Glitter Eyes and Flippy Ponytails Backstage at NYFW

Image courtesy of T. Cooper

While many designers went for more natural looks this season, Fashion Reverie caught up with the amazing T. Cooper backstage at BKLYN Studios at Richie Rich’s return to fashion featuring the up and coming brand, Real is Rare. (In case you were not aware, T. Cooper has worked on several Fashion Reverie photo editorials. Check out “The Nina Sisterhood” and “Grace, Charm, and Beauty“)

T. Cooper: I’m T. Cooper and were backstage at the Richie Rich and Real is Rare show because there’s an opening designer, in case you guys didn’t realize. Real is Rare, that’s the designer that I’m working with today. My team, Major Face, they did the hair and the makeup, and it’s a line by British basketball player, Aljami Durham.

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So, we did a fresh, clean look. It was nice basic skin, dewy finish, and we did fun rhinestones on the eyes, we did like a nice little cat eye. All [the models] have a cute little wing, a nice pop of color on the lip and then we did flippy ponytails on the girls that we could.  Then the girls that had like natural hair, curly hair, we just worked with what they have.

Real Is Rare fall 2023 images courtesy of Runway 360 Magazine

Fashion Reverie: Are you seeing a lot of ponytails on the runway this season?

T. Cooper: Yes, there’s a whole lot of ponytails, because they’re cute and the ’90s are back, right? So, that get to the ponytail with a flip classic ’90s. I know I used to do that when I was a kid. I’m excited!

FR: What else are you seeing a lot on the runway. Are you seeing a lot of sparkle?

T. Cooper: I’m not seeing a lot of sparkle [in the makeup]. A lot of designers are afraid to take away from the clothes. So, I really like when I get to work with a designer who goes for it.  But, I need to let you know that the hair looks were created using our wonderful sponsor Amika.  We used Amika irons and Amika products.

FR: What trend are you sick of? What do you not want to see any more?

T. Cooper: If I see one more damn, cut crease with glitter. I’ll kill somebody. It’s done! We had a moment. It’s done. We’re done! Ya’ll was cute, but we’re done!

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