Up Your Beauty Game this Fall

Crisp air means it’s time to change your beauty routine, and there is a slew of amazing new products to check out.  From keeping your curls hydrated to a slushie for your face, there’s something for everyone to update your beauty regime this season!

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Prolong your summer tan

If your summer tan is beginning to fade, you could book a trip to Hawaii or you could try Bali Body Face Tan Serum.  Just launched this month, this self-tanning serum combines skin-boosting vitamins, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid with a gradual bronze tan.  The lightweight formula will nourish, brighten, and plump your complexion, while leaving you looking as if you just came back from a tropical vacation.

Bali Body Face Tan Serum $29.95

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Cleanse without drying your complexion

Merle Norman Cosmetics has developed a line of plant-based clean beauty solutions designed to leave your skin clean, soft, and beautiful.  Their newest product, Aqua Bliss Cleansing Lotion provides superior barrier protection, as it’s designed not to clog pores or dry out your skin.

According to a recent study in Exploding Topics, “clean beauty has been on the rise for over three decades. As with the clean food movement, consumers are becoming more aware (and concerned) about the products they put on their bodies.” With “48% of consumers reported that they buy plant-based products monthly, and 88% said they are likely to buy plant-based products in the next three months,” according to a study in Cosmetic Design, it makes sense that Merle Norman Cosmetics utilized the power of plants to formulate their new line.

Aqua Bliss Cleansing Lotion’s 98% natural, plant-based formula gently removes makeup and damaging pollutants without stripping skin of essential moisture thanks to Babassu Oil.  Plus, dehydrated coconut water gently purifies.

Merle Norman Cosmetics Aqua Bliss Cleansing Lotion $27

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Keep your curls soft and shine

Curly hair is always a bit of a challenge. Enter Curlsmith, who’s on a mission to help everyone love their hair, no matter the texture.  Curlsmith is all about nourishing curls from loose waves to tight coils.  Their limited-edition Hydrating Hair Mask is a deep nourishing conditioning mask made with shea butter, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, resurrection flower, and more “good-for-you ingredients” to transform hair, leaving it both soft and strong.

Curlsmith Hydrating Hair Mask $28

Nourish your face with a lotion from the freezer

Icing your face is an old secret-turned-TikTok hack that beauty lovers have been clamoring over.  So, if you’ve ever put cucumber slices over your eyes to make them less puffy or seen the phenomenon of ice rolling on social media, you won’t be surprised to hear that cold does wonders for your complexion. UK brand Skin Proud took icing to the next level with a lotion designed to be frozen. 

Image courtesy of skinproud.co.uk

Frozen Over Moisturizer, can be applied at room temperature. The gel-like texture will give you an “instant boost of moisture” thanks to ingredients like anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera extract.  However, apply it straight from the freezer for icy hydration that will make dull or puffy skin a thing of the past. Plus, it’s completely vegan and great for sun-stressed skin so when you do plan your next tropical vacation, be sure to keep some on hand.

  Skin Proud Frozen Over $13.98

Changing seasons is always the best time to try something new.  Check out these new products which will have you looking and feeling amazing!

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