New York Fashion Week Fall 2023 Is Almost Upon Us

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Another New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is just around the corner, in fact, only one week away. There are some interesting brands—Marc Jacobs, Thom Browne, Rodarte, Palomo Spain, and others that are returning to this hallowed week and there are some brands that are yet to make their presence known post-COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Still, NYFW continues. And though this very important fashion week has changed dramatically from the glory days of Bryant Park and Lincoln Center, there is still much great fashion to be experienced.

With Tom Ford leaving the CFDA—replaced by Thom Browne—it will interesting to see if this new appointment will make any substantive changes to NYFW. Only time will tell. That said, something needs to be done to put some of the magic and majesty back in this bi-annual fashion event.

Since the demise of Lincoln Center, the pre-eminent venue for NYFW until 2015, NYFW is spread out over multiple venues in New York City. (The running around from venue to venue is almost intolerable.)

Though Spring Studios is a very important space for NYFW, since 2015 NYFW has continuously searched for other venues to house NYFW. And with Spring Studios only using one floor to present fashion shows and presentations, there is not enough space to house all the shows that would like to present there.

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For the fall 2023 season, Pier 59 is once again housing a few fashion shows and presentations. Unfortunately, the fashion venue on Fifth Avenue is no longer being used to present fashion shows and presentations for this upcoming season. Once again fashion industry professionals will be hurriedly scuttering all over Manhattan to fashion venues that are spaced at a considerable distance from each other. (The CFDA really needs to work on getting a venue that can house more fashion shows and presentations.)

Fashion brands that are presenting at NYFW for the first time include, but are not limited to, Inherent, Saint Sintra, Cucculelli Shaheen, WITR-Immortalization of the Soul, Zimo, Denim Heaven, Kent Anthony, Finding Happiness, and others. NYFW fall 2023 starts on February 10 and runs through February 15.

—William S. Gooch



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