Dippity Don’t Says: August 2023

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Happy August, fashion darlings. The last full month of summer is here, which means it’s time to use those vacation days, if you haven’t already.

While we know you might be craving a nice cold glass of iced tea, Fashion Reverie has some piping hot gossip tea to serve. We hope that your AC is on high with what we’re about to serve, especially after that heat wave. Without further ado …

This eveningwear fashion designer known for his red-carpet gowns went on an entire rant on social media because he’s been seemingly ex-communicated by the fashion industry. It appears stylists have stopped pulling his clothes and members of the fashion and entertainment industry have begun declining his social invitations. One day you’re in, the next you’re out. And, this designer may be out, out, out!!!

This publishing house, which recently laid off 41 staff members, is rumored to be folding this digital-only publication. It’s a tumultuous time for publishing, and while this publishing house has its share of top-tier publications, the profits being churned out aren’t enough to save this fledging title.

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This notable American fashion designer recently outed this financer involved with the CFDA as a loan shark. The shameful part is that the backer of many emerging designers and has been financing emerging designers/brands for years. He’s riding high and living the high life while many emerging designers just trying to get by. Shame, shame, shame!!

A particular long-time reality fashion series is heavily underpaying its current cast. With many of these designers living in New York, the pay scale is just enough an episode to pay for rent in a one-bedroom apartment and nothing else. Hopefully, this will lead to some good designer work for them afterward, in the six-figure range because their paychecks are pitiful.

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