. The likely products are skincare or cosmetics, but nothing has been confirmed, quite yet. However, product offerings beyond their haircare line are in development.

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This top fashion magazine known for its legendary New York Fashion Week party can’t afford to put on its usual soirée. We are hoping this legacy publication is only going through turbulent times, as it is one of the few remaining staples of fashion media. Oh, how the mighty are struggling!!

A notable American luxury department store was just shy of not being able to put on its annual September New York Fashion Week party, as their bottom line isn’t what it used to be. However, they were saved last minute by this major financial company providing sponsorship. Have friends, will travel, or at least get your hands and stomachs on on some hors d’oeuvres and champagne.

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One celebrity’s lifestyle brand has yet to still turn a profit, but somehow investors are still floating her money. However, it’s unclear how much longer the brand is sustainable. It’s looking like she’s trying to turn it into Uber where it’s too big to fail so her business doesn’t have to close.

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