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Last summer we saw the start of Barbie-core, with stills released from Greta Gerwig’s live-action film based on the well-known doll. Suddenly, Barbie didn’t just infiltrate the minds of young kids. Now adults had permission to obsess over a toy–and its fashion.

So, instead of a 2023 hot girl summer, we had a Barbie-girl summer. Pink clothes became everything. Malibu vacations were the only idea. And a dream closet? That had to be on everyone’s mind once again.

After dying down for winter, Fashion Reverie is pleased to announce that Barbie’s fashion seems to be making a comeback. The trailer for the movie dropped on April 4th, spiraling the internet and fashion world into a pink-filled dream. According to WeThrift, searches on Google for Barbie-core increased by 7900%. On TikTok, #barbiecore had 275.1 million views as this is being written. That’s proof enough that for the internet Barbie-based fashion is here to stay.

That said, even with the amazing shot of Margot Robbie’s feet staying in Barbie’s position after removing her heels, it’s important to realize that no real person can become a Barbie … but if you’re interested in stealing some of her styles, then there’s a list of Barbie and Ken inspired looks below! 


Asos ‘Lost in Gingham’ set, $100

When it comes to the looks everyone was excited about in the recent trailer, Barbie’s pink gingham outfit immediately drew excitement (along with the fact the Ken dolls were threatening to ‘beach’ each other off). This outfit was feminine and flirty, making it perfect for a Barbie Girl. Asos’ similar set gives a similar look, including the flirtatious ruffles we saw on Margot Robbie in the film.

Kasper Snap Detail Sheath dress, $89

This dress is perfect for an office meeting, it sits in between the fashion in many Barbie films with a dash of “Legally Blonde.”  Simplistic and classic in design, this Kasper dress is the ultimate sheath. Whether pairing it with a blazer and pumps or just wearing it by itself for a date night, you’re sure to make a statement. The snap closure and slight slit allow you to tease just the right amount of skin without going overboard.

Resa Jojo Mini in Barcelona, $148

This cut-out dress is comfortable, relaxing, and stylish. Something akin to Barbie beachwear, the loose satin-like fabric makes the dress an easy-to-wear summer option. Lightweight and playful, this Resa Dress is pink and white in an animal print—adding another element of design that makes it chic.

Roseark pink enamel hoops, $500

There is no bigger ongoing trend in the jewelry industry than hoop earrings. A bit of a splurge, these Roseark hoops are a warm hot pink and embedded with crystals. Not only great for a Barbie girl but also for someone who prefers gold jewelry. The pink enamel of the chunky earrings only allows small amounts of the gold to peek out.

Yvolution Pretty Fly Roller Skates, $59.99

While no one quite knows why there is such an obsession in this Barbie film with roller skating, that seems to be a main theme throughout the trailer and stills that have been released. Not only partially retro but also a great workout, maybe this love of roller rinks makes sense? Whatever the case, if you’re interested in working out like Barbie then a pair of cute roller skates is the way to bypass a gym membership in Malibu. These Yvolution pink skates scream Barbie, from the pink and white details to the sparkles put into the wheels. So, if you’re ready to get in shape and look stylish, these are the skates you’re going to want to buy!

Trina Turk Janniese Romper, $398

A good romper is one of the easiest ways to look put together even when you’re exhausted. And given Barbie’s popularity, she probably gets tired easily. As summer activities ramp up and you need to head out in a stunning outfit, this Trina Turk romper will be just what you need.

Baggalini flap crossbody bag, $80

Small, quilted bags with chains are timeless and simple. They are one of those pieces that must be owned by everyone. This was proved in the 2000s when Barbie’s parent company Mattel created a bag of this style for every Barbie owner. If you’re after your own life-size version of the purse, this purse from Baggalini is just what you’re looking for. The rose shimmer hue is a soft pink and is woven throughout the bag, from the chain to the buttery fabric.

Journee Collection Odete Sandal, $69.99

Within the first ten seconds of the Barbie trailer, we get a beautiful shot of these high heel shoes with large pink feathers accenting the toe of the heel. Not a shoe for everyone, given the large plume and vibrant pink hue, but if you want to give a statement then you’re going to need some similar shoes. The closest style comes from Journee, sold at DSW. Just like the ones seen in the movie, these are soft pink with feathers sitting on top. The only difference comes in the ankle strap and the fact these are more affordable … which honestly just makes them better.




Toafers Hampton loafers, $199

Not to judge Ken, but if he owns any type of shoes then they’re probably going to be loafers. It makes sense, they’re stylish, simple, comfortable, and easy to take off when you head to the beach. The Hampton loafer from Toafers screams Ken even more than the common loafer. Made of a velvet-like fabric in a pale blush tone, the shoe is as comfortable as it is stylish.

Banana Republic linen suit trousers, $75

Well-tailored pants in a soft pink? If the animated Ken voice isn’t in your head right now going, ‘eeeeekkk!’ then you might not have watched enough Barbie movies growing up. These straight-leg pants are simple, elegant, and perfect for the dandy in your life. Need more of an excuse? They are currently on sale!

Vineyard Vines shirt, $89.50

Throughout the entirety of the movie trailer, Ken is wearing bright-colored button-downs. If you think of yourself as more of a Ken than a Barbie, snagging one of these shirts is a must. Made from linen, it’s easy to tuck in or out of any pant. The tropical print also lends a reason to purchase, it’s exactly what you’re going to need for a beach vacation!

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Homme + Femme doodle puffer shirt, $175

Homme + Femme clothing uses the French words for man and women to create clothing that combines the aesthetics associated with both genders. This shirt highlights the unique design take. The shoulders are boxy and clearly designed to fit a man, but the pink pinstripes and kisses printed into the shirt might give someone less secure in their masculinity a bit of a jump scare. Thankfully, Ken wears pink. And those perfect kisses on the shirt? Maybe they came from Barbie?

 — Sydney Yeager

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