Son Jung Wan Fall 2023

Son Jung Wan has presented at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for several seasons. And while her collections contain interesting looks, often with a disparate array of fabric combinations, her current collection is, perhaps, her most cohesive collection compared to previous collections.

When attending a Son Jung Wan show, you know you will experience garments that mix and weirdly match fabrics and textures that normally don’t combine well. Sometimes these combinations work, but for Son Jung Wan it often doesn’t work well. However, this season Song Jung Wan did not concentrate so heavily on the disparate fabric combinations, focusing more of her energies on the silhouettes and color combinations.

This particular focus makes this collection, perhaps, Son Jung Wan ‘s most successful collection. That said, Jon Jung Wan does not abandon her predilection was employing unusual fabric combination, but this season the pairings are much better.

Inspired by the culture of the 1990s, this fall collection contained a wide range of day looks and eveningwear from suits to cocktail dress gowns and menswear. The color palette ranged from lilac, apricot, and galactic cobalt to pale blue, and black and white.

Though the silhouettes in this collection were somewhat simple, the collection possessed a futuristic projection. And with this collection Son Jung Wan is possibly expanding her consumer base beyond those niche fashionista that want the unusual of that standout garment. This collection with its simple silhouettes and toned-down fabric combinations will have a wider consumer appeal.

As with many Son Jung Wan collections, the stars of the collection were the brand’s outerwear. That said, there were several evening cocktail looks and gowns that would appeal to an expanded demographic.

Images courtesy of Rodin Banica

Standout looks in this collection include the brand’s vivid orange over-coat styled with gold sequined shorts, galactic cobalt double-layered silk asymmetrical dress with pink three-quarter sleeves, men’s galactic cobalt blue padded jacket with matching trousers, and galactic cobalt padded coat with gunmetal chainmail gown.

—William S. Gooch



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